A Pleasant Surprise 

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A Pleasant Surprise I really do enjoy my swing life style. Here is an example of one of those times. My lady has this friend, “G” and I wasn’t to keen on her. But thank god she lives 4 hours away. I usually bail out on my lady’s visits and she is cool with it. But then once my lady begged me to go with her on the next visit. I declined. A few days later she asked me again but said she would make it worth my while. Besides it was a huge cook out that we were going too. -fast forward to the weekend-My lady and I took Friday off so we drove out to her friends Thursday after work. After that 3 hour drive, we check in at our hotel and enjoy the pool and hot tube. Needless to say that night we had a wild night. Friday morning after a huge breakfast we run around shopping and checking out the town. Later that day we were sitting in a coffee shop, when my lady receive a text and then casually say;That was your reward. I said; Really and what is that? I thought you had forgotten, anyways.  My lady;I haven’t so here’s the deal, I’m hanging out with “G” and you, my horny little devil, gets to have some naughty fun. I had to ask what it was but all I got was;You just have to wait. I showered and got all cleaned up. When my lady asked me to run to the store for beer. Something is up and I was right because my lady text me to call her when I was pulling up to the hotel. When I did she met me out front. That’s when she tells me;If you run past 11 to text her. Giving me a huge kiss, she hopes in the car and drives off. Then I receive a text;In the room is your surprise. I open the door to my room and there was sitting Sara. My cock got instantly hard. Sara is a shemale. She looked, talked, smelled, and had the figure of a woman. But she had a 7″ uncut cock. My lady and I met her at an adult club/bar. She likes playing with couples but my lady wasn’t into her, she thought Sara looked skanky.  I found her HOT, she was 28, 5’8″ pale skin, medium length strawberry blonde hair, natural looking 36C’s, thin waist and feminine hips. I’ve seen a few nudes of her and I know she has a 7″ uncut cock. Sara stands and wow she looked so hot. Black thigh high boots, a tight black skirt and a black camisole. She walks up and gives me a kiss but I pull her in and start making out with her. May hands were all over her ass and hips. One of her legs slid up between my legs teasing my cock. I went to reach for Sara’s cock but she brushed my hand away. She pulls away and slowly starts to dance and slowly unzipping her skirt. With her back to me she slip her skirt over her hips, bends over and giving me a great view of her ass framed by a black thong. She crawling onto the bed and I still haven’t seen her cock. I damn near flew out of my pants. Crawling onto the bed, laying next to her, looking down her I see these beautiful tits and farther down I can see the outline of her cock thru her thong.  She started kissing my neck, her perfume was so intoxicating, I was getting turned on by the minute. Her hand was light rubbing my cock thru my underwear. I slip my hand down her stomach. The closer I get to her cock the more she moaned. Slipping my fingers in her thong I grasp her cock, stroking it before pulling her thong down and off. Before Sara could react I slipped between her legs and was staring at her uncut cock. Without even thinking, I lower my head and hold my lips over her foreskin lowering my mouth rolling tuzla escort it back as teasing the head with my tongue. Sara let’s out a moan saying;Mmmmm you like sucking my cock. I haven’t had a good blow job in awhile. I quickly starts bobbing my head taking her cock. She smelt so damn good and her skin was so smooth. I grip her cock and stroke it in rhythm with my mouth. Sara is breathing heavy and moaning softly. I reach up and play with her tits and pull at her nipples making her moan louder. She slowly eases me up and tells me; Let me see that cock of yours. I sit up and pull down my underwear, laying down next to her, I slide up and sit up on the headboard. I wasn’t gonna miss out and not watch as this hot tgirl sucks my cock. I ask;Let me see that body of yours. Sara sits up on her knees, one hand caressing her balls and the other pinching and pulling on her nipples. Damn she looked hot,  Her 7″ uncut cock was throbbing.  She was wearing a cockring around the base of her cock making her cock very veiny. In her soft voice;Do you like what you see? Mmmmmm your thick cock is making my cock hard.She takes her cock in her hand and slowly strokes it, making it was rock hard.She leans down pulling my hand away from my cock telling me; Let me take care of that.Leaning down, resting her chest on the bed and still on her knees, she pushes her ass up high.  Looking up she ask;Do you like my ass? I moan out yes and I feel her lips wrap around the head of my cock. I twitch as her tongue dances all over the head of my cock. Saliva is dripping from her mouth, she quickly uses it as lube and strokes my cock up and down slowly. Pulling up off my cock, she says;Ready for me to suck your cock? It a thick cock so it’s gonna be a tight fit in my throat. Lowering her mouth she takes my cock, first just the head but her lips quickly slide farther down. Slowly she is bobbing her head sucking my cock. I watch her work my cock with her mouth and OMG her ass was hot. I would of never thought she was really a dude. And I love her uncut cock. Suddenly Sara snaps me back when the head of my cock hits the back of her throat. She slips her tongue out of her mouth as she slide back up. The tip of her tongue dragged against my cock making me twitch.Soon she was sliding her head back slowly, till just the head was in and quickly take my cock back in her throat. Bobbing her head as the head of my cock would repeatedly hit the back of her throat. I placed my hand on the back of her head and held her head down forcing my cock down her throat. Just as she gagged I released. She snapped her head up, took a huge breath and engulfed my cock again. Again she repeatedly hit the back of her throat but this time she took my hand and places it on the back of her head. I take both hand and hold her head as I pump my hips fucking her mouth. Then I held her head steady and pushed my hips up as I pulled her head down. I was forcing my cock down her throat. She was gagging but she kept on letting me force it down. I let go and Sara head pops up, she is gasping for air but drops down again and takes my cock again. And soon enough I was holding her head and fucking her mouth. I push down and forced my cock down. Suddenly I felt the head slip in her throat and she quickly was able to bob her head popping the head of my cock in and out of her throat. Her hand had a tight grip around my cock sancaktepe escort keeping rhythm with her mouth. when I moan out, I’m close. Sara pops up, telling me;Not yet baby, hold it back for me. Sitting up her cock is throbbing and a long drip of precum is dripping from her cock. She straddles my torso, with her cock inches from my mouth. I open my mouth and the tips of my tongue dances over her cock, licking up all the precum. She holds my head as she pushes her hips forward sliding her cock in my mouth. I hold her hips as I slowly slide my lips back till I feel the crown of the head on my lips. I grip her cock and stroke it as I just hold the head in my mouth as my tongue dances over her cock.  Again holding my head she pushes my head down and I slowly start sucking her cock. My lips sliding up and down while my hand follow twisting up and down. My other hand wraps around, gripping her ass while the tips of my middle finger dancing around. When my finger finds her opening, she let’s out a loud moan, bucking forward, her cock hits the back of my throat. My finger quickly slip in her ass. She starts pumping her cock in my mouth as I finger her ass. She holds my head as she forces her cock down my throat. I start pushing two fingers in her ass. Holding her breath her pushes my head down on her cock so i pushed my fingers farther in her ass. When she let up I pulled then out. Panting and she is pulling at her nipples and moaning; Oh my god, oh my god. Holding her cock I open my mouth and she slides her cock in. Again I start pushing two fingers in as she forced her cock down my throat. This time when she let up and I didn’t I started pumping my fingers in her ass. She grabs my head pushing her cock in deep. Suddenly her cock slipped down my throat. She just held it there as my finger bottom out in her ass. She starts pumping her hips, the head of her cock popping in and out of my throat. My two fingers are like pistons slamming in and out of her ass. Sara slides back and grips the base of her cock. I hold my mouth right over the head. She pumps her cock a couple times and hold still as she fill my mouth with her cum. I swallow her cum and start suck on the head as she comes down from her orgasm. Sliding down my body she engulf my cock, bobbing her head, stroking my cock aggressively. Moaning around my cock she gets up on her knees. Stroking my cock she looks up at me and says;Cum in my mouth, cum for me baby. Slipping down my cock again she quickie was taking my cock deep. She was bobbing her head quickly, a hand has a firm grip around my cock stroking in tempo with her mouth. Her mouth felt so good I couldn’t hold back any longer. Moaning out;Here I cum, I’m gonna cum. Holding the head of my cock in her mouth, her hand is a blur stroking my cock. I grab a full of sheets and push my hips up as I explode in Sara’s mouth.I’m panting and trying to catch my breath as Sara slowly slides her lips up and down my cock finishing off my orgasm. She slides up and lays on top of me. I can feel her cock stiff up against my body. We slowly start kissing, I reach down and hold her ass. Our kissing turns more aggressive, Sara is grinding her hips into mine. I can feel her cock getting harder. Her skin was so smooth and she had a great ass. I held onto her ass helping her grind down. She breaks from our kiss arching her back up, rocking her hips forward üsküdar escort she moans out;I can feel your cock getting hard. Please fuck my ass next. I slip out from under her, laying her on her stomach. I straddle her legs and nestle my cock between her ass cheeks and lay down, kissing and biting her neck. She is arching her ass up as I grind my hips down on her. We are both talking dirty and moaning as I dry hump her ass. Dry humping her ass for a bit before i slowly start to kiss my way down her back. Her breathing quickens and getting heavy. When my hands, I spread her ass open, she holds her breath and I work my tongue between her ass quickly finding her hole. The moment my tongue flicks across her ass she let’s out a loud groan followed by a moan, telling me;OMG, no one has eating my ass out in so long. She arches her back pushing her ass into my face. I spread her ass cheeks wide as my tongue dances all over her hole. She reaches back holding her ass open for me. I take a hold of her cock, stroking it as I eat her ass out. I flicked my tongue across her ass as if I was eating a pussy. When I buried my tongue in her ass, I tongue fucked her ass. Soon Sara is moaning;Please fuck my ass, I need to feel your cock in me. I start spitting all over her ass as I slip a condom on, spitting one last time on her ass I hold my cock at the base as I shove the head of my cock in her ass. She moans out;YES, slide that cock in my ass. I grab her hips and push forward. I keep pushing. Sara is moaning and holding her breath. Suddenly she moans out;Easy, easy. I pull back but quickly push forward. Again and again I keep pushing. With in a few strokes my cock is balls deep in her ass. I start with short swallow strokes but Sara softly moaned;Quicker baby, fuck my ass faster. I was soon sliding all the way back just the head was in. But then forcefully I would slide back in. Soon Sara was pushing back with my forward thrust and quickly we are in rhythm.I kept moaning;Oh god your ass feels so good. You are a hot tgirl. I want you more. I was so turned on I grab her hips tight and started pounding my cock in her ass.Sara, was moan;Yeah babe FUCK my ass. Stretch this ass out with your thick cock. Harder, harder. I can feel my balls slapping of hers. A couple minutes more and I have to slow down. Slowly pumping her ass. Sara slows me down to a stop and flips over on her back. Wrapping her legs around me she lifts her ass up as she holds my cock and guides it into her ass.I’m holder her legs as I sit up. I watch my cock slide in and out of her ass. Her cock is rock hard. I take a hold of it and start stroking her cock in tempo with me fucking her. I moan out;You are so beautiful. You have a sexy womans body and a hot cock. Sara starts moaning, cupping her tits, punching and pulling her nipples. Suddenly I can feel her cock get thicker, she was about to cum. I starts pumping my hips forcing my cock deeper.She moans out;Here I cum, here I cum.Now with short thrust I jerk her cock harder and faster. Her body tights up as her cock rockets cum all over my stomach and chest. I keep fucking her deep and hard. Breathing heavy and twitching I knew I was close to cumming. I moan out;I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. With one hard thrust I bury my cock in her ass and start cummins. My body is twitching as I ride my orgasm, Sara is lightly dragging her nails down my back. As I slow down, Sara draws me in tight and we engage in a long passionate kiss. She stayed alittle longer as we made out alittle and we caresses each other. Before she left we sucked each other off one more time.Since that time, I come with my lady to visit “G” and everytime I get to play with Sara. 

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