Adventures of a Young Teen …..Skiing….part II

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Adventures of a Young Teen …..Skiing….part IIEric took me home after the “boat ride” and came in to say hi to my brother and the rest of the family. Mom asked if I had behaved myself and Eric said “yeah the little squirt was fine, didnt mind havin him at all”. He shot me a glance and went back to conversing. He was soon heading out and looked at me and asked, “wanna try some more skiing later in the week?”, I shot a look towards mom, “as long as his chores are done, sure, just be careful.” “I’ll look after him Mrs C., Eric said as he headed out the door. The day was winding down and I was laying in the bed reliving the day in my head, realizing that I hadn’t gotten off yet. Thinking about getting my mouth filled by Eric, it didnt take long before I shot my load, stored up it seemed to squirt forever and before I knew it I was soaked in cum. I grabbed my towel from under the bed, cleaned up and fell fast asleep hoping to dream about the day’s occurences. The week was going along fine, I do lawns in the summer and was half way through with the yard two blocks down when I saw Eric pulling up in his cool Charger. He said if I wanted to go with him he was heading out tomorrow about 10am and that he would pick me up if I needed him to. I could have ridden my bike over but just to sit in this old car with him would be cool I thought. (ahhh the sad blinders of youth….lol) I told him I’d be ready at 9:30 he nodded and said see ya then, winked, smiled and drove off. My dick got hard instanly and I had to pull my tshirt out of my pants to hide it. I finished up the lawn and headed home. The rest of the day I could think of nothing but what was to come. the day seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was in bed trying to get some sleep, though my brain was more into keep me awake. The morning came and I was ready to go, I had decided to be somewhat like Eric and wear some boxer briefs under my cargo shorts. I wondered if he would notice. 930 came and no Eric, I thought, great he forgot me, I waited until 10 and wondered if I should call but the decision was made for me as I heard him pulling up the drive. I headed out and to my surprise Shaun was in the car with Eric. “what’s up little Squirt?” eric said “sorry I’m late but I had to get Shaun, hop in.” I got in the back and we headed off to the lake with the music blarin. It took about a half hour to get the boat in the water and out we went. Eric had told me that I was the spotter and needed to pay attention. The two of them ski’d for a couple of hours showin off and doin stupid stuff when I turned to Eric and asked if I could try again. He said sure and idled the boat down, Shaun and I switched spots and within minutes I was up on the skis. It didnt take me nearly as long this time and I was able to handle bakırköy escort myself quite well in the turns. Finally we hit the shore and had some lunch that Eric had bagged for us. After lunch we decided to head out again, This time no skiing we just cruised the perimeter for a while checkin stuff out. Little did I know, Eric was checkin out the lake earlier in the week for a secluded spot and was heading right for it. When he got there he Idled the boat down and tossed the anchor. Shaun hot brought a rod and was setting up to fish when Eric spoke up and said, ” I hope you don’t get mad but I told Shaun what happened on the lake the other day, He’s cool and all, he promised he wouldnt say anything”, “yeah Little Squirt, is it true? I mean its cool and all if thats what your into.” I was devastated, holy crap what the hell do I do now? I cant believe he said something,Jump out? swim home? LOL, not an option, before I could react, I turned and looked at Eric and he already had his member out waving it in the air, ” come on Squirt, I havent gotten off since that load I gave you on Sunday and Ive been looking forward to this.” I looked at Shaun then Eric then Shaun again, He didnt act interested in what Eric said so I turned back to Eric and that member staring me in the face. I grasped it and began to work on his cock with my mouth, He just moaned, ” thats right Squirt, do me good boy. Totally blocking out the fact that Shaun was on the boat I began working Eric’s tool like there was no tomorrow. He was rock hard and I found it hard to get more than two thirds of his cock in down my throat, He grabbed the backed of my head and helped me out. He then grabbed the sides of my head and held it still as he began to fuck my mouth with determination. Just then I heard shaun pipe in, ” dam Eric, you were right he loves it.” I felt the boat sway a bit but could not see what Shaun was doing as Eric kepted up the furious pace on my mouth. I thought I would pass out for lack of air when just then I felt Shaun come up beside me, cock in hand. I glanced over to it and saw what appeared to be at least eight inches curved downward and still growing. I would have never pegged Shaun to have a cock that big, definitely a grower versus a shower. He pointed it at my face and said, “here Squirt try this one.” I was released from eric’s death grip and told to go ahead. I took Shaun in my hand, Definitely longer than Eric but not as thick. I started to give Shaun the treatment, he sat down on the chair and just let me do my thing, “He’s better than *******, (his girlfriend), Yeah I know says Eric, I told ya! I really enjoyed suckin Shaun’s tool, He was relaxed and was totally enjoying the service I was providing to his member. I beşiktaş escort was in heaven, for the next what seemed like hour or so they took turns r****g my mouth. Eric took his usual stance while he face fucked me and shot a huge load down my throat causing him to go weak in the knees and collapse in the boat. “Dam Eric, did you blow a hole in the back of his head or what?” “Let me get some of that” I turned and engulfed his cock and went to town, slurping and sucking best I could, Shaun started talkin to me, ” yeah boy, suck that big dick, yeah boy take my load, you ready for it? Here it comes boy, take it all, just then his big cock pulsed and shot a very powerful load of cum followed by ten additional shots with a grunt from Shaun for each shot. They both lay spent as I licked my lips and scooped up what little had spilled out my mouth. Just then Eric came up behind me, I had already shucked my cargos and was in my boxer briefs, I was hard as a rock and I felt Eric reach around me and grab my cock. He started jacking it while rubbing my body with his free hand, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, I was in heaven with this strong boy man handling me and playin with my cock when I realized there were another set of hands on me. I opened my eyes to find Shaun, still naked, making a sandwich out of me. Eric feeling me up in front and Shaun kneading my ass rubbing his stiffening cock up against mine. Shaun hooked his fingers in my shorts and pulled them down. Just then he knelt down and took my aching throbbing cock in his mouth, how warm it was as he started to work on my dick. Eric was up against me, as he whispered in my ear, “I knew you would enjoy this and so does Shaun, thats why I invited him.” He took a nip of my ear and began to grind his cock in my ass crack. Oh crap, what was I getting myself into? Just then Shaun came up for air and grabbed my head and pushed me back on his cock. I started back to work on his cock as I saw him bend down and take Eric’s cock in his mouth. Just then Eric says “Thats right boys, service my cock, you like that Squirt?” I could only moan with a mouthful, “you ever had it up the ass Squirt? You wanna try my cock up your cute little butt?” all the while Shaun’s sucking his cock up good, he comes off and says, “yeah Eric, stick that juicy cock up his little hole.” My mind is racing, I have had some things up there but not a real dick and certainly nothing near as big as Eric, I was scared but excited, I was finally gonna get a real cock up my ass. I felt Eric slap his tool between my cheeks, still wet from the workout Shaun gave it, he rubbed his cock against my hole, teasing it then fucking my crack, Shaun started encouraging Eric all the while pounding my face beylikdüzü escort with his thick cock. “yeah Eric, stick that little boys ass, fuck the little Squirt. Just then I felt a blinding pain where my ass was and swore I was gonna pass out. Eric slowly pushed his cock up my ass, not wanting to hurt me he went slow, all the while commenting on how tight my hole was, “dam Squirt, your ass is tighter than anything I ever had before.” and slowly started picking up the pace. The pain quickly subsided and new feelings of intense pleasure washed over me as Eric fucked my hole. There I was, Shaun’s dick down my throat and Eric’s cock working like a piston on my newly deflowered hole. It must have been one hot scene, Shaun reached back on pulled my ass cheeks apart letting out a low whistle, “dam Eric, tear that boy’s hole up.” Eric pulled out and slammed his cock back in, I moaned in extasy as he long dicked me, pulling out each time and sliding back in all the way to the hilt. Slapping my ass and telling me to take it bitch boy as he did. ” Dam k** your gonna make me shoot again”, Eric moaned as he yanked his cock out and turned me around to shoot another load on my lips and down my chest. As I started licking his tool clean of cum and tasting the mixture of juices, I felt Shauns cock on my hole, I looked back in fear as he said, “dont worry Squirt, I’ll be easy as he slid his cock in, There was a little more pain but Eric tore my hole up good so it didnt take long for Shaun to get adjusted and go to work on my hole. He was more vocal than Eric telling me how sweet and tight my hole was and that I better give it up to them whenever they wanted it. Slapping my ass he started really drilling my hole. “Dam Squirt, tight hole, give me that ass boy, grabbing my hips and really fucking me hard, just then I started shooting my load, I hadnt even touched my cock and it was shooting like a fire hose out of control. Eric let out a whoop and told Shaun he was fucking the cum out of me, Shaun pulled me up as my cock squirted like a fountain, all the while Shaun fucking me like a piston he held on tight and told me he was about to shoot his load, I felt the warmth as he shot volley after volley up my no longer virgin hole. He pulled out as I felt his cum dripping out of my hole. We all lay there spent, sweat running down our bodies, cum all over the boat and in me. It took a bit for us to gain some strength back and we decided to jump in the lake and clean up. We did some tubing for a while after cause no one had enough energy to stay up on skis. As the day drew we headed off to drop Shaun off. As he was getting out Shaun said, “thanks Eric, enjoyed it like you said”, as he leaned over to me and grabbed my ass, “you too Squirt, thanks, see you soon.” and off he went. On the way back in Eric turned to me and said, “I hope you enjoyed yourself today Squirt” I replied in the positive and he continued, “But if you think that was good you should come over to my place this weekend.” He grabbed my ass, gave it a hard squeeze and off we went……………..To be continued

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