A Woman Scorned


He was almost ready to cum, and she knew it.” She could sense his tenseness.” His lips were pressed closed and he breathed heavily through his nose.” She fucked him senseless, with reckless abandon.” The harder, the better; the more pain she could attack.” She came already and was squeezing his dick like a vise for maximum effect, letting out her anger.” She was getting the satisfaction she so desired.” The satisfaction only a woman could understand.”

He never saw this side of her, never thought she would be like this during sex.” He always thought Felicia was a quiet, pleasant girl, in her mid-twenties, married with a baby daughter.” She was slender with brown eyes and thick dark hair that sort of fanned out to her shoulders.” Her face reminded him of someone — he remembered seeing a porn flick starring Nikki Dial — Felicia resembled Nikki Dial when Nikki was giving a blowjob, sucking on a huge cock, making her nose seem thinner, like Felicia’s.” So at present he imagined a porn star was fucking him.” He was amazed how intense her sex was, but he knew there was a reason behind it.”

One week ago, Felicia came by his desk at work at around 4 pm.” It was a Friday and she was wearing her red dress, the one that came down to her calves.” She wanted to talk to him because he turned her on and hoped he would go along with what she wanted.”

“Hi Scott, how are you doing?”

“OK, how about yourself?”

“Could be better.” I’m sure you’ve heard.”” She tried to sound helpless and lost.”

“Heard what?” He really had no idea what she meant and did not know about what she was about to say.”

“I’m getting a divorce.”

“What? You’re kidding.” You’ve only been married, what, a year?”

“A year and a half.” It’s crazy, I know, but you’ll never believe this.””

He settled in for a long story.” “Tell me, Felicia.””

Outside she sadly began to relate her story.” Inside, she was happy he was showing interest and was thrilled he was feeling sorry for her.” She told how her husband had changed after she became pregnant, and even more so after their baby was born.” Her husband became distant and started arguments every chance güvenilir bahis he got.” He spent a lot of time alone.” Eventually she discovered he met someone on the internet in the next state.” Felicia found out he had seen her a few times and were having an affair.” Once she knew about this, she wanted nothing more to do with him.” She threw him out of the house and told him to go live with his tramp.”

Scott was flabbergasted.” He never thought he would hear something like this from someone he knew.” He said he was sorry to hear about it and hoped she would be alright.”

“Do you go out to meet people?” Felicia asked Scott.”

“You mean to bars and stuff?” She nodded.”

“I used to when I was a little younger, but I have not hung around bars for that purpose in quite a while. Scott was thirty-two and single.”

“I haven’t been out like that in so long.” I’d feel so uncomfortable,” she said.”

He offered to have dinner with her in one week if she was free.” She told him she have her parents baby-sit her daughter and accepted the “invitation.” As she walked away from his desk, Felicia thought of her husband and said to herself “I’ll fix that son of a bitch before I divorce him.”

A week passed and Felicia and Scott were having dinner.” Felicia planned the evening carefully.” A couple of drinks, dinner, friendly conversation, laughs, make him feel comfortable, invite him to her place.” Although she did not have large breasts, albeit with hard protruding nipples when erect, she wore something low-cut to catch his interest.” She had not had sex with another man in over three years, and the thought of the possibility of it happening that night excited her immensely.” More importantly, the thought of a revenge fuck spurred her on like an obsession.”

The evening went well, she thought.” The mood during dinner was according to plan and Scott did not hesitate when she asked him to her house.” Once inside, she put the moves on him quickly and he rolled with it.”

For the first part, she wanted to be in control.” Once they were naked, she sat him down on the hassock in front of the couch.” She faced him and straddled his lap.” türkçe bahis He saw how erect her nipples were and how much they beckoned him.” With her hands on his shoulders, she impaled herself on his erect cock, plunging down and riding it straight up and down.” Her pussy was tight but well lubed, and she had no trouble crashing down on him with every down-stroke.”

Felicia then altered her position somewhat.” Wanting to make it as intimate as possible, she put her arms around Scott’s neck and lifted her legs, crossing her ankles behind him.” She now rocked back and forth, grinding her clit against him.” Scott held her tight and sucked Felicia’s tits hard, nibbling on her nipples as she pressed her tits against his face.” Felicia’s heart began beating uncontrollably.” She rode him hard and came in a thunderous orgasm.” Victory was hers, she thought to herself, but she was not satisfied and wanted more.” Now she wanted to be under the control of Scott.” That bastard of a husband of hers was not going to get off that lightly.”

Sensing that Scott was nearing the brink, she lifted herself up, let his cock slip out of her, and sat on his lap in front of his dick.” She took his erect member with her hand and pressed it against her abdomen, rubbing it lengthwise with her flattened palm.” The fingers of her other hand tickled his balls.” They both looked down at his engorged cock as he let out a groan.” Cum flew up out of his cock in hard satisfying spurts, covering her tummy and her hand.” Felicia rubbed the hot honey all over her tits and stomach.”

She saw he was starting to go limp, but she would have none of that.” Felicia got down on her knees in front of him and engulfed his cock in her mouth, sucking up and down hungrily like a starving prisoner.” She wanted Scott hard again, sooner rather than later.” When he regained most of his stiffness, she stopped fucking him with her mouth.” She was careful to leave a good amount of saliva covering his meat.”

Felicia stood up and turned her back to Scott.” She bent forward, placing the palms of her hands on the seat of the sofa.” She looked back at him and patted her ass cheek with her hand and asked, güvenilir bahis siteleri “You want this?”

Scott got to his feet.” Felicia was disappointed when he plunged his cock into her pussy instead of her anal cavity, but she would soon discover this was only for extra lubrication.” Felicia lifted one leg and placed her foot flat on the sofa seat, allowing Scott greater access, while placing her hands on the top of the back of the sofa.” He slowly fucked her pussy, making sure his dick was good and wet.” When he slid out of her, she put her foot back on the floor and hunched over.” He slowly glided the head of his cock into her tight asshole.” She felt her ass suck his cock into her in one fluid motion.” She felt him slowly begin an in and out motion.” His cock filled her asshole.” Felicia had never had anal sex before, not even with her husband.” To her, this was the ultimate payback.” She felt as if she would split in two, but the feeling of a man’s hard cock massaging the inside of her asshole was such a turn-on.” As she began to come, she cried out loudly, “oh! Oh! OH!! OH!! OHHHH!!!!” She never had an orgasm like this before.” It was exquisite.”

Felicia looked back at Scott and pushed against him, forcing him to sit back down on the hassock while he was still tucked into her now dilated asshole.” She sat on him with her back to him, her feet flat on the top of his thighs.” Her asshole fucked his cock as she bounced hard up and down on him.” He thrust his hips to meet her movements.” Felicia felt like a wild woman.” Never had sex felt so good, or revenge for that matter.” She furiously rubbed her clit and her wet pussy lips.” While riding and rubbing like there was no tomorrow, she was flooded by the sensations of another wonderful orgasm, totally enrapturing her senses.” Her feet fell to the floor.”

Felicia was so taken by her orgasm she almost didn’t feel Scott’s cock start to twitch inside her.” She was about to feel another sensation she had never experienced before.” In seconds, Scott’s cock pumped load after load deep inside her.” Her asshole was flooded with hot semen and she loved the sensation.” It was as if someone had poured molten lava inside her.” She gyrated her hips in a circle and squeezed his cock with her asshole.” She felt Scott’s fingers pinch her nipples as he nibbled on her neck.” Felicia had never felt so totally satisfied, in more ways than one.”

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