A Surprise Dessert


One summer day, my daughter, Cindy, brought two of her friends over to my house. She introduced them to me, “Mom, these are my friends Tom and Grace.” I knew that Tom and Grace were master wine makers as Cindy had told me about them. They had won all sorts of competition on every kind of fruit wines possibly made. One of their favorites was Meyer Lemon wine. But it can only be made with Meyer lemons. These lemons are impossible to buy. You have to know someone that has these trees, then beg for them. Well, it happened that I had a nice big tree that was always loaded with these wonderful lemons.

The four of us went out to the back yard and when Tom and Grace saw my tree, they both just stood there staring and said, “Oh my, look at that.” Well, I smiled and asked what the heck was going on. They explained to me about the scarcity of the Meyer lemons. They asked if they shared a batch of wine with me, could they also have enough lemons to make a 5 gallon batch for them. I smiled, and said, sure. Well, from then on, I think they looked at me as if I was a goddess.

We all had a few drinks and relaxed a little. I had a nice pool, so invited them to stay for a bar-b-que and a swim. They graciously accepted. The rest of the day was really a very pleasant day. When Tom and Grace left, we had made a date for them to come back and pick and squeeze the lemons.

The following Saturday they arrived promptly at 10:00 am. We went to work, picking, washing, and on to more serious wine making. We had two electric juicers and after juicing enough lemons for two five-gallon batches of wine, we were all exhausted. So, we stripped down and all jumped in the pool. It was a very hot day and the cool water was very refreshing.

Tom and Grace were a good 20 years younger than me, but my body was in as good shape as was Grace’s. I have always exercised and taken good care of my body and skin. I could see Tom looking at my tits and watching me as I would get out of the pool. I love to dive, so I would get out and walk around to the diving board, seeing Tom was watching, then I noticed Grace was also watching me. When I would come up after diving, they both would smile and tell me, “Nice dive.” After some time, we all got out of the pool, and again enjoyed a nice bar-b-que. When they were leaving, I got nice hugs and light kisses on the doktor porno mouth from both. Tom said, “We will be back over to get the wine process started tomorrow.”

Sunday they arrived around 11:00 and brought all of the necessary ingredients, including a 5-gallon jug for me and all of the gadgets I needed during the process. It was a fun experience for me. After all of our work doing the wine was finished, once again, we all stripped down and went for a nice swim. This time there were a few very light touches in the pool, by both Tom and Grace. It was very exciting for me, as I had never been around another couple before. I found myself getting very aroused at their little touches and looks. When they left that Sunday, again, nice hugs and kisses a little longer and more feelings from both of them. They said they would call me for me to come to their house for dinner.

It was two weeks when Grace called, and asked me to come to dinner on Saturday. I accepted and asked if I could bring anything. She giggled a little, said, no, just yourself. I arrived at 7:00. We all had a couple glasses of their premium Meyer Lemon wine. I experienced a taste to die for. No wonder they wanted my lemons. We had a wonderful dinner and exchanged a lot of stories with each other.

As we were having an after dinner drink, Tom looked at me and asked if I would be interested in a three-some. I was a total virgin to what he was asking. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what he was asking. I must have shown that on my face, as he said, “Grace and I would like to make love to and with you.”

“It will be dessert for tonight.” I know that my face was flushed and I really didn’t know what to say. Then, Grace said, “It will be fun for all of us, and we promise there will be nothing off color or kinky, just fun.” I said, “Well, when?” They said, in unison, “Tonight.” I had had enough wine and after dinner drink, I said, “Why not.” Tom said we would go to a motel.

We got in their car and off we went. We took some wine with us. Tom checked in the motel and the three of us went in the room. As soon as we got in the room, Grace went in an took a shower, Tom followed her, and I followed Tom. We were all nice and fresh. When I got out, Tom had wine poured for us. Grace had brought candles and had them lit and the lights ensest porno out. It was so romantic. Tom had nice soft music on the radio. They invited me to join them on the bed.

Both Tom and Grace were completely naked sitting there very relaxed. I dropped my towel and got on the bed with them. We all sipped our wine for a few minutes. Before I knew it, Tom was holding me, kissing me deeply with his tongue probing into my mouth, fondling my breasts making me so hot. At the same time I felt a tongue on my tummy, going down, down, all the way down to my clit. My god, a woman was going down on me. I had never even dreamed of anything like this. Oh, it felt so good, I felt myself opening my legs to let her in.

I lost track of time as I was having the best of both. I love to kiss and I love my pussy eaten. Then I felt the finger, maybe two in my pussy. Tom was still filling my mouth with his tongue and fondling my breasts. He went down and started kissing, licking and sucking my nipples, making them hard and standing upright. Grace was now fully into my pussy, her tongue probing into me like a hard cock. I felt a finger in my ass and totally exploded. I could hear Grace lapping my cum as it squirted from my pussy, moaning as she did. I could feel myself getting weak and limp. Tom laid me down on the bed and Grace came up and gently kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue with my nectar on it. I had never tasted anything so sweet and good. I held her head and return her French kiss with all my heart.

Grace slid up on my body. I could feel her wetness as she slid over my tummy, up to my tits, and right to my mouth. I was beside myself and wasn’t sure what to do. She held her pussy over my mouth about an inch away. I found myself sticking out my tongue to touch her but she was too far away. I slowly took my hands and placed them on her hips and pulled her pussy to my mouth. When my tongue touched her lips, I wanted more. I pulled her down a little more and thrust my tongue in her pussy. It was the softest thing my tongue had ever touched. It was so sweet, smooth, soft and tasted so good. I pulled her down farther and my tongue was in her pussy as far as I could extend it into her. She was riding back and forth on my tongue and I could hear moans from her. I decided to treat her to one or erotik porno two of my fingers as she had done to me. As I inserted a finger in her hot wet pussy, I felt my legs being spread and Tom was entering my pussy with his hard cock.

I thought that I was going to pass out. The ecstasy was overwhelming. I was pumping on his cock and eating her pussy. I didn’t know which one I was enjoying more. I put a finger in Grace’s ass, and as she climaxed into my mouth, I exploded with a climax too. Grace rolled off and Tom pulled out. We all just laid there for a few minutes. Tom offered both of us some wine, and we accepted. We all just looked at each other and smiled. Tom said, “The night is young ladies, let’s get on with business.”

Grace and I smiled and I went to Tom’s still very hard cock. I took him full into my mouth, down my throat and I heard a moan. Grace was kissing him and fondling his balls as I sucked on him. I removed her hands and took over alternating from his cock to his balls. Grace moved up and gave her pussy to Tom’s mouth. I was licking, sucking, taking every inch of his throbbing cock into my mouth. I would take one of his balls in my mouth and massage it with my tongue, stroking his cock, then the other ball, then back up to his cock. His hips were working up and down shoving his cock down my throat. I came up and turned around. I straddled Tom and his cock slid into my very we pussy. I rode him till I climaxed again.

I slid off of Tom’s beautiful hard cock and took him in my mouth again. About the same time, Grace slid down and we both began licking his cock. Grace on one side and me on the other. We alternated taking him full mouth down our throats, caressing and fondling his cock and balls. We would get him nearly to the brink of cumming and we would stop. We would kiss each other sharing his precum juices. It was very exciting kissing another woman. Tom sat up and the three of us kissed all at once. Our tongues were going into each others mouths. I was fondling Tom’s cock, keeping it hard, Grace was fondling my tits and Tom was fondling Grace’s tits.

I put several fingers in Grace’s pussy and she did the same to me. We were both fondling Tom. His cock was ready to explode. We all looked at each other and decided to rest for a few minutes. We sipped our wine. We each took a turn in the bathroom and freshened up. When we came out, Grace and I both got onto Tom and we both had him at once, balls in my mouth, cock in Grace’s, and vice versa. He exploded and we both licked and sucked up his cum. The three of us then sat up and kissed again, sharing Tom’s “Mother Load.”

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