Acting Up


Acting UpDespite 30 years of marriage and two k**s my wife Tracey has kept her figure and at the age of 52 has been the love of my life and I still fancy the pants off her.She has been the best possible mother to our two k**s, both now at University, and the greatest possible companion to me, I’ve always considered and refer to her as my soul mate. With the k**s leaving home we both have been getting used to the new found freedom, having the house to ourselves. I’ve always had my football to go to and darts on a Wednesday night, but Trace was very family orientated, so when she suggested that she joined the local amateur dramatics, I was both a little surprised and happy that she had her own independent interest.The first show was a little farcical comedy, she’d had a bout 6 weeks rehearsals, and I have to admit to being a little nervous on her behalf when I turned up for her first night. The show was a success, a few little errors, not from Tracey, but it is only am dram. After the show I met her and congratulated her and she was delighted, really pumped up and we ended up having sex for the first time for about 6 weeks that night when we got back.The play was a success; Tracey had proven herself and soon was excitedly telling me that she’d been asked to audition for the forthcoming major play of the year at the society. The audition went well; she got a leading part and set about learning her lines. I took little interest and quite enjoyed the freedom of her being out 2 and 3 nights a week.Six weeks later and lines all leant she was trying to overcome her nerves for the opening night, it was a Tuesday night and what they called a ‘Charity night’ so I didn’t go to it and with it being a 10 night run, I got a ticket for the Thursday, the 3rd night, thinking that nerves may have diminished and the show would be more polished. I took my seat and then realised that I’d taken zero interest in the play and had no idea what it was about and what her role was. The first half went quickly, it was upbeat and funny and my 52 year old wife was playing a early 40’s woman married to a what turned out to be a huge black guy. It was the second half, after a beer in the interval that I had some very weird feeling swirling around my head as my gorgeous petite loyal wife was passionately kissing another man in front of me and 100 other strangers. My mind tried to tell me it was fine, actresses kissed, even got naked on screen and their partners must have dealt with it, but I was struggling with it. It wasn’t salacious, just a couple of very passionate kisses and innocent groping of each other’s backs, but it was playing havoc with my brain. After the show I I embraced my wife and reassured her about how good she was, and how good the play was, as we talked she introduced me to Jason, her opposite number who was quiet and polite and we exchanged polite conversation and soon left.As soon as Tracey and I got in the car my emotions came tumbling out and I probably made a fool of myself. Tracey got so annoyed with me, and we had a terrible row all the way and continued into the house, it ended with her putting herself in the spare room, something we only ever had done before if one of us was ill, and shouting that I was a foolish, distrusting idiot.The following morning was horrible and we hardly spoke, I went off to work and ended up confided in my friend who convinced me that I was being an idiot and told me to make it up with Tracey.That afternoon, I got off work early and so as to see Tracey before she went off to the theatre and gave her flowers and an apology. She accepted it but added that it had hurt her and she was very surprised at my reaction. I felt bad and wished her well with the show. All evening I thought of her and Jason kissing and still found my bahis siteleri stomach churn, and even found myself watching interracial cuckold porn which fucked with my head even more.When she got in she was buzzing and we ended up having sex and no more mention of my feelings and Jason were made. Soon discussion turned to the end of the run and the fact that I was going away, so would miss the last show and the after show party on the last evening. so would have to go on the Thursday if I wanted to see the show again. It was all agreed and Tracey said she sort out my ticket before they all sold out. I had a business trip in France on the Friday that was going to spill over into the week end and meant I was going to be away.The following day I got a call from Tracey that my ticket was ordered and, with serendipity in action I got a call a minute later that the extension to our trip had been changed and I’d be home on Saturday. I thought about it for a moment, and decided not to tell Tracey, let her have her after play party with her actor friends and stay out of the way.Tracey seemed strange the following week, she was enjoying the play and come home every night buzzing, but she seemed sad that it was ending and made a couple of unnecessary comments and questions about when I was getting back on Sunday and even confirmed that I wasn’t going to be back and not coming to the party. I lied and let my mind go racing.I watched the play on Thursday and met with Tracey and Jason afterwards and noticed how comfortable they were with each other, touching each other’s arms, laughing at the same things, giggling and fooling around, with no concern for me.It had been my intention to come back from the trip on Saturday and stay up in town and have a few beers with the boys, but with nothing arranged I let my suspicious mind run the show and planned to spy on my lovely, loyal wife. The play finished at 10, the party would go on until 11 so I went to the pub and made my way to the theatre after bringing a different car from work to continue my covert surveillance. As I got to the theatre a few of the guys were leaving and then I saw Tracey walking out with Jason. They were walking to her car and I guessed she’d arranged to give him an innocent lift home, but from my vantage point and with my window down I heard Jason say quite clearly “So, Trace, are you sure, no turning back?” and with a nod of her head I heard her say “I’m sure” and they got into her car.My heart was racing, what was my lovely, petite wife arranging with this 6’2” giant black guy, who it had transpired was 20 years her junior. I followed her car from a safe distance all the way to our house! I parked up two doors up and quietly scooted around the back off the house as they entered the front.The evening was warm, windows were open and from the dark of the patio I could see the two of them enter our lounge. I saw Tracey say something to Alexa and music started up and the two of them started to dance. This settled me a bit, Tracey loved to dance and I didn’t, so when they started moving together I guessed that she just wanted to dance with a guy who clearly new how to move. I watched transfixed as my lovely wife grinded into this huge black man and had to concede that they looked good together. Then as the rhythm took over I watched in horror as they started a passionate kiss, well they’d certainly had plenty of practice at that over the past few weeks. I was so enthralled at the ensuing kiss that I hadn’t noticed Tracey’s left hand slide down and start to grope the front of Jason’s trousers, it was only when she broke off the kiss and giggled at him that I realised where her hand was and what it was rubbing.I strained with my ears to hear what she was saying and my rudimentary lip-reading skills canlı bahis siteleri suggested that she was saying how exciting it was to finally feel with her hand that bulge that had rubbed against her for the past weeks in rehearsals and during the play, he said nothing and just watched my giggling wife almost menacingly. The next thing that happened changed my life forever if it hadn’t already been changed and I watched as my wife stopped tip toeing to kiss her black master but went down until she kneeled in front of him her face looking so happy and full of lust, his looking emotionless and severe as she reached for the front of his trousers and started unbuckling his belt and undo his button. There was no rush to her action, she seemed to be enjoying the tease and the beaming smile on her face never left her. It was if this moment had played over before in her head and she was savouring every detail. He said something and the music stopped, it was now possible that anything said I would be able to hear, I strained my ears and realised that my cock was straining the front of my trousers, I was getting turned on by this show only a few feet away from me. Tracey had fully opened the front of Jason’s trousers when I heard him growl “go on then bitch, take it out”, smiling up at him she did as instructed and we both had an immediate reaction; I audibly gasped as she revealed the monster and started swearing under my breath, she giggled like a little girl and screeched “jackpot!” There is no point in comparing my cock, which I’ve always considered normal with what my wife was waving joyously in front of her face, with her hand struggling to grip right around it there was more length still showing than my entire piece, it wasn’t clear if it was even fully erect yet.“Suck it bitch!” was ordered from Jason in that customary growl and with a playful giggle she replied “yes sir!” and gobbled as much into her mouth as she could. Now it is years since my cock had felt the inside of Tracey’s mouth and was conducted under covers in the dark and almost certainly under duress, this was a completely different scenario, joyously she fought with the monster in her hand and mouth, looking up and laughing at her young b**st leering down at her. Expertly she slid the cock in and out of her mouth, breaking off to lick the shaft or suck his enormous balls. There was still no reaction from Jason to the wonderment that my wife was meting out on him. Soon she built up a rhythm her hand pumping the shaft as her head bobbed as the head of his cock disappeared and reappeared from her mouth. His hips were starting to buck and I realised, as Tracey did, that he was about to cum. Looking up at him she said “give it to me master” and with a further pump from her two hand wrapped around his cock, streams of cum started to spurt into her mouth and over her face, never had she let me do that to her and now she was laughing and thanking him. As the eruption subsided she fell back on her heels and said “to think, if my stupid husband had not been a jerk last week we wouldn’t be here now, I bet he’d love to see me now!” and giggling looked straight at me to catch her reflection in the patio windows and look at her pretty cum splattered face. It was unnerving to have her looking directly at me, but I stayed perfectly still and hoped that I couldn’t be seen. I was safe on that front as my lovely wife started to lick and play with the cum on her face clearly swallowing any that she encouraged into her mouth. “That dickhead is a dam fool, and now I’m going to fuck his wife in there marital bed!”That was my cue to get up and get through the kitchen door and get upstairs without a sound, which I did despite the raging hard-on in my trousers. When up there I hid myself in my canlı bahis walk-in wardrobe and waited. Two minutes later they walked in, her leading him in by the cock which her right hand proudly gripped. They stopped right in front of where I hid, I could smell them, and I watched as my wife climbed on tip-toes to try and kiss her giant who resisted the move, preferring to man handle her back down to his cock. Without indignation she accepted the demand and again started to suck the monster cock as her treat. So close it looked even more magnificent, if I was told it was 10 or 11 inches I wouldn’t argue, and my wife wasn’t in the mood to stop and start measuring. Within seconds it was back at full size and Jason threw his right hand down and lifted Tracey up by the arm and demanded that she strip. Oh my god I thought, I’m going to see my wife naked with the light on for the first time for about 5 years as she moved away from her b**stmaster so that she could put a proper show on for him.The little black dress that she had on showed off her curves nicely, as it fell off her black lacy bra pushed her sweet tits up, the black thong made her bum look amazing and stockings??? What was I looking at here? She’d clearly bought this underwear for tonight, for him, and she looked amazing. “turn around” he ordered, and as she did she wiggled her neat arse at him, with a step forward his left hand met the small of her back and she started to bend over playfully for him before his right hand rained a firm spank on her right buttock that filled the room with the noise of the smack on her skin and the whimper from her mouth, with that a short laugh and sigh of appreciation from Jason was followed by him wrestling her into his arms, lifting her off her feet and swinging her playfully around and announcing that he was going to fuck the arse off her. The bra was quickly dispensed with and probably damaged as he ripped it of before burying his head into those sweet, sweet tits of my wife her arms clung to his body, gripping onto his back as her nipples were assaulted by his lips, tongue and teeth, she was kicking her legs out and laughing as he again lifted her off the ground before throwing her onto the bed.I looked at my once demure, often shy and, some might say, repressed wife as she lay on the bed biting her lip and saying “Oh Jason, that is too big for my little pussy, I’m scared…” as she giggled and pointed at the black rod sticking out of his groin. “Well we’ll have to get you ready then won’t we?” then standing a few feet from her on the bed with his cock in his hand he ordered her to remove the panties that she wore and demanded that she started to play with herself as she said she had done a few days ago whilst thinking of him. Dutifully she did, again I was watching something I’d dreamed of but never got to see as she started to play with her bald pussy., BALD?! She’d even shaved for him! As wet as she was and as fervent as her fingers were working I still had my naive thoughts that she couldn’t take all of him, but there was no stopping either of them and soon the monster descended on him and entered her, at that moment I ejaculated and did my best to not issue a sound, not that it would have disturbed these to and as my own orgasm subsided the speed and ferocity of Jason’s pounding of my wife’s pretty pussy increased, only matched by the increase in screams from Tracey. For what seemed like an hour he tossed my wife around like a rag doll, each new position was met with athletic intent and I watched beads of sweat form on his body, run down and drip on to my wife’s sweaty body.I don’t know how many times she climaxed, I thought she was going to pass out and certainly disturb the neighbours, but he kept on until his body slowed, seem to go rigid and just violent jerk as he filled her pussy with his cum. Her hands grabbed at his huge back, her lips kissed any passing black skin it could reach and the only words said with a sigh were Tracey’s “Thank you Jason, thank you so much”

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