A Teaching Moment from a Young Bull


A Teaching Moment from a Young BullMonday morning, the beginning of another week but this new day has me up extra early. I am owned again, this time by a much younger, but more dominant and demanding Bull. He has made it crystal clear what he expects of me. He’s given me simple tasks so far. He wants my pussy completely shaved, so close one would mistake me as prepubescent. I’m just out of the shower and I’ve spread my legs apart. I fill my hand with skintimate shave gel and apply it liberally to my mound and around my labia. Grasping a lady schick razor I gently but thoroughly move it across my fine brown pubic hair, constantly rinsing the blade to insure the closest, cleanest cut possible. When I feel it’s as smooth as a baby’s butt I rinse off and continue my preparation. Next is the flirt, a smooth glass butt plug. I lubricate it then my anus. I slide it smoothly in until it’s seated and my butt muscles have firm control of it. The whole process has me trembling with anticipation, I feel alive, excited and so damn horny, I think about masturbating to calm my nerves but I don’t, I want to feel the total electrifying experience when I present myself to my Master. I finish dressing, black thigh high stockings, black thong panties with a matching black push-up bra, six inch heels today, a black pencil skirt with a mini hem line topped off by a white buttoned blouse that affords me the opportunity to reveal my cleavage more than what would be acceptable. Black eye liner and shadow, again more than needed and bright red lipstick finish the process. My hair is blown dry and has a natural wave to it. I think to myself and laugh; I look good enough to be a street walker.As I enter the school I get whistles and cat calls. They all confirm my own belief that I’m looking good. I’m anxious for home room to end, freshman English is my first class of the day, and while I’m sitting and waiting I have to field the many questions as to why I look so fine and sexy, their words, and the occasional proposition too. I have to admit it’s an ego boost. Finally the bell rings. Home room students file out while my English students begin to file in. Now the first period bell rings and my heart sinks. My Alpha Bull hasn’t shown up, as usual. I think to myself how could I have been such a fool to think I could be that desirable to someone like him. Suddenly my heart leaps out of my chest as I see him and a companion enter and sit in the back corner of the class room. Has my broad smile given me away? pendik escort Who’s to know? What I do know is that he is exerting his dominance in a way that only he and I can detect. I give a pop test. Sounds of derision fill the room. Once the test has been distributive I walk to the back of the class and give the signal to begin. Timing is crucial now and I must position myself in the aisle next to my Master to afford him the opportunity to verify I’ve followed his instructions exactly as he commanded. I stand in a spot where I see the back of all my students’ heads except for his. I quickly look down at him and make eye contact. I smile, he has a stern stare. I look back up as I spread my legs slightly further apart to make his inspection easier. I find myself trembling as I feel his hand slide up my stockings and under my skirt. His hand moves first to my ass. He feels the flirt and pushes on it firmly. My muscles clench as I shudder. His hand moves around my leg to my mound and labia. He slides his hand under my panties and finds it void of all hair. I glance at him again, still no sign of approval. Have I don’t something wrong?Suddenly I freeze! Another hand opposite his has found its way to my ass and butt plug. Now it begins to move to my pussy, encountering the same hairless crotch my Master had. I turn my head and look at his cohort who is sporting a giant grin. I turn back to my Bull and now he has that same smile of superiority. Before I can make a move I feel hands on either side of my thongs, grabbing them and pulling them down, over my nylons, past my knees, down to my ankles. I fight to maintain my balance and my dignity. I try to step out of them and walk forward. They’re caught on a heel. Desperately I try and shake it free, succeeding as it lays there on the floor. I hastily walk to my desk and have a seat. I watch as the second boy reaches down and grabs my thongs. Thank God I say under my breath, please I hope no one saw. Able now to relax I notice the wetness of my cunt leaking into my skirt and onto my chair. I felt the tingling in my hard nipples and spams going through my butt muscles. If I hadn’t been sitting in front of some thirty odd students I swear I would have orgasmed right then and there. The rest of the period was a blur. When the bell finally rang I felt a sigh of relief, the students jumping up and exiting the class room, all except for two. As they came up to my desk my thongs were held up like a flag of kartal escort my surrender. My Bull, my Master, my Daddy, the young impertinent little shit that made me beg and grovel told me to come and get them after school from I knew where. I knew where alright, the west wing second floor boys bath room, the spot where he first had me. I felt angry and betrayed. I would be there with all my rage and anger pent up from the embarrassment and fear he had put me through in those brief, tense minutes. The day couldn’t end quickly enough for me. The final bell rings, school is officially over for another day. I race to the designated destination, not even taking time to pack my bag. As my heels click on the tile floor I climb the stairs and push open the door. I see my two tormentors, standing there, smiling. I turn and lock the door. Suddenly I fly into a rage, screaming how could he do this to me? I trusted him! With lightning reflex his hand grabs my throat, squeezes and whispers “Shut the fuck up bitch!” I submit. I’m out of line. He begins by reminding me of our weekend exchange, my agreement to completely surrender myself to his guidance and control, my place beneath him and all others. The fight in me now subsides. I drop to my knees as I find myself begging for his mercy, to make me the woman he wants me to be. Now in a low, slow voice he asks if I think the students and faculty are stupid or blind. I reply no of course not. He then points out it’s obvious to all that I’m a cheap white whore for Black cock. It’s no secret that I’ve been the object of a student gang bang, that a P.E. teacher has fucked me in the gym, that I’ve sucked nigga dicks in this very bathroom. He’s humbled me completely and I find myself calling him Daddy, pleading for him to forgive and take me as he’s done before. He’s quick to oblige by grabbing me by the hair and dragging me over to a sink. He pulls me to my feet and orders me to bend over the sink and to hike up my skirt. I obey and he kicks my legs further apart. He removes the glass flirt that’s now readily accessible and places it on the sink. My muscle memory has not yet returned and my rosebud hasn’t yet closed. I watch in the mirror as he pulls down his sweats and I clearly see his erection which I’ve become very familiar with. The crown of his head enters my ass with ease and he continues until the shaft of his cock is buried deep inside me, his balls resting against my cunt. His hands reach around maltepe escort and grab my tits, groping and squeezing them, eliciting squeals of pain and pleasure from me as he continues to pound my ass. His pace quickens and I feel the warmth of his eruption deep inside my bowels. He steps back and I can hear the pop as his pole is removed from my anus. His companion with another Beautiful Black Cock is at the ready and steps in to take his place. He too has no problem filling my ass with his meat. All it takes is a few hard, deep strokes before his sperm is added to my Masters. He retreats as my ass begins to leak the two loads of Black cum that were deposited. The flirt is reinserted, keeping the precious seed from flowing out. Daddy’s hand now grabs another handful of my hand and drags me over to the handicapped stall. I’m commanded to pull up my skirt and sit on the toilet. The two young men step in, one on either side of me. With their dicks still rigid they take turns face fucking me. The harsh taste of their pricks, a mixture of sperm, lubricant and god only knows what else fills my mouth. Master tells me to rub my clit and finger fuck myself while I’m sucking them off. It almost seems like I orgasm the moment I touch myself. They remove their dicks from my mouth as I start to moan and groan but continue to stroke them. In ecstasy as I pleasure myself I’m told to open my eyes. As I do this I see and feel ropes of semen shooting from their dick heads, covering my face, hitting my hair, staining my blouse. An orgasm shakes my body. Daddy now gives me specific instructions as they return their dicks to their sweats. I’m to leave through the front main entrance of the school, walking slowly down the steps until I get to my car. I’m not to clean the cum from my face nor brush my hair nor clean my blouse. Do I understand? Completely. They walk to the bathroom door, unlock it and leave. I get up from the toilet and peer into the mirror. My face and blouse are covered with thick white semen. I lick some off my upper lip. My hair is matted with it. I leave the bathroom and move quickly back to my class room and grab my bag. Nothing was said about not wearing my sun glasses so I put them on. As I slowly walk out of the school and down the steps dozens of students are hanging around on either side of the stairs making it difficult for me to pass. I see their stares; hear their comments, their laughter. Finally I’m inside my car. I lay the seat back and with one hand I begin to furiously rub my clit and finger my cunt. My other hand is squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. The humiliation and degradation of the whole episode has heightened my sexual instincts forcing me to climax repeatedly. Only when satisfied do I raise the seat and drive home to my apartment.

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