A Very Public Perversion Pt. 01


Sheena was classed by society as a dirty little tart. She had ideas about life that deviated from what was deemed to be normal in polite society.

She had been brought up in a loving, caring and wealthy middle class family. But she had rejected their morals and expectations. Now she lived alone in a squat in the centre of town.

Sheena had water, electricity and a roof over her head, so for her life was ok. She really didn’t need much in the way of luxury. What she craved the most was sex, lots of good sex. Sex with men, sex with women, she liked it all. But her biggest passion though was sex in public.

This was her raison d’être, her reason to exist! It was an all consuming compulsion over which she had little or no control. Without a sex fix every few days she would go into a state of semi depression which would last until her next sexual encounter.

It had all started, she believed, just after her 18th birthday when her uncle came a knocking. For years her uncle Andy had visited her house to see his brother, Sheena’s dad. In that respect he was part of the family furniture.

Uncle Andy was only five foot four tall, unlike her father who was five ten so they always joked about having different fathers. Which was actually true as Andy was adopted.

During her formative years there was a standing joke whenever family got together even with the older brigade present, that although Andy was short in stature he made up for it in other ways. Whenever it was mentioned Andy would go quiet and often blushed a bit, but everyone else laughed and nudged each other.

Sheena was oblivious as to the meaning of the joke, until that fateful day he popped round when everyone else was out. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat on the settee opposite Sheena who was in an arm chair. They talked about her 6th form school life and just about everything else and then he asked.

“So my little niece is there a lucky young stud who’s seeing to your sexual needs?” Sheena was quite shocked by the question although she wasn’t oblivious to the hormonal desires of her male friends. As yet she had only kissed a few and had her tits groped.

She had noticed how good it made her feel and the fact she was getting wet in her panties, but as yet any further desire hadn’t enveloped her. Now as she sat looking at her uncle she noticed for the first time the bulge in his trousers, it was huge.

He caught her staring and was instantly on his feet, whereupon he pulled down his trousers and pants saying, “I’d love to help you get used to the carnal pleasures Sheena. Then you’ll know what to do when the little boy’s get frisky.”

She just sat there with her mouth open as he approached her. He kissed her on the mouth as he placed her hand around his cock. She gasped and it instantly grew even bigger almost as soon as it was in her hand. All she did was kiss him back with a passion she had until now never felt.

She gave a little gasp of pleasure as he caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. All the time his hips were moving slightly backwards and forwards, making his cock slide back and forth in her hand.

“Come with me Sheena” as he took her hand off his manhood and slipped it grudgingly back into his straining trousers. Holding her hand and led her from the house, making sure to lock the house behind them. They got into his old transit van and he drove to an area adjacent to the disused American airbase that was only 10 miles from the house. He parked in an area at the side of the field that was just short grass. Sheena noticed there were a few other cars parked here at various points around the field. Mainly close to the adjacent woodland.

Andy got out of the cab and came around and helped her down from the seat. Then taking her by the hand they went to the back of the van.

When he opened the rear doors Sheena was surprised to see a double mattress in the back. He turned her around and kissed her again. This time taking off her top and bra to reveal her well developed breasts. These he happily kissed and chewed on her enlarged nipples.

Sheena was almost at the point where she was going to have her first orgasm, when Andy stepped back. In one very obviously well practiced movement he pulled down his trousers and pants revealing again that amazingly enlarged cock.

Sheena gasped, it was huge and thick, estimating it must be at least nine inches if not more. She began to worry about if he was going to stick it into her, would she be able to take it inside her.

Andy didn’t seem worried about anything much as he spun around so he was sitting on the back of the vans floor pan. Whereupon he pushed her down onto her knees and offered his meat to her mouth.

Sheena had never sucked a cock before, but she had heard some of the other girls talking about it. So she opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over the end. Andy’s eyes went wide and he put lara escort his hands behind her head forcing more into her mouth. He groaned in ecstasy and his hips started their movement again. She realised she should work her mouth up and down the length.

It was at that point she caught sight of someone just behind him. She flinched but Andy saw her panic and winked saying “It’s

Ok. They’re not a problem Sheena, just keep doing what you’re doing Darling.”

From behind her a male voice said “Keep on with the beautiful show sexy girl.” She didn’t know what to make of this situation but Andy seemed cool with it so she just carried on sucking his cock. After a few more minutes he got up and made her bend over into the back of the van.

He pulled down her shorts and panties and buried his face into her glistening wet snatch. His tongue flicking over her sex causing her to writhe in pleasure and then she exploded into his mouth with her first ever orgasm. The voice from behind them gave an excited “fuck that was really hot little girl.”

Her uncle pulled her further onto his face with his hands placed around the front of her thighs. Sheena wasn’t complaining though, she was in heaven. Andy then pulled away and stood up behind her, he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be gentle little darling don’t worry” as he offered up his monster cock to her young cunt and started to push it in slowly.

Sheena felt him start to enter and it felt tight, a little uncomfortable but not too painful, yet. He slid in a way and then out a bit before pushing a bit deeper the second time. The third time she felt a little pain momentarily but then started to enjoy her first ever fuck.

Again Sheena heard voices, this time several of them. Andy told someone this was his virgin niece, so only he got to fuck her this time. There were several cheers and shouts of encouragement as he increased his rhythm. His swollen cock was now at its full nine plus inches.

He knew it was a bit of a culture shock for an eighteen year old virgin. But hey he couldn’t make it any smaller. He had fancied his adopted brothers daughter since she was fourteen years old. Even then she was a stunner but Andy had decided to at least wait until she was legal. Taking her to a well known dogging site, well that had just been a spur of the moment thing.

Sheena was enjoying her Uncles attention and she loved the feel of his large cock pumping into her. But more so she was turned on by the thought of all those other cocks. The ones she was watching over her shoulder getting stroked in rhythm with Andy’s pumping. The thought of all those people enjoying just watching was because of her get fucked was so exciting. Just thinking about it made her orgasm again which from the way he reacted with his cock Andy appreciated too.

Then he pulled out of her and lay on his back with his head at the cab end of the van. He told Sheena to get in and suck him to finish him off, so this she duly did. She realised in this sixty nine position, she could watch the assembled gallery masturbating. As she continued working hard on her uncle’s cock she couldn’t take her eyes off of the now ten or fifteen cocks that were on show. There were also at least two women with their hands firmly between their legs working themselves off.

Sheena worked her mouth up and down this magnificent cock. Andy started to breathe faster and move his hips up and down more. Sheena started using her hand with more force on his cock. Suddenly he let out a guttural moan and hot spunk hit her in the throat, face and over her tits. She had another orgasm herself just at the thought of her uncle exploding onto her face.

Then looking up she saw spurts of cum flying skywards from many of the onlookers. She was instantly hooked and after giving Andy a good long slow slide down his cock with her mouth. She was out of the van. She went down on her knees finishing off and licking clean most of the cocks in the audience.

One of the women stood and pulled Sheena’s spunky face into her warm wet pussy. Here Sheena quickly learnt to use her tongue to good effect and within a minute or two the woman orgasmed into her mouth. This act elicited an even larger cheer and applause from her already adoring fans.

Uncle Andy sat on the back of the van, limp cocked now but happy with fucking his niece. He watched the proceedings with a shake of his head knowing he had just unleashed a sexual monster onto society.

Two years later.

Sheena was 20 years old now and not an unattractive girl by anyone’s measurement system. She was 5 ft 6in tall, with slim hips and a good sized chest that measured 36 dd. When presented in the correct attire these beautiful breasts were of course an instant attraction to most males and some females too.

She had learnt early on in life that men were incredibly fickle. Those that didn’t like big bayan escort antalya tits or nicely shaped legs would still succumb to them when offered. Even to the things that they apparently found less than attractive. Sheena had the equipment and knew how to use it all to get what she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Oh boy, how she wanted it and often!

Saturday night the weather was just fine for her purposes. The warm barmy evening that followed a wonderfully hot, August day. She wandered down to one of her favourite haunts, the children’s playground area in the local park. The location was perfect for attracting attention, so much so that she wondered why other groups such as the local whores or even gays hadn’t cottoned on to it.

The park boundary was denoted by a large Victorian wrought iron fence. Through which you could see the “Lion and Lamb” public house on the other side of the road.

If you faced the other way from her vantage point on the swing, there was a boating lake. Surrounded by smallish trees and behind that a seven storey block of flats. She knew from experience that she had several admirers who watched her antics from there. Their high level perch offered them, through binoculars, a great show before coming down to give her pleasure.

This evening she was dressed in a black micro mini skirt that left little to the imagination even when she was standing. But in her reposed state on the swing with her legs more than a little open her warm and wet cunt looked inviting to anyone who viewed it.

Her boob tube top was sheer to allow her erect nipples to show through without obstruction. The thought of what may be on offer tonight was already making them as hard as hell.

She took one well manicured hand off the chains on which the swing hung and ran her middle finger up the warm crack that finished at her clitoris.

She rubbed herself gently, knowing that more than one cock had just twitched involuntarily. Its owner was now massaging it harder to match his rapid breathing. This made her even hornier and she longed for her first contact of the evening.

Tonight this came from two older guys that were obviously on their way home after work. They both had on suits and had their jackets off being carried over their shoulders due to the warm evening.

The one nearest to her had glanced at her as they passed. His facial expression had turned to one of lust as he saw her breasts heaving against the flimsy nylon material and then his eyes locked onto her fanny. He missed a step and then nudged his friend who until that point had been oblivious to the glorious view.

“Good Evening Gentleman” she purred in her cultured convent school voice. “Would you like to get to know me a bit better?”

They instantly changed direction towards her and the more observant of the two asked, “How much is this going to cost us, Darling?”

Sheena let out a peel of laughter that led to confused looks on both their faces. “I have a rule guy’s. You give me pleasure and I give you the same. For this there is no charge but maybe the loss of your innocence. But if I’m as good as I look, then a small donation would be gratefully received.”

“That is of course if you two fine looking men don’t mind sharing a woman?” Sheena instantly knew from the lecherous look on both faces they didn’t mind at all.

Their timing was just perfect, now as Sheena stood up on the swing and the tallest blond guy buried his face into her pussy. The other guy who was a fraction shorter and had brown hair had gone around and had his face between the cheeks of her arse.

His tongue was already well up into her anus moving around frantically. Sheena loved arse play and anal sex, but this guy had obviously taken that for granted. As she gently moved backwards and forwards due to the swings motion she could see the people not 100 yards away enjoying their pints and G and T’s.

The beer garden was well lit and she was sure those with good eyesight could probably see her, but whether or not they could see the action she knew not. But she hoped some of them could, she wanted them to see her fucking. She wanted to shout out “this is what primates do”.

The guys had now inserted fingers into various holes to assist their tongues and Sheena was starting to get hot, she was beginning to crave some cock. Being a classy lady though, she would wait until they were ready.

OK. So the lady bit was a slight exaggeration she knew, but who cared. Blondie now asked her to get down off the swing which she duly did and then both guys were playing with the chains on either side. Sheena soon realised that they had shortened the chains by putting makeshift knots in them, but they must have done it before as when she put her belly onto it she was at perfect fucking height.

She knew this instantly, as a pair of hands grabbed her alanya escort bayan hips and a hard cock slid slowly into her. She moaned in ecstasy as it reached full depth with his balls resting against her clit.

The other guy had his cock positioned directly in front of her face now and as his mate hit the spot again causing Sheena to moan he took hold of her head and rammed it into her mouth.

“Are you in her pussy or arse Rob?” Her mouth fucker asked his friend. “Pussy first Joe, then I’ll wreck her ring piece.” Sheena knew from the two insertions so far, it might not wreck it but it would be a tight fit, both guys were above average in length and girth, not that she was complaining.

Her face fucker was alternately pushing it full into her throat and then sliding back out so she could suck on his helmet. Wow, she’d struck lucky with these two guys, Sheena decided.

They then quickly did a swap and she could taste her juices on the cock that had just slid into her mouth, not that she minded she loved to taste pussy, even when it was her own.

The other guy had his face buried in her cunt and was chewing on her clit, she writhed a bit as he hit the spot. Then slapping her arse he slid his meat into her and she knew this guy was a tad thicker than the first, but maybe a little shorter.

Whatever he had, he certainly wasn’t a beginner at using it. He slid in and out, slowly and every time he reached full depth he pushed a little harder, causing her to shudder. As he slid out slowly this time he took a firm grip of her cheeks pulling them wide apart, she knew then he was about to go dirt box. This he did in one movement, out and then straight into the next port of call with no hesitation. Sheena bucked wildly as his dick opened up a whole new set of pleasure sensations and the guy in her mouth laughed out loud saying “I think she liked that mate.”

Suddenly as he reached full depth again his hands went under her belly and he carried her off the swing, walking over to the nearest patch of grass with his cock still firmly planted in her.

He somehow managed to lay himself down onto the grass and his friend was instantly in position over them then his cock went into her cunt, hard.

They rode her in unison in this DP position for a long time, or it seemed like it to Sheena anyway. It was a real hard deep fucking in both holes, it was truly sensational. She was surprised by the lack of dialogue that these guys had, some men talk continuously during sex making lewd comments and suggestions, but these two just kept on pumping.

The one on top then rolled her over slightly allowing the bottom guy to get up, instantly she was flat on her back again. Mr Arse fucker offered his cock to her mouth, Sheena didn’t mind.

She took it in her mouth and was surprised as the guy on top helped her by licking his mate’s balls and then taking his cock full length when she let it go. Arse man pumped his cock into his friend’s mouth and then with a moan shot his load into his mouth over his face and over Sheena’s face as well.

“Wow, that was fucking hot” she thought as she gripped the other cock with her pelvic muscles before she exploded into an orgasm. Her fucker smiled and pumped harder before pulling out and shooting over her breasts and into his friends reciprocating mouth. Sheena came again just watching, she decided there and then she must meet more Bi men.

She retrieved tissues from her bag and wiped herself and then helped the men clean up. She hoped her voyeur public from the flats had seen some of that at least.

“Well Rob and Joe, not sure which of you is which but that was great, thank you.”

“No need for thanks babe, we enjoyed it and maybe back again one night, if you don’t mind” Sheena laughed and gave them both a peck on the cheek, they in return both kissed her nipples and squeezed her arse.

As they tidied themselves up and went to walk away, the blonde one pushed some notes into her hands. She thanked them as they disappeared from view and then realised she has £100 to spend. She watched the two men walking away, thinking about how good the sex had been if only for a short while. Would she get anymore takers tonight she certainly hoped so as she was now wired and ready for more action.

Her attention was suddenly diverted towards the area of the park gates, which weren’t visible now 200 yards away in the darkness. She heard voices from that direction and made quick adjustments to her skimpy attire, just in case.

She watched intently as a group of people came into view through the gloom and from there raucous banter she decided that they were youngish males. They arrived in front of her and sure enough they were all in the early to late twenties, she decided.

The spokesman looked her up and down with a glint of lust in his eyes. “We just saw you have sex with those two guys, would you like us to fuck you as well” he announced.

Sheena smiled demurely and looked them over, quickly counting that there were 8 of them.

“Well boys, that might be an offer I can’t refuse, do you gentlemen know how to treat a lady with respect, when you gang bang her?” She purred seductively.

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