A Sissy’s New Daddy Search


A Sissy’s New Daddy SearchI couldn’t sleep last night so I figured I’d fire up the laptop. Lately I have fantasized about being totally dominated and used by a real top daddy since my old one moved away. When I’m in this type of mood I usually will do a quick hookup, but I was in such a sassy state, I really missed having a man taking charge of me, to humiliate me. It was a good night, I was getting a lot of messages from guys interested in teaching a little sissy how to keep her daddy happy, and how my fat brown ass needs dick. Most were BBC. One guy though…his cock was magnificent. 8in long, cut, and almost coke can thick with a pair of huge low-hanging balls. He was in his late 50’s; very demanding and very masculine. Best part: he started immediately playing the Dom.I was just looking to suck a cock, but he demanded an ass pic and I dutifully replied with one. He went wild telling me how he wanted to “bend my bitch ass over and shove his big black dick up my tight boi pussy.” How he was going to turn me into his cock slut, how I was his sissy slut, and he was going to be my Daddy.This was exactly what I need. He sent me over the edge when he told me to put on a pair of a cutie outfit and meet him in the lobby of his building. I did as daddy asked, dressing in a cutie dark blue dress, matching heels. Before I knew it, I was at his cheap slum of an apartment and waiting for him in the lobby. The man I had been chatting with bahis şirketleri walked straight up to me, grabbed my hand and lead me to his apartment; without as much as saying hello. Once we were behind closes doors, his booming voice commanded, “On your knees faggot!” Doing as ordered, I was quickly at eye level with his crotch. I understood what he wanted and pulled out his giant black semi-hard cock out his sweatpants. His semi-hard cock was so much bigger and thicker than I imagined. He placed his foot under my short dress, firmly against my cock and balls, then pushed just hard enough to make me squeal. “You are not to touch yourself or cum without permission…understand?” “You can only cum with daddy’s permission or you will be punished.” “Now be a good little slut and take care of your daddy’s cock.”I took him in my mouth soft but already he was down my throat. Soon he was at his full erection and was fucking my throat like I owed him money. I sucked and stroked him, fully enjoying getting him to a full erection. On my knees, my clitty strained in my panties. In the heat of the moment I couldn’t help but to start slowly humping his and that was met with a not so gentle “What the fuck are you doing?!” as his foot snap kicked sissy jewels. He let me know he was serious about and I immediately stopped humping his foot. As I was sucking him off, there were a few times I thought he was close to blowing his load down my throat. bahis firmaları On the final time, he reached under my shoulders and lifted me up then bent me over the side of his couch. He pulled my panties off exposing my naked chubby butt. As I felt his hands rubbing my backside, it was so hard not to cum from be pushed and probed over the couch. He separated my butt cheeks, and my hole first felt a wet tongue, then fingers, I took three fingers until he was satisfied, I was ready for his massive daddy cock.He said he would go easy, as he coated my butthole with KY gel. Slowly he pressed his cock against my tight pussy hole. I thought for once when a man said he would go easy, that would really happen. Just as I thought “thank God” he forcefully rammed half of his member inside me. I squeaked a bit, then he said, “I’m not even halfway in and you already acting stupid?” He pulled all the way out and rammed it back in so hard his hairy balls slap my shaved feminine sack. It some hurt, almost like the first time a cock went in my ass; but I wanted a new daddy so bad I arched my back to give him full access to my pussy and he continued to hammer away.He fucked me all over his tiny cluttered apartment; over the coach, in the kitchen across the table, in the bed, it was incredible! In the bed he rolled me on my back and sunk that cock in me again. His strokes were deep as he banged my ass. He said he like watching my little kaçak bahis siteleri sissy balls wobble up and down each time he banged my ass. Then against his orders, I came from having my ass so forcefully used while he called me his fat ass slut, a fucking whore, sissy bitch, as he jack-hammered my hole. He scooped up my cum off my belly and fed it to me, telling me that only faggots cum from being fucked in the ass. “Now this is how to fuck a dumb fairy” I just kept moaning as I was in sissy heaven. “Your job for now on is to suck, get fucked, and cum just like the girl you really are.”The more he degraded me, the hotter I got, I climbed on top and rode his cock until I has a few more squirts of semen from my little clit, as I kept riding him, I fully expecting to be fed more of my own sauce. But this time he flipped me back on my belly, scooped a glob of my own cum off his stomach, smeared on my gaping upturned butthole and started fucking me again. He was wearing me out and I knew by now my asshole was stretched wide. I wanted him to empty his balls in me so bad, and for him to claim me as his property. With each pump I could feel the ridges and veins of the swollen dick. From his grunting and increasing vulgarities I could tell he was close, then it happened. His cock began to spit loads of his baby juice deep in my cunt. I could feel each pulse pump in cum until he finally went soft. We got dressed and he sent me home and said I will receive more instructions tomorrow. I was still sweaty, sticky and moist from his brutal fucking. Heading home I could still feel something seep from my butthole making stains in my new panties. I hoped I had found my new daddy!

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