A Tgirl teaches a married couple Oral !

A Tgirl teaches a married couple Oral !When I finally got back online 6 months back I joined up on a few local dating sites to try my luck 🙂 I only put down looking for guy and other Tgirls.Within a couple of days I noticed something unexpected. Married Couples kept checking my profile. Thought I might as well put down looking for Couples just to see what would happen. I had meet a few couples at the local sex club I go too and had fun but wasn’t really expecting that much more interest considering all the offers couples get.Talk about being wrong!Winks and messages kept coming in. I had totally misread the interest that many couples have in Tgirls. Turns out that it’s not that unusually for the hubby or wife to have slight interest in the same gender sex but not really sure about it and they decide a Tgirl is the best of both worlds (as we are of course ?). I usually chat online for a while first and if they seem genuine give them my mobile phone (cell for our American friends) number to discuss things a bit further.One thing I keep being asked is “Do you like Oral?” then “ Can you teach the missus she isn’t very good” or she doesn’t do it all.A really lovely nevşehir escort inexperienced middle aged couple came round to my place the other week. I have a special spare room that I have set up with a nice bed, couch , stereo and low lighting. Both very nervous but I’m used to that. Gave them both a drink and sat down with them and chatted a littleAs they settled I started to just lightly touch on the leg or give the lady a hug. Told them it was o.k to feel under my skirt and explore. Was wearing my sexy long black skirt with a slit along the side and knee high leather boots with 2” stiletto heels. Along with lace stockings, black silk panties and black push up bra. I very gently kissed each one in turn and smiled to let them know everything was o.k. Took the lady by the hand and started to undress her. The hubby really liked that and started to masturbate. I kissed her and started making my way down kissing her neck, breasts and stomach in a very sensual way. Then lowered her on too the bed. Turned to the hubby and seeing him in the upright and locked position smiled and said “would you like to join us?”He laid down on next to his wife and I started escort nevşehir my work on him :)Started stroking his chest and putting little kisses around his nipples then gently sucking on each. Moved down his stomach kissing all the way until I got to his cock. I could see the wife watching. Kissed the head his cock and started kissing right down the shaft down to his balls. Gently started to suck on each ball. Making sure I was looking up smiling and telling him how nice he tasted. Then started back up licking and kissing the cock all the way. By the time I reached the tip again he was oozing pre cum. Gently moved the slit of his cock apart and started to dart my tongue in tasting the pre cum. By this time the wife’s eyes where really starting to open up and I could see her moving her hand down between her legs. I gave her one of my cheeky little grins, winked and put my mouth over the guys cock. I slowly lowered my mouth down all the way using my tongue to wrapping it around his cock while in my mouth and started to sucking it and using my hand to gentle massage the base and his balls. Not to hard at first but slowly building up speed and intensity. nevşehir escort bayan From the groans of pleasure and the way his cock was starting to throb he was going to cum so I backed off a bit and squeezed the base a bit harder so he wouldn’t blow. Seeing that she had got the idea I then moved down her back kissing her back and moving her legs apart. I put my head between her legs and started to massage her clitoris with my tongue and probe inside with my finger. I could feel her head really moving up and down sucking her hubbies cock and I increased the intensity on her clit. She was really getting into it now and very wet.We where like one long orgasmic snake giving each one pleasure. I heard the hubby yell “I’m coming” and felt her start to shake with her orgasm as well.I moved back up and saw that the hubby had blown in her mouth and some of it was dribbling out the side of her mouth. Both where wide eyed and a bit in shock over what had just occurred. I gave them both towels so they could go wash up and take a little time to settle down.As is the case with so many episodes like this they didn’t stay long after as I think they where a bit embarrassed that they could let themselves act that way.Got a nice phone call saying thank you and some emails.The one thing I have noticed that all a sudden they have a lot more “friends” on there profile. Toni harvests another couple of souls :)Sorry for the length.

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