A Workday surprise

A Workday surpriseSo Cherie was having a pretty awful day at work and Dave decided to give her a treat during her break. He had me slip on a spare set of her scrubs over some skimpy, flimsy lingerie I bought to tease them and smuggled me into her work. We knew she was about to go on break and Dave had messaged her suggesting she go to the night-shift breakroom for some “peace and quiet”.I quietly walked in there and saw her; she was leaning on the counter, rolling her neck trying to stretch it out and ease some of the tension from her shift. Padding softly across the room; I managed to sneak up on her and catch her by surprise, slipping my arms around her from behind and nuzzling into the soft skin of her neck.”Hey baby”I said softly in her ear;”Thought I could help you get through the day”I turn her around and pull her in close, holding her as we lock our lips, kissing each other with passion and a lot of tongue. I slide my hands down and back up again under her top, running my fingers over the smooth skin of her back. She reached down and together we wriggled her out of that top and she started on mine straight away. As soon as my top was off though, she moved in quickly, almost savagely and yanked my pants down.”Get these off, I want to see you”She growled, leaving me standing in front of her in a new matching set of blue and turquoise bra and panties. She smiled as she looked me over, leaning back against the counter and making a circling motion with her finger; indicating to me that she wanted me to turn around and give her a full viewing.”I haven’t seen these before; are they new?””Mhmmm… giresun escort You like them?””They are lovely, but you know you are better with nothing on at all my beautiful slut!”As I was turning and blushing to her words, I saw Dave sitting in the corner, motionless, watching us both like a hawk. Determined to please them both, I give Cherie a show, stepping away from her and turning my ass to face her. Slowly, carefully and with a LOT of wiggling, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down, bending as I went to give her a full view of me as I exposed myself. I kicked them off toward Dave to hold as I turned back around, unhooking my bra and releasing my tits to Cherie; before stepping in to hold and kiss her again; fully nude before her and ready to please.As we kissed again, I slid my hands up her back, unhooking her bra and releasing her incredible tits. I was getting wetter and wetter already and having our nipples brush against each other was driving me wild. I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking, licking and biting it as she thrilled with delight at the sensation. I slid my hands down her sides, tugging at her pants until she reached down and held my wrists.”No… I want you on your knees for that slut”Her voice was hot, but commanding and I found that i had no choice but to obey, lowering myself in front of her, keeping my eyes up to look at her until i was kneeling; legs spread in front of her; ready to worship. I moved in, kissing the lower part of her tummy with soft lips as I slid my hands up her legs and slowly giresun escort bayan began to pull her pants down. I followed the material, kissing as I went; planting my lips over bare skin until I had reached the waistband of her panties. My nose was already filling with the sweet smell of her arousal and I found myself already wetting my thighs in this situation. I looked up into her eyes, my lips still planted against her skin and I thrilled when she rewarded me with a smile. I slid my hands up her bare legs and gripped the sides of her panties, slowly pulling them down, giving each inch of her exposed skin long, soft kisses. When I reached the top of her slit, I flicked into it with my tongue and was treated to a gentle moan; before pulling them down further, planting my mouth against her mound and sucking as I pushed her panties down to her ankles.”Hmmmmmm… You are such a good slut baby”She purred at me as she lifted one foot to slip out of her panties. opening her legs further; I set to work, sliding my tongue deep inside her slit, drawing from back to front, treating her clit to long, slow, hot licks. My own cunt was streaming at this point and I blushed a little knowing that I was dripping on the floor. A sharp intake of breath from Dave in the corner indicated that he liked what he was seeing, and Cherie was bending her legs, arching her pelvis forward against my mouth as she took her magnificent tits in her hands and moaned.I continued licking; pushing in deeper with my tongue before sliding a hand up the inside of her legs. She took my fingers with ease as I slid escort giresun two of them deep inside her, stroking the front of her walls as I pressed my mouth against the top of her slit and began to suck on her clit. God she was beautiful; standing there, naked and leaning back against the counter. She was wetting further and I could tell from the frequency and pitch of her moans that she was building; striving to satisfy her; I worked her harder. Speeding the stroking and increasing the pressure of my fingers inside her to work her G-Spot as she moaned, sighed and breathed heavily. She reached down, caressing my hair with a hand before gripping it tight and pushing my face in harder.”Good slut… mmmmmmm…. Fuck me…. Harder…. oooooooooh”I sucked her clit hard, flicking it inside my mouth with my tongue; my fingertips rapidly rushing against her G-spot and I felt her shudder.”ohgodgen… I am… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFUCK!!!!!!!”Her orgasm exploded deep inside her, I felt her push against me as her legs sagged and I used my other hand to suppport her as she bore down harder on my mouth. Her hand clenched painfully tight in my hair, the other pulling at her nipple. She was shuddering, and with her cunt clenching tight against my fingers as she squirted, just a little on my hand and chin. I kept my stimulation on her going to prolong her orgasm until it finally subsided; and then I lapped at her greedily, taking in my nice wet reward. A soft moan from the corner indicated that Dave had enjoyed the show too. I turned my head and gave him a wink as I saw him clean himself and put his cock back in his pants.”Mmmmmmm fuck Gen I needed that…”She looked a little apologetic;”But I don’t think i will have the time to…”I stood up and pressed a pussy-wet finger against her lips, following it with a kiss.”It’s okay baby; this was all for you…”

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