AdDICKed Cuck Ch. 02


Linda my mother-in-law came out of the closet. Her pussy soaking wet, she reached over and grabbed the strap-on dildo. She put it on and told her daughter to get up on the bed in doggie position.

My wife obeyed and Linda mounted her from behind and fucked her like a champ. I am watching my wife getting fucked by her mother with a strap-on. I’m jacking my cock when Linda tells me to get on my hands and knees next to my wife. I do as I am told and she sticks the other dildo up my ass while I jack my cock off.

She than has me hold the dildo in my ass and I get down under both of them, so I can suck on my wife’s loose cunt while Linda fucks it. When all the fucking came to an end. We all three laid there in the cum, sweat, and love juice. Linda picked up her cell phone and called her husband.

She told him what had happened and that she caught me fucking myself with a dildo. And how their daughter has turned into a sex crazed bitch. She told him to pull his cock out and masturbate. While she was telling him everything. She told him how she made me eat her cum filled pussy that was full of his cum. And how she fucked their daughter and me, at the same time.

She also told him about me getting their daughter hooked on giant dildo’s, so much that her pussy looked like she was forty years old.

She started telling him to come on and cum. He must have cum cause, she was making sucking sounds on the phone. She told him she loved him and hung up the phone.

My wife and her mother went in and took a shower together, when they came out, it was my turn. My face felt like a glazed donut. I had dried cum everywhere just as I was getting out both of them came into the bathroom. bahis siteleri

My wife was holding a rubber tube and my mother-in-law was holding a bag. My wife started off by saying that if I was going to be her bitch that I needed to douche my ass-pussy.

They made be bend over and lay down as they stuck the tube up my ass, and filled my asshole and bladder full of warm water.

They made me stand up and when I did, I jumped over the toilet and all that water, cum,shit came out. They laughed at me and my mother-in-law got dressed and left. I went to sleep that night wondering what in the hell was going on.

I couldn’t believe I watched my mother-in-law fuck my wife. I had a lot of unanswered questions. How long has that been going on? Doe’s she fuck her father too? How about her brother? Is my wife a whore?

The next morning we where laying In bed and she answered all my questions. She had never slept with her dad, but she did give her brother a blow-job a couple times. After we talked I felt a lot better. She was sucking on my cock while she was answering my questions. I ate her pussy and fucked it with the dildo till she cum.

Later on in the month she started complaining about not getting to feel a cock swell up and cum in her pussy. As I told you in part 1 my little cock doesn’t do anything for her since I stretched her pussy out with big dildo’s.

She started bringing home XXX videos where the men had very large cocks and we would watch them, and she would call my cock a little clit. And she started abusing it by making it hard, then she would make it soft.

She would let me fuck her in the ass while she masturbated with her fake cock. canlı bahis siteleri She was bored with me and she needed something else. So I went out looking for her a lover.

He must have a big cock and must be able to take orders. A friend of mine’s son was going thru a divorce and he was taking it real hard.

We invited him over one night for dinner and my wife had his cock in her hand 10 minutes after he got there.

She had his clothes off in record time. The poor boy didn’t know what happen to him. She was on her knees sucking the life out of him.

She laid him down on the bed and got up and raped him. His cock was about 9 ½ inches of steel and as big around as a beer can. I was over in the corner jacking my dick when he finally cum.

My wife said it felt like he was peeing in her, they was so much. He told my wife that it had been 3 months since he cum. That just let her know they were plenty more of it in that cock, and she was going to get it.

My wife told me to quit jacking off and get over there and clean her up. The young mans cum was thick and clumpy. And he had filled that big pussy up with it. He couldn’t believe I was sucking his cum out of my wife and loving it.

He believed it when I reached over and took his cum covered cock in my mouth. At first he started to protest but when my tongue flicked over his pee hole, he started pumping my mouth.

My wife was having a orgasm after orgasm she had always wanted to see me suck a cock and I just treated it like the first time I sucked a strap-on.

The young man was telling us that he wasn’t gay. And that he couldn’t believe a man was sucking him. But he kept pumping my mouth. After canlı bahis he was good and hard my wife ask him if he would fuck my ass.

As she was licking his asshole. He said that if she would insert his cock in my asshole he would fuck me.. So she wrapped her hand around his cock and glided it into me.

It felt better than a fake cock. My wife told him to close his eyes and think about fucking her in the ass later on. Of course my ass is tighter than my wife’s.

I rode that cock for what seemed like an hour my cock was dripping precum, and I had cum twice from him massaging my prostate. Just as he was going to shoot, my wife grabbed his cock and stuck it in her pussy. He filled her up again.

I was starting to like the taste of cum and my wife knew it. The young man comes over 3 times a week now. We are very comfortable with each other. When the wife is on the rag, she calls it boys night, she likes to see us get in a 69 position with us sucking each other’s cock.

While we fuck each other’s ass with a dildo. The young man has become a real lover of ours.

On the nights he’s not over, Linda my mother-in-law will come over. She loves for me to greet her on my knees as she raises her skirt to feed me her husbands cum. On those nights my wife and her mother think up all kinds of nasty things for me to do. As they love on each other. Next week they are going to take me to a lesbian convention.

They like to have their friends over and make me do nasty things to myself while they watch.

It’s surprising how many women have never seen a man jack off. Or how many of them have never fucked a man in the ass with a strap-on.

Linda informed me that she was going to take dinner home to my father-in-law tonight. I guess he likes cream pies too.

Well I hope you enjoyed these little episodes because I sure do like making people cum.

And try tasting it

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