A Si ster’s Lust chapter 13 & 14


A Si ster’s Lust chapter 13 & 14Herb knew that his best method was surprise and he moved quickly, hoping that thedeed would be accomplished before Gail fully realized what he was doing. Theyoung teacher caught his breath in excitement as the slippery, sensitive head of hisprick nosed in between Gail’s shuddering buttocks and pressed up against thequivering ring of her anus. There was his next goal . . . winking like a little pinkbeacon. He was going to show Gail all the joys of fucking tonight and this was theperfect way to start. She wouldn’t be tattling on Crystal and Jerry after he hadsucceeded in driving his huge cock up her narrow little back passage. Gail was goingto discover that being a wanton wasn’t bad at all by the time he got through with her!“Mmmmm!” Gail squealed around the turgid length of Jerry’s mouth-stuffing cock.Her muffled cry of fright was easily gagged by the probing length of Jerry’s hugeprick, Gail knew that she was completely at the mercy of these horny three men.Herb wasn’t going to help her at all. Instead of helping her, he was going to join rightin with the other two men to humiliate her even further!Another cry of fright remained frozen in Gail’s throat as every nerve ending in herbody tingled and fear raced through her mind. Herb was pressing his blazinglyheated cockhead right up against her anus, slipping and nudging her where no manhad even been. She couldn’t believe that Herb was actually going to . . . the prospectwas so frightening that Gail didn’t dare even think about it!“Mmmmmph!” the frightened girl cried again.. She tried to turn her head but hermouth was completely stuffed with Jerry’s throbbing cock. She squirmed her hips totry to dislodge the huge hot head of Herb’s prick but that only served to spread hersmooth quivering asscheeks farther apart, granting him even more access. Gailalmost passed right out from fear as the slippery invading force of Herb’s cockheadpushed harder and harder, seeking entrance into her virgin anus!“Hold her now, Frank,” Herb grunted, his voice thick and strained. “She won’t like itmuch at first but that’ll change just as soon as I get her loosened up a little.”“MMMMMMFF!” Gail squealed, her fear showing in her muffled howl of terror. Herbwas awful! He was some sort of monster, trying to do something like this to her! Jerryand Frank were monsters too, for helping him! These three men were b**sts. If shelived through this humiliating and frightening experience, she was going to makesure she never saw any of them again!Gail wiggled desperately to try to free herself from the strong arms holding her. Nowthat she realized what Herb was going to do she was weak with horror. Gail hadnever felt more betrayed and helpless in her whole life at the mercy of these threea****ls!Helplessly Gail trembled upon the impaling spear of Frank’s huge prick, she moanedfearfully in her throat. Something was happening to her that made her even morefrightened. There was a contradiction between what she knew was right and howshe really felt. Some hidden wanton streak in her body wanted Herb to go ahead andshove his enormously huge prick in her asshole. Her lusting body was crying out formore, more stimulation. Yet her mind was rebelling against the way the three menwere abusing her. Gail was so mixed up she didn’t know what she wanted anylonger.The trembling brunette gasped as she felt the first rush of pain. The slick wet head ofHerb’s throbbing cock was nosing deeper. celtabet giriş Then Frank lifted her up until herasscheeks were weaving obscenely in the air. The position was so terriblyembarrassing that Gail wanted to faint dead away so that she wouldn’t have toendure any more of this lewd humiliation.“MMMMMFFFFF!” Gail squealed, as Herb placed his big hands on her heated,quivering buttocks and spread them widely apart. She could feel her puckered littleanus fluttering in fear and it was impossible for the terrorized girl to even draw adeep breath, she was so frightened. Surely Herb wasn’t actually going to do thisreprehensible thing! Surely he was only trying to frighten her or play some sort ofcruel practical joke!Gail didn’t actually believe that Herb was going to go through with his lewd act untilthe proof came in a searing blast of pain. Herb’s huge cockhead was battering rightup against her anal ring and it was no match for the lust-stiffened invader!The terrorized brunette screamed, her cries of pain muffled almost entirely by theturgid length of Jerry’s huge erection. There was another burst of pain and everynerve ending in her body was screaming in agony. Her mind swam in tortured circlesas Herb’s huge prick plummeted up her narrow, squirming anal chute and sawedback and forth in her agonizingly tight rectum.“OHHH N00000!” Gail cried out, not believing that anything could feel this painfullyhuge. Herb was pounding at her ass as if he were a crazed a****l and it felt likeevery lunge was going to rip her to shreds. If this was what a wanton got, Gail didn’twant any part of fucking. She was going to transfer to an all girls school and give upall contact with men forever!Suddenly Gail’s breath caught in her throat as something totally surprising happenedin her trembling body. The pain of Herb’s abrupt invasion was lessening and a newsensation was taking its place. Her tightly quivering anal tunnel was rippling in astrange new way that was strangely almost pleasurable and she could feel the tightpink tube of flesh shudder and suck at the huge width of Herb’s probing cock! Heranal chute was contracting and releasing with a strong sucking motion and her pussywas doing exactly the same thing. The pain had completely vanished and Gailgasped as she began to actually enjoy this double-pronged invasion!Herb began to grin as Gail’s muffled groans of pain turned into sudden squeals ofpassionate rapture. He had known that Gail’s wanton nature would win out over herobvious fear. He could feel the way this lovely little brunette was responding to hishuge, driving cock and Herb’s prick throbbed in response. Gail loved assfucking!The aroused young teacher gave another muffled squeal of delight and her wholebody trembled lustily. At first Herb’s cock had seemed unbearably huge but now itfelt wonderful, pushing in and out in the same rhythm as Frank’s. The two prickswere rubbing together, shoving up tightly and then retreating together, doing a danceof lust deep in her twin heated channels.Gail sucked voraciously on Jerry’s erection, making him move too, to join in thesuper sex rhythm of lust that spiraled her up in a blaze of lewd pleasure. They wereall driving in deeply, spinning the trembling teacher higher and higher toward theultimate pleasure.Never, in Gail’s wildest imagination, had she expected something like this to happen.She loved having three cocks at once, feeling the triple thrusting sawing back celtabet yeni giriş andforth in her body. There was no way that Gail could keep from responding to this trioof stimulation and she pushed back against Frank’s throbbing cock, sucking mightilyat Jerry’s at the same time, wiggling and moving her hips to help Herb drive evenfurther into the steaming cavern of her tight anus.As Gail trembled wildly, the truth hit her squarely. A lusty transformation had comeover her greedy body. She was no longer concerned about what was right and whatwas wrong, or whether she should set a good example for her younger sister or not.Nothing mattered except the searing pleasure of satisfying three cocks at once. Atthis moment, Gail was experiencing pure, lusty sexual pleasure for the first time and,the trembling teacher knew that it wouldn’t be the last time she did something thisexciting. The hell with propriety! Gail was going to live at last!Before Gail even had time to think about her new feelings about sex, her body tookover and her fingers swept down to squeeze and stroke Jerry’s heavy testicles. Herhips thrust back and forth, trying to capture more of the lovely, thrusting cocks in herbody. Her tightly puckered anal ring shivered strongly, pulling Herb’s jerking prick inand sending it out again in a flutter of pure lust. Her cuntal mouth snapped andcontracted and her pussywalls wrapped around Frank’s turgid, blood-engorgederection, sucking it joyfully in and out. Her lips quivered and her cheeks sucked infiercely, hurtling Jerry’s pulsing prick to the very back of her squeezing, blazingthroat until her lips were right up against his heavy swollen testicles. For the first timein her life, Gail knew that she could satisfy three men at once and it didn’t make herfeel in the least bit shameful. It made her feel proud that she was a lusty woman!“Awwwwww! Perfect, baby!” Jerry yelped, feeling his balls swell and churn with theirheavy load of hot sperm. The young man tried to hang on for another lusty momentbut the sucking action of Gail’s throat and mouth were just too much for any man toendure. With a yelp of ecstatic pleasure, he blasted into the lovely brunette’s throat,emptying his blazing sperm in a searing rush that hurtled down her sucking throatand found a ready home in her quivering belly.“MMMMMMFFFF!” Gail wailed, swallowing desperately so that she wouldn’t miss asingle drop of his delicious blazing cream. Her rippling cuntal channel flutteredharder and harder as she swallowed in a lusty frenzy and she heard Frank groanloudly as his massive prick swelled in her tight, squeezing tunnel.“AWWWWWWW!” Herb grunted, feeling his prick swell and throb urgently. Heground his cock into the cleft of Gail’s trembling asscheeks and drove his prick all theway up her blazing rectum. There was no way that Herb could stand anothermoment of this heartstopping stimulation. He was going to give Gail the sweetestenema of her life!“MMMMMFFFF!” Gail gulped, as Herb’s throbbing cock stiffened and started topump. His turgid invader was hurtling out a jet stream of hot sperm that shot up herrippling anus and filled her bowels with sexy heat. Two cocks were filling her bodywith rushes of liquid pleasure and the waves of ecstasy swept the trembling youngteacher higher and higher toward the fabulous peak of orgasm. Only one more lustyhappening would push her over the edge of rapture. If she could make Frank’s huge,jerking celtabet güvenilirmi cock blast, she would be consumed with the fiery waves of completion.“GAWWWWWD, BABY!” Frank bawled, trying to hang on for just another moment.He could feel Herb’s cock pumping and spurting into Gail’s shivering anal tunnel rightthrough the thin wall separating Gail’s two channels. That was just too much for thehorny car dealer. There was no way he could hold on and not join in the thrillingexplosion.“YEEEEEAAAAAH!” Frank yelped, driving in forcefully. His cock reared up andswelled to its fullest diameter and then he was coming too, pumping his hot, thicksperm right into the sucking tunnel of Gail’s rippling pussy, splattering hot creamagainst her womb and driving in and out in a glorious blast of lust!Gail felt her reason fail as she spun higher and higher on a wave of shakingpleasure. She shivered and spasmed joyfully under the three-way blasting. Her eyesglazed with sensual ecstasy as searing electric thrills spread through every quiveringinch of her body. Lust was rippling through every pore of her body and she hurtledstraight up to the peak of orgiastic pleasure. All four of them were coming and it wasthe most thrilling moment of Gail’s life as burst after burst of blinding orgasm torethrough her body.Gail heard her own cries echoing in the small apartment and at last the tremblingteacher realized the truth. She had been denying herself the greatest pleasure in lifeby not listening to her own body’s lusty demands. What difference did it really makeif Crystal and Jerry were married or not? Should they cheat themselves out of a lifetogether just because they couldn’t afford a wedding right away? That didn’t seemreasonable at all, in Gail’s expanded frame of mind. Of course there was somethingshe could do about her parents’ objections and Gail didn’t know why she hadn’tthought of it before. She’d arrange for everything right after she could pull herselftogether enough to make a telephone call.CHAPTER f******n“What?” Crystal gasped, staring at her older sister in alarm. “Get packed? But, Gail .. . where are we going?”“I’ve got a little surprise for you and Jerry,” Gail grinned, squeezing Herb’s hand.“We’re all going to go out to the airport and then I’ll tell you where we’re headed.”When Crystal saw the flight board she was even more confused. “Non-stop to LasVegas?” she read, turning to look at Gail’s smiling face. “But, s*s! Jerry has to go towork tomorrow!”“No, he doesn’t,” Herb chimed in. “We already checked with Frank and Jerry has thenext three days off with pay. It’s Frank’s wedding present to both of you.”“But we don’t have enough money to get married!” Crystal wailed, sadly staring ather older sister in alarm. “I told you before, Gail. Without Mom and Dad’s checkevery month, I can’t finish beauty college.”“That’s not a problem any more,” Gail laughed. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of itbefore. In only six weeks or so, Jerry’s promotion will come through. Then you canafford tuition and the rent. Until then, I’m going to send you a check. You canconsider it a wedding present from Herb and me.”“But you’re going to miss the teacher’s convention if you go along with us,” Jerryreminded him. “Won’t you feel bad about missing those lectures?”“Not one bit!” Herb grinned. “All those meetings are boring anyway. I think goingalong on a honeymoon’ll be much more interesting.”“Me too!” Gail breathed, smiling up at Herb as they boarded the plane. “And anythingI miss at the convention I can always learn from my favorite teacher here. He’staught me a lot already.”“Not as much as I’m going to teach you,” Herb chuckled, winking at Gail. “Both of ushave a lot to learn and as far as I’m concerned the sooner the better!”

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