A Summer Romance


A Summer RomanceIt started in early summer and was as sweet as the smell of the air just after a rain storm, with that same buzz of static electricity in the air giving everything that extra edge of excitement. My wife and I had arrived in the German countryside for a short break and arrived at the small guest house looking forward to the rest. I noticed you immediately, the fit and lean girl in her late teens stretching up to open the curtains just as we approach the house. Your thighs, so perfect and creamy white, extend down from rough cut denim shorts. The way you had to stretch up to pull the curtains exposing your tummy and making your perky breasts rise up so your nipples showed through the fabric of the blue and white striped vest top. You noticed me noticing you, the way you flicked your eyes up and down me as you gently bit your lip told me all I needed to know… although there was also clearly a look of some confusion in your eyes.Apparently there was some mistake, your parents were away and you hadn’t been expecting any paying guests for the next couple of weeks but our booking paperwork was in order and after only hesitating for just a moment you welcome us in, explaining that we would have to help ourselves more than usual due to the booking mix up, and that there were not the usual level of supplies in the house for paying guests. We assured you this wouldn’t be a problem and we were happy to look after ourselves. After showing us to the guest room you left us to unpack and rest after our journey. As I lay on the soft white sheets, my head sinking into the pillow, you were already all I could think about.That night I awake in need of a drink of water and carefully, quietly made my way through the dark and still house. Climbing the stairs, wincing at each creak of the floorboards, I notice the soft light from under your door. It sounds like you are watching old Star Trek re-runs, but I can hear the unmistakable sounds of your soft little moans as you play with yourself, your breathing coming in short gasps. I crouch down to spy through the key hole, only able to see your hand rising and falling inside your panties, a tight pair of white cotton briefs… I can feel myself getting hard as I watch you for some moments, imagining what it would be like to have my hands running over your perfect body. Suddenly a noise from my wife stirring in our room brings me to my feet, the creak of the floorboards no doubt alerting you to the fact that I had been there. As I quickly walk back to the guest room I hear your soft cry as you reach your climax. My cock twitches and throbs in response and I have to bite my lip from letting out my own groan of satisfaction. I go to sleep in a confused haze, seeing you walk through my dreams until I wake the next morning, my cock rock hard and aching for you.I must have slept in by accident. The house is empty, my wife having gone out to explore the village after an early breakfast. I’m not sure where you are but the door to your room is open and when I call out there is no answer. I bite my lip and close my eyes, telling myself I shouldn’t go in but already knowing I’m not going to be able to stop myself. Your room is filled with the sweet mix of your perfume and the smell of wildflowers from the countryside blowing through the open window, coupled with the faint aroma of your arousal from the night before. It makes me slightly giddy as I take a deep breath of you. I seek out your laundry basket and sift through your dirty underwear, holding each pair to my face and inhaling deeply. I want your scent to be with me for the rest of the day so when I find the pair of white briefs I remember you wearing the night before, not in the laundry basket but lying discarded in your unmade bed, I pick them up and rub them against my face, seeking out the signs of your pussy juices and sucking them into my mouth. I’m so hard now that I can’t stop myself undoing my trousers and starting to work my stiff cock in long slow strokes…Meanwhile outside you are just returning from your short trip to the local shop, but the sight of me through your open bedroom window stops you in your tracks. You can see that I’m holding your dirty knickers from last night to my nose and mouth, my eyes are closed and I’m gently rocking back and forth on the spot. You move further towards the house and realise with a small gasp that I’m masturbating over your bed, watching me pump my cock with my other hand as I start to shudder slightly as my climax approaches. Your hand involuntarily strays to your breast, finding your nipple already starting to stiffen in arousal. You stand in the drive way and rub at your nipple through the fabric of your shirt as you watch my hand move more rapidly up and down my shaft you in the white briefs – I’m imagining how amazing your pussy must look in those, fabric pulled up tight to give you a camel toe – until finally I cum. You watch in fascination as three thick arcs of white cum spurt out of me, knowing from my position that it will have splashed over your bed and pillow.I groan loudly as I finally feel some release from the sexual frustration I’ve felt ever since setting eyes on you, continuing to slowly stroke my cock as the last drops of cum fall to land on your sheets. At last I open my eyes and for a moment our gazes meet as I look down through the window. My eyes grow wide with alarm, just as yours do, and we both quickly look away and scramble to act normally. I button myself up and quickly leave your room as I hear you entering the house. We exchange pleasantries as we pass on the stairs, our breathing fast as our bodies come within centimetres of each other. You see me bite my lip as I see your mouth open slightly, buca escort like you are anticipating the taste of something good…I mumble an excuse about needing to go and find my wife as I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house before hastily leaving the house leaving you at the top of the stairs not quite believing what you saw, and with a growing warmth between your legs.Upon entering your room and can immediately tell I have been searching through your dirty underwear, your cheeks flushing hot at the thought of it. You notice that the white briefs you had been wearing the day before and that I had been holding to my face are nowhere to be seen and realise I must have taken them to enjoy further and your body flushes hot once more, the knowledge that this strange man has taken such a perverse interest in you making you feel very sexy and oddly powerful. You step over to your bed and catch your breath as you see the sticky white pools of cum splashed over your bed. You know you should change the sheets immediately but you find yourself deciding not to, thinking it will be a welcome reminder of this feeling of sexual desire and empowerment when you sleep.The heat between your legs has become a throb and you are overcome by the desire both to play with yourself and to somehow repay this sexual intrusion on your territory. Making your way to the guest room you stroll in, it is your house after all and you can go where you like, claiming to be doing something or other for the guest room if needed. You can see from how we have set things up which side of the bed belongs to me and you make your way round, noticing from my holiday reading material that we share some of the same tastes in Science Fiction. Stepping out of your shorts and knickers before climbing on to the bed, you pick up one of my pillows and move it down between your legs. Picking up the book I’m currently reading, opening it to the bookmark you begin to read as you slowly start to hump the pillow. You can smell the aroma of my body as you lie there, imagining me beneath you as your pussy gets wetter and you grind into the pillow. The thought of potentially being caught in such a compromising position is causing your excitement levels to build and you are thrilled by the thought that your pussy juices are now flowing freely and being soaked up by the material of the pillow. You smile to yourself as you imagine how it is going to drive me wild when I try to sleep that night, lying next to my wife but my sense filled with your scent and taste. Angling your hips so that the edge of the pillow rubs back and forth over your clit, you soon start to feel your orgasm building. The involuntary thought of being caught at this point flashes through your mind, not being able to handle the prospect of either the humiliation or the possible denial of being able to cum when this close is actually the very thing that pushes you over the edge into an intense orgasm that sends your pussy into a short burst of spasms, squirting the now creamy pussy juice onto the now soaking wet pillow. After letting your hips gently rise and fall for a few delicious moments longer you stand up from the bed and replace the pillow on my side, the obvious wet patch hidden on the underside where only I will notice it.You casually replace my bookmark a few pages further on from where I left it before getting dressed and heading downstairs to make yourself something to eat.It is early evening by the time we return and you are already in your room watching TV so we don’t see you that evening, which I am both grateful for as I am not yet sure how to react, and bitterly disappointed about, craving another sight of your lean young body as I do. The evening seems to pass like time has slowed down as I worry about how to act when we next see each other, and when it is finally time to climb the stairs to bed I feel a tremor of apprehension as we pass your door, the sound of sexy cylons in the new Battle Star Galactica audible in the background.I immediately notice things have been moved slightly in our room while my wife busies herself getting ready for bed. I undress down to my dark blue figure hugging boxer shorts before climbing into bed and pick up my book. At the same moment I notice it’s not at the page where I left it, my cock comes to life as my senses respond subconsciously to your scent emanating from my pillow. I have been sneaking moments to sniff your stolen knickers all afternoon, so I quickly realise with a growing thrill what the strangely alluring perfume must be. I tentatively reach for the pillow and flip it over before resting my head on it. Your scent is strong and it takes my breath away. I quickly turn the gasp into a yawn, telling my wife that I’m too tired to read. Flicking off the light I lie in darkness with my eyes wide open breathing in your intoxicating scent as my cock gets hard to the point it is throbbing in my boxer shorts, my mind is racing with the possibilities of what this might mean for the rest of the holiday. *** The Next Day ***It seemed to be pure chance when we saw you at the shopping centre in the nearby town the next afternoon, swinging a little shopping bag and wearing the shortest little red and blue check dress I have ever seen. I made my excuses to my wife about needing to use the rest room before following you at a slight distance as you make your way through the crowd. I can tell you know I am following you by the way you keep looking back over your shoulder, pretending that you are just readjusting your shoulder length light brown hair which frames your face in such a alluringly coquettish way.You pause as you reach the door to the restroom, waiting until no one else is escort buca around before taking one last look over your shoulder in my direction, smiling coyly as you see me stood just behind a pillar. You push the door open and disappear inside. It takes me several minutes to pluck up the courage to dash across the sort distance from the pillar to the restroom door.You have left the stall door slightly ajar and I move to a position where I can see you more clearly, sitting with one hand between your legs simultaneously fingering yourself and moving your hips to ride on your hand. I take out my phone and start to film you as I rub the growing bulge in my trousers. Your breathing quickens and I hear you moan as you shift position. It means I need to get closer to see what is going on and I move the next cubicle and hold the phone under the gap to get a clear shot of you with your panties stretched between your knees, playing with your gorgeously smooth pussy.You notice the phone first and gasp slightly but I notice you don’t stop, in fact you beckon me forward and undo my trousers to take out my stiff cock and start using your hands to bring me off, looking up into my eyes as you quickly get me to orgasm, making sure I cum into your panties before you stand and very slowly pull them up, never breaking eye contact. You leave the restroom and go about your business, leaving me holding my still sticky cock in the stall in dumb amazement and desperate for more. In truth you were very close to your climax and walking around the shopping mall feeling my sticky cum against the naked skin, knowing you had driven me crazy with your body, and feeling the eyes of everyone on you quickly has you on the edge again. Squeezing your legs together as you walk you lean up against a pillar and let your body shudder as you bite your lip and silently enjoy a rolling orgasm that sends butterflies fluttering up from your pussy through your tummy. You are sure at least one or two people nearby realised what just happened and you quickly make your way out with as much decorum as you can whilst knowing that you have this strange Englishman’s cum in your panties and have just had a very public orgasm. Your face flushes red hot, but you are surprised at yourself that your pussy is flushing hotter still. What on earth is happening? Why do you find this man’s attentions so arousing? How are you going to stop yourself from seeking more? Do you even want to?***Back at the House***It is evening time before my wife and I hear you come back to the house and dash up the stairs. We have nearly finished our simple dinner of pasta with steamed broccoli and pesto, planning our excursion for the following day where we plan to go on a long walk to see some local museums and monuments. About a half an hour later my wife complains of a headache and says she is heading to bed, it must be the summer storm that is brewing as we can feel the pressure building and the atmosphere growing more humid. I wish her good night and we share a kiss before she heads to the guest room and I pour myself a glass of wine. Barely fifteen minutes later I find myself outside your bedroom door, which I notice has not been properly closed. I can hear you are watching Star Trek again, but there is another noise in the background that sounds like… moaning? I push the door open slightly and can see you, still wearing the same cute little dress from earlier, lying on your bed on your front with your head on your pillow, eyes closed and both arms thrust down beneath the front of your body so you are lying on them. Your legs are slightly parted and I can see that you are using both hands to massage yourself, your hips rising and falling in time to your soft but high pitched moans. The door creaks as I push it open completely and step inside. You gasp at the sudden intrusion and try and pull the dress down to cover yourself, but it doesn’t do much to help as the wet patch in your knickers is very obvious thanks to the angle at which you are lying on the bed.“You know you are a terrible little cock-tease and should really be punished?” I ask you in a very matter of fact voice. My demeanour having changed from our previous encounters you are unsure at first how to respond. Your natural sassiness comes through soon enough.“If you say so.” Your eyebrow arches wryly, but I can see you are going to play along all the same.I have noticed a simple brown leather belt lying amongst a pile of clothes and indicate you should bring it to me. You are very hesitant at first, having no idea what might come next, but the sheer other worldliness of the moment compels you to find out.Watching you move hesitantly from the bed to bring me the belt I feel my cock swell inside the constraints of my trousers. I gesture for you to kneel in front of me before carefully brushing back you hair so that the belt can be fastened around your neck to act as a simple collar and leash. Slowly I lead you around your room on all fours several times, admiring every inch of your perfect, supple body from various angles. I can see by the way you warm to the role that you like the thought of me almost cumming in my pants at the sight of you on all fours, but before long you are being bent over my lap and I tell you to present yourself for a light spanking. Instructing you to reach back and lift your dress up over your hips I smile wickedly as you expose your tightly curved ass underneath another pair of very simple but sexy knickers.You gasp slightly as the first smack hits your behind but as my hand continues to slap your ass in a steady rhythm you find the pain is more than bearable in the circumstances as you feel me twitching in my trousers as your buca escort bayan motion causes you to rub against my cock every time I spank you. It’s very obvious how being such a tease has caused your pants to get very wet, and I can feel your pussy getting hot against my thigh. Enjoy seeing your pert little ass cheeks get nice and red as I spank you, I would reach up and start to tweak and tug gently on your nipples with my other hand. I pause the spanking to take down your knickers so that they rest just below your proud little buttocks.“Have you ever tasted yourself?” I ask casually as I start spanking your naked ass, alternating between your cheeks, Pausing after each smack to use my hand to massage your ass and spread your cheeks slightly.“No, I err… that’s not something I do when I’m playing… Oh!” You gasp as you feel me sliding a single finger over your silky wet pussy before raising it to your nervously parting lips. My cock twitches madly and my heart quickens pace as I feel your tongue running over my finger as you suck it clean of your juices. “Well?”“Umm… It still tastes very neutral to me…. Aaahhhh!” You sigh deeply as you feel my finger, still wet from your mouth, slide back inside you, swirling around to get nice and sticky before I take it in my mouth and close my eyes. I sigh in pleasure at finally getting a taste of you, having been driven have wild by your scent on my pillow.“Oh my….” I croon, savouring the taste, “you are delicately salty-sweet, like fine salted caramel over vanilla ice cream.” I smack my lips as I taste the last of you from my finger before delivering another slap on your bare behind.I make no objection when I feel you reach for my buttons and release my stiff cock from within my tight grey boxer shorts before taking me in your mouth and feeling me swell in response. Your tongue darts out to taste the sticky, clear pre-cum on the tip and you feel me raise my hips in response. As you are sucking me still bent over my leg I slide my hand back down between your legs from behind as you, slowly sliding my finger into your pussy. Gently massaging around inside you as another finger works on your clit, I can hear you groaning despite my cock filling your mouth. You sit up suddenly with a wet smacking sound as you release my cock and pull down my trousers and pants completely before sitting on my lap with your legs behind the chair. Your naked breasts are right in front of me as you start grinding against my cock, and I suck them into my mouth each time they came close enough, circling your nipples with my tongue.You reach between my legs and grab my cock before gently sitting down, forcing it deep inside you. I pull the leash tight around your throat and tell you to fuck me. Looking back at me with a mixture of rebellion and desire you do exactly as I ask and begin to use my hard cock like a toy. Bouncing on top of my lap, fucking yourself hard with my dick, I roll my head back and enjoy the moment for the perfection that it is then very slowly start to raise my hips to thrust back and forth inside you, encouraging you to ride me in a way that rubs your exposed clit against the base of my cock.I kiss and suck at your breasts while my hands run up and down your legs and ass, my nails dragging over you slightly, causing you to gasp and tense your thighs. You close your arms behind your head, leaning in closer in the process meaning your breasts are now right in my face and I am constantly sucking on them. I have a firm grip on your ass with both hands as your moaning gets louder. I feel the wetness dripping down on to my cock and balls. The chair creaks loudly every time you let myself fall down onto my waiting cock, pushing me deep inside of you.I focus on licking each of your nipples in turn until they were completely stiff, then gently nibble on them with my lips covering my teeth so that it is more teasing than biting, then swap back to very rapidly tonguing them as I feel you hit your climax, your pussy contracting around my cock causing me to cum myself, shooting hot jets of cum up inside you as you pull my head into your chest and cradle it in your arms. I stand up lifting you clean off the ground still with my cock throbbing inside you and carry you to the bed, laying you down and gently massaging your pussy with my hand while kissing you deeply so that you can enjoy the afterglow for as long as possible.Hours later, having laid down beside you and talked for what seemed like the whole night about what TV shows you like, what your favourite thing to eat is, and who is the sexiest Star Trek character… I creep back to the guest room and into bed, being careful not to make a sound, burying my face in my pillow still scented with your pussy.The next morning my wife and I are preparing to go on our excursion and we head down stairs to find you already having breakfast. I slow down as we pass you and you look up at me with a wanton, knowing look in your eyes as you slowly and deliberately raise the spoonful of muesli to your waiting lips, drops of white milk falling back to the bowl as you hold the spoon in front of your mouth and hold my gaze.“Ahh… Errrmmmm…. I’m not sure if I can make it on this day trip today darling!” I manage to stammer out, still staring at you not eating your breakfast.“What!? Why ever not!?” my wife protests loudly.“I’m just not feeling very well, my love” I answer quickly “I have that terrible headache you were complaining about last night and I think I’m running a temperature. I’m sorry darling but I really think I ought to stay here and try and get some more… ah… sleep.”You smile wickedly as you finally drop your gaze from mine and start eating your cereal again as if nothing has happened. I struggle to keep my voice calm as I wish my wife a good day and apologise again she will be spending the day on her own, my mind racing at the possibilities of what might happen next as I gaze down at the young woman who suddenly seemed to have such a hold over me….

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