A Surprise at the Truck Stop !


A Surprise at the Truck Stop !This is a True Story that happened about 5 weeks ago. I left home and was heading South on Interstate 81 on my way to Christiansburg Virginia to visit with an old friend. I had just noticed whenever I got to the Virginia Line that I was running low on gas, and was also getting hungry. I knew that there was a Flying A Truck Stop a few miles up ahead and decided to pull in and get gas and something to eat. After I filled my tank up I pulled to the parking area to go inside and grab some lunch. Whenever I got out of my car, I noticed a young BBW Lady sitting on a bench outside the building. When I walked by she smiled and said hello and I said hi and went inside. I sat by a window directly behind where she was sitting on the bench.I ate my lunch , paid my bill and walked outside toward my car. Whenever I walked past her she stopped me and asked me if by chance I was heading South. I told her that I was in fact and she asked me if she could bum a ride with me. I told her that I was going to Christiansburg and she said good. I unlocked the door and opened it for her and she crawled inside. I noticed that she was a big girl , probably about 5’6″ and probably about 200 lbs. or so, very pretty. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke Cut off jean shorts and a tight top that really showed off her ample cleavage. She had Gorgeous Legs and those Huge Tits I would say were about 38 or 40 DD’S. very very nice to look at. We got to talking and I found out her name was Chrissie and that she was looking to go to Richmond, Va. so I knew she would be with me for a while. She told me that she had been staying with her boyfriend in Martinsburg, West Virginia and güvenilir bahis that they had a Big Fight and she was going back home to Richmond.I guess somehow she noticed that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and out of the blue she looked over at me and asked, do you like what you see. and of course I said yes. I kept on driving for a few more miles and she said do you mind stopping whenever you can, I really need to pee. I said I would pull over at the next exit and she said ok. When I came to the next exit I pulled off and went into a gas station and she got out and went to the ladies room. She was gone about 5 minutes or so and when she came out I noticed that she was no longer wearing a bra. She got back in the car and we continued on. This made it even harder to keep my eyes off of her and she knew that because she kept looking over and smiling. She looked over at me and sais you would like to touch these wouldn’t you, of course I said Yes. I figured that was my chance and reached over and felt those Big Tits thru her tight top. Whenever I did that she kind of gave out a little moan, and said Oh God that feels good. I didn’t know whether to continue at the moment or to stop, but I kept rubbing her until she lifted her top and put my bare hand on her one Huge tit. I drove a little bit further and moved my hand down to her thigh and when I did she opened her legs enough to I had access to her Pussy so I slid my hand inside her shorts and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties. This really got her going and also I was by this time packing a Nice Hard-on. When I got to the point where I could get my finger inside her cunt, it was soaking wet. She was writhing türkçe bahis and moaning like crazy and kept saying yes, yes go deeper. I told her that the shorts were too tight and I couldn’t get my hand in any further and with that she unbuttoned them and took them off. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. All I knew was I wanted it to continue. A few minutes later she was rubbing my cock thru my jeans and felt my Hardon. I reached down and opened my belt and pulled my zipper down and she reached inside and released my cock. The next thing I knew she was running her tongue over the head of my Hard Cock. I knew that I was not going to be able to stand much more of this action or I was going to Blow my Load. I seen a sign that said Rest Area 2 miles ahead and decided to pull in there. I went into the mens room to pee and when I came out we sat in the car and did some kissing , and we both were getting very very Hot again. She said she wanted to suck my cock some more and told me that she likes to swallow. With that she opened my pants and started sucking me again. She really knew what she was doing , she made it feel just like a nice wet Pussy, the exact way I love it. I was finger fucking the hell out of her and she started to Orgasm one time after another. I told her we needed to go look for a hotel and finish what we started and she agreedWhenever we got to Harrisonburg, we got a motel room and decided that we would go get a bite to eat and then spend the night.After we ate dinner we came back to the room and we got started again. I wanted to Eat her Pussy so Bad. We crawled in bed and I went down on her right away and God it was so wet and so Good Tasting. güvenilir bahis siteleri It didn’t take but a few minutes and she went off again , and she held my head between her legs and kept say Yes , Yes Eat me out, Suck my juices Make me Cum again. I told her to straddle my face and allow me to eat it the proper way and she did that. About 2 minutes later my face was drenched with her juices flowing everywhereI Didn’t know whether she Pissed or squirted and I really didn’t care. I was in Heaven. She started sucking my cock again and I stopped her right away. I told her that it was time for me to Fuck her and with that I rolled her over and started to take Real Nice Long Slow Strokes in and out of her pussy. She was so Wet and So Loose, and I was glad otherwise I would have Shot My Load Real Quick. I kept giving her those Long Slow Strokes and she kept kissing me so fucking Dirty with that Tongue. It got to the point where I knew that I was going to Cum soon and she knew that was gonna happen too so she looked at me and said Inside Me, I want to Feel your Warm Juice inside Me. She wrapped her legs around me and kept saying FUCK ME, FUCK ME until she drained my Balls, We Laid down and went to sleep. When I got awake she was in the shower, so I poured us both a drink and waited for her to come out.She came over to the bed laid down and we started all over again. She Looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her in her Ass.This took me by surprise but I was up for it. So was she , she had a bottle of Astro-glide in her Purse. She sucked on my Cock to get it hard again and then pored the Astro-glide on my cock and she climbed on top of me and put my cock inside her Ass. My God it was so Fucking tight and she just kept fucking until she drained me balls again. Before we left there we spent 2 more nights. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and it won’t be too long before I head south on Interstate again !

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