A Woman in Hardware Ch. 04


Helen came home in an uproar! She had been given a day off to prepare, but she would then be away for almost two weeks. There were problems at a Chicago store, then onto a convention of the International Hardware Association in Montreal. It would be interesting, but what a way to start her travels. She had clothes to buy, last-minute preparations, meals to freeze for the kids and worry as to whether she was doing the right thing by them. The children constantly reassured her they would be fine. She kissed them repeatedly during the twenty-four hours before she had to leave, constantly advising and repeating herself as the minutes counted down to her departure. Helen was excited as she kissed her kids goodbye. She was a woman in hardware, a rare commodity at best, but being senior vice-president of a large company, made her unique. Helen was determined to succeed. She knew she had reached a level where her beauty, if anything, was a detriment. Her brain was her best asset.

As they waved to their mother and watched the taxi depart, her children had different emotions. Chris realized he now had an adult’s freedom to pursue any goal he chose, yet youthful enough that, at the moment, he had one goal in mind – oil Sue’s squeak. Jill, on the other hand, was just beginning to deal with emotions that she had not, until now, known existed. The kiss two nights ago had brought new feelings to her pelvic region, feelings she wanted to repeat. Jill trusted no man, but she trusted her brother. She needed to repeat that kiss, explore the sensations it generated and examine an emotion she had not known existed – lust. Jill, when she exposed herself, had been demanding his return as her sole companion. It had nothing to do with sex; it was simply a bribe. Now, new emotions and sensations demanded her attention as though they had a mind of their own. She must repeat that kiss.

Chris was soon over at Sue’s leaving his sister to her own devices. Time and again, Jill tried on the clothing they purchased, trying different combinations. She examined her reflection. She hit upon a combination that revealed a little more than she was sure she liked. She decided to show her brother when he came home and hear his opinion. Deep inside, she hoped it would be enticing, unable to admit she was making her first attempt to seduce her brother. She tried other clothing, trying to find an even more alluring combination. Jill stood in front of the mirror, sometimes in her bra and panties, until she noticed her body. For the first time, she examined her body with the eyes of a seductress, noticing her firm breasts swayed with her movements even in the bra. She turned her body so she could see her rear end or bubble butt as the morons in high school had referred to it. It did stick out, but now, not knowing why, she liked its shape. Firmly rounded under her panties, she gave it a wiggle, blushing at her sudden licentiousness.

Sue and Chris were giggling with each other. Having long since satisfied their immediate needs, they were playing with their bodies. Her squeak had become a running gag. They constantly made reference to it trying to discover new verbal, if not physical, approaches as to how to solve the problem. She explained, “It squeaks in my sleep and wakes me up. It must be drinking something in there, because when it squeaks, I get wet. Rubbing only solves the problem for a bit. Can you get out your tool and at least give it a quick fix?” He promptly did.

Chris returned home that evening to find his sister nicely dressed. The outfit she thought to be so revealing, he didn’t notice, but he did notice her outstanding beauty. Still, she didn’t wear makeup, but with her natural coloring, she didn’t need it. They sat down for supper. He had difficulty keeping his eyes off of her. Then recognizing his attention may be too much for her fragile psyche, he asked about her day. They sat side by side and watched TV until bedtime, then went upstairs together. She turned to him at her door and kissed him as though it had been a date. He returned her kiss poker oyna as though they were outside her home instead of her bedroom door. The kiss staggered him. He went from completely sated to instantly aroused. Jill felt the arousing sensation in her groin and almost thrust her abdomen at him.

She hurried to her room and stripped for bed, noticing her body as she picked up her nightgown. Dropping the gown, she stepped in front of the mirror and for the first time, examined her fully nude body. One hand touched her breast then cupped the fullness in her hand. The other traveled through her abundant pubic hair. One finger slipped between the folds and her body suddenly shuddered. Jill threw on a robe, ran to the bathroom and examined herself. She thought she had somehow hurt herself. Jill remembered the feeling as her fear subsided. It was exquisite. She wanted to feel it again; instinctively knowing her brother could help her. She went to bed that night with a hand between her legs, dreaming of her brother as she fell asleep.

Chris went to bed, and for the first time since his seduction by Sue, masturbated. Instead of thinking of Sue’s body, he thought of a simple kiss, open-mouthed but not yet the touch of tongue. He didn’t believe the anticipation of that tongue was enough to cause his climax. What was he going to do? His own sister was seducing him. How could anything so beautiful be so wrong? He thought of Jill far into the night, while she slept content in the knowledge that she loved her brother. Then, he finally had the answer. He could solve the problem in the morning. He fell asleep certain everything would be okay.

In the morning, he asked Jill if she was still determined to have him as a lover. When she replied positively, he told her she had to go to the doctor and get a prescription for the pill. He was sure she would be unable to face a doctor, an admission she wanted to have sex by the very nature of her visit. He didn’t know Jill had experienced her first climax the previous evening. She was intrigued and wanted more. Her mom had introduced her to a very considerate female doctor at the onset of her first period. Jill liked her. At nineteen, Jill knew the doctor felt she was old enough and promptly made an appointment. Her mood had changed; she was anxious to understand her own desires. She had gone from using her body as a bribe to a beautiful young woman who now wished to use her body to know the fullness of love. Jill no longer needed to take Chris away from Sue. Jill realized she had never lost him.

Chris didn’t know it, but he was doing all the right things for his sister. By constantly delaying, his behavior was the exact opposite of the boys in high school. Where they had constantly harassed Jill, he was never the aggressor. He always down played their sexuality, avoiding the subject if he could. The result gave Jill time to explore how she wanted to approach her own needs and desires. She had time to learn, to seduce on her own timetable. Jill was like a flower; her sexuality starting to bloom, and for the first time, she wanted a man. More and more, her brother became the object of her awaking sexuality that would engulf them both. Jill knew Chris would want to see Sue that day and willingly sent him to her.

When her brother left the house, Jill ran upstairs, stripped and displayed herself in the mirror with all of her feminine charms fully exposed to her examination. She again looked at her butt, knowing her brother seemed to like Sue’s. It was certainly firm and well rounded with fine definition in each buttock. She thought he might like it. Again, she gave it a wiggle, this time giggling a little as it moved with a sexual attractiveness of which she was not fully aware. Jill looked at her breasts, quite large, slightly floppy, swaying with her movements, the areolas large and dark, ending her breasts with an opulence that remained hidden to her inexperienced eyes. She lifted each breast one at a time, enjoying the feel of her hand against her flesh, and watched as her nipples canlı poker oyna literally popped from their surrounding areolas. The areolas crinkled and distorted shoving the nipples high to be examined in their turn. Jill began to recognize her body was attractive, a friend, but how was she to use it?

Jill remembered last night. This afternoon, Jill purposely sent a finger down through the hair to search out the spot that had frightened her so. She held a breast, touching her nipple as the finger found her cranny. This time, Jill was surprised to find a large amount of moisture making it so easy to slide in her finger. Her legs spread a little as she watched in the mirror, the finger disappearing into hair and flesh, feeling an unfamiliar sensation in her abdomen and thighs. She allowed the finger to stroke. The feeling started to build. Suddenly, it crashed around her. Her knees weakened, almost sending her to the floor as she moaned out her first self-directed release. She watched her body shudder out its pleasure. She returned to her clothing and understood, for the first time, the pleasure she had watched through the window that night. An idea came to her. She could watch Sue tonight and learn how to please her brother.

Chris and Sue had spent the afternoon together laughing, playing, screwing and enjoying each other. As the darkness of night fell, they were tired but still gently horny. Jill stood in the shadows of the night outside the bedroom as Sue reached for Chris’ penis, stroking it until he was ready once again to mount her. Jill saw her brother fully aroused for the first time. It was big. How could Sue get that thing inside her? Jill watched and learned, noticing the moisture Sue rubbed onto his rod before slipping it inside herself. Jill noticed her own body pumped moisture into her panties due to the sexual play taking place before her. She watched as her brother gripped Sue’s bum. He drove it up and down on his sex. She saw Sue arch her back and start to moan as her impending orgasm increased her need for release. Jill was then shocked by the scream from Sue’s withering, spasm-racked body as she dropped onto her brother’s chest. She watched as her brother’s sex wilted from Sue’s, leaving a trail of white froth.

Then, Sue did it again, just as they had done the first night Jill watched. Sue turned her body around on Chris. She used her thing to kiss him. Jill thought it would be distasteful, especially when Sue began to suck on her brother’s organ. They both obviously loved it. They lapped up their own and each other’s juices off of their bodies. Jill sent her own fingers under her pants and found she was not moist, but sopping, as she touched herself. She slid them in before returning them to her mouth to be smelled and tasted. Um, not so bad, she could live with it. She did not realize the taste would become like ambrosia when she was finally in her brother’s arms .She thought maybe her brother would like that taste too. Jill had seen enough. She had much to think about as she stole quietly away.

Jill knew her brother would be home soon. ‘What can I do to get his attention on my body?’ She decided to do something completely daring for her. When her brother came in, she would have a shower and time her walk to the bedroom, wrapped only in a towel, with his arrival on the second floor. It was agony waiting for him to come up. He took longer than expected and she cleaned nails, combed hair, clipped nails, growing more nervous as the minutes passed. Finally, she heard his footsteps on the stairs. She exited the bathroom promptly, almost losing her towel in her nervousness.

The towel hung from one hand that was pressed tightly against the middle of her chest, falling between her breasts covering most but not all. It descended down her body, covering her pubic region but not the hips on either side. It was an erotic sight, more so, because it was completely unplanned. Chris stood stock still for a minute, unable to move then took the towel from her. He wrapped her in it as he kissed internet casino her deeply, his arms around her. His tongue playing with her lips, her mouth opened and she hesitantly gave back tongue. In the next instant, he pulled back. He disappeared into his bedroom. The door slammed behind him, but not before she saw the look on his face. He wanted her as a woman and she knew it. What a change, she had moved from a girl who found the advances of a male repugnant to a girl looking forward to her ravishment. She didn’t realize that had a male approached her with love in his heart, instead of his dick in his hand, she would’ve lost her virginity a long time ago.

Chris threw himself on the bed. What a pervert! He had almost attacked his sister in the hall, but his mind kept playing over and over what he had seen. As a woman, Jill was so beautiful few would ever have the privilege to see her kind. It had not been a woman, fearful and cold. It had been a woman, although hesitant, aroused and lush. The moment he snatched the towel away, he saw the succulent nipples, the pubic mound thick with hair, moisture on her thighs; then, the towel was around her and he was kissing her. ‘It was a good thing I wrapped that towel around her.’ He thought, ‘or I would’ve raped her in the hall.’ That wasn’t true; that kind of violence would never be in Chris’ nature. He, however, thought he had been close. He climbed into bed to masturbate furiously, though he had been with Sue most of the day. Not once did he think of Sue as his orgasm only vaguely satisfied him. Another thing that would have troubled him had he known; his sister would see the doctor in the morning.

When Chris got up the next morning, he found his sister’s note informing him she had gone downtown and didn’t expect to return until late afternoon. He phoned Sue.

Without preamble, Chris asked, “Would you like to come over and try out my bed?”

With a smile, Sue said, “That’s a delicious idea and someday we should follow through on it. Today, I am still as warm as toast in my own. Why don’t you join me? I can’t imagine a nicer way to keep it warm than you in it with me.”

He was soon in her arms, feeling the softness of her as they hugged and cuddled one another. They kissed, at first softly, but then with increasing intensity as they shaped their arousal to growing passion. He with fondling and caressing until Sue told him she needed him. He took a few last suckles on her teats before spinning in the bed, burying his face in her genitals, breathing deeply and sucking into his body her aroma. Then, his tongue entered her, tasting the nectar flowing from her.

Sue realized Chris had a serious quality she had not seen before. It translated into intensity in his actions, which she absolutely loved as her passion grew. In some ways, everything was in slow motion, even the grip of impending orgasm. She churned her cunt on his mouth, sending waves of ecstasy through them both. His penis was deep in her mouth. She allowed it deeper, almost gagging her. She did not mind; she was so enamored with his cock, she was ready to try anything. His mouth had been reading her body. His tongue was against her clitoris as her hips thrashed. He gripped her ass, holding tight, as she came. She moaned out her release as the warmth of his cum entered her mouth. It was a most satisfying oral job and she told him so. He kissed her cunt deeply in reply; then swung around, kissing her again, a long, slow tongue-filled kiss that tasted of her nectar. He lay his head on her breast and slid his hand down her belly to cup her sex in his hand; not penetrating, but simply holding her vagina as though he would lose it if his hand weren’t there.

He reminded her of her offer to talk, if he had a problem. Then, he told her about Jill, the towel and his reactions. He left out nothing including his masturbation without a thought of her. He told Sue he was disappointed in himself, including the fact she had not been included in his sex fantasy. Sue thought about her sister again. It had been a long time. Maybe she would like to speak of her love with another human being. She had never talked about her sister with anyone. Maybe for this boy that did such wonderful things to her body, she could talk of her love. She opened her mouth to speak.

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