A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 04


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Ben gulped as he stared at his older sister’s exposed body as she kept on dreaming and mumbling words of her affection to him. His eyes roamed across every nook and cranny of her incredible erotic body.

He felt his hands shaking out of pressure. In her dreams she was longing for him, saying things that he never expected to come from her. As if on auto-pilot he was being drawn closer to her, to her smell, to her exotic hot body, to her because she was Kaitlin, Kaitlin his older sister which he loved like no one else in his life.

He could feel his cock throbbing out of anticipation, it was the one part of his body that seemed to have regained full energy after the poisonous bite of the snake. He still felt a bit light-headed, but he was conscious and knowing damn well what he was doing. Even if the rest of his body was in a weakened state, he wanted to embrace her, to love her back how she loved him the night before.

“S-should I… R-really do this…?” He mumbled to himself getting closer and closer to a dreaming Kaitlin.

Ben shifted his sight to her cute, freckled face. She was sleeping with a smile, a bit flustered but she was happy, would it be really wrong at all to make her feel good too?

He hadn’t really been with a girl before at all, and definitely not with a beautiful naked creature as his own sister. He had been so madly in love with her that he rejected offers from other girls and thus never really experienced love making at all. Of course he watched his fair share of porn, he knew what would make a lady feel good but he never had gotten to the practical side of it. It would be the first time for him to pleasure a woman and in this case it would be the one he longed for, his own older sister Kaitlin.

“I… I have to do this… I can’t leave her longing for… Attention. She helped me yesterday, and now it’s my time… No, it’s my duty to return that love to her.” Said Ben to himself.

He laid down next to her again as his body was still a bit funky feeling from waking up. He shifted to his side and suddenly let out a moan. He looked down and saw that his erect cock was rubbing against her silk feeling thigh, a small precum trail spreading across it as his cock moved with his now heavy breathing.

He was now incredibly close next to her, both their heads a few inches apart. He could smell her sisterly fragrance running up his nose, her cute freckled face blushing in contrast with her bright, fierce red hair. She was still muttering words of affection which only aroused Ben even more. He made his decision final, he had to do this, for her, and for himself.

He lifted his hand and reached out to one of her voluptuous breasts, as he came closer he started to tremble even harder but nonetheless he continued.

He carefully placed his hand onto her fleshy globe, his palm pressing onto her erect nipple as his fingers slowly sunk into her softness.

“Holy shit…” He whispered as he was feeling up his sister’s large breast, the first one in his life.

He started kneading it softly, exploring the erotic female part before focusing his sight on her face once more. He noticed that she twitched a bit with every knead, her breathing became more rapid and soon he could hear soft moans instead of her quiet snoring.

He then let out another moan himself as he felt his cock being rubbed by her thigh. As he was fondling her breast she started to wiggle her hips in her sleep, presumably because of his touch.

Ben became a bit more daring as he shifted his hand onto the other breast, kneading it too but this time also flicking his fingers across her engorged nub which seemed to have an even greater effect on her.

The mumbles about him had stopped and now she was only moaning softly, accompanied with quick breaths as if she gasped for air.

He kept on playing with her tits for a while, switching between breasts as it seemed to be highly effective on her, he knew that woman had certain spots that could accelerate their arousal faster, and he was sure that his sister’s breasts were one of hers.

As his sister shuddered from his touch, his eyes trailed down to her special place. His eyes grew wider when he noticed the wetness that was splattered all over her groin, due to her wriggling her hips together. The place was soaked and it was all because… Because of him.

As if possessed by a spirit he let go of his sister’s firm breasts and started to slowly trail his hand down across her fit body. Slowly across her stomach, dipping a feel at her cute belly button before coming closer and closer to the place that should have been strictly off limits for him.

As his hand came closer his cock started to casino şirketleri throb wilder, softly slapping against her already precum coated thigh. Kaitlin remained squirming and moaning, possibly feeling the touch of his hand and maybe even his cock on her thigh.

Ben gulped again when his fingers went under her tiny bikini bottom and approached her mound, her short trimmed mound to be exact. He felt a shock running through his body as his fingers dwelled further down through her short pubic hairs. He then felt his fingers running over an erect, wet nub. It had to be her clitoris.

Kaitlin’s body shook heavily, accompanied with a shriek as his fingers traveled over the hardened nub.

Ben got spooked by the sudden motion and stopped moving for some time. He waited a bit for her to calm down further, his fingers now being drenched by her sticky wetness that drooled out of her pussy.

After a second or thirty he resumed his movement, his fingers slid down her soaked labia until they reached the end before slowly moving up again.

“Holy shit!” Said Ben a little louder, experiencing a brand new experience. He was now so close to sexually satisfying his own older sister that he felt his whole body heating up intensely. Again his hand went into auto-pilot, his fingers going up and down her soaked labia, hitting her clit every time he reached the upper part of her pussy.

Out of excitement his own body started to move on its own as well, his hips thrusted slowly forward, scraping his erect cock along her silky thigh, spreading his precum even further across it. His own breathing became heavier and sweat poured off his face.

“I can’t believe it! It feels so good, Sis feels so good! And her smell, amazing!” Announced Ben proudly, his mind blocking off his surroundings.

He then stopped his fingers on top of her labia and waited for a bit, he let out a big sigh as he knew that there was a single step left to cross the line.

“It’s now or never Ben… Show her that you can make her feel good too, show her that you lo-“

Out of nowhere he felt his cock being grabbed by something warm and soft, holding his shaft with a tight grip.

Out of reflex Ben turned his head to be greeted by the bright piercing open eyes of his older sister, staring deep into his own as if she was about to suck out his soul.

Kaitlin had clamped her hand around her brother’s stiff cock as they just laid there staring at each other in silence, Ben’s hand and fingers also still on his sister’s wet pussy.

“O-o-oooh I… I’m S-sorry S-Sis I… I d-don’t k-know w-what I’m…” Stuttered a panicking Ben, his head red as a tomato.

He tried to pull his hand away but got stopped by Kaitlin who quickly placed her own free hand on top of it, resulting in her letting out a sexy moan as she pressed her and her brother’s hands hard on her pussy in the process.

“D-don’t stop… Just… do it.” She whispered to him with an incredible cute girly tone, her face flushed red again.

Ben gulped as he felt her hand slowly coming off his, two of his fingers now with their tips inserted in her vagina.

“O-okay… I… I will…” He whispered back to her, still a bit shocked from the sudden situation. He then felt her other hand losing her grip on his cock slightly, but not letting go of it.

Still confused he looked at his sister again, her eyes still staring deep into his before she whispered to him again. “Ben… It’s okay… Do it… D-don’t… Don’t leave me like this.”

“A-alright I… I can do it… For you…” He responded before slowly sinking his two fingers further into the crevice of her soaked pussy.

Kaitlin whimpered as she felt her brother’s fingers slowly entering her. Her head fell back onto the spread sleeping bag and started to moan.

Ben swallowed his saliva once more before focusing onto his fingers and her private part again, inexperienced but determent to make her feel good he started to work both his fingers further into her vagina.

He let out a moan himself as he felt his sister fumbling her thumb around on the sensitive skin of his rock-hard cock which she still had trapped in her hand.

She started to wiggle her hips again as Ben’s sunk his fingers further and further into her pussy until they were at the knuckle. She let out another shriek out of excitement and thrashed her body a bit.

Ben watched with his eyes open wide as he saw his sister responding to him, he was doing this, he was making her feel good.

He then slowly worked his fingers up again before pushing them down into the depth of his sister’s pussy repeatedly, her rapid moans and shakes confirming him that he was giving her pleasure.

He could hear the squishy sounds coming from her pussy as his fingers worked her cunt, her vagina walls sucking his fingers deep inside, coating them with her juices.

In the midst of their incestuous activities Kaitlin threw her free hand unto her breasts and started mauling away casino firmalari at the soft, sweaty flesh, occasionally pinching her nipples which her made her squirm even more.

The sight of his sister being pleasure aroused Ben greatly, as a reaction his own hips started to move again with the same movement as his fingers. Slowly his hard cock started to fuck his sister’s soft hand, his cockhead sliding against her thigh when he pushed up.

This made Kaitlin moan even louder when she felt his precum oozing cock grind against her. She weakened her grip a bit more so he could move even easier.

Brother and sister were now moaning in sync as both their bodies were being pleasured at the same time in an incestuous way that they both had dreamed of so many times.

Ben took in the full picture as his eyes roamed across his sister’s body. Her eyes closed and mouth agape as her cute little moans ringed through his ears, her own hand caressing her twin globes with precision, his fingers plunging in and out of her steaming hot pussy, her wide hips that wiggled and crushed together from the intense feeling, and finally her other soft hand that was still wrapped around his thrusting fuck-stick. It was another image that would be burned forever in his brain, all the porn he had ever seen came nowhere as close to arousing him as much than his own sister did.

He started working his fingers in and out of her pussy even faster, her wetness now coming out of her with squirts. This made his hips thrust faster as well, his cockhead now poking into her soft skin with every thrust forward, every thrust backward made his precum dribble along his sister’s fingers and onto the palm of her hand.

“This is… Oh god… This is…” Moaned Ben, unable to finish his sentence as he grinded his teeth together, experiencing a pleasure he never felt before.

Kaitlin’s sweaty body shuddered non-stop now and her moans, accompanied with gasps for air, became even louder and faster. A trickle of drool ran out of her open mouth as she shook her head side to side, her being in the same boat as Ben, experiencing a pleasure she never felt before.

The two of them moved together like a perfectly, well-oiled machine. After a couple of minutes of non-stop pleasuring their bodies came at critical levels of having shattering climaxes.

Ben wanted to do one more thing, thinking that it would certainly push his sister over the edge if it would work.

With his final thrusts inside of her steaming pussy he formed his fingers into a hook, knowing that girls could have a weak spot if he managed to hit it like this and apparently, his sister was one of those girl.

Kaitlin’s body suddenly bucked and trashed as she let out an ear-shattering scream that would certainly have grabbed people’s attention if they were around.

Ben felt his fingers being sucked into her pussy once last time before her vagina walls tightened hard around them and then released his fingers with such a force that they literally shot out of her cunt. Multiple big, splattering squirts of female nectar followed suit and shot out of her pussy as she screamed her lungs out.

Her orgasm triggered her hands to squeeze their fingers together, resulting in her mauling one of her tits and her other hand to close around Ben’s cock like a vice.

“Oooooh fuck!” Shouted Ben as he felt his cock literally being squeezed dry. After seeing his older sister cumming in front of his eyes this was the last straw for him as well.

His cock started erupting shot after shot of his thick, potent seed all over his sister’s thigh. Even as he came his hips remained thrusting back and forward while his sister’s vice like hand still stroked his cock. The warm seed splattered unto her thigh and coated her skin into a gooey mess, some shots even managed to splurt upward unto her stomach.

Both siblings had climaxed like they never did before, they both had crossed another forbidden line and at the moment, crossing that line felt pretty goddamn good.

Kaitlin’s hand released Ben’s cock as her exhausted body became numb. She quietly muttered undecipherable words in-between her gasps for air. Her body shook and shuddered from the aftereffects of the climax.

Ben himself was pretty much in the same state. The orgasm had taken a toll on his body, combined with him still recovering from the poison made him fall back asleep on the spot right away. The only thing he heard before his eyes closed were the sounds of his sister moving around.


A few hours later Ben finally woke up from his exhausted slumber, feeling a lot better now.

He pulled himself up into a sitting position and scanned through the shack. The place where his sister had been lying was empty, he then noticed that the door to the shack was open and blocked by one of the stools so it didn’t close. A light breeze flew through the shack, the outside lighted up by the burning sun, it was going to be another hot day.

He let güvenilir casino out a yawn and stretched his arms before he started to look for his clothes. He quickly found his boxers and shorts lying on top the table, neatly folded by probably his sister. Underneath it stood his sneakers.

He then remembered vaguely what happened to his shirt the night before. Ben chuckled to himself, considering the warm weather he didn’t really need his shirt anyway.

After getting into his remaining clothes he ventured his way outside. The first thing he did was looking around to find his sister. After looking around a bit he could finally see her sitting at the edge of the water stream, her legs brought up to her chest and her arms folded around them.

“Yo Kait!” He shouted to her, no response.

Ben felt that something was off and proceeded to walk towards her. As he stepped beside her she still did not give him any response, she was just staring in front of her.

“Kait? What’s the ma-” He tried to say before she spoke up.

“It’s wrong what we did Ben.” She said with a cold tone.

“Wh-? What? You me-” He tried to say again.

“Come on Ben, you know damn well that we can’t… We just can’t do this together, okay? We are brother and sister.” Said Kaitlin as her eyes shifted to her side.

She sighed and spoke again. “Even if we have these… Feelings for each other. It’s wrong and you know it… What if Mom or Dad found about what we have done, they would go ballistic!”

Ben shook his head and turned defensive. “Kaitlin, look around you, do you see Mom or Dad, or anyone else for the matter?” He asked her as he held his arms out wide.

“No, because we are stuck on this fucking island! The only one else around is that fucking creep that babbles this dumb-ass ‘Survive… And find yourselves’ riddle and spies on us like we are some goddamn experimental pet project.” Responded Kaitlin aggressively to her brother.

Ben shook his head again and sighed. “Kaitlin… What is this all of a sudden?”

“What is this? WHAT IS THIS? Ben! We were on the verge of having sex with each other!” Shouted Kaitlin to Ben.

“What? You were the one that asked me to continue and you loved it!” Returned Ben with his own loud voice.

Kaitlin stood up, clearly mad now. “You took advantage of me! I woke up seeing my little brother’s hand rubbing my pussy for Christ sake!”

Ben let out a short laugh. “I took advantage of you? How about you? Miss ‘Oh please cum on your sister’s slutty hands!’.” He said to her, mimicking his sister from the night before.

Kaitlin opened her mouth, wanting to say something before she turned around and tried to walk away from her brother.

“Oh no Kait, not this time!” He said to her as he grabbed her hard by the arm.

“Ouch! Ben you are hurting me!” Yelped Kaitlin as her brother’s hand grabbed her arm like a vice.

He ignored her and started to speak again. “Seriously Kaitlin, I have no clue what the fuck has been going on in that head of yours these last few years, I just can’t figure you out anymore! Why do you keep avoiding me and sometimes, all of a sudden show me affection like you always used to do!”

Kaitlin stood still and remained quiet.

“Yesterday for example, after I got bitten you hung around me, cared for me like I was some sacred person, saying how much you love me and don’t want to be separated from me. Am I like, some puppet you can wrap your hand around if you want to have some attention or something? Only to get all pissed off again after a while?” He continued.

“Y-you just don’t understand…” Mumbled Kaitlin to him, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Ben was on fire now as he spoke aggressively. “Understand what? That my once incredibly cute, funny and adorable older sister has turned into some egocentric bitch that only seeks my attention when she needs to feel better herself? You know, maybe you should have left me to die so Mr. creepy-ass would have to end his little game and return you home, back home without me because you don’t seem to care all that much fo-“


Suddenly he felt a stinging pain on his cheek. “H-how… How d-dare you!” Stuttered Kaitlin as tears streamed down her face, now crying like she never had done before. Her brother’s outrage became too much for her so she had slapped him, hard.

Ben was shocked and went silent, realizing that what he had said was out of utter anger. He had no right to judge his sister as he indeed did not know what was bothering her so much after all this time.

“How can you say all those things Ben! You want to know why I have been like that the past few years? That’s because I’m in LOVE with you! You blind asshole!” Shouted Kaitlin through her tears.

She sobbed for a while before she continued to speak “I knew it was wrong for a sister to love her brother like this! That’s why I have been avoiding you, trying to take my mind away from it but I… I couldn’t Ben! I could not get you out of my mind! I have been in love with you ever since we were little and until these last few days together I walked around years feeling ashamed of myself, I saw myself as some sicko freak that would only hurt the one she loved if it ever came to his attention.”

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