Abby Turner #1 – Lovers Become Friends


Abby Turner #1 – Lovers Become FriendsAbby Turner #1 – Lovers Become FriendsThe doorbell rang and I dragged myself off the couch to answer the door, the ice cream I’d been eating dropped on the floor and I cussed as the melted ice cream splattered over the floor. I paused the video I had been watching so that I could clean it up.I bent down and picked the tub back up, saving the remaining ice cream. Or what had remained of it. By the time I had done that my br*ther, Tom, had breezed down the stairs and opened the door.”Hey Tom,” a chorus of voice said from outside the door.”Hey guys, sorry it took so long apparently Abby couldn’t be bothered getting the door for you, she’s been moping about for weeks since she broke up with Adam,” my br*ther replied, I loved him but sometimes he could be a real jackass.”Fuck off Tom, I spilled this shit over the carpet.””What you can’t even be bothered to get up to shit now?” he was showing off to his friends.”Fuck you!”He realized he may have crossed a line “Sorry. Brandon will be here in bit can you send him up to my room?””Fine, now piss off,” I muttered still pissed, he beat a hasty retreat upstairs with Will and Nick, who had just arrived.I went and got some hot water and a cloth and started trying to get up the ice cream from the floor. The bell rung again and I went to let Brandon in.”Tom and the others are upstairs.””Thanks, are you alright?” he asked concerned, it wasn’t until then that I noticed I’d been crying slightly and my face was blotchy.“Fine, I have to go clean…” I trailed off gesturing at the mess on the floor.”Don’t be silly just sit down I’ll clean it,” he offered steering me to the sofa, I sat down and he cleaned the floor.We chatted as he did so and I started to feel my mood turning, and I could feel myself smiling a bit he even made me laugh at one point. I had always liked Brandon, he had always been nice to me. He had been Tom’s friend for years and so I knew him quite well. I even knew he had had a crush on me a few years ago, he had been young and didn’t know what to do.At one point he stole my underwear when I was in the shower, he furtively returned them a few minutes later, but he didn’t know I had seen him. At the time I had been a little creeped out by it but now I just found it flattering and amusing.When he finished we stood up. “Thank you, you’ve made me feel much better,” I smiled at him.”No problem,” he shrugged.”You can go hang out with the guys now and stop hanging out with his blotchy faced mess of an s*ster,” I said.”You’re delightful company, and your face isn’t blotchy… any longer,” he said smiling.I smiled and stepped forward hugging him. He stood there for a second unsure of what to do before returning the hug.I stepped back, “Thank you.”He turned to leave, “Anytime Abby.”I sat back down and picked up the tub of ice cream, which had totally melted by this point and turned the TV back on and sat staring it, but not really watching it, as I was thinking about Brandon. It was odd I hadn’t thought about anyone except Adam for years, we had been dating for about two and half year and it wasn’t until last month that I found out he had been fucking around for over half the time we had been together.I should have seen it, I should never have dated “the Jock” type which Adam was, but he had been so smooth and when he had asked me out that I couldn’t help but say yes, not to mention he was gorgeous.That being said the sex had never been great, it was good, and he was very sexy but he had never been generous, he had never made it about me. I hadn’t seen it at the time but it had always been about him, the whole relationship had been about him and his image.Now that I was out canlı bahis from under his spell I realized that he wasn’t what I wanted in a relationship at all. What I wanted was someone who would be there for me and do things without expectations and most importantly someone who wouldn’t fuck Abby Turner over while he was dating me.As I realized what I wanted it dawned on me that I wasn’t thinking abstractly about what I wanted but I was thinking about Brandon and if he had the quality I wanted. I started thinking more and more about him and my thoughts eventually turned to his body, which was very pleasing. He was tall and well-shaped, broad shoulders, flat stomach, floppy brown hair and big brown eyes.Once I had started thinking about his body I started imagining touching it and running my hands over it. The thought of seducing him popped into my head which was when I realized what a state I was in. I had been moping for weeks and my personal hygiene had taken a dive, I was in baggy ripped clothes with ice cream stains over them my hair was in a mess, as I hadn’t washed or combed it in days.I got up to go and have a shower, as I walked through the kitchen I realized I had been sitting there daydreaming for much longer than I had thought, it was almost one in the morning. I climbed the stairs in the dark and felt my way to the bathroom and turned on the light and slid the door closed. We had just had a new sliding door fitted, since I had broken the last one, when I got a little angry after the break up.I may have also thrown a book at Tom’s head when he had innocently asked me what was wrong, however I’m a poor shot and it smashed the frosted glass of the bathroom door.I pulled my baggy jumper over my head and stretched my arms over my head and bent backwards, I slid the jogging bottoms off with my panties. I hadn’t been wearing a bra so I was now standing naked in the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stretched more as I waited for it to warm up.As I stepped into the shower I felt the warm water wash over my body releasing the tension that had built up in me over the past month. As I started relaxing more and more as the water flowed over my skin, I picked up my razor and started to slowly shave. When I finally reached my pussy the feeling of the blade gliding along the lips made me shiver in pleasure, as I finished shaving I dropped the razor and slowly started to rub my hand over the lips of my pussy slowly inserting one finger into myself and curling it around and rubbing hard on the soft skin inside.I used my thumb to start rubbing my clit, moving my thumb in a cross motion, up and down and side to side with my clit in the center. It had been too long since I had pleasured myself and I was soon struggling to catch my breath as the pleasure built up inside me, I closed my eyes and my knees started to shake, I leaned back against the side of the shower for support, gasping as I approached my climax, I opened my eyes for a fraction of a second as a particularly strong wave of pleasure coursed through me. I started to really speed up now doing a circular motion over my clit. It was then that I realized what I had seen when I opened my eyes.The door was slightly open, my eyes shot open and I saw Brandon standing there staring at me through the slightly open door. I let out a little shriek, as I slipped and fell onto the floor of the shower.Brandon was immediately over and helping me to my feet, “Shit Abby, I’m sorry, so so sorry, I was just coming to the loo and then I saw you and I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry.””Shut up, shut the door, then get over here and finish me off, I was so close.” The words were out of my mouth before I had bahis siteleri even registered them as thoughts in my brain, yet as I said them a smile spread across his face as he pushed the door shut.I didn’t regret saying it one little bit.I sat down on the mat in front of the shower and spread my legs for him, he lay down in-between my legs. He kissed my thigh and trailed kisses towards my moist pussy, but infuriatingly skipped over my pussy to my other thigh and kissed toward my pussy again, but skipped it, I let out a small whine of frustration and he responded by finally kissing my pussy sending pulses of anticipation coursing through my body.He slid a finger into me and started working my clit with his mouth, I let out a moan of pleasure, and he responded by licking harder and faster, I wrap my legs around him, my heels pressing into his spine as he brings me closer and closer to the edge, I start panting very heavily as I finally reach the edge and then with an explosion of pure bliss I tip over into a full orgasm.I lay panting on the floor as he emerges, grinning from between my legs, “I have wanted to do that for so long.” “Well now I feel you deserve some rewarding, because that was utterly amazing.” I said, sitting up and pushing him to the floor.I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, his cock was sticking right up and already oozing precum, I bent over and flicked out my tongue and started licking the tip before slowly wrapping my lips around the base of the tip and sliding down, undulating my tongue in my mouth massaging his shaft, I started to hum as well, sending vibrations through his member. I was about to pull back off when he grunted and thrust deeper into my mouth as he shot load after load into my mouth, “Fuck, fuck fuuuuuck, I’m sorry I could hold it back it just felt so good.””I’ll take it as a compliment,” I replied, swallowing his load. “Now go back to the guys before they wonder where you are, when they are asl*ep come to my room. I’ll show you what feels even better.”He pulled up his trousers and left, I jumped in the shower again to wash off then wrapped a towel around myself and went to my room. I waited ages but he didn’t show up, eventually I decided that he must not have been able to sneak out, either that or wasn’t horny after cumming earlier, I turned out the light and went to bed.I was woken up by a hand shaking my shoulder, I opened my eyes, “Brandon?” I asked still half asl*ep.He replied by kissing me full on the lips and pulling the covers away from my body, his hands roamed everywhere, exploring my body and finally settling on my boobs, he climbed on top of me and I felt his penis rub over my leg leaving a trail of precum behind. He thrust forward missing slightly but a little wiggle and he was in.He wasted no time ploughing into me fast, then slowing down then steadily increasing the tempo until he was pounding into me like a demon on speed. He bent down and our lips met and meshed together in a passionate kiss. I could feel the breath from his nose coming out in short sharp burst as he exerted himself above me. His cock felt big inside me and each thrust sent new waves of pleasure coursing through me and as he sped up as I felt myself about to cum. “Faster, faster Brandon, I’m about to cum!”He responded by going full speed into me like a jack hammer, and he pushed me over the edge for the second time that night. He slowed down as I finished but he didn’t stop, and he gradually increased his speed again over the next minute until he was back at full pace. I could hear by his groans he was close and started thrusting back onto his shaft.The door flew open shedding light over the scene, I gasped güvenilir bahis as I looked at the door and saw Brandon standing there, and I looked up and saw it was Tom, my br*ther, who was currently cumming hard into my pussy. Will and Nick then joined Brandon at the door looking like they had been fighting, so did Brandon. Now I looked at him closer, Tom was still pumping his seed into my pussy with satisfied grunts.I just lay there bewildered, as he finally rolled off me, “What the fuck?” I whisper still conscious that my parents would hear any loud shouting.”Will and Nick held me down while Tom pretended to be me, apparently they thought it would be hilarious.” Brandon said.I don’t know what was happening in my head, I assume I was still messed up from my break up but for some reason the thought that I had just fucked my br*ther turned me on far too much. “At this point I don’t even care anymore, Brandon get here and fuck me, Will and Nick join in if you want I just want it too bad now. Tom, you dirty little pervert, join in when you’re ready, this is a one-time thing guys, one time and one time only. After this I’m all Brandon’s.”The guys stood there all shocked at the way I had taken it.”Err, guys, you know whenever you’re ready.”These words seemed to break them out of their trance and the three guys at the door undressed so quickly that it was as if their clothes had disappeared by magic. After a bit of shuffling it ended up with Brandon on top with his cock in my pussy, Will underneath in my ass and Nick over my face with his cock hanging just above my lips. Brandon started pumping slowly and Will started to thrust exactly opposite to him so he was sliding out of my ass as Brandon thrust into my pussy, as they sorted out their rhythm I gently took the tip of Nicks cock in my mouth.Sucking lightly, I slowly raised my head. Millimetre by millimetre his shaft slipped between my lips until, a brief eternity later, I had taken it all down my throat. I left it buried to the hilt and began to hum, inducing incredible sensations on his shaft. As I ran out of air I finally reversed direction, revealing his cock slowly. On the way out, I grazed my teeth lightly along the top of his cock while adding a maddening swirling of my tongue to the underside. When I reached the ridge under his tip I held his cock there biting down just a little to give my tongue swirling more friction on the underside of his cock head.The combination of my teeth and the intense pleasure of my tongue on the most sensitive part of his cock had Nick rapidly approaching the point of no return. I was in heaven as Will and Brandon penetrated me with amazing rhythm between them. I was almost over stimulated and was, for a third time tonight, approaching climax as I started to shudder as I orgasmed and Nick also blasted off in my mouth filling it with hot sticky cum. I couldn’t concentrate on swallowing it during my orgasm and as he pumped more and more in, it started dribbling out and running over my cheeks and chin.My sphincter was doing crazy things too as I orgasmed which caused added stimulation to Will who joined in the cum fest by filling my ass with spurt after spurt of cum, Brandon however kept going. Nick climbed off me and Will wiggled out from under me and Brandon remained on top driving into me hard and fast, I didn’t come down from my orgasm straight away after the shuffling to get Will out Brandon’s cock was now hitting just the right spot over and over again and this caused a fourth orgasm to build from the third taking me up to an even higher level of bliss.I was moaning in ecstasy on the bed and it seemed that the last orgasm was enough for Brandon, who finally pumped his seed into my pussy to mix with my own juices and Toms. I lay there ignoring the boys as cum leaked out of my pussy and ass and some still trickled down my face.I only had one regret, I had said it was a one-time thing.

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