A Wonderful Day Off!


Getting Back To Nature

I finally had some time off work and wanted to do something special with my wife. The kids would be off at school during the day so that helps out a bit. I could just sleep late or have a marathon sex session but I wanted to do something different.

I found our old picnic basket in the garage and put a blanket in the bottom. I made a couple of sandwiches and put them in the basket with bottles of water and a bottle of red wine. I wrapped the cool bottles in a thick towel to keep them cool longer and put them in the basket.

I went into our bedroom and picked up a couple of toys to add to the event and took them back to the picnic basket and tucked them under the blanket, out of sight. I topped the basket off with some bug spray, just to keep the bugs away. I tucked the picnic basket in the back of our SUV and asked my wife if she wanted to go out for lunch.

She said “Sure, let me get dressed.”

I said to make it casual and comfortable and changed to some loose shorts with pockets for keys and wallet and left everything else behind.

Once she was ready, we hopped in the SUV and drove away. She asked “Where do you want to eat?”

I replied “I have the perfect place in mind.” and drove on…

I drove us to a nature center that has several miles of walking paths and wooden walkways, and even more jogging paths. This place is infrequently used and only once have I seen anyone else there during the week. There were no other cars in the parking lot. I guess the weekend is different. I parked and got out, went around back and retrieved the picnic basket and met her around on the passenger side.

“What are you up to?” she asked?

I said “I thought you might want to have a picnic.”

“You will need some bug spray on your legs and arms” I said, holding out the can to spray her exposed skin. Once she was protected, I handed over the can and stood with my arms out for her to spray me.

Then I picked up the basket and steered her towards the entrance to the nature walk. We walked slowly, looking around at the scenery. We walked for a good distance and I saw a little nook off to one side with a bench eat.

“Do you want to stop here for lunch?” I asked.

She said “Okay” and we headed down the walkway off the main boardwalk to the seats.

I reached into the basket and pulled out the towel wrapped around the bottles and unrolled it and used the towel to cover the bench seat. I picked up the wine bottle and cup and filled it, and handed it to her. I picked up the wrapped sandwiches and set them on the towel, and picked up a bottle of water. “Cheers!” I said to her in a mock toast.

“So, what do you think so far?” I asked watching her to judge her reaction.

She looked around and said “I like it. It is so peaceful here, almost like my parents home.”

I watched over her shoulder in the distance as a couple in a canoe paddled down the creek silently in the distance. A dragonfly landed on the railing across from the seat and sat there, flicking its wings occasionally.

I glanced back at her and saw the curves of her breasts moving as she breathed, intently watching the dragonfly. She was wearing a light colored loose fitting top with elastic under her breasts, and a fairly low neckline. Her matching baggy shorts were loose and looked inviting. I couldn’t tell if she wore panties under them but time would tell.

She said “You’re staring at me. What are you up to?”

“I was just looking at you and wondering what sort of opportunities were on the menu.” I said.

She replied “Oh, so that’s it… You want to get me naked and do it right here on the bench, in public, right?”

“It’s not exactly public, since there is lots of privacy with these bushes around us, and we’re not on the main walk path, we can see both directions in case someone comes along. It is a lot more private than the beach.” I replied. We also like to have sex on the beach but that’s another few stories.

“I wanted to jump you last night but you went to bed early and I didn’t want to disturb you. This is perfect timing, since I’m horny and my pussy is absolutely soaking wet and I know how you like that.” she said.

I topped off her wine cup, and set down the wine bottle. I sat down next to her and leaned over to give her a kiss. I put my arm around her back and massaged her breasts. She snaked her tongue around my mouth in response. I could taste the wine on her tongue.

She had not worn a bra after all, just her blouse. She’s probably naked under her shorts too. I put one hand on her leg and she put hers on top, pulling me upwards to her pussy. I slid my hand Manavgat Escort Bayan inside her leg of her shorts and quickly found her soaking pussy. She groaned. I slowly stroked her lips, bottom to top, back and fourth, teasing her. She pulled on my arm and I pushed a finger inside her. She was really wet!

“How would you like to walk out of here with a load of my sperm inside you” I asked quietly.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned.

I started my slow manipulation of her pussy with my fingers. I used my thumb to tease her clit when I got my fingers inside her, and went in and out, slowly driving her nuts.

She said “Stop, I want to feel you inside me…”

“Later”, I replied, “we have plenty of time.”

I pulled the blanket out of the basket and partly unfolded it along the edge. I said “Sit over here with your legs under the railing”. She sat down on the boardwalk and swung her legs under the railing. I hopped off the boardwalk down into the underbrush.

I walked up to her and said “Take off your shorts” and helped her pull them down when she raised herself up.

There she was. Her soaking wet horny, ready to be fucked pussy. I spread her legs and started lapping at her clit. She inched her hips forward so she sat right on the edge of the walkway. I took her legs and put them over each shoulder, leaving my lips in line with her pussy. Just the right place, I thought to myself.

I used my hands to follow her body up to the bottom of her blouse and slipped my fingers under the elastic and upwards around her breasts. I squeezed her tits at the same time I stuck my tongue deep as I could inside her pussy. She shuddered with a big orgasm from my oral assault, squeezing my head with her thighs.

I love to drive her wild with my tongue. Using my cock drives me wild too, so I have to really watch what I do and think or I’m done for. With my tongue, I can get into it, feeling how she responds to every touch, tickle, or poke of my tongue. It turns me on, making my orgasms much bigger when I do get around to penetration. Knowing I can make her come with my tongue on her clit or pussy is an immense power trip for me.

I kept licking her clit hood with it’s piercing, lightly sucking the little bud into my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue, and then licking the full length of her pussy with my tongue. It was having the desired effect on her. She was shaking, rocking,and pulling my head deep into her pussy. It felt good to have her hands nestled in my hair, pulling me into her.

I reached into the basket and picked up the small glass small dildo and slowly slid it into her pussy, with the ribbed end first.

I started off slow,and over a few minutes sped up to a fairly fast pace, pulling the dildo almost all the way out and then plunging it deep inside her steaming pussy until it bumped her cervix. She loved having her cervix pounded during sex. I kept licking her clit and sometimes the dildo, tasting her pussy juice just pulled out from her depths. It was sweet, as usual.

In a few minutes, she was grunting and moaning enough to attract an audience, if anyoone had walked by. I didn’t see or hear anyone though. She was hopping and wiggling as she came again, and let out a “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as she soared over the top.

I kept my licking and sucking up for another minute or so, prolonging the pleasure she was experiencing. Finally, she pushed me away and said “Enough!”

I climbed back up to the boardwalk sporting a nice hardon in my shorts and her juice covering my face.

She got up and sat on the bench seat, still naked from the waist down. She said “I have not come that hard in a long time! What have you got in mind for the next act?”

“I didn’t have it scripted, but had a few ideas…” I said.

“I want you to suck my cock and hopefully make me cum.” I said boldly.

“You said something about leaving the park with cum in my pussy…” she said.

“How about two loads then?” I said.

“You really like for me to suck your cock and swallow your cum don’t you?” she baited me.

“Only about as much as breathing… How about I get under the railing and let you try it?” I offered.

“I don’t know if I am tall enough to reach you from the ground.” she said.

“Sure you will, I had to stoop down.” I said.

She lay down on the boardwalk and swung her legs over the edge and slipped off the boardwalk to the ground. The deck level was about shoulder high on her.

I sat down on the edge and let my feet hang off, and she moved in between my legs. Her head was just below the lower railing board. She reached out and took my cock in her hands Manavgat Escort and slowly started to stroke it. She leaned in and licked it. She said “You are horny aren’t you. I can taste your pre-cum on your cock already.”

My cock jumped on its own, knowing what was about to happen.

She took my cock head in her lips, and ran her tongue around the tip inside her mouth. Her lips just held the head with my cock sticking out of her mouth. It was quite a sight to see. She looked up at me, obviously watching for clues. One of her favorite moves was to slowly push my cock down her throat until I was completely in her mouth and throat, and then she would use her long tongue and lick my balls.

I clinched my muscles and made the head swell in her mouth. She said “Mmmmm” and pulled out then said “you like that?”

“I love seeing your lips wrapped around my cock, and you looking up at me while my cock is in the mouth I just kissed..” I said as she was slowly stroking my cock…

“Are you going to cum for me? To give me the cum I want? To let me feel your cock spurting in my mouth? Or are you going to ram your cock down my throat?? Hmmm???” she teased.

She put her lips back around my cock head and continued to stroke. She reached out her tongue and reached down my cock. She got deeper, taking more of my cock in her mouth. I felt the back of her mouth on my cock head. She started bobbing on my cock, with a light vacuum on her mouth, slowly taking me all the way to the back of her throat. It felt wonderful, not as hot as her pussy usually is, but very smooth and gentle.

Every few strokes she would take a breather, and talk to me, encourage me, baiting me, tease me, making me want to fill her mouth with cum. She said things like “I can taste your cum already leaking out of your cock.”, “Come on, you know you want to cum in me.”, “Are you going to give me what I want?”, “I can feel your cock head swell in my mouth, I know you’re gonna cum!”

She started lengthening her strokes, pushing me deeper into her mouth. I started feeling the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and pushing down to go down her throat. “I’m getting there honey, I hope you are going cum soon” she said.

She kept going deeper, and adjusting her neck so that her throat was more in line with her mouth. She got all of me inside, with her nose buried in my cock hair. She looked up into my eyes as if to say “see this? I got it all in!”

She bobbed a few times, going all the way down, and then came up for air. “Come on honey, cum for me! I know you want to.” she said and dove back down on my cock. That felt so good!

Every time she went back down, my cock would hit the back of her throat and slide down her throat. That was really setting off my cock head. I was close. I reached down and laced my hands through her hair on the back of her head and started pulling her down onto my cock, like I would if I were fucking her pussy.

This was too much! I loved seeing cum in my wife’s mouth, after she sucks a cock. I wanted her to suck all my cum out. I wanted my cum as deep inside her as I could reach. I remembered my wife’s face with a little bit of cum leaking out her lips, or better yet, a smile with cum dripping through her teeth.

I felt that familiar rush at the base of my spine and knew that I was going to fill my wife full of cum. I pulled her head hard onto my cock, driving it deep and firing the first shot of cum. She bobbed back and I pulled her head back onto my cock with another shot. Over and over, I kept cumming.

I finally released my grip on her head, but she kept going deep, driving me farther over the edge. After 9-10 shots, I stopped cumming. I lay back on the boardwalk to rest.

She kept sucking my cock for a few more strokes as it started to soften in her mouth. She stopped and walked around to the low end of the boardwalk and crawled back up. She walked up, still missing her shorts, with me laying flat on my back, looking up at her shaved pussy lips.

What a sight to see…

She lay down next to me and kissed me. Aha, I could taste some of my cum on her tongue as it darted around my mouth. I reached my tongue out into her mouth and could taste more my salty cum. She had successfully sucked my cock and swallowed the cum like a good wife.

“Thanks for doing that for me!” I said.

“I enjoy making you cum! A little advance notice next time would be nice, though.” She said.

Thinking about my cum filling her mouth, feeling her hot body next to mine, and remembering the mental images frozen in time brought me back to life. I felt my cock stirring, starting to lift off my stomach.

I Escort Manavgat said “How about sitting on my cock and making me cum again?”

She got up on her knees and straddled my wagging cock. She reached down and aligned me and slowly sank until we met, with my cock deep inside her throbbing pussy. I slid her blouse up and over her breasts, leaving them hanging out in the warm afternoon air. I slide my hands up to her shoulders and slowly pull her down, lifting my head to suck her nipples.

I reached around behind her, pulling her down to my chest and started to drive my cock deep inside her. I could hear her breathing change as the effects of my cock began to work on her. Her hips had a mind of their own, oscillating on my cock matching my rhythm stroke for stroke.

She lifted off me, and ground her pussy onto my cock with a circular motion of her hips as she tilted her head back and had another orgasm. That was fast! I like the idea of twos, since it makes it easier for me to not come the second time.

“Honey, I’m getting tired, and my pussy is getting tender. Will you cum for me soon?” she asked?

I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down hard onto my cock. I was deep inside her, driving it home. I sped up my tempo and felt that familiar feeling starting. She sat up and drove my cock deep into her pussy, rocking back and forth, batting my cock head around with her cervix. It felt so good!

“Oh baby!” I said.

There it went, my cock started to cum, shooting shot after shot deep inside her. I felt waves of pleasure racing up my spine. She was cumming too, feeling my throbbing cock inside her pussy. She lay down on top of me, resting her head on my shoulder, gasping for breath.

We lay like that for several minutes, flat on the deck, out in public coupled by our organs, cum filling her pussy, and stomach. It had been such a wonderful day.

She stirred and looked me in the eyes and said quietly, “Want a taste?”

“Sure!” I said, knowing exactly what I was getting.

She crawled on her hands and knees, up my body, past my arms, until I get a face full of her fully loaded pussy. It is dripping wet from her juices, as well as my cum. Her lips were spread from my cock assault, and her clit was quite red. I stuck my tongue out and licked her lips, and her clit.

Sweet and salty. “Tender on my clit, honey” she said.

I pushed my tongue into her pussy. My cheeks met her lips and sealed around her pussy. I sucked with my mouth, and was rewarded with a large glob of fresh cum and pussy juice.

She shook when I did that, so it must have felt good. I swished it around my mouth and swallowed. I looked up at her, and she was looking down at me, with part of my face hidden by her pussy. I licked her again, repeating the cycle several times.

I raised my eye brows at her and she smiled. “How is it, honey?” she asked, knowing I couldn’t talk with my mouth stuck on her pussy. I stuck my extended tongue as deep inside her as I could reach and felt her shiver in response.

She pulled her blouse down over her boobs, and the elastic retracted with a “pop” as it pulled past her hard nipples. She rocked forward on all fours and then stood up. She picked up her shorts off the top of the basket.

“Too bad you didn’t get to use all the toys you brought. What a shame.” she said. She reached in to the basket and selected the largest glass egg and pressed it against her lips until it slipped inside her pussy, and then pulled on her shorts.

“Come on honey, it’s getting late. We could get caught out here if we don’t get going.” she said. I looked down at my watch and saw the we had been there for over three hours. Neither of us had kept a good eye on the other walkways, so anyone that came by would have gotten a eyeful.

I got up off the blanket, pulled on my shorts and quickly to re-packed the picnic basket.

She put her arms around me and looked up at me with a smile and said “I want you to remember what I have in my pussy. You’ll have another chance at my pussy tonight if you’re gentle. I want you to think about what’s inside me from now until then and what it will feel like slidding your cock into me tonight.” she said. With that, she turned and walked down the walkway. I picked up the basket and quickly followed her back to the main boardwalk.

We walked several hundred feet and came across an older couple holding hands, slowly walking down the boardwalk. We had just missed getting caught.

When we got back to the SUV, there was a note on the windshield, under the wiper. I pulled it off and opened it, hoping someone had not bumped into us while we were gone.

It said in big block print “Next time, get a hotel!”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Oh, Nothing honey.” I said, with a big grin.

As we drove out of the park, I thought, We are both leaving with a load of cum, and plenty of memories. That’s a great day off!

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