Adam and Amber Ch. 02


Adam’s Story

I leaned back on the couch in Amber’s front room, one leg crossed over the other with my arms lying across the back. I had to chuckle to myself as I recalled Amber’s distress earlier when I came over to tell her about getting her septic tank pumped. I thought it was cute the way she had not wanted to share with me her need to go to my house and pee. I remembered how long it had taken Linda to be comfortable enough to share that sort of information with me. Thinking about Linda, and the things we used to do with each other brought my thoughts back to Amber. I realized I had started something last night, or I guess I should say this morning, with her and I was positive I had seen a look of total arousal and desire on Amber’s face when I told her to call me either Sir or Master. And, I was even more positive of her look when I had her lift her night shirt and expose herself to me. I had wondered at the time if I might be pushing things too fast, but she had seemed so excited and curious to learn about the things that Linda and I used to do. I sure hoped that she wouldn’t feel I thought she was cheap or easy because she had obeyed me.

Actually, as I thought about it, I found I felt she was rather extraordinary to do what I had told her. I thought it showed me that she really wanted to learn and was actually interested in being involved with exploring areas of BDSM. I have seen enough women getting aroused to know Amber was getting turned on with our games.

I had noticed that she had not addressed me this morning the way I had instructed her last night, but I wasn’t concerned. When, or should I say, if we played, then I would expect her to address me in the proper manner. My feelings were that Amber wanted to experience the delights of BDSM and sexual play, but I didn’t think that she was interested in a 24/7 type of relationship. I could have been totally wrong, but I felt that she was more interested in trying small things first. I was also starting to realize that we needed to talk about what was going on. I needed to work on building a lot more trust between the two of us before she would be ready to surrender to me without reservations. And for her to be completely satisfied there had to be total trust between the two of us.

As Amber entered the room after changing out of her ratty old bath robe, I noticed the way her tight black jeans hugged her body. Just glancing at her caused me to remember the sight of her semi-naked body last night. She looked great with clothes on, but I thought she looked a lot better the way I had seen her last night. I quickly realized that I needed to get my thoughts away from thinking about her that way real fast.

“How long will it take to pump … the thing …?” She asked me.

“Septic tank,” I prompted her, “I really don’t know. I guess it depends on how long it takes them to find the opening and how hard it is to pump it out. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I have no idea if you have plans for the day or not, but I didn’t want you to feel you had to sit around here all day. I am sure I can handle things from here.” Amber smiled at me.

“Tell you what … I have no idea if your septic will be done today since I have no idea how bad things are, will you let me cook you dinner tonight?”

“But that’s not fair! I should cook for you!” She protested.

“And if you’re septic is not working?”

“Well … you do have a point. OK, you win! But you have to let me bring the wine. What should I bring?”

“Do you like fish?” Amber shook her head hard, sticking out her tongue to demonstrate just how much she disliked it. “OK, how about Italian?” She nodded her head in the affirmative this time. “Ok, bring something that goes with Italian. Why don’t you plan on coming over about 6 again? Oh, and if you need, please come and shower without asking! My house is open to you anytime … even if it is in the middle of the night.” With the last remark I grinned at her. I wanted to kid her some more about her nocturnal visit, “Too bad you ain’t a guy … we just find a bush and water it. Women don’t seem to like to do things like that.”

Amber blushed a bright red and answered, “Keep it up and I will find me a bush!” We both laughed and I headed out to take the dogs for their outing. I walked them far enough down the beach to visit an old friend who owned an Italian restaurant located almost right on the beach. We have been friends for a long time and we like to go out fishing as much as we can. I asked him if he had something special I could buy from him for tonight’s dinner and he scowled at me. “Adam, you hurt my feelings. You know I keep trying to give you dinners on the house … come in here, take what you want.”

He took me into the large walk-in at the back of his restaurant and motioned for me to select whatever dinner I wanted. I picked out 2 nice floured and seasoned pieces of chicken white meat and some red potatoes I could roast. He also provided me with a bowl of sauce for the chicken. I picked out enough food I felt could feed Amber Kartal Öğrenci Escort and me, wrapped up my dinner and thanked my old friend. Carrying my dinner, I called for the dogs and I headed back to the house.

As I entered the back of the house, I noticed that the septic service was working in Amber’s back yard. It appeared like they must have found the opening and were hard at work. I put the chicken in the fridge and started to prepare everything else I needed for tonight’s dinner.

There were a couple of items I still wanted to buy in town so I put the dogs in the back of the old Jeep I keep just for carrying them around. The Jeep even has a name; I call it “Dog Pound”. Ever since my first car, I have given all my cars a name.

The errands in town took a lot longer than I expected and it was getting close to 6 when I finally got back to the house. I glanced over at Ambers and saw the pumper truck was gone. As I came around the front of the house, I found Amber sitting in one of the rocking chairs I keep on my front porch. She was crying. I sat the bags down I was carrying in my arms and went to her. Kneeling beside her chair, I asked her, “What’s wrong? Why the tears?”

“It’s the septic, they tell me that the tank is broken and I have to have it dug up and have a new one installed. They told me they would give me a bid tomorrow. I won’t have a bathroom for a few days now.” As she finished, a little hick-up escaped from her.

“Hey … it’s not the end of the world.” I assured her. “You have mine to use … as long as you stop asking to use it every time you need. I want you to consider my house to be your house while they are fixing things. OK?”

Amber nodded her head and wiped her eyes. She smiled at me and asked, “What would I have done without you? I had no idea what was wrong. This is such a pain …”

“First off, you would have called a plumber and they would have explained what you needed to do. And … I have an idea,” I paused for a moment.

“Go on …”

“Well, I do have a spare bedroom and there is room in the garage for Rogue with my dogs … and …

“Adam, what are you asking me?” Amber asked with caution.

“Look, use my house until your septic problem is handled. There is a lock on the bedroom door if you are concerned. I would love to have you as my guest!”

Amber seemed to consider my offer for a moment, “OK … after dinner I’ll go and get what I need for the night.” I noticed that once her decision was made, her attitude improved greatly.

We went into the house and as I put away my purchases from my errands, Amber opened one of the bottles of wine she had brought for dinner. I started the oven and slipped in the dish I had prepared earlier in the day. When her glass of wine was about half finished, she looked over at me with a shy grin on her face. “I haven’t had a shower all day. I know that you want me to feel at home, but I still have a problem just getting up and running off to the shower without even at least telling you what’s going on.”

I laughed, “Go and take your shower. Do you need to run over to your place first and get different clothes?”

Amber seemed to consider my questions and then nodded her head. “How long do I have before dinner?”

“About half an hour …”

“”Great!” Amber stood up and headed off to her house to retrieve some clothes.

~ ~ ~

I could hear the shower running as I finished preparing dinner. As I was setting the table, it suddenly dawned on me that I had removed the towel she had used before and put it in the washing machine. There were no towels in the bathroom. I quickly went to the closet and pulled one of my best bath towels and knocked at the bathroom door. Over the sound of the shower I heard Amber call out, “What?”

“I’m sorry, but I cleaned out all of the towels since the last time you showered. There is no towel in there. I have one here for you.”

“Bring it in.”

“I’ll keep my eyes closed,” I told her. I heard her laugh at my remark. The shower in the spare bedroom is a tub/shower combination with sliding doors. The doors are clear! I opened the door and noticed that even though the doors were fogged up with the steam. I admit I was disappointed I didn’t get to see more, but I could still make out the outline of her body. It was all I could do just to hang up the towel and leave. I really wanted to open the shower door and join her. As I shut the bathroom door, I called out to her, “You have about 5 minutes.”

“Thanks …” came the reply.

I had just finished putting the food on the table when Amber stepped into the kitchen. Her outfit was stunning. It looked somewhat like a night gown, but it wasn’t. The dress, for the lack of a better word, had thin straps holding it up. Her outfit was black and showed only a slight amount of cleavage. What was so stunning was the mesh strip what wrapped around through the garment. Through the mesh, I could see cleavage, and then below that I could see part of her Kartal Çıtır Escort tummy and the one of her thighs. The non mesh part covered her pubic region, but the way the mesh stripe went above and below the area, it seemed to call even more attention to her then if she had been totally exposed. I must have stood speechless for a few seconds before she asked, “Do you like it? This is the first time I have worn it. It’s not something I can wear in public.”

“Wow!” I was really articulate. I was so blown away with her look I really didn’t know what to say. Finally I gathered my wits and offered her a fresh glass of wine. I pulled her chair out from the table and motioned for her to sit. After I took my seat, I told for her to start serving herself. I didn’t want the mood destroyed so I kept the subject of her broken septic out of our conversation. Finally we were finished and I cleared the table. I supplied her with another fresh glass of wine and took her into my study. I wondered if she might be chilled in her semi-transparent outfit so I flipped on my gas fireplace to take the chill out of the room. Amber settled into one of the large leather chairs I have in one corner and I move the other chair so that we were facing each other.

I took a sip of my wine, considered how I wanted to start our conversation and then began, “Can we talk some more about last night?”

“I wondered when you were going to bring it up.”

“You told me that you had read some stories on the internet …” I paused to let Amber nod in agreement, “then you must have some idea of where your interests lie.” Again she nodded her head in agreement. “I guess the first question I have to ask is this … do you trust me?”

Amber took a long time to answer my question, “Basically, yes. I guess I would have to say I don’t trust myself.”


“I … um … when I first started to read about the BDSM thing, I thought there was something wrong with me … that I was weird, or sick somehow … I even forced myself to stop reading the stories I was reading. But I found that I missed them … I liked reading them and the feelings they gave me.”

“Did they turn you on enough to masturbate?”

I noticed that my questions caused her to color slightly, “Yes!”

“And you tried to discuss this with your ex and he … for what ever reasons did not do anything?” Amber shook her head no. “Have you found yourself being turned on or excited by our discussions or because of what I had you do last night?” Her head nodded yes and Amber colored again. “Would you like for me to take control and help you experience some of your fantasies?” This time her head nodded yes very quickly. “The first thing we need to do is decided on a safe word. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes, I have read about that part.”

“And you understand what it is for?” Her head nodded yes. “I will give you a promise here and now … when you use your safe word, whatever is happening, will stop. I mean that. Say your safe word and everything comes to a halt right then. So, I would ask you not to use your safe word unless you really mean it. OK?” Again she nodded yes. “Since I don’t know what you have read, there are a lot of different levels of BDSM. I am not, and I will not abuse you … or any woman. If I spank you, it is a reward, not a punishment. Anything and everything I do is for your sexual excitement and enhancement. I guess I would be considered more of a Top rather than a Dom. Do you understand the difference?”

“I think I understand it more now,” she replied. I noticed that her glass was empty and I went into the kitchen to being out a new bottle. After filling her glass, I leaned back in my chair. I didn’t know if was the effects of the wine or from our conversation but I found my mind was reeling. This beautiful woman was really turning me on.

“Some people refer to … well, when we play around as either a session or a scene. I call it playing around.” I gave her a big grin. “I know that last night I instructed you to call me Sir or Master. Remember?” She nodded her head yes. When we play, that is how you will respond to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes … Sir”

“Good … during our normal lives, I would not expect you to refer to me that way.” She nodded her head again in agreement. “Again, what we do … what I do for you and with you are for your sexual gratification … do you understand?”

“What do you get out of it?”

“Good question. I find that prolonging my desire for sex heightens my feelings … my awareness. After a strong session, I find when I enter a woman … when I enter you, it is very intense … it feels very good. I enjoy being able to bring you as much sexual satisfaction as I possibly can. I first want to turn you on to the point where you maybe even loose control … you will find that in time, you can almost climax when I tell you.” I could see that Amber was having a problem with that comment. “You don’t’ believe me, do you?”

“I can cum once … and then it is very Kartal Elit Escort difficult. The idea that I could cum just by you telling me to cum …. Well, it is a bit difficult for me to imagine.” I noticed that her glass was empty again and I filled it.

“OK … would you like for me to demonstrate a little what I mean?” As I looked at Amber, I thought I saw several emotions play across her face; a little fear, a little suspicion and a lot of passion and lust. Finally, she nodded her head yes. “Before we start … I need a safe word. I need a word that you would only use if you wanted things to stop. Do you have a word?”

From the way she bowed her head and then looked up at me, I could tell that she had thought over the idea of her safe word for a long time. “Wish!”

“What?” I asked her.

“Wish ……. this is something that I have wished for. So my word is ‘wish’!”

“Stand up!” I allowed my voice to become soft and low. Amber finished her glass on wine in one gulp and stood up. Lift your lovely outfit and take it off.” I saw her eyes widen at my request. She seemed to think it over for a moment and then she bent over, reached down and pulled the dress off over her head. I moved my chair back and sat staring at her lovely naked body standing in front of me. Her breasts were full and her nipples were extended, either from the cold or from her excitement. I noticed her areolas were large with what I guessed was her arousal. Her body was tapered at her waist and then flared at her hips. She looked very sensual and desirable as she stood naked in the soft lights. I instructed her to come and stand in front of me.

“Yes … Sir!” was her whispered reply and she came and stood in front of me.

“Turn and face the wall!” I turned her so she was now standing with her side to me rather than facing me. “Put your hands behind your neck and lace your fingers.” I leaned forward and stared at her calf, slowly running one hand up the leg that was closest to me. Slowly, ever so slowly I moved my hand up over her calf. Upwards … slowly upwards … my hand moved onto the back of her thigh and then up over one of her cheeks. I continued to move my hand up the small of her back, up to her shoulder and started back down the other side of her body. As I passed over the other cheek of her bottom, I noticed that she had goose pimples. “Are you cold?” I asked her.

“No!” came her reply.

My hand lifted slightly and I brought it back down swiftly on the cheek closest to me. The sharp sound of the slap filled the room and I heard what I thought was a soft moan escape from Amber. “No what?” I asked in a slightly louder voice.

“No Sir!” came the quick reply.

“Better … don’t forget again … understand?”

“Yes … Sir!” She whispered.

I returned to moving my hand across her body. I stood up behind her and began to rub her shoulders. Again a deep moan escaped from Amber. I continued to touch her, sometimes firmly and other times with the lightest touch I could do. Finally I moved to stand in front of her and I knelt down. I moved my hands up over the front of her thighs, avoiding her pubic area and continued to move over her tummy and up over her breasts, making sure not to touch her nipples. Her breasts were beautiful. The weight of them felt good in my hands and I loved the texture of her skin.

As my hands moved down, I stopped between her knees and pushed her legs apart. Her feet were now over 2 feet apart and as I knelt in front of her, I was staring directly at her exposed pussy. I leaned forward and gently blew against her pubic region. I heard her take a sharp breath and I resumed moving my hands over her body; touching, caressing, loving her body with my hands. This time when I started to rub her shoulders, she leaned back against my hands, allowing herself to relax and enjoy the feeling of it all. The noises from Amber were become more frequent and louder. It was obvious that she was become extremely aroused. As I slipped my hands around in front of her to fondle her breasts, she pushed her bottom back against me. I was sure she felt my erection pushing against her crack. Amber didn’t move her bottom very much, but I was sure the she had rubbed up and down a little. The little vixen was trying her best to turn me on too.

I instructed her to keep her fingers laced and her hands locked behind her head as I tilted her body slightly forward at the waist. He bottom was protruding in a most sensual manner. I ran one hand over her cheek several times and then brought it down quickly; not too hard, but still getting her attention. I moved my hand over her bottom to ease away any pain that I had inflicted and her bottom pushed back against my hand. Amber was defiantly getting very aroused. Again I slapped her bottom and then massaged the place I had slapped her. I alternated to her other cheek, doing the same as I had done to her first cheek. I slapped her harder and quickly moved my hands over her to ease the pain; loving and caressing her.

Slap! I applied my hand to her right cheek and then gently caressed away the pain. Slap! Now it was her left cheek. Slap! I had moved back to the right side and then to the left. I noticed her bottom was getting red and with each spank, her moans and cries were become more ones of passion rather then of pain.

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