A Weekend with ‘k’ Ch. 02


I need to change pace, change the mood. ‘Turn around’. I order, as much to lower the heat caused by that exchange of glances as for any other reason. When your back is turned I retrieve my ‘bag of goodies’ and start laying them on the desk. Then I open your bag and start to go through a mental check-list, making sure everything I ordered you to bring is there.

I take the first item from my collection and stand behind you. The head of my cock, straining against my trousers, brushes against the glorious globes of your bum. I can feel you shaking, transmitted to me through my hard member. You flinch as you feel me lift your hair away from your neck, then more shaking as you feel the leather of the collar encircle you. I do the buckle up carefully. Not too tight, but tight enough to remind you that you are owned, if only briefly, by me. With your hair still drawn back I deviate from my mental script and tenderly kiss you at the juncture of your neck and shoulder, just below the collar. I wonder to myself where that gentle impulse came from. It was not part of how I had envisaged treating you when I thought about our meeting beforehand.

I release your hair step away from you, trying to get my senses and emotions back under control. I take a few deep breaths. Time to dictate again.

‘Lie on the bed k. Spread your legs and show me how a slut plays with herself.’ As you move to obey I throw some of your toys on the bed, the smallest butt plug and the purple Rabbit. ‘Use these, put on a good show for me. Then I want to see you try and fist yourself.’

I move the chair to the foot of the bed and sit down, picking up my drink — ringside seating for the upcoming entertainment.

‘One last thing k, just in case you need reminding, you may not have an orgasm without my permission.’

I see the look of disappointment, then acceptance, on your face as you hurry to obey my orders. I watch in intently as you lay back, spreading your shapely stocking clad legs. I am looking forward to my first close up view of your lovely, plump pussy. (In my own mind the gentleman over-rules the more vulgar elements. As often as I might make you call it your ‘cunt’, it is always ‘pussy’ to me) I am thrilled to see the obvious signs of your excitement. Through the split of your crotchless knickers I can see your wetness glistening, your labia swollen and parted, your clitoris standing proud; hard.

‘Is your cunt wet k?’ I demand. All you can manage is a strangled ‘Uh huh.’

‘Rub your clit, and then finger yourself.’ I grunt, trying to resist the temptation to rub my rock hard cock though my trousers. I watch fascinated as your fingers, delineated by blood red nails begin to probe your wetness. You moan as your rub your hard nub. Then one finger slips into your slit, then two. I start to hear the delicious ‘squishy’ noises I had previously only experienced over the phone – the sound of fingers plunging into a very wet cunt.

‘Let me see you stick that butt plug in. I want your arse well prepared before I fuck it.’ Blindly one hand gropes for the small plastic plug and then I watch you start to rub it over your pussy lips before plunging it into your moist depths — presumably to lubricate it.

‘Did I say you could do that k?’ I almost shout. I see your eyes, and your mouth, open wide when you hear these words, so loaded with emotional weight for both of çekmeköy escort us.

‘Lick it clean. I’ll allow you some spit for lube, nothing else.’ Quickly and lasciviously you clean the toy with your mouth, knowing that I am watching and enjoying the sight, making you taste yourself as I have also done on the phone in the past. Then you open your legs wider, reach down and press the pointed tip against your anus. You push it in with a twist and a sexy little grunt as it easily passes through the tight ring of muscle into your arse, then go back to fingering your pussy — eyes tightly shut.

‘You did very well with your “introductory speech” k’ I tell you ‘I know how hard it was for you to talk like that — but you will get better with practice. But I am not going to test you on that right now.’ I pause, ‘I was going to get you to tell me your fantasies as you played with yourself.’ Your fingers slow and your eyes open as I talk.

‘No, don’t stop until I tell you. Keep your eyes closed.’ I order. ‘I am going to talk to you.’

I see you resume your pussy fingering and keep talking.

‘I know your fantasies by now k and I want to make them come true this weekend. You have submitted yourself to me but you know that I will not make you do anything dangerous, or things that you will not enjoy. I intend to test your limits but not break them. But you will need to obey me. If you do I hope you will experience pleasure like never before.’ I pause.

‘Will you obey me k?

Your answer is a low, almost feral moan of pleasure, a quickening of your fingers in your cunt. Then you tell me, ‘I will obey you Sir.’ I can tell that you are close to cumming. I watch silently, enormously aroused, waiting to see if you will almost immediately break the promise you just made. The motion of your hand and fingers slow and I hear you say in a strangled voice.

‘I’m very close Sir. I might not be able to stop if I have to hear you go on. May I….may I……’ I can hear the desperate pleading in your voice and I relish it. Already you are reliant on me for your pleasure, needing my permission to enjoy the release of orgasm.

‘No k, you may not. Stop what you are doing.’ I hear a moan of frustration and ignore it as your wet fingers are extracted from your pussy.

‘Now come and kneel before me.’ I say as I stand up.

I see you hesitate for a second, your hand moving towards the butt plug. I watch intently. I see you glance at me and intuitively you realise what I am waiting to see. With no orders about the butt plug you leave it in place and with shaky legs you get off the bed. You kneel before me and your eyes widen as you see me unbuckling my belt and lowering my fly. I smile as I see the level of concentration you exhibit as you wait for to see my cock for the first time — in the flesh.

I take the belt from the loops of my trousers and drop it on the bed beside where you kneel. Suddenly impatient I pull down my jeans and my cock springs free, fully hard. Even in the low lighting of our hotel room I can see a gleaming pearl of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. Looking down I can see that you have noticed as well. More than noticed, you are staring almost fixated. I don’t think my cock has ever been the focus of such attention.

‘Stick your tongue out.’ I order gruffly. I move forward a short distance and take my cock cevizli escort in hand and squeeze it. The droplet at the end of my cock grows and I make sure it drops on your extended tongue. You accept like an offering, like a wafer, absolving you and condemning you at the same time.

‘Taste it’. I croak and watch as your tongue withdraws; you close your eyes and shudder as if tasting the most delectable morsel of food. As your eyes open again you look up at me briefly, boldly, before dropping your gaze again. Still holding my cock I trace the tip across your check, leaving a thin, sticky trail of my juice across your blushing skin.

‘I’m going to teach you how I want you my cock sucked k, how I like it done. If you forget your lessons you will be punished.’ I tell you as I take up the belt. ‘Take the head of my cock in your mouth’. You quickly obey and I am pleased when you wait for the next instruction. It is a while coming as I savour the sensation and try to still the shake that is starting in my thigh muscles. It is almost all I can do not to cum straight away in the intoxicating warmth and wetness of your mouth. After a few seconds I regain enough control to move on to the next phase of your lesson.

‘Bob your head up and down on my cock. As you do, swirl your tongue around my shaft.’ I watch as your head dips forward and I feel your lips slide down my hard shaft, nearly making me moan with the deeper penetration. Your tongue does swirl delightfully, but there is nothing wrong with a bit of encouragement to bring greater focus. I lift the belt and flick it over your shoulder so that the end slaps against your arse, the effect more surprising than painful. It brings the desired result. With a tiny, muffled yelp your head bobs faster, your tongue lashes my cock and this time I do moan aloud.

‘That is so fucking gooooood! You are a wonderful cock sucking slut.’ I gasp as I resist the temptation to grab your head and fuck your mouth till I cum. I just soooo want to make this delicious experience last as long as possible. There isn’t ever going to be another ‘first’ blow job. You might suck my cock many more time this weekend and it will be great, but it won’t be new the way it is now. But, I remind myself, there will be plenty of other firsts — for us both.

‘Now I want you to tickle my balls. Use your finger tips and gently scratch my balls.’ You hurry to comply and my eyes close as the added sensation of your red nails fluttering on my scrotum nearly takes me over the edge. Then my eyes blink open and the belt flicks out again, harder this time. ‘Did I tell you to stop with the tongue?’ I growl, then relax back into bliss as you combine the elements I want. ‘That’s it, worship my cock you whore, slobber on it, take it deeper.’ You react enthusiastically and start taking more of my cock as I rock my hips forward a little. The first little choke comes a few moments later but another slap with the belt keeps your mind focused on the job in hand (or ‘in mouth’ perhaps?)

Now I can’t pretend to control myself any longer and my hand drops to your head. I look down at my cock sliding between your lips and twine my fingers in your hair. I start to thrust harder, holding your head so you can’t pull away — not that you show any signs of wanting to. I groan again as I go deeper into your mouth, a few more gags adding to my excitement. erenköy escort But I am even more excited when the choking stops and I realise that you are starting to deep throat me. I hardly have a porn star sized cock but I am amazed at how well you are coping. Slowing my thrusting I pull back; then ease slowly forward. I watch as your cheeks bulge and my whole length slides into your mouth. When my balls are resting on your chin I stop. I hear you breathing hard through your nose and feel you trembling slightly — but you make no attempt to pull away.

After a moment’s blissful contemplation, the pause at the top of this arc of pleasure, my self control snaps. I pull back my cock and shove back into your mouth, holding your hair I begin to hammer your mouth. I use you for my pleasure, without regard for yours. You told me this was what you wanted, to do what I wanted, to please me. A tiny part of me wonders if this is more than you had bargained on. But that small, still sane, part of my mind is soon swamped by the rest — by the urgent animalistic urge to fuck your mouth and cum. I can feel my orgasm building and I try to hold it back — to drag out and extend my pleasure. I pull my cock from your ravaged mouth, trailing saliva from the tip to your lips. Slowly I stroke the shaft, squeezing at the same time to slow myself. I see you gasping for breath a little and hiss, ‘Look at me!’

Our eyes meet and I take in your lipstick, sluttishly smeared around your face as you pant. But most of all I see the arousal, the naked lust in your eyes. I wonder if mine glow with the same fire. ‘I’m going to cum on you slut. Tell me how much you want it then open your mouth.’

You start to croak, ‘I…I….’, throat not suited to talking having been fucked so thoroughly. Then you cough and swallow, regaining your voice, still hoarse. ‘I want you to come on me Sir. Smother me with your spunk, cum on my face, in my mouth, in my hai……….’

After that I need no more encouragement than another stroke before my cock ERUPTS. I almost sob as spunk spurts from prick like it was water from a hose. The first load squirts into your open mouth, splashing on your tongue. Subsequent dollops splatter your nose and cheeks, coating face as the force of my orgasm fades.

The intensity of my climax seems to rob my legs of strength. I drag in a lung full of air, seemingly not having remembered to breathe since I started to cum. Shakily I sit down on the bed before I fall. When my composure returns slightly I can turn my attention to you. Immediately I am pleased to see that you have not moved, awaiting instructions with seemingly instinctive submissiveness. I marvel, with a little self pride, how much cum I have managed to deposit on you.

‘You made me spunk a huge load by being a good cock-sucking whore. Now don’t waste any, lick up what you missed.’ Then I watch in fascination as your tongue snakes out to lap up my cum. Glancing in the mirror on the wardrobe door you use your finger to scrape up stray blobs and lick them off with evident relish. Despite having only just cum the sight makes my cock twitch and stir.

When you have collected most of it I slide off the bed, still in a ‘boneless’ post-orgasm torpor. Resting on my backside beside where you kneel I pull your head towards me. I tilt your chin up until you look at me, then press my lips gently to yours. Our tongues slowly, lazily meet and swirl together. I taste my own cum on your kiss and slowly break away to look at you again.

‘That was……….delicious k. If it truly makes you happy pleasing me, then I hope you are feeling very, very happy right now.’

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