A Sister’s Gratitude


Pseudonym — Edward Simms

This is my first attempt at being published. I have chosen this site because I may achieve publication at no cost to myself, if my composition is good enough! Separate to this I have written an erotic thriller (about 200 pages), which those who have read, say is excellent and an easy read. However, it sits in a case at home because I don’t have the funds for, or the means of publication. I now see this site as a means of achieving feedback on my fictional writing ability, so please feel free to leave completely honest feedback, no matter how blunt!


At 19 years old I was one of those young lads that seemed to be forever aroused! I had, had sexual encounters, but most of them had been messy, rushed affairs.

I had a younger sister, Louise, who was a year younger than me. She was into gymnastics and kept herself extremely fit. Often, when our parents where out, I would come across her in the lounge, performing handstands or making bridges with her body.

Up until about a year ago I had thought nothing of it. Slowly though, as time went on, I began to notice that she always wore short skirts or dresses. Some of her panties were particularly thin. One purple pair, with black lace trim, always seemed to stick in my memory.

Over a period of time things seemed to dawn on me. For example if she was doing a handstand, and I entered the room, she would bring her legs down to the sideways splits position. She must have been aware of the view that this was klasbahis güvenilirmi giving me. The fact that I used to stare for a moment at her panties, as they stretched tight over her spread lips, must have been obvious! My next ten minutes were always spent alone in the bathroom, wanking myself into oblivion.

As time went on, on one or two occasions, when she had been forming a bridge with her body, I had very gently, accidentally, brushed my hand against her pubic bone as I had passed her. I had noticed a little shudder travel down her body, causing her beautifully pert breasts to quiver slightly.

The realisation suddenly hit me. This was my own little sister, and I was having ongoing sexual fantasies about her. This didn’t seem right! Then one day I walked into the lounge, as usual, to find her in a headstand with her legs wide apart, and no panties on! I could clearly see her neat hairy mound, outer lips and her inner lips. I don’t know what came over me, but I was immediately so hard it hurt. I walked over to her, dropped to my knees, and kissed her gently right on her inner lips. As my tongue popped out and began to explore her I heard her speak.

“Charlie, what the hell are you doing?”

There was immediate silence. I pulled myself up quickly, feeling my face turning bright red, then headed for the door. It was only once I had reached upstairs, in a state of total embarrassment, that I realised that I had created a huge, wet, sticky mess in my underpants. Needless to say we klasbahis yeni giriş both avoided bringing up the subject again.

Later that summer our parents took us both on a caravan holiday. One day our father had taken us both canoeing on a river estuary. Due to our ages, our father had allowed us to go without lifejackets. Louise had overturned mid estuary. I had been closest to her, so like a shot I was with her, and managed to dislodge her from her canoe. I swam back to shore with Louise in tow. The currents were strong and Louise wasn’t the strongest swimmer! Our father had rounded up the canoes and returned them.

Later that evening our parents were going out. Usually we went everywhere with them, but they were going to a pub. Our father was exceptionally prudish about people under 20 years old being able to drink, so we were expected to remain in the caravan!

After they had gone Louise said that we may as well retire. My bunk was at the back of the caravan, exactly opposite Louise’s. With nothing else in mind, I went to my bunk to get ready for bed. Louise appeared in front of me, then slipped her dress over her shoulders and let it fall. She had nothing else on. We stood face to face, but I couldn’t stop my eyes from taking in the image of her naked pert breasts and her mound.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I want to thank you properly for what you did today,” she said. “Get undressed and get in with me.”

I immediately obeyed, shedding my clothes in seconds. klasbahis giriş A moment later I was in her bunk with her. The bunks were so narrow that the only space was directly on top of her naked body. I knew that some sort of foreplay was obligatory, but there was no space for it. We were high up on a very narrow bunk.

“We can do anything, but don’t put it inside me.”

The two of us spent a while just staring into each others eyes. I was very aware of her naked body underneath mine, pressing against me all over. Eventually we started to kiss. She opened her legs as far as the bunk would allow, whilst I grabbed my cock and gently began to manoeuvre the tip against her clit. At last I began to witness the pleasure on her face. Without realising it, the tip of my cock was getting nearer and nearer to her moist and damp hole. Eventually the tip slid inside her. I could feel her body begin to stiffen, but I couldn’t contain myself. I pushed in all the way up to the hilt.

“Charlie, NO!” she shouted.

I was going to withdraw, but as I started to pull back I could feel her hole becoming more damp and moist, causing me to thrust again. There was no reaction this time. Gently I started to pump her. As I carried on, I felt her hips begin to move gently against mine. We locked our lips once more, then I could feel her pubic bone battering my groin. Almost immediately I could feel myself exploding inside Louise. A few seconds later I motioned to get up, but Louise pulled me back to her.

“You’re going nowhere for a while lover, you’ve had your pleasure, now you’re going to concentrate on pleasing me for an hour or two!”

Louise and I are much closer now. We never moan about being left in any more, and if Louise practises her gymnastics in the lounge and I walk in, we both know where it is going.

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