A Young Man’s Dream Lesson


My best friends son, Johnny, was going to turn 18 in a couple of days. He is a handsome young man standing 6 foot tall and very muscular. He was very popular with the girls in high school. Every time I looked at him my libido went a twitching. I could tell by the way he looked at me and joked around with me he was interested in me sexually. So for his birthday I thought I would give him a present he would remember. His mom was going out of town and ask me to keep an eye on him while she was gone. I thought to myself, cool no problem.

I called him and ask if he would like to come over for a barbecue. He gladly accepted my invitation. I told him to be here by 6:00pm to put the steaks on for me. It was a hot summers day so I dressed in a low cut spaghetti strap dress that barely covered my butt cheeks. I thought this will give him something to look at while I was preparing our meal. He was prompt at arriving on time. I ask him to start the coals for the meat while I made a salad. He complemented me on how I looked, I winked at him and said thank you. I could feel him looking at me when I was bending over getting things out of the refrigerator for the salad. I ask him if he wanted a beer and of course he took one gladly. I thought nothing like some alcohol to loosen things up.

Steaks were done and we sat down to eat. The small talk during dinner turned towards a sexual nature. I always wondered if he was a virgin or not. Of course he was not. I could tell he was not all that experienced either. I ask him what he has not done and what would he like to learn? He expressed with a blushing face that he had not had oral sex and would like to give and receive but not sure how to do it. I expressed it was like second nature and once you get started you just seem to know what to do. I excused myself and went to my bedroom to take off my panties. When I came back out, I sat on his lap and ask him if he wanted me to show him a thing or two. The shock on his face was priceless. I gave him a very long passionate kiss and things took off from there. I guided his hand under my dress to feel that I had taken something off. He had big manly hands with long fingers and I love long fingers. He began to tease me by rubbing my pussy. He would insert a finger then pull back. This was driving me crazy. I got up and lead him over to the couch. I slid his shorts down to his ankles. He was nicely hung. I estimated him to be around 8+ inches and large balls. As he sat down I took his cock in my hands going up and down on his shaft. Looking at him in the eyes I stuck out my tongue and licked my way up one side and down the other. Back up again circling the head of his cock with my tongue, cupping his balls in one hand. I wrapped my lips around his hard cock using short strokes at first. I could tell by the look on his face he was enjoying the feeling I was giving him. Kissing my way down his shaft to his balls, I took one in my mouth and then the other. I went back and forth a few time feeling them fill with his love juice. I then swallowed his entire cock down my throat, giving him his first blow job. He couldn’t help him self and came very quickly. Eskort Bayan He started to apologize for it and I told him that it was expected and that is what I wanted him to do. I explained he would be able to last longer from here on out. I then stood him up and I sat down. I instructed him to get on his knees as I parted my legs and guided his head between them. Now it is your turn to eat me. Spread my lips apart and play with my clit. I want you to lick it and suck it while you insert your fingers inside me. Finger fuck me with those long magnificent fingers of yours. He had a very long soft wet tongue and as I explained earlier he took to it like it was as natural as nature had intended. I explained to him to turn his hand upward so his fingers would curve up to reach that feel good spot. Boy did it ever feel good too. I took off my dress and let him come up for air to suck on my nipples. I have nice big boobs, great for titty fucking. As he stood up, I squeezed my tits around his cock and licked the tip of his penis as he thrust forward. I couldn’t stand it any longer and told him to fuck me. He guided his cock to my pussy and slowly slid it in all the way. He began to fuck me with steady strokes, faster and deeper with each push. My hips bucked back and forth in rhythm with him. I was moaning louder and louder as I let loose of several small orgasms, building up for a great big one. I turned over, got on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy style. He slapped me on my ass which mad me really hot. It was not long after I let loose of a huge orgasm and let my juices flow. We both dropped with exhaustion.

After a short recess, I started to fondle his cock to bring it back up to attention again. Now I want you to fuck me somewhere else. He looked at me with astonishment. I got back on my hands and knees and told him to finger my ass hole while his cock was inside my pussy. Start with one finger and gradually work your way to all your fingers. He was an excellent student and did exactly what he was told to do. It is time for your cock now I said to him. He eased his cock very slowly inside my ass hole. When it was comfortable for me I started to ease back and forth on his cock. He expressed to me how good and tight it felt on his ass virgin cock. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper he fucked me. I wanted it to last awhile so when I thought he was going to cum I slowed down. I then laid on my back, grabbed a vibrator from my hiding spot and told him to use this in my pussy while he was fucking my ass hole. I love to feel the vibration while being double penetrated. I made it last as long as I could stand it then told him to let loose and fuck me fast and hard. I could feel his balls slapping me on the ass as he fucked my ass in and out. Both our bodies flinched with fierce orgasms.

Snuggling each other on the couch I asked how he liked his first sexual lesson. He replied with “first lesson”, I laughed and told him to be here promptly at 8:00pm tomorrow for lesson

. He looked at me with a big smile and said “no problem”.

The following day I called another girlfriend of mine and asked her if she would like to come over and give a sexual lesson to Johnny. She knew who I was talking about and agreed. I told her to be here at 7:00pm that Jonny would be here at 8:00pm. I was dressed in black stockings held up with a garter belt, black crotchless panties and a lace bra. Sarah was dressed in red with the almost the same thing. We fondled each other to get us primed for Johnny. Sarah was a beautiful red head with green eyes and a DD chest. She looked wicked in her red outfit. Me with my blond hair, blue eyes and large C cup boobs. I just had to have a little of Sarah before Jonny arrived. With my whip I ordered Sarah to stand over my face spreading her legs so I could taste her lovely snatch. MMMMM she tasted so good. It was almost time for Jonny to arrive. He had no idea what to expect. When we heard a knock at the door I made Sarah hide in the bedroom until I was ready for her to come out.

Johnny took one look at me and was astonished in the way I was dressed. Before I let him in, I demanded him to undress right there. He did as I instructed, I then blind folded him and led him to the middle of the playroom. The play room had shackles hanging from the ceiling to restrain his arms. Shackles on the walls for more than one person. Johnny had not seen my playroom before. I restrained his hands above his head, put on some delicious music. I walk around him lightly using my whip all over his body. I played with his man hood to bring it to a full erection. I motioned Sarah to quietly come in the playroom. On my hands and knees I began to give him a blow job. Sarah came over and joined me. He was really surprised to feel two tongues on his meet. He asked me who was with me and I told him he would find out soon enough, just enjoy what he was experiencing. I left Sarah to giving Johnny his blow job and I walked around behind him. I moved the handle of my whip between his cheeks. He flinched forward deeper down Sarah’s mouth. I stood Sarah up and removed Jonny’s blind fold. He was so surprised to see who the other woman was with me. We walked over to the studio bed in front of him, now it is your turn to watch us in action. I told him. Sarah sat down next to me and took off my bra. She began to fondle my tits, squeezing my nipple with her fingers as her mouth nibbled on my other one. Her hand drifted down my stomach to my woman hood. She then took both hands and opened my lips so far apart so that Johnny could get a real good look. She bent down and her tongue flickered across my clit making it grow to a mini cock. All the while watching Johnny watch us. She then stood up and put on a strap-on dildo. She laid me down, spread my legs over her shoulders and slid her cock up my cunt. With long slow strokes she started to fuck me. She built up momentum until she was slamming her cock deep inside me. I was screaming for her to fuck me hard, faster, faster bitch I yelled!

“Fuck me harder you cock sucking, pussy eating slut”.

“Harder…..harder….deeper…fuck me you cum sucking bitch…..FUCK ME”! Just as I was about to let loose of my juices she pulled her cock out and I squirted my jizm clear across the room.

“Yeah, that’s it cunt, that is what I worked so hard to achieve”. “You see Jonny I knew she was a squirter and I wanted you to see that”. “Did you like that dear”? “Not every woman can do that”.

Sarah got up, walked over to him and laid a big wet pussy smelling kiss on him as her hand played with his rock hard cock. “

“Now it is my turn to get fucked”, would you like to watch Johnny” she asked”? Johnny smiled and nodded his head in a yes motion.

Sarah and I traded places. As she laid down spread eagle I devoured her lovely snatch as I did so many times before. I took a double headed cock from the toy box, greased it up real good; began to finger her ass hole to prepare it for what was about to enter. First I slid it in her hungry pussy, in and out as my fingers were doing the same to her tight little hole. When I felt she was ready for the second head of my dildo I eased it in, giving her time to stretch around it. I then started to pump them up and in and out and down. Faster and deeper with each push. Sarah started to scream delightfully with pleasure. I saw Johnny out of the corner of my eye pushing his hips forward as I was fucking Sarah. He was more excited than he had ever been before. He just thought he knew all about sex. I was showing him a side he hadn’t thought he would experience yet. There’s nothing like an older woman to show a young man how exciting and full filling sex can be. You can only fuck in the missionary position for so long before it gets boring.

After making Sarah cum several more times, I stopped to let us both rest a bit before we let Johnny loose from his restraints. I took a huge feather from the wall and tickled him with it.

“Well Jonny, are you ready to fuck us now”?

“Hell yes I am”! “I am beyond ready, I thought I was going to loose it a few times watching the two of you fuck each other”. “That was so great, now let me loose so I can stick my prick in the both of you”. I am going to fuck you both just like you fucked each other”.

“I don’t know, do you think he is ready for the both of us” Sarah asked me.

“Well I don’t know about you but my pussy is read for some real meat”.

Sarah let Johnny loose from his restraints. He grabbed her with one arm around her neck and the other went directly for her puss. He picked her up and brought her over to the bed. He positioned his cock in front of her mouth and told her to suck his dick with such demand. He leaned over, gave me a passionate kiss, whispered “thank you” and dove between my legs. Fucking Sarah’s mouth, eating my pussy, fingering my ass hole we were all floating on clouds.

He turned me on my hands and knees and began to fuck my ass hole. Sarah got my whip and used it on Johnny’s ass. This drove him deeper and faster in me. He then positioned Sarah next to me and took turns fucking each of us. He made sure we both came several time before he let loose of his load and boy was it ever a load.

Sarah kissed both of us good bye and said she had a marvelous time. Johnny and I discussed his second lesson and he asked if there was going to be a third?

“If you’re a good boy and fuck me one more time, then we’ll see about lesson
“, I replied.

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