Accommodating Neighbors Ch. 03


3: Russ and Becca’s First Anal Experience

Monday night I watched for Becca to get home from work so I could talk to about her report to Jackie on our Sunday night experience. When she got out of her car she turned and headed straight for my apartment, looking a little intense. I opened the door for her before she could knock which surprised her a great deal. Without saying anything she nearly jumped into my arms and kissed me more passionately than I can ever remember being kissed.

“Wow! I don’t know what that was all about but it was great!” I said.

“Do you find Jackie attractive?” She ask.

“Well, I hadn’t really thought about it, I guess so, why?”

“Do you still want our relationship to be monogamous?”

“Yes, but I don’t think that should keep you from seeing her, if that’s what you are asking.”

“It’s not she and I I’m concerned with.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s you and her I’m talking about.”

As she said that I thought I saw her tearing up and I don’t do well with crying females. “Whoa, slow down here. I hadn’t even given a thought about doing anything with her, unless you wanted to do the threesome thing, that’s all! What’s going on?”

She proceeded to tell me about Jackie’s response to their discussion after our session Sunday night. Jackie had immediately said that she would like to meet me and get some of the same treatment that Becca had received from me. Becca was concerned that Jackie would approach me and I would jump into bed with her. I assured her that was not going to happen as long as she and I had a relationship going. With that we kissed again and retired to the couch where we had another long conversation. I’ve never met a lady who is as open and honest as Becca seems to be, and we seem to be on the same page, at least where our relationship is and where we want it to go – a long term, NSA open and honest monogamous one.

When we were apparently done with our discussion I ask if she wanted to go out for dinner and she sure but wanted to go change. I expected for her to get into something comfortable as that is what I was wearing. When she came back out she was wearing a short pleated skirt, one of those that sway when they walk and shows a lot of leg – a favorite of mine. Along with that she was wearing a knit top with a deep v neck and obviously without a bra! She jumped into my arms as she had before and repeated the kiss we had earlier. When she pulled away we hugged and she took my hand and led me to her car. When we got in she kissed me again and said she wanted to just sit still for a while and “neck”. I hadn’t heard that expression for years but I sure wasn’t going to object.

After about 10 minutes she told me she was ready to go. As we pulled out of the parking lot she said “Did you see her?”


“Jackie. She was watching us from her window. When I went back to home to change she was coming out, she had seen me go into your place and she wanted to know if I would introduce her to you. I told her we were going out and that it would have to be another time. So I just wanted to put on a little show for her so that she understands we are together!”

Not much was said until we güvenilir bahis got the restaurant. When we got inside I could see the men in the place, as well as some of the women, eyeing her. She is really something to look at and her hard nipples poking out in that knit top sure didn’t make them look away. Once we were seated I told her I was going to have a hard time eating since my eyes would be on her the whole time. To that she said “well lets eat light and quick and go back to your place for dessert.” Now who could argue with that!

Our waiter came by and took drink orders and then just stood there moment with his eyes glued on Becca’s nipples. “That will be all for now” I said to bring him back to earth, and then to Becca “Look at the affect you have on people.”

“You mean boys.” She said.

“No, I mean people; there are a number of ladies eyeing you too!”

While we were waiting to be served we held hands on the table and made rather intense eye to eye contact. That is until my eyes were drawn to her nipples, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to sneak a peak.

“Hey, my eyes are up here!” She reminded me.

“I know, but they aren’t sitting up begging for attention like another part of you, I guess I should apologize, huh?”

She didn’t say anything, but all of a sudden I felt something lightly rubbing my inner thigh. How she got her foot up there without sliding out of the booth is beyond me. She continued to tease me off and on as we ate and on the way out of the restaurant she grabbed my ass. All the way home she kept her hand on my thigh, inching close to my crotch and then back down. By the time we got back I was hard as a rock and was poking out the front of my pants. I told her I was embarrassed to get out of the car in the state I was.

“I want Jackie to see that you’re having a good time.” She said.

“You expect her to be watching for us?”

“I’d bet on it.”

Sure enough, when we pulled up Jackie was outside not doing anything but apparently standing watch for us. Just before I opened the door she placed her hand directly on my hard-on and rubbed me as she kissed me.

Jackie was heading toward the car as I got out trying to hide behind the open door. I was safe until Becca slid out behind me and took the door out of my hand to shut it. She waited long enough for Jackie to see my situation and then stepped in front of me. Becca made a quick introduction of Jackie and me to each other and we said “Hi’s” all the way around and as we were doing so Becca was rubbing her ass against me to keep me going.

Before anything much else could be said Becca looked at Jackie and said “Russ has something that needs immediate attention so we need to go. Talk to you later.” With that she grabbed the front of my pants and led me toward my apartment.

When we got inside she said “Bet she goes in and masturbates like a wanton bitch.” To which we both laughed and “I don’t want to disappoint you, but I didn’t really plan on doing anything tonight and I don’t have anything special to wear for you.”

“Don’t worry about that, it will just make it more special when you do” I responded.

“I do have another surprise for you though.”

“I’m türkçe bahis excited already, what is it?

“Let’s get comfortable first”.

“You mean naked, right?”

“Yes. You go ahead and get in bed, I’ll just go in here and be right back” she said going into the bathroom.

When she returned she was just as naked as I was with one hand behind her back, she climbed onto the bed.

“What are you hiding there?” She produced a pamphlet and tube of lubricant. “We haven’t needed that so far” I said.

“No”, but you’re going into virgin territory tonight. Unless you changed your mind and don’t want to experiment with anal” she responded.

With that the hugging and kissing began and developed into a torrid 69 until we both exploded. We did a clean up job on each other and then she scooted up beside me and sat up in bed so we could read the pamphlet. It was kind of an “anal Sex for Dummy’s” type thing and we read it through all the way and talked about what we were going to do.

We began by kissing and rubbing each other all over until she turned on her front side and ask me to give a back rub to help her relax a little more. After a few minutes she started giving me instructions from the pamphlet; how to apply the lube and begin the stretching exercises. When we got to the part where I applied more lube and then used two fingers on each hand to enter her and gently pull to the sides and all around her tight little hole, she began to moan.

“Are you ok so far? Are you enjoying this part?” I ask.

“Yes, you’re doing wonderfully well. I think I’m ready for you to use something besides your fingers.”

“What did you have in mind?” That got a little chuckle from both of us.

I moved so she could elevate her ass for me. Before I could move into position she “No”. I figured she changed her mind and wasn’t going to go through with it until she said “I want to be on my back so I can see your face when you put it in.”

After some adjusting on positions and adding a couple of pillows under her lower back she was at just the right height with her legs pulled far apart and her knees back to her shoulders we started. With her in that position I couldn’t help but have a taste of her wide open pussy as I played with her ass a little more.

I lubed her and I both and gently put the head of my penis against her hole; rubbing back and forth a little and pushing gently the head slipped in. If I hadn’t already cum once I would have right then. Pausing for a moment for us to adjust to that feeling we talked about it a moment and then she told me to push.

Even after all the exercising and all of the lube there was still resistance. “Keep talking to me so I know that you are ok, I don’t want to hurt you more than necessary.” She promised she would and told me to push harder. I did and about an inch slipped past her sphincter. She winched a little; I held it there for a minute or two and played with her clit and pussy, relaxing her more.

“Give me some more.” Before I did I stroked in and out with what we had in at that time and then on the next in stroke I pushed again and another inch or so went in. “God that feels wonderful.” She said.

Continuing güvenilir bahis siteleri to massage her clit and pussy I held still for a few minutes until she told me to push again. Repeating the same procedure as before on now with longer strokes, on the forth or fifth stroke I pushed again. This time I went in about another two inches.

“Are you ok? Any more pain?”

“No, I love it! I feel so full. How much more till you’re all the way in?”

“About 2 inches.”

“Go all the way this time.”

Again repeating the same process I worked back and forth. I decided we should have some more lube so I told her I was pulling all the way out to ad lube. After adding a generous amount I slipped right in. Working in and out and going a little deeper each time I was all the way in after only a minute or two.

“That’s all there is.” I said

“Well, I made a mistake.” My heart stopped. She could see my reaction and laughed. “No, it’s ok. It’s more than ok, it’s wonderful. He mistake is I should have had a camera to film you expressions. You looked like a kid at Christmas.”

She got me that time. I’ll remember that!

“Ok. Now fuck my ass like we’re old pros at this.”

With in about six stokes I could feel my climax building. “I won’t last much longer. Do you want to stop and wait for a while or go for it?”

“Wait just a minute or two for me to catch up. I want to cum with you.” And with that she started working her clit and pussy. Watching her made it almost impossible not to start humping like a mad man. It seemed like an eternity went be until she spoke.

“Ok, go for!” I started to stroke again, changing the depth of my strokes and the speed to keep me thinking about what I was doing rather that how good it felt. “Now faster…come on fuck me…fuck me….o shit I’m cuming….fuck me you fool, cum in me, fill my ass with your hot cum…o shit”

And with that I pumped about six times and came harder than I have ever cum in my life, it felt like I shot a quart of cum into her and then collapsed on tip of her. She put her legs down and we just held each other and kissed.

It wasn’t until we cooled off that I realized we had both worked up a sweat. “How about a shower?” I ask.

We took long relaxing shower together, kissing and soaping each other and taking out time.

When we sat down to have something to drink I ask “What made you decide to move to anal sex so fast, I thought we were talking several weeks down the road before we tried it. I’m not complaining, believe me. That was the most terrific sex of my life. Thank you!”

“Well, when I told Jackie that we had talked about it, and that neither of us had ever done it before, she said she was an anal freak, she loved it and that it would be gone for us, you and I that is, for her to break you in. Then it would be easier for me if you were experienced. There’s no way in hell I was going to let her be your first. That was something I wanted to share with you. Something we will always have together.”

“Well, it is. We will always remember tonight.”

Becca stayed the night that night. We both slept through the night without waking and then made slow, slow love the next morning before going to work.

We agreed that we will repeat the anal variety of sex but only after first making love so that we don’t go about it recklessly. We want every time to be as good as the first was for us.

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