Acting Class Encounter


“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it”
-Oscar Wilde

I arrived a few minutes early and took my seat to the far right in the row of chairs curved around the mini stage set up in the middle. I had that usual apprehension in the pit of my stomach meeting an entirely new group of classmates. Just as I started to drift into thought of the scene I had practiced I was disturbed by the clunk of the heavy wooden door at the back of the darkened room as the others started filtering in. Everyone slowly floated to the empty chairs as the small talk faded in what seemed to be vague familiarity between the others. I often find myself fairly shy on new encounters so I tried not to stare as everyone sat down. As I watched our teacher move to the center of the room something caught my attention on the far side of the room. It was a tattoo around the arm of a girl sat on the opposite end of the row of chairs. I couldn’t quite discern as to what it was but my curiosity piqued as my eyes slowly rose up. Her long brown hair encased a face of simply natural beauty. No caked on make-up like the loud stereo-typical blonde who was now annoyingly blabbering on about something with the teacher. I just realized that I had completely missed everything that had been said in my few moments day dreaming and that I was actually supposed to be introducing myself to everyone. In my confusion I try and stand up while almost knocking my chair over and stumbling over my own feet looking like a blabbering fool trying to spurt out some words.

“Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I’m from England and I just graduated from…”

She just looked at me straight in the eyes. Those eyes. I can’t explain but I feel like everything just became completely insignificant compared to the look those eyes gave me. I just saw a million things flash through my mind as those eyes looked deeper into mine than anything else ever has. Honesty, beauty, happiness, lust, want, intelligence, and raw and unadulterated desire. It was if there was an electricity between us that had short circuited me. I stood there dumbfounded. Everyone was giving me these quizzical looks wondering what a fool I was doing in this professional class.


Where the fuck did I graduate again?! She’s still looking and I know it’s what she did to me. I’ve got the butterflies in my stomach like I’ve never felt before. It finally comes to me after 10 seconds of the most awkward silence of my life.

“…and I graduated from Chelsea Arts College.”

I sit down. She’s stopped looking at me and I can breathe again. I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. Class is going by and people are acting out their scenes. It’s all a side show for me because the main show is me trying to steal glances at this mysterious girl. I watch her as she switches her crossed legs. They’re long, tanned, beautiful and completely hypnotic. I feel the urges building up in me as I watch in lustful admiration. I can’t help it. She’s trapped me already and I’m oblivious to everything around me.


Fuck. It’s my turn to perform my monologue. I wanted to keep it simple for my first class but every word has escaped me. I semi-shuffle to the center of the room. The lights are glaring at me as well as every other pair in the room. I try to look into the darkness behind but there’s only one thing I’m thinking. Her. I dare a gaze in her direction and I’m inspired instantly. She’s looking at me with those eyes that know so much. One arm across her stomach as the other gently rests under her chin. She has a half smile on her face that pierces my armour, my self control.

“The thing is… when I look in your eyes and you look back in mine… everything… feels… not quite normal. Because I feel stronger and weaker at the same time. I feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is… I don’t know what I feel except I know what kind of man I want to be. It’s as if I’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.”

Did I just say that? I just quoted Spiderman and got away with it?! It’s a silence… I sit down. I peek up. She’s still smiling. Kıbrıs Escort Smiling right at me. She’s rising up. Takes the stage. It’s silence again.

I’m in a trance. She’s moving her lips. Her name is Natalie. I pick up nothing else and I watch as she unravels a dramatic break up scene before my eyes. What’s wrong with me. I know what I see in front of me is pure talent but all I want is her. I want to have her. I need to have her. I need to get her out of here. The trance that Natalie placed on me is broken as all the lighting is switched on and briefly blinds me. It’s been 2 hours and hers was the last scene? The rush she gave me made time just disappear and I didn’t even notice.

Everyone is packing up their things and everyone is chatting as they leave the room about how well they did and how they all should improve. But I don’t care. My goal is set. Natalie. I hang back as everyone leaves and notice she is walking out at the back of the group. I follow downstairs and out the building and everyone spreads out to go to their individual cars. I don’t want to be a creeper but I need to speak to her. I see her approach her silver sedan, not quite sure what it is in the dark. As she turns to the driver’s door I approach. What am I thinking? I don’t know how to chat up girls. As I get close to her, she looks up. Straight into my eyes. I am disarmed again. I stammer.

“Excuse me, but… I don’t really know what to say apart from you are beautiful and…”

She puts her finger to my lips and I’m silenced.

“It’s Natalie”


Nothing else needed to be said. The hand on my lips snakes around and takes me by the scruff of my neck as she pulls me in. My hands instantly know what needs to be done as they slide around her waist and up her back drawing us together. Our lips touch and the energy and passion explodes out of us. We kiss with increasing vigour. Insatiable and undenying, our kisses get deeper and we fall into her car. I’m on top of her and her legs wrap around me as both her arms are around my neck pulling me so tight into the embrace. As we writhe and grind against each other, her leg bumps into the horn on the steering wheel momentarily distracting us from this lustful insanity. I look down at her in the light of the door open light and realize that I’ve already ripped off half the buttons on her shirt. She tells me we can’t do it here. I pay no mind and continue to tear away at the shirt until no buttons are left and the kiss continues.

She pushes away again. Car sex is overrated anyways. Another idea pops into my head. I glance at my watch. It’s already midnight and the building we just left only has a few lights on. I pull away.

“I’ve got a better idea then.”

Attempting to hold her shirt together, we get out of the car and steal away towards the building while the soft beep of the car locking is heard behind us. Approaching the now dimly lit doorway I gently press on the handle. Click. It’s been left unlocked. I hear her giggle softly as she realizes just where I want her. We scurry up the small stairs and into the acting room and flick on one of the stage lights. I turn around pull her in close and press her against the door. I slide up her back with one hand to unlock her white lace bra whilst the other fumbles to lock the door.

We can’t let go of each other as we slowly drag ourselves to the small circular stage in the middle leaving a trail of our clothes only taking our lips away to take off each other’s pants.

She pushes me back onto the stage with my feet dangling off the edge. She slowly and seductively crawls on top of me and leans down to kiss me some more. Straddling me now I can feel the heat of her pressing down on the tent in my boxers. Grinding hard on me, our breathing gets faster and faster and I can’t take it anymore but her hands are holding me down by the wrists. She pulls her face away and looks down at me, then down at my hardness and looks back straight into my eyes and gives me the most devilish grin I ever saw. Natalie is now breathing heavily into my ear, kissing my neck and my chest slowly moving down. Her hands let go of my wrists and down my body putting all my senses Kıbrıs Escort Bayan on edge. My boxers come off and my mind is blown as the warmth of her mouth takes me in. My back is arching with the ecstasy of it. Her head is now slowly going up an down, her lips taking in the whole length of my hard dick. Her tongue flicking around the head between each movement and I shudder with excitement every time I feel the head touch the back of her throat. She giggles and moans at the same time knowing that I am completely under her control. Under her spell. My toes curl as Natalie starts to suck harder and faster, loving every second of it. I have to stop myself before I lose control even though all I want is to lose it. My hands are pushing her head down harder as she puts one hand around the base and the other starts fondling my balls. I feel like I could die a happy man right now, but no way am I going to leave this angel unsatisfied. I pull my cock out of her and grab her body and flip her into the same position I was just in.

I start at her neck and tease my way down stopping to give each nipple a gentle suck with the smallest of nibbles to heighten her sensitivity. My tongue leaves a trail down her stomach and as I move down I feel the heat of her arousal greeting me. I gently run my tongue over her lips as they smile at me so welcomingly. But I don’t think she’s ready yet. I tease her with my tongue finding where her clit is, gently going over it. I hear a gasp escape her lips as she raises her legs up with her knees now in the air and her legs starting to squeeze my head in closer and closer. I lick around and on her clit more and I feel her tense every time my tongue grazes it. I stick my tongue inside and my mouth is covered in her hot wetness. It tastes so sweet and I just can’t get enough. I bring up my hand and start to insert one of my fingers as my tongue flirts with her swollen clit. Her back arches with this new introduction and I begin slowly eating while inserting my finger in and out. Moans can’t help but escape her. The breathing becomes ragged. On and on I go with a hunger I’ve never felt before. Her whole body tenses and her toes curl back to an impossible angle.

“Oh my..!”

She’s lost control as the warmth of her orgasm spreads through her body like a wildfire, her fingers digging into my scalp as she holds me still between her outstretched legs.


And without any need for further instruction I do as she commands. I raise myself up so that our mouths are mere inches away, her hot breath upon my lips. I slowly guide myself in, bit by bit, and as the tip of my cock enters her wanting pussy, she draws a sharp breath in. As I slowly push in further and further Natalie takes in three more sharp breaths and only once am I all the way in does she exhale. A grin crosses her face that is naughty enough to make the devil himself run for cover crosses her face. Her arms around my neck pull me in and she whispers in my ear.

“Fuck me.”

I’ve never heard sweeter words. I start to move back and forth, slowly at first. I cant help it anymore. I pick up the pace getting faster and faster. Every inch of me delving deeper and deeper into her. We fuck and we fuck. I’ve never been so hard in my life and she’s taking it all in begging for more and more. I squeeze her tits as if I’m hanging on for my life. Her teeth bite onto my shoulder to suppress her screams. She buckles and twists and turns in ecstasy beneath me. I lean back to fuck her harder and she responds by raking my back with her nails leaving trails of red. With each thrust into her wet pussy she gasps for air. I lean back further lifter her ass onto my lap so I can fuck her g-spot. Natalie responds immediately as her gasps now become loud and uncontrolled moans. I fuck her faster and harder and the moans get even louder. I can’t stop. The slap of our skin echoes through the room with each hard thrust. I feel her pussy clench around my hard cock as she cums again, her head leaning so far back I can barely see her face as she screams. It goes on and on as she squirms around on the stage and in my lap.

Before she even has time to react I pick her up with my dick Escort Kıbrıs still inside her and carry her against the wall. With her in my arms and her legs wrapped around me, she starts to fuck me slowly again, her pussy still dripping. Our mouths are locked together as we slam against the back wall of the room. I slide my arms under her legs and hold her up as I continue to fuck her against the wall. Our kiss is only broken by the gasps that escape both of our lips. As we fuck against the wall, her arms spread out on the wall as if looking for something to hold on to. Her big aqua stone ring clinks against something metal. It’s a doorknob. The doorknob for the door leading in to the props room. I lift her from the wall and I lean my back against the door and with one arm around my neck and the other opening the door we bust in. She finds one of the light switches which turns on one old dim bulb hanging over exactly what we need.

It’s an old Victorian couch covered in soft red velvet. Still walking backwards towards it with Natalie in my arms with lips locked together, we land with me on the bottom and her straddling me. We make out more, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as she slowly starts to rock back and forth on top of me. We gain momentum again and it gets hotter and hotter in the cluttered filled room. Leaning back with her hands gripping on to my shoulders, she fucks and moans faster and louder. The combination of my rock hard dick deep inside her and the vigorous rubbing of her clit sends her spiralling out of control again. Her nails dig deeper into my skin with every time she comes down onto me. We are like animals fucking like mad as the sweat glistens over our bodies in the dim light of the single bulb hanging above us.

I flip us over and push her onto all fours on the couch. As I enter her from behind I run my fingers all over her body, around her tits and then pull her face towards me for a rough but sensual kiss. As I break away I plant my hands on her shoulders and use it to fuck her harder than anyone has been fucked before. Faster and harder than anything we’ve ever experienced, deeper than she thought she could go, rough and dirty like our lives are on the line. We both scream and moan as I thrust and thrust inside her with the loud smack of my body against her ass getting quicker and quicker. We both scream so loud it can be heard across the valley, our muscles tighten, sweat drips of both of us, and I thrust one last hard time as we cum together. Her body is shaking with the best orgasm she’s ever had as my body shivers with the warmth that spreads through both of us, our toes curling, fingers digging deep into each others skin and as my hot sweet cum explodes deep inside her filling her with a sensation that can never be matched.

I pull out with her wetness covering my now only semi hard and emptied cock and collapse into her. We lay together, entangled in a mess of hot nakedness and limbs staring into each others eyes knowing that nothing will ever be the same. Tracing our finger tips over each other’s body savouring every little sensation together. We kiss softly, careful of our damaged but completely and entirely satisfied bodies.

“Did you hear that?”

“No, what are you talking about?”

I could hear something. It was talking and a click at the end of each sentence. It’s the sound of a walkie-talkie! Shit! It’s the building security.

“We gotta go!” We jump up and sprint out of the prop room and out into the main room, half scared of being caught but completely filled with thrill. We are still naked as we pick up the trail of clothes we left behind without bothering to put any on and sprint down the hallway to the exit. A flashlight brightens the hallway from behind us as a security guard shines it on our bright asses as we make our escape. Running through the parking lot laughing so hard we can barely breathe we each run to our cars and jump in. I get to my car first and start it up and start to pull away. I roll my window down as I drive by you just as your opening your car door, still stark naked in the cool night air.

“See you next Tuesday then, Natalie?”

“Only if I you let me taste your lips again, Matt.”

Natalie leans into my window for one last kiss. She pulls away and looks at me one more time with those eyes. There’s something special in those eyes and I’ll never forget them. I put the pedal to the floor as I haul ass out of there.

Till next Tuesday…

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