A Wife’s Control, My Pleasure…


“How many pumps are you up to now?”

“Five. Five pumps” I told my wife over the phone.

I watched her bend over the bed in the hotel room on my computer screen from home. She was dressed in a black garter belt and nude stockings. Nothing else. Her magnificent tits and waxed pussy looked delicious even on my monitor.

She was in the hotel room waiting. Waiting to be fucked from behind by another man while I watched.

“What do you measure right now honey?” She asked me.

“I’m at five and three-quarter inches.”

“Hmm. He’s bigger. Much bigger. Give yourself four more pumps right now.”

I squeezed the pump handle down four more full pumps. My penis pulled into the smoke-tinted clear plastic cylinder further, the hand pump sucking me farther into the tinted grey tube. It was uncomfortable at first- painful even, but I quickly got used to the sensation. The strong suction on my cock actually began to feel good, blood being pulled into it. My dick swelling up, engorged with blood. My cock head bulbous and inflamed now.

“Now how long?”

“I’m at six and a quarter inches. Thicker too.”

“Better”, She said. “Stay right there for a moment. Let yourself get used to your new length. He’s getting ready for me. I just sucked him for twenty minutes. He’s huge.”

I was at home in our bedroom. She was at the Airport Marriot. With a new guy. A guy she found on Tinder. A guy with a huge cock. He was going to fuck her while I watched over the internet. I’m sitting here at home, watching my wife in a hotel with this guy from Tinder, and waiting.

Waiting for her to give me directions about how hard to pump up the suction on my cock inside this penis pump. Waiting for her to tell me how big to make my cock. Waiting for her to control the prostate vibrator inside me with her phone app from the hotel while she’s getting fucked by another man as I watch on the screen in front of me.

Our marriage is a good one. We’re open to adventure. Lots of adventure. After months of me making her do everything I wanted her to- parade around in slutty clothes, eat out other women, make videos of her getting herself off, taking two men at once, now it was her turn to control me. She had obviously been thinking about her little project for a while.

The base of the pump was uncomfortable at first, pressing hard against my pubic bone. But the suction felt good on my cock. Really good. Better as time went on. There was this sensation of fluid being sucked out of the tip of my cockhead. My dick was bigger for sure, longer and thicker, the head swollen and a deepening shade canlı bahis şirketleri of purple. I could see it through the dark tint of the plastic penis pump. I made it up to six and half inches.

The prostate vibrator up my ass was a little uncomfortable. Especially at first, but I was gradually getting used to it. My wife made me lube it up and put it in my ass when the guy arrived at her hotel room.

She found the guy in her hotel room online. She wanted to feel a huge cock inside her. He told her that he had a huge cock. Nine inches. Big girth too. Sent her photos.

And my wife wanted me to have a huge cock for her too. So, the arrangement was that she would meet him at a hotel, fuck him, and make me watch and listen over a web cam while I did whatever she told me to back here at home.

I had to enlarge my cock for her with a penis pump while she controlled the We-Vibe Vector prostate massager that was in my ass right now. She would control the vibrator inside me from the app on her iPhone while she was getting fucked by a new, huge cock at the airport hotel. I have to admit; the idea was pretty hot.

Before she left for the hotel, while she was showing me what she was wearing under her dress, she gave me the new We-Vibe Vector prostate massager. Basically, I (or she…) inserts this thing up my ass. It’s curved to hit my prostate. It’s controlled by a remote iPhone app, and it vibrates. Hard. It drives your cock to a new level of arousal from inside your body, and it’s like nothing I’d felt before. The sensation is inescapable. If you haven’t tried one of these, you’re missing out.

My wife is hot. Pretty face. Looks younger than her age. 34C tits, really nice ass. Great hips. Good legs. She was wearing a padded, add-two-cup-size, Frederick’s push-up bra, a satiny, black garter belt, nude stockings and a little micro-mini, sheer black mesh G-string under her dress when she left for the hotel to get fucked by the new guy. Her tits looked huge in this bra, boiling out the top of it. Her pussy was bare and freshly waxed under the very small, sheer black G-string she wore under her dress.

My cock kept throbbing. Tensing. Straining. It just wanted to let go. To cum. Trying to resist the need to ejaculate was nearly impossible. Having an orgasm began to feel almost involuntary. I keep trying to hold back… The pump keeps stretching me.

A figure appeared behind her on my computer screen. He was a big dude. He grabs her hips. She drops her head briefly, then looks back up into the webcam. At me. She pushes back onto him. He slides into her. Starts thrusting canlı kaçak iddaa her. Pumping. I hear her gasp over the phone, watching her entire body heave on his first pump. Her tits begin to bounce from being pumped from behind, bent over the bed.

“God! Oh God! He’s huge!” She arches her back to try to take him deeper.

“Honey, he’s huge inside me! He’s stretching me!”

I watch her fumbling with the phone on the bed in front of her. It’s tricky for her to hold the phone and get plowed from behind at the same time. The guy is really pumping her hard.

She managed to get her iPhone in her hand. Then I felt it. Rising slowly inside me. Jesus.

“Feel that honey?” she looked into the web cam, the guy still holding her hips, still pumping away.

“Fuck! God! That feels really good…” Between the prostate vibrator inside me and the penis pump sucking on my dick, and seeing my wife getting fucked on the screen in front of me, it was nearly impossible to keep myself from cumming.

“Oh… God…” she gasped. “Three more good pumps for you now. This guy is so big in me. Three more pumps honey. Make your dick bigger for me. Make your dick as big as him so you can fuck me when I get home…”

I gingerly pumped the cock pump one, two, three more times. Ouch. It was pulling hard on my dick. Each increase in suction on the pump started with a twinge of pain. Then my cock gradually elongated, and the sensation became pleasurable. A strong and unrelenting feeling of suction on my dick. If you’ve never used a penis pump, they work. Your cock does get bigger. It’s like any other form of exercise. If you’re consistent and moderate in using it, you get results.

“Here you go love…” Her thumb slid across her phone screen, thumped it twice. The vibrator inside me picked up speed. Throbbed. Damn. My balls were firm and gorged with cum. This thing up inside me produced wild sensations. The stimulation starts from inside. You don’t feel it on your skin. It’s totally different. Imagine being fucked from the inside. This must be kind of what it feels like to be fucked as a woman. No wonder women love sex so much. Fuck…

I couldn’t touch my cock since it was inside the cock pump. The sensation of pulling, sucking, on my dick was unrelenting. Combined with the prostate massager it was totally unique. Totally new. Not like normal masturbation when you’re giving yourself a hand job. Not even like fucking a girl. My cock didn’t move, but it felt like it was going to explode. My balls were so tight.

I watched her push back onto his dick again on the computer screen.

“Yes! canlı kaçak bahis YES! Can you see your little wife being fucked like a slut, honey? Fucked in a hotel by a stranger? Oh God, I’m such a whore…”

“Oh God, yes. You look so hot. Fuck him sweetheart. Fuck that guy’s cock!”

“Sweetie, he’s really big. He’s huge. He’s stretching me… Oh! Keep pumping yourself up. One more pump right now… Make your dick bigger for me!”

I squeezed the handle.

“Honey, how big is your dick now?”

“Six and a half inches Ma’am”.

I could hear him slapping into her from behind. She gave up on trying to control the vibrator in me while he pumped her vigorously. Then his pace slowed.

Oh… God. This is good. His cock is so good in me Sweetie. Let’s turn you up just a little. But don’t cum! Don’t you dare cum yet!”

The vibration inside me went up as I watched her thumbing her phone screen. I winced. Trying to hold back with everything I had. Think of something else. Think of taxes. Try not to cum…

He grabbed her hair. She dropped her phone on the bed. He was ramming her now.

“I’m cumming! I’m going to cum on his cock now!” She bucked backward onto his dick, pushing on the bed in front of her. Meeting his thrusts. At least she couldn’t play with the phone controller now or make me pump up the penis pump any harder for the moment.

An orgasm ripped through her as she was impaled on his cock, forcing her hips back onto him to intensify the sensation, make the penetration deeper.

“Cum in me! Fill me up!” she gasped at him in a desperate whisper.

The guy switched his grip on her from her hair back to her hips. He seemed to double the force and speed of his penetrations on my wife. Then he rammed in and just held her back against his pelvis.

“He’s cumming sweetheart! He’s cumming in me! A stranger is filling your wife with cum! Oh God!

The two of them held still for a moment, the guy emptying himself into her. Her taking it.

“God, it’s a lot. I feel his hot cum in me. I’m flooded with it.”

As she came out of her stupor from having an orgasm then being filled with a thick load of cum, she remembered me.

“Let me take care of you now Dear”. She picked her phone up again, still impaled on his cock.

“Here you go…”

The vibrations in my ass ramped up. Way up. They crested and fell. The prostate vibrator was pumping me with vibrations. That, and the constant, aching suction of my dick, was too much now.

A big jet of cum shot out of me, then a second, then a third spasm inside the cock pump that only produced a dribble of semen. It felt like the cock pump and the prostate massager turned my balls inside out they drained me so completely.

“Nice job Sweetie”, she said. “Now keep that cock nice and hard for me until I get home.”

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