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“Toby, I’m ready!” shouted Gwen from the other end of the dark corridor.

“Well, come on out, let me see the goods.” Gwen stepped from the gloom into the light and she was as pretty as a doll. Toby nodded his head briefly.

Twenty minutes earlier when Gwen had first arrived at Toby’s place, she had been wearing blue jeans, a black top and glittery black shoes; her dark hair was long, and she wore it down. The brief conversation that followed had consisted of slightly forced, slightly nervous smalltalk, how was your day, what was the traffic like? Soon Gwen had asked if she could get changed. Permission had been granted. As Gwen had walked by Toby with her leather bag, Toby reached over and pulled her to him. They locked eyes and held the gaze for a few seconds, each daring the other to look away. They touched mouths … just. Her lips were slightly moist as he probed the gap between them with his tongue. Toby brushed away some of her long luxurious hair from the side of her head and breathed warm air into her ear. He whispered,

“Do you know how to please a man?”

“Some men.”

“Are you going to please me?”


“You’ll have to do better than that.”

“I’ve got what you asked for … we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

“No … I’m going to be a bad girl — a good bad girl.”

“Go and get changed.” Gwen slinked off slowly to the back room with a prancing step; a coy smile lingering on her pretty face.

“I won’t be long.”

“I will be. I will be long and hard. And waiting for you. Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you use plenty of black eye liner. If there are any tears, I want to see the mess they make. Oh, and tonight, there’s no code word.” Gwen didn’t say anything, but seemed to mouth ‘You bad boy’ as she shook her head in mock disapproval and then disappeared from view down the dark corridor.

While Gwen changed her clothes, Toby moved the sturdy wooden chair away from the end of the table and repositioned it to one side, to face her when she came back. He lit some candles and turned off the lights. From the closet, Toby also pulled out his knee length motorcycle boots. When Gwen returned, Toby was ready for her; he sat on the chair, legs outstretched, boots to the side.

Toby admired the new Gwen. He felt a twinge and knew that if he didn’t adjust himself soon he would end up in some pain and discomfort. His hands were already in his pockets. He dug them in a little deeper and rescued his semi-stiff cock out of the leg, while simultaneously shifting his weight and sitting up in the chair. He doubted she noticed this all too common maneuver for men. At least Toby could hide his arousal; Gwen’s nipples were erect and piercing the taut white blouse she was now wearing. Her brown hair was bunched like two fountains springing forth from the back of her head; they flowed over her shoulders and down her front. The hair would be useful later on he thought. The red pleated, plaid skirt finished halfway down her long thighs. Gwen posed and pushed her chest out; she twirled slowly and paced a few steps across the floor in front of Toby … but out of his reach. She wore Mary-Jane shoes, and black thigh highs. As she walked about, a strip of bare skin would occasionally be exposed between the skirt and the stockings. It drove Toby crazy. As promised, Gwen was heavily made-up around the eyes, but the rest of her make-up was actually quite subtle and expertly applied. Gwen wore one other accessory which would probably have been sufficient to ensure her rapid departure from all but the most exclusive of finishing schools. Around her delicate, long neck was wrapped a studded leather collar. As Gwen knew so well, the devil was in the details.

“What do you think, Toby, am I pleasing to you eyes?”

“Come here!” snapped Toby in a low but firm voice. Gwen approached cautiously.

“Get closer.” Gwen complied. While Toby looked in Gwen’s eyes, he slapped her on the leg. Gwen recoiled but made no sound.

“You don’t use that name from now on — you know the rules. I am the Preceptor, and you are the Novice. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Preceptor.”

“What happens to violators, Novice Gwendolyn?”

“They get punished.”

“How do they get punished?”

“They get violated, Preceptor.”

“Violators get violated.”

“It won’t happen again.”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Right, now turn around and face the wall. I want to inspect you.” Novice Gwendolyn turned around. When she stopped, Toby, while still sat down, placed the palms of both of his hands onto her behind. He gently massaged her behind, while Gwen stood there pensively.

“What color is your underwear?”




“What was that?”

“Nothing.” Toby gave Gwen a sharp but controlled slap on the back of her thigh. Gwen jumped slightly and let out a sound, something between a yelp and a laugh.

“Novice Gwen, you said nothing because nothing you say in this room has any value or meaning or worth. Your opinion is of no import. You are nothing.”

Toby reached under, and Escort Bayan lifted up the short red skirt to reveal Gwen’s lacy black, boy-cut underwear. Toby winced with pleasure at the sight, but was careful not to let Gwen know of his strong satisfaction with her choice. Toby continued to massage her cheeks and slipped his fingers underneath the lacy trim to touch her delicate soft sensitive skin directly. Then he took his fingers and again placed them on the outside of her underwear, but this time, he lightly stroked the gap between her legs. Gwen twitched and let out her breath. Toby probed the soft mound carefully, listening to Gwen and gauging which spot caused the most reaction. The knickers were very fine, but it was still difficult to map the even softer contours beneath.

“Have you been a good girl, Novice?”

“I have.”

“Are you certain?”


“There’s nothing you want to tell me about?”

“Like what?”

“Have you handed in all your homework on time?”

“Of course.” Toby gave Gwen a light smack.

“Don’t get fresh.”

“Sorry, Preceptor. Yes, I handed in all my homework in on time.”

“Have you stayed out late?”

“No, I’m always in by 6:30pm.”

“So can you explain why you were seen hanging around the bike sheds after dark?

“It wasn’t me.”

“I think it was you.”

“Someone else.”

“Do you want to know why I think it was you?”

“Why?” At this point, Toby, unbuckled his belt and started to remove it from his trousers.

“Because the boys from that biker gang were there too, and it’s common knowledge that you’re the school bicycle. You have a reputation.”


“Bend over, Novice Gwendolyn. I want you to touch your toes and remain in that position.” Toby slapped the wooden table with his belt, which let out a resounding crack. Gwen, spread her legs a little and bent over. “Am I a just man, Novice?”


“And it’s because I’m a just man that I’m prepared to believe you … up to a point. I’m going to search you, and if I detect the faintest whiff of evidence that you’ve been whoring yourself out just so you can get liquor from those biker boys, then I’ll have no choice but to get my plug kit out and administer it on you.”

With Gwen still bent over, Toby raised her skirt up so that it rested above her waist, exposing her taut derriere. Then Toby firmly placed his hand against her crotch, with his middle finger probing for where he figured her clitoris most likely rested. He gently moved his finger from side to side, as a mini-massage. Gwen rocked her pelvis in time to match Toby’s movements. Suddenly, Toby dropped down onto his haunches and pressed his tongue right against the same spot where his finger had been rubbing. There was a cry of satisfaction from Gwen. He pushed his tongue into her crotch while gripping the front of her thighs firmly with his hands and pulling her to him. There was definitely dampness now, as Gwen pushed herself into Toby’s face.

“You don’t need these anymore.” With that, Toby grabbed the waistband of the underwear, deftly slipped them off and tossed them away. “Are you comfortable, Novice?”



Toby stood up and leaned his body weight against Gwen. He placed his right hand on her bare buttock cheek.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“No, Preceptor.”

“You bad Novice.” Toby punctuated his comment by smacking her behind, maybe a little harder than earlier. Gwen made the same laugh-yelp sound, maybe more through surprise than any actual pain. “You know what happens to bad Novices, don’t you?” Before Gwen had the chance to answer, she received another blow to the same cheek. A modest rose pink blush appeared where Toby had laid hands on her — barely visible in the flickering buttery candlelight.

“You will be punished according to what you deserve.” Another light slap impacted her skin, and again, Gwen was surprised, not being able to see Toby’s moving hand. “Okay, I want you to bend over the table and rest yourself on it. I want you to place both hands on your ass.” Gwen gratefully moved over to the table and rested on it. She still felt exposed but exhilarated at the same time.

This time, Toby dropped onto his knees and faced Gwen’s swollen pussy lips. He firmly pushed her legs apart and kissed her on the side of her knee. One of his hands flitted up and down Gwen’s sleek inner thigh, loitering teasingly near her crotch. Toby started to leave a trail of kisses up the inside of the other thigh. Toby kissed her skin gently and moved an inch closer to her pussy. Toby continued to lick and kiss and move closer and closer, making little circular patterns on her skin with his tongue. One hand tightly gripped her leg, the other stroked her shapely calves. Eventually, after what Gwen thought had been an eternity, Toby found and kissed her expectant pussy lips. Gwen’s body shuddered, as the nerve impulse sent pleasure waves around her body. Toby spread his tongue flat and pressed it in spreading her lips apart. Toby moved his tongue from side to side, trying to detect the source of her pleasure. It was hot Escort and wet, her juices mixed with his spit, and Toby tried to slip his tongue inside her as far as he could go. Finally, the tip of his eager tongue found her hood, and flicked over it as fast as it could. Gwen responded with a gentle moan, she bucked a little. Toby inserted two fingers into her pussy and pushed against the front wall inside. It was slippy. Toby pushed his fingers in and out, in and out, in and out. His mouth french kissed her pussy lips. Then his snake-like tongue rolled over her hood and the tip touched her clitoris. His tongue dabbed against her clitoris, again and again, and her back arched further from the table. There was nowhere else Toby would rather be right now. His tongue slid up and down the ultra-soft, wet ravine between her lips with some urgency, trying to find the magical resonant frequency that would make her come. Her moans began turning into gentle cries, and her hand occasionally grabbed his hair trying to guide Toby to where she needed him most. Toby and Gwen repeated this over and over, getting closer and closer each time. And then in the final sequence, his tongue and lips, sucked and pressed, and caressed and teased her clitoris, faster and faster. Gwen’s pelvis thrusted into his face and then she launched into earthquake mode. As she helplessly cried “Yes!”, Toby pushed his face and mouth inside her further – Toby could not get any closer to her. Toby pressed his fingers inside her, as Gwen’s pelvic area gyrated with abandon. Toby’s tongue knew not to stop. He pressed his tongue flat against her and lapped her up and down and from side to side and around again. Gwen’s body stopped moving but her legs continued to shudder, as the last warm remnants of her orgasm flooded through her.

Toby stood up and took a single stride away from Gwen. “Novice Gwendolyn, it is time for you to pleasure me.” Gwen stood up and turned to face Toby, a sumptuous smile radiating across her face. Toby barked his next command with some urgency. He had a raging hard on and he knew exactly where it was going to end up. However, he had to be careful, there was a very real danger that he could end too soon if he didn’t restrain himself a little.

“Kneel down, Novice.” Gwen moved compliantly, and gracefully, but more languidly than earlier. Toby stood in front of Gwen, feet apart, hands on his waist. He was tenting terribly. “Begin relieving me, Novice — use only your mouth.” Gwen smiled and slowly, everso slowly, unfastened his button fly jeans, popping each button very deliberately. Toby wanted her to hurry up. He knew she was teasing him and he hated her for it, and he loved her for it. She looked up at him with her pretty schoolgirl eyes. Toby was fit to burst right then and there, but he knew it was no longer just about his pleasure — he wanted to break her till she couldn’t bare to take another orgasm.

Eventually Gwen peeled away Toby’s jeans, but then surprised him by wrenching down his tight black underwear, almost tearing the stitching on them. Toby’s engorged member lazily swung down to the horizontal. Gwen folded her fingers around his cock, but was interrupted by Toby.

“No hands — mouth and throat only. Put your hands behind your back. If you use your hands again without permission, I’ll hogtie you.” Gwen clasped her hands together behind her back. She brought her mouth level with the end of Toby’s uncircumcised cock and flicked the tip of her tongue across it. She looked up at Toby to see his reaction. Toby’s face was tense maybe angry; she would soon make him relax. Gwen continued to tease him with her supple wet tongue. She kissed the end. Her lips gradually began to envelope his bell end, her tongue tracing circles around his skin inside her mouth.

Toby kept his eyes firmly on the kneeling schoolgirl Novice before him as she slowly took his erection deep inside her mouth, one inch at a time. She did not break eye contact with Toby. Toby resisted the urge to place his hand on the back of her head and force his cock further into her. He wanted to be inside her.

Gwen began to pull back to reveal his cock again. She liked the firmness and contour of his penis, and the way it throbbed occasionally; it was alive. She increased her speed and bobbed up and down on his cock. She felt Toby reach down and touch her left breast. He grabbed and squeezed it firmly, massaged it until it was uncomfortable. She tried to squirm away a little, but Toby wouldn’t let up. His fingers stumbled around the opening to her blouse looking for a way in. She felt his fingers slide down her breasts and underneath her bra. He pressed them all the way in to touch her areola. He began circling her protuding nipple. Gwen continued to suck his erection with a constant rhythm, bobbing gently up and down. Now she felt Toby’s other hand on the back of her head. He clasped her bunched hair and tugged on the back of her head. Then he pushed against the back of her head, and firmly but gently increased the speed of her up and down motion. She could feel his cock going further down her throat; if it went much further in, she knew she would gag, and cause Bayan Escort her tear ducts to lubricate involuntarily. Gwen winced as Toby tweaked her nipple several times between his finger and thumb. He alternated between brushing her nipple very lightly, almost imperceptibly, and then squeezing it hard.

“Masturbate,” commanded Toby. Gwen’s pussy was wet and her lips were swollen. She reached under herself and between her legs and used her first two fingers to begin massaging her clitoral hood in a generous rotating motion; she splayed her lips apart. Gwen was ready to come again. She felt Toby’s hand squeezing her breast hard, the pinching of the nipple, the swollen willing hard cock bucking in her mouth, the insistent determined hand on the back of her head, the rhythmic rubbing of her own clitoris and a man before her she knew wanted only to control and fuck her. The orgasm began to rise in Gwen, her fingers rubbed faster, she felt Toby massaging her other breast; she pushed her face down onto his cock so that she could lick his scrotum and feel his balls with her tongue, with his cock all the way inside her mouth. Gwen began to shudder all over, as the orgasm raced through her veins. She could see black stars everywhere.

Abruptly, Toby yanked back on Gwen’s hair — much to her annoyance — and pulled her head away from his crotch. “Come on, stand up.” Gwen was surprised that she didn’t have a mouthful of Toby’s come in her mouth by now; she almost felt slighted: somehow he had managed to resist the temptation. As she rose to her full height, her legs weak and knees stiff, Gwen felt Toby’s arms embrace her and pull her body to him. Toby put his hands on each side of her head, and stroked her outer ear lobes with his fingers. This sent little shivers down Gwen’s neck. Gwen slipped one hand around and grabbed Toby’s firm butt; the other hand she used to coax his erection further. She had a smile on her face. They stood face to face, looking into each other’s darting eyes . They could feel each other’s hot panting breath on their faces. Toby gently held Gwen’s head as he moved in and kissed her. It was an open-mouthed, energetic kiss, as if they were each hungry. Their tongues pushed against one other’s, as they each took it in turns to probe deep inside the other’s mouth. The contours of lips and edges of teeth were explored in detail. Quiet moaning sounds emanated as the heads gently bobbed against each other during the prolonged intimacy. Toby eventually pulled away and paused very briefly to contemplate his next move. Gwen felt his hands moved down to her waist, taking a deliberate detour along her breasts.

“Move around. I want you here.” Toby pushed Gwen up against the end of the table, and maneuvered behind her. He finally removed his shirt and trousers, and pulled on his waiting motorcycle boots. Gwen could feel the hard rubber sole of the boots as Toby placed his feet on either side of hers; the cold leather shafts rubbed up against her calves. She felt Toby’s manhood pushing up against the underside of her sex, as he put one hand on her shoulder and pushed her torso down towards the table. Gwen stretched her arms out and supported herself by her elbows. She pushed her behind into Toby’s crotch. She felt his hands grip the top of her pelvis on the lower part of her waist, as he rubbed his crotch against her cheeks. His cock had moved from underneath her, to a more vertical position, resting inside the cleft between her cheeks.

“Are you still a virgin, Novice?” Gwen remained silent momentarily knowing her answer would have consequences.


“You’ve had relations with someone else? One of those biker boys?”

“It was an older man.” This seemed to anger Toby.

“Not even your own age? You disgust me. Did you enjoy having him inside you? Did you enjoy the moment of penetration? How did you accept his come? In your mouth, in your quim, on your breasts, inside your anus, on your face?”

“He forced himself on me. He was too strong.”

“I doubt that very much, don’t lie to me, Novice. I think you seduced him. You wanted to be taken, but you didn’t want to admit the shame of your own desires. I know you’re not a good girl. We all know it’s just for show.” Toby crouched down and began sliding Gwen’s stockings off. He quickly unbuckled her shoes and threw them across the room. He vigorously bound Gwen’s legs to the sturdy wooden table legs using the stockings, and pulled them tight.

“Does this ease your conscience, Novice?” Gwen moved her legs to take up the little slack there was in the new bindings, but said nothing; the black stockings dug into her ankles. Toby grabbed a nearby cushion. “Put your hands behind your back.” As Gwen clasped her hands together, Toby slid the cushion onto the table below her face. Toby bent down between Gwen’s legs and briefly massaged her clitoris with his tongue. Her sex was very sensitive and Gwen lifted her face up away from the cushion; she let out a sharp breath. Toby stood behind Gwen and manhandled his erection against Gwen’s fleshy mound looking for the opening. She was very slippery, moist and warm. Gwen could feel the hard roundness of his member nuzzling the engorged valley between her legs. He was probing insistently. She wished she could somehow envelope his penis and induce it into her. Then suddenly, he pressed his cock inside her; it went in smoothly, all the way up to the hilt.

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