A Taste of Ginger


A Taste of Ginger is the seventh story in the Ashley-Penny sequels that made its first appearance in An Itch Needing Scratching and continued with Caught in the Limelight, Never Too Old, Maid to Order, Intimate Revelations, and What the Husband Saw.

New characters are added as the story line progresses to give variety to it; therefore, two new individuals are added in this latest story, enlarging the circle of friends that began with Ashley and Penny.

I hope you enjoy the scenario and building of characters as well as the erotic, sexual parts, both of which are essential to the story. Without a good setting and the building of characters that humanizes each one according to her personal uniqueness would, for me, not make the story truly erotic but a series of sexual encounters loosely tied together. However, this is my writing style. Others have different styles of writing that work for them which is good since we wouldn’t want all the stories in Literotica to read the same. Would we? So, I hope you enjoy reading A Taste of Ginger.

* * * * *

Ginger awakened to a bright, sunny morning. Filtered light softly illuminated her bedroom that overlooked Sydney Harbour. Today was a special day for Ginger. It was her nineteenth birthday, another milestone in her young life.

She smiled and wrapped herself in the pink, silk sheets that covered her, and she pressed her head into the soft, downy pillows encased in pink pillowcases with fancy lace along the edges. At the foot of the four-poster, mahogany bed was a bedspread embroidered with little rose buds, puffing up from the batting and stitching.

A sense of inner awareness came to Ginger as she considered how fortunate she was to have met Lady Rose in the gay pub and was asked to do a favour for her for which she would be given five hundred dollars, a staggering amount of money for a street kid who did odd jobs and panhandled to have money for food. For lodging Ginger mostly found an alley in which to sleep. She had been doing this ever since she was fourteen when her alcoholic mother who had men coming and going in the house kicked her out, telling her she was no good and never to come back.

However, despite her desperate circumstances, Ginger never used drugs nor did she fall so low as to sell her body. She was too independent, headstrong, and proud to do such demeaning things. Besides, she was determined not to become like her mother, but these hard decisions made her life more difficult, but she lived it with dignity. She had a dream that someday, someday, she’d work her way out of the life she was living on the streets and make something of herself.

A soft knock on her bedroom door broke into Ginger’s reverie.

“Come in,” Ginger said, having a pretty good idea who it was.

The door opened slowly, and Lady Rose came into Ginger’s room, smiling with happiness.

“Good morning, birthday girl! Happy birthday to my Ginger,” Lady Rose beamed.

Ginger smiled back with a look of “thank you” on her face. “Good morning, Lady Rose. Thank you so much for your cheery greeting.”

“Why shouldn’t it be cheery? After all, it is a special day, your special day,” said Lady Rose affectionately.

“Every day is a cheery, special day for me ever since you got me off the streets and invited me to live with you in your magnificent home,” Ginger answered sweetly.

“I’m glad you think so, Dear,” responded Lady Rose. “After you get dressed and we’ve had our breakfast, I want us to go into the Great Room. I have something to discuss with you, something I had mentioned a while ago even before you first came to live with me for which I have been eternally grateful.”

Ginger smiled and gleefully answered, “All right, Lady Rose. I’ll get dressed in no time and come downstairs to join you for breakfast as quickly as I can.”

“Fine, Dear. I’ll have my tea and wait for you,” said Lady Rose.

Lady Rose walked out of Ginger’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. Ginger got up from her half-prone position and immediately jumped out of bed and went to take care of herself in the bathroom. She then came out and selected a tight pair of designer jeans that came just above her hips and a loose-fitting top that went far enough to cover her breasts, leaving her middle bare with her bellybutton quite pronounced because of the pierced bar through it. She slipped on a pair of sandals and left her room to go downstairs to join Lady Rose.

Even though seventy years old, Lady Rose, who had been quite the rebellious young lady in her day, never lost her beliefs that everyone had a right to make up her own mind and make personal decisions such as choosing what clothes she wore and how she dressed. Ginger often surprised Lady Rose with the outfits she’d put together, but she never disapproved.

Lady Rose knew Ginger was a grown woman and a free, independent spirit, the same as she was at her age and still was for that matter.

Ginger soon bounced down the divided stairway that Anadolu Yakası Escort had a landing between the two sections to the foyer. This divided stairway was often an architectural design in large Victorian mansions.

Lady Rose heard Ginger bounding down the stairs and smiled, sighing, “Ah, to be young again and so full of energy.”

While Lady Rose pondered those thoughts of years gone by, Ginger passed through the Great Room and joined her in the dining room. After breakfast she and Lady Rose went into the Great Room that was almost as big as the house was long except for the two attachments at each end. Lady Rose sat down in her fovourite lounge sofa in front of the fireplace, and Ginger sat down in the soft chair to her right that was angled towards Lady Rose. She remained quiet because Lady Rose looked very serious, and Ginger knew when Lady Rose had that scrutinizing look, she had something either important to say or share.

Lady Rose softly cleared her throat and nervously said, “Ginger, Dear heart, do you remember what I said to you after you had agreed to come live with me on a trial basis? That for any reason should you decide not to stay you could leave?”

Ginger didn’t know where Lady Rose was going with this, but she was more than a wee bit nervous.

“Yes, I remember, Lady Rose, and I agreed to accept your gracious invitation,” Ginger affirmed.

Lady Rose smiled as a flush came to her cheeks.

“Do you remember what else I said that day?” asked Lady Rose.

Ginger thought hard, searching for words they had shared that day, but at that time she was so excited such good fortune should come her way, she didn’t hear half of what Lady Rose said.

Lady Rose saw confusion on Ginger’s face, so she went on without getting an answer from her.

“I told you how lonely I was living all alone in this big, old house, and since you were living from hand to mouth on the streets, it might be a good idea for us to live together and that in time, if all went well, you’d be like the daughter I never had.”

Tears ran down Lady Rose’s eyes, and she took out an Irish linen handkerchief to dry her eyes. Ginger swallowed hard when she saw Lady Rose crying, but she wasn’t sure what made her cry.

Lady Rose went on.

“Well, I said that if we made a go of it, maybe you would become my legitimate, adopted daughter.”

Ginger sat transfixed, starring at Lady Rose in silence, not quite sure knowing what to say. Lady Rose reached out to a side table on her right between her lounge and Ginger’s chair and opened a cheery-wood letterbox, reached in, and brought out an important-looking envelope with very fancy typed words on it.

Ginger looked at the envelope and squirmed in her seat. She barely heard what Lady Rose said next. She was frightened and confused, but about what she didn’t know. She decided, therefore, the best thing she could do was remain quiet.

“Last week I went to see my lawyers to discuss a very important issue, Ginger. A legal matter that affects you,” said Lady Rose tentatively, waiting for some response from Ginger that did not come.

“Did you hear me, Dear?” asked Lady Rose.

Ginger finally looked up, “Ah, yes. I heard you, Lady Rose, but I don’t understand what your going to see your lawyers has to do with me.”

Lady Rose smiled affectionately at Ginger to ease her mind and calm her shaking hands.

“I am going to tell you, my dear. And be assured this is nothing wrong or bad. In fact, it is good, very good. However, it all depends on you,” said Lady Rose reassuringly.

“On, me?”

“Yes, Dear. On you.”

Lady Rose handed the envelope to Ginger who took it half-reluctantly.

“This is one of my birthday gifts to you, Love. The best gift I hope,” said Lady Rose. “Open it, and see what is inside.”

Ginger opened the envelope slowly and pulled out the folded papers from inside.

“Now, unfold it and read what it says,” Lady Rose smiled.

Ginger unfolded the document until she was able to see the bold face writing at the top. It was the name of the law firm: Baker & McKinsie Law Firm.

Ginger read slowly through all the “Whereas lines” until she came to the “Therefore line” that read:

“Therefore, ‘In accordance with the laws of Australia in the state of New South Wales and the city of Sydney, from this day forward let it be known that the one Ginger O’Hara shall become the legally adopted daughter of the one Lady Rose O’Grady of Sydney, Australia. In pursuant of said adoption let it be known the one Ms. Ginger O’Hara shall continue to be known by her original surname.'”

“Ginger O’Hara…adopted daughter of Lady Rose O’Grady.”

Ginger’s lower jaw had dropped, and she couldn’t take her eyes from that’ line about her becoming Lady Rose’s adoptive daughter.

Lady Rose was aglow with joy as she watched the surprise look come over Ginger’s face as if the feeling were being slowly sculptured.

“That Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan is if you want this to be so, Ginger,” Lady Rose said, unknowingly holding her breath while waiting for Ginger’s answer.

Ginger slid off her chair onto her knees and knelt beside Lady Rose. She enfolded her in her arms and hugged her warmly, tears welling up and misting her eyes. Gasping with excitement, Ginger answered, “Want it! Oh, my, yes, Lady Rose. I truely, truely want to be your daughter.”

Lady Rose let out a sigh of relief and breathed. She took Ginger’s arms and held her at arms-length, and looking directly into Ginger’s sparkling green eyes, she said, “Then, there is only one more thing to do to make this legal.”

“And what’s that, Lady Rose?” Ginger inquired curiously.

“Do you see that blank line down there at the bottom of the last page?” she asked.

“Yes. I see it,” answered Ginger.

Lady Rose reached over to the side-table once more and took a pen out of its holder that was next to the letter box, offered it to Ginger, and said, “Since you are of legal age, you must sign the adoption document yourself to make it legal and official. I have already signed it in the presence of my lawyer, and I have asked Mrs. Kelly to Witness your signature.”

Lady Rose motioned Mrs. Kelly who had been standing at the back of the Great Room to come to her. Mrs. Kelly did so and watched Ginger sign her name on the blank line.

“Ah, now everything is legal and above board,” Lady Rose said as Mrs. Kelly left her and Ginger to themselves. “I shall have Howard deliver the adoption document to my lawyers this afternoon, and they will see that it is properly recorded.”

“Oh, Lady Rose, I don’t know what to say. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for you and for what you have done and now do for me. I have been truely blessed by my Druid ancestors and the wee people.”

Ginger got back up from her chair, bent over, wrapped her arms around Lady Rose, and kissed her on the side of her cheek, only this time tears of joy were running down her cheeks, and they mingled with Lady Rose’s tears.

“Now, dry your eyes, Daughter. My, doesn’t that word sound wonderful? Daughter.” asked Lady Rose. “You don’t want your eyes red and puffy when your party guests arrive at noon. Do you?”

“Party? Party guests?” muffled Ginger. “I’ve never had a party or party guests in my life.”

“Well, you will today, Love. I’ve invited your closes friends: Penny, her sister Marina, Ashley, and, oh yes, a new one Penny and Ashley have modeling for them at their studio that we want you to meet. Her name is Estella Morgan. She’s Irish-Welsh, and she has red hair, not orange like yours. I think you’ll like her. She is a sweet, young woman,” Lady Rose said.

“They will be here a little before twelve, so you’d better get a move on it and take your shower, do-what-you-do, and get dressed into the new outfit hanging on the chiffarobe hook. When Mrs. Kelly did your room and we were eating and talking, she also got your new dress out that, of course, came from the boutique of my department store in the mall,” Lady Rose said.

“You shouldn’t have,” Lady Rose. “What you did for me was more than anything I could ever wish for.” said Ginger.

“Oh, hush. What are Mothers for?” answered Lady Rose, letting Mother roll off her tongue, enjoying the very sound of it. “I aim to spoil you, you know,” she added.

Ginger chuckled and ran out of the Great Room and bounded up the stairs to her room, leaving Lady Rose sitting in her lounge sofa with the biggest smile of contentment on her face and a gleam in her eyes.

When Ginger walked into her room, she looked over at the chiffarobe to see what it was Lady Rose bought her to wear to her birthday party. For the second time that day Ginger’s jaw just about dropped opened and her eyes were startled by what she saw. The dress was a black, shiny silk, form-fitting gown that would come to her knees. It had a thin neckpiece from which two equally thin shoulder straps went to the bodice that was cut beyond her cleavage to the waistline. The dress was designed to wear without a bra. The back was open to the waistline also. The dress was simple but made a bold statement.

Ginger was to say the least, surprised. She didn’t know Lady Rose would select a dress so alluring and sexy and just for her birthday party.

“Wow! Double wow,” said Ginger. “I can’t believe Lady Rose picked out this style dress for me. It might be something I’d chose to wear, but Lady Rose? But then Lady Rose is an up-to-date, modern woman of the world even at seventy, and I’m sure she had help from her staff in the boutique of her department store. I will say, it ought to look stunning with my orange hair in contrast to its blackness.”

After looking her new dress over, Ginger turned towards her bed and saw an ensemble of undergarments lying on top. When she stood at the bottom Escort Anadolu Yakası of her bed, she looked down and saw how little there was both in quantity and size.

Of course, the new dress had been designed for wearing without a bra. There was a pair of black, scalloped, lace-top, thigh high stockings and G-String that wasn’t much of one since the part that went between the legs was made of a string of small pearls that fit between a woman’s pussy lips and up to her clit where the pearls would rub up and down or back and forth, creating sexual arousal. This string of small pearls was attached to a small, lacy, see-through triangle that barely covered the abdomen and that had thin straps designed to go up and over a woman’s hips and down between her ass cheeks where the two pieces met at the asshole. In all, it was an almost, nothing, crotch-less G-String made for stimulation and sexual arousal for a woman.

Finishing the ensemble was a pair of toes-less, high heel, satin shoes with straps that went around a woman’s ankles.

Lady Rose didn’t leave out anything that would show off her new daughter and her beauty and that would excite her while wearing the new outfit. Deep inside Lady Rose still had a playful, seductive spirit.

As Ginger looked dumb-founded at her new clothes, both outer and under, and marveled at their intentional seductiveness, Mrs. Kelly came into her room to help her get into her new clothes.

Once dressed and ready Ginger left her room and headed down the first flight of stairs to the landing. When she reached the landing, Penny, Ashley, Marina, and Estella jumped out from under the spacious stairwell and shouted, “Surprise! Happy Birthday, Ginger.”

In the moment of their joy the women fell silent. They looked up the first flight of stairs that led to the landing and saw Ginger standing in an aura of filtered-coloured light coming through a stained-glass window. In her new, seductive outfit she was an apparition to behold. Before that moment they had known Ginger as a cute, young girl, but now they saw a mature, young woman of beauty with a sensuous, curvaceous body. Ginger was absolutely breath taking, and for a few moments the girls just stood in silence, stunned by her beauty.

“Oh, my, Ginger. We’re dumb struck. We all knew you were a pretty girl, but to look at you now, you’ve become an adorable woman,” said Penny.

“I have to agree,” said Ashley.

Ginger was so flattered, she blushed, making her cheeks a deeper shade of natural flush, but then she smiled at her friends as she came downstairs to greet them.

By the time she reached the large foyer, Lady Rose had joined the girls, and each one said, “Happy Birthday, Ginger,” giving her a healthy hug and kiss on her lips, even Estella who had not met her before but was too captivated by her beauty not to kiss her.

Ginger was radiant with happiness, and her happiness showed on her face and in her sparkling green eyes.

Lady Rose took over as was her custom and quieted everyone down so they could hear what she was about to say.

Keeping a momentary pause in the air, Lady Rose said, “Before we go into the Great Room to begin Ginger’s birthday party, I want us to go outside onto the veranda. I’ve got something to show you but especially to my new daughter, Ginger.”

A collective gasp of utter surprise filled the foyer when they heard Lady Rose’s announcement.

“Yes, my friends. The papers are signed, and the only thing left to do is have my lawyers see that the document of adoption is registered at the Clerk’s Office,” Lady Rose smiled contentedly.

Once more all of Ginger’s friends in turn hugged and congratulated her. Ginger’s story was one of those “rags to riches” that, being Lady Rose’s daughter now, was true.

“Let’s all go out onto the veranda. Shall we? But for my own reasons, Ginger, I want you to be the last,” said Lady Rose.

Ginger gave Lady Rose a quizzical look and raised her shoulders but did as she had been asked.

As Lady Rose headed for the door, her butler Howard opened it to let her and the ladies out onto the veranda, and once more they were caught by surprise. However, they weren’t as surprised as Ginger when she joined them.

She walked onto the veranda, and there parked on the red brick driveway was a red 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Coupe dressed up in a large, pink bow with a bouquet of pink roses with white baby’s breath and delicate, green ferns that had been placed in the middle of the roof.

“Happy Birthday, Ginger. This is another of your birthday presents,” Lady Rose said as she hugged her and kissed her on her cheek.

Ginger’s eyes opened wide from disbelief. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever dream of receiving so much on her birthday. She had not enough words to say to Lady Rose, but she hugged her and Lady Rose hugged in return as Ginger whispered into her ear, “Oh, my, thank you, Mother. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Lady Rose’s heart skipped a beat, and she thought that Ginger’s calling her Mother was worth every dollar she paid for the car.

“All right, now, let’s get into the Great Room and let the party begin. There are still more surprises that will unfold as the day goes on,” said Lady Rose with a slight breathiness in her words and a wicked gleam in her grey eyes.

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