A Wonderful Wife


A Wonderful WifeMy name is Larry and my wife’s name is Lora. She’s a truly a wonderful woman.I happened to come home early from a business trip in the hopes of surprising Lora for her birthday, but instead I was surprised.She was in our marital bed with a black man.They were so enthralled in their love making that they didn’t hear me coming up on them. They were startled when they saw me, but Lora calmly told me to go back down stairs until the man – his name was Jake – “gets his nut” – her words.”I’ll be down later.” She added.I guess Lora knew I was not going to make a fuss, since I was never one for controversy and confrontation.I was heart broken to say the least as I waited on them to finish up what they were doing. I just knew my marriage was over. As I sat and sipped on a strong drink, all I could think about was the vision I had of the two of them and the look of utter delight on my wife;s face and the exceedingly large black penis buried to the hilt in her white juicy pussy flesh.About 15 minutes late the two came out of the bedroom and Jake walked hurriedly by me, but thanked me for being reasonable about letting him finishing up. I was too speechless to say anything.”I’m sorry you caught me cheating on you darling, but as you can see, Jake is much better hung than you and I needed his big dick to satisfy me. By the way, welcome home and you really should’ve called.” Said Lora as she entered, wearing a sheer lacy robe that was open in the front. Her dark bush was covered in a milky colored froth and there was a slight but slow ooze from her crotch that starting down her upper thighs.She looked so used, but beautiful to me.After a few minutes of talking about this situation, which was upsetting to me, Lora eased my fears and said that she didn’t have any plans to leave me just because she was fucking Jake and other black men.”Do you want to break up just because someone is helping you out in the bed and making me feel better than you ever could with your small prick?””N-No, I-I don’t want t-that. I-I don’t want to break up either. I-I want y-you to be happy a-and satisfied Lora.””I love you so much too Larry. And I tell you what darling, if you’d agree to one little condition, I’ll know that I don’t have to worry about us considering divorce, and it will bring us even closer together.”I quickly accepted my wife’s condition. She gave me a very passionate kiss after I committed to do as she wanted.I commented about the slightly musky state of her kiss and she committed that it was probably from her sucking on Jake’s dick off and on over the last 2 hours. She also added that she had also swallowed two loads of his semen too, in addition the the two he creamed in her.To start my commitment to Lora, I knelt and placed my face in her gamy well bahis siteleri fucked snatch. I love to eat her pussy, but it had never been this soggy or slimy before. However, as I got into tasting her, the taste was stronger than when I had to eat my own cum from her. Which I often did in order to get her off. I’d often start off fucking her, but wouldn’t last long, and then had to finish her off with my tongue. She always insisted that I clean up my spend too while I was sucking her, so I did. I could tell she liked it, and I didn’t mind since it seem to make her so happy.I brought her to two intense orgasm and literally sucked her gloppy mushy gapping pussy clean and dry. She was quite pleased at me and my handy work. And so was I.I remained to finish my drink while she went up to shower.I felt so relieved and fortunate . For instead of leaving me for men who were better endowed than I, and who could please her immensely better with their tools, all I had to do was agree to suck and clean her pussy after she was fucked by her real men.I praised myself for being so lucky to have such a considerate woman for a wife.Later in the evening, I helped Lora prepare for a date she had with two other black men.She said she hated to break the date since she was looking forward to being double penetrated all day.”Plus Larry darling the guys have also been looking forward to busting their nuts in me and I really hate to have to disappoint them just because you came home early.”I could see her point, as well she that really wanted to go out to get “double dicked”- her words – so I agreed with her. And after all, it was her birthday.”Plus darling, I want you to get use to tasting a lot of different sperm from the Black men I fuck. The sooner you get totally acclimated to being a cum sucker the better husband you’ll be.””Okay dear, whatever you say. You know I want to be a good husband for you.” I replied as she kissed me before leaving for her double date.In just two months, Lora had me keep a log of all the different black men she’d been fucked by. It was 35 different men – all black.Many came to visit her at home and fucked her in our master bedroom. And all fucked her on more than one occasion. Lora is so proud of me for having tasted the cum of every one of these men when I lapped, sucked, and cleaned her well used pussy with my mouth.Lora allows the men to call and leave messages and I’ve gotten to know many of her black men friends on a first name basis.It’s been rather interesting scheduling my wife’s dates. Why their was one of her dates that really needed to see her and was very horny. I just couldn’t seem to work him in Lora’s fuck calendar because Lora was schedule to be out of town from that Friday afternoon and wouldn’t return until late Sunday night.The canlı bahis black man calling – his name was Roy – was beside him self because he was going ot be in town for a short time and had his mind set on fucking my wife. For some reason, I felt a strange sense of pride knowing that he wanted her that bad.I could sense his great disappointment over the phone. He then asked me if I ate my wife’s cum filled pussy like a lot of cuckold husbands whose wives were white sluts for Black men.I replied that I did.”Why don’t I come over and let you suck my dick and take this load for your wife.” he said.”I-I’ve eaten a lot of spend from Lora’s cunt, b-but I-I’ve never sucked a cock before a-and swallowed fresh semen straight from a dick.””Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. It’ll be fun. Plus your wife will think so much more of you for taking a load intended for her. How about it?”He sounded so much in dire need. As I pondered his offer, I concluded it wouldn’t hurt for me to make myself look as good in Lora’s eyes since even though I was her husband, I was still sort of competing with a lot of much better endowed men.Being a cocksucker for one of her men should earn me some brownie points with her.I accepted his offer. Roy came over and true to his word, he was a great teacher. Not only did he make me a good cocksucker, but he taught me how to lap and gently suckle his big warm soft hairy ball sac too.He was right. It was fun suckling on his large erect swollen shiny dick head and having my mouth filled with his throbbing palpitating cylinder of thick meat.He got off three times in my mouth. The feel of his gushing hot seed between my lips was really exciting, as was feeling the heat of his thick slimy discharges sliding down my gullet.Just as Roy had said it would, my wife was exceedingly happy and praised me for taking the initiative, as well as several loads of hot semen that Roy was to give her.”I definitely prefer you taking his cum rather than him giving it to some floozy slut.” Lora added to her compliments of me.From then on, I’ve sucked several more black men off. Many have asked me, and I have volunteered myself to help several who wanted to come inLora, but accepted my “mouth cunt” as a substitute because she was not available.Lora surprised me by carrying me to see a black doctor who she puts out for on occasion. She explained to him that since I had become a cocksucker, she thought I should be prepared in the event I got in a situation where I either got might get ass ****d or wanted to give up some ass. She wanted me to be prepared so there would be no injury.”The men he and I both sexually socialize with are rather well hung, just like you are doctor.””Good idea Lora. It’s better to be prepared than not to be prepared. You have a wise and insightful canlı bahis siteleri wife Larry.” The doctor said as he went over to a cabinet.”Y-Yes she is doctor.” I replied softly.We left there with a kit of supplies that would help me prepare myself to be fucked without injury. The doctor assured me that I should be able to take sizable dicks up my “ass cunt” – his words – by following all the directions he gave me. Which included using a prepackaged enema and doing self insertion exercises with a series of dildos that ranged in size from small to monstrous.I returned to him in two weeks and to test my progress, he fucked me right in his office, in Lora’s presence. I easily accommodated his thick black cock. He didn’t get it all in, but he got about three-fourths of his eight inches in me. He told me that a horny guy would still feel good with that much warm wet coverage for his throbbing cock, and complemented me on being a good piece of ass.And instead of leaving his cum in me, as he was about to ejaculate, the doctor pulled out and had me take his wet dick in my mouth and receive his hot load that way.”Because the “douche” I gave you is antiseptic and non-poisonous, you can let men who fuck you, enjoy doing the same pleasure I gave you.” The doctor said.”He likes eating semen doctor.” Lora interjected. “So honey, you get a good ass fucking and get to eat the results too.” Lora said as she lookedat me with a bright wonderful smile. It was so apparent she was pleased at what a good husband I had become.I of course prepared myself for the possibility that I might be ass ****d, each time I went out with a guy or group of guys to suck dicks, but I didn’t flatter myself that any of these he-men really would want to do me that way. However, to my surprise, in almost no time since my ass-pussy was ready, I’ve had a small but steady group of black men who delight in having vigorous sessions of intercourse with me.And I have really come to appreciate the joyous delight of double penetration, or being sandwiched between two brawny men and their hard throbbing dicks thrusting in both my mouth and ass-cunt. It’s a most delicious sensation. Both Lora and I, when comparing notes, came to the same conclusion. A feeling of being so useful and needed.As you might expect, I suck my wife’s well used and fucked pussy often these days, but very seldom get a chance to put my smallish prick in her. I jack off a lot as Lora doesn’t get much out of me mounting her anyway. Besides, I’m fairly busy sucking dicks and putting out for men who want some of my ass-pussy.My wife has also helped me dress in partial, and full drag on occasion, for my sex dates. And the response has been quite favorable. All the guys who’ve used me say that the extra bit of effeminacy help them to get a “hotter nut”.Lora is so pleased with the husband and helpmate I’ve evolved into over the last few months. And overall, our marriage has grown stronger, and as a result we two have become even closer.###END###

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