After School Detention


I was looking forward to going straight home afterwards and having a glass of red wine and catching up on some marking that I’m behind on until the principal came to me on my lunch break, telling me about a situation that happened earlier in the morning before first class.

‘Yeah, bottom line, it was just stupid. But I had to give her detention for it. Would you mind just sticking around for an extra hour after school to be on duty for it? I’d really appreciate it if you could,’ he said, fumbling with his tie. Of course, I really didn’t feel like it, and no one wants to be on detention duty. Working at a public high school can be rather difficult at times since there is so many kids with all very different and strong personalities, but I’m sure that’s the case with every school. Perhaps our school has a bit more of a rough name and title to it, and I can really see why it would at times. Anyway, I was hesitant, but just thought I would say yes in order to help out.

‘Sure- uh, yes, that’s fine,’ I said, slightly disappointed when I found out that my plans of wine drinking and relaxing would now have to be postponed.

‘Thank you, much appreciated. I told her to go to room 137 in the English hallway. She should be there right at 2:30. Thank you again Miranda,’ he said, smiling and leaving out the door into the hallway. I sighed, I wasn’t looking forward to it and already wanted it to over.

The final bell rang and the uproar from the kids sounded as they all left their classrooms, starting for their lockers in a hurry and leaving out the exits. I looked at them in jealously knowing that they were going to be going home or anywhere else but here. But I gathered all my things and put them in my bag, shut off the lights and locked my door, heading to room 137. The attendance list was short for detention as it was only one student, Vanessa Morgan. She sounds familiar, I can’t recall if I’ve taught her or not. I can’t even really seem to make out what she looks like, there’s lots of Vanessa’s and countless students that I encounter everyday. I just hope it goes okay.

When I arrived, the door was wide open and I saw a student sitting in a desk in the middle of the classroom. I walked in and made my way to the front desk, placing my bag down. I pulled out the attendance list and placed it on the desk.

‘Vanessa Morgan?’ I asked, looking at her. She looked up through her eyelashes, slouched over the desk and fidgeting with a pencil between her fingers.

‘That would be me,’ she said rather sarcastically, definitely with some kind of tone in her voice. I have certainly seen her around the school many times, and may have taught her in a split class a few years ago. She had the long black hair, rail thin body, bluish eyes, thick brows, tattoos, a lip and ear piercings. Not to judge, but just looking at her, I thought ‘what a badass’; The type who would be a rule breaker, jumping off a moving train, leaving spray paint and graffiti on the side of old buildings, getting drunk every weekend. Again, not to judge, but she gave me the impression. She had a black leather jacket on with a Blink-182 t-shirt on underneath. Her blue jeans were heavily ripped and she wore black booties.

‘Okay,’ I said, and needlessly checked off her name on the paper. She breathed through her nose harshly and loudly, in a way that came off as annoyed. She tucked in her chair and I realized that she had no papers or binders with her, just a backpack rested against her desk.

‘Well, detention is an hour tonight. So if you have other work or anything, feel free to do so,’ I said before I sat down. I felt so strange being alone with a student who looked total punk when I was the complete opposite. I did have black hair too, but no ink or piercings at all, and just average size. I may be a bit taller than her and if I am, it definitely isn’t by much, and while she had the pitch blue eyes, mine were brown. From the looks of it, her and I wouldn’t be able to connect or talk about a whole lot. She let out a long breath before she spoke.

‘You may not believe me, but I like to be productive during class and get my work done and not do it at home. So I have nothing to do,’ she said, leaning back in her chair, visibly bored. I mentally rolled my eyes, she’s got an attitude and I didn’t want to deal with it. Only I would get stuck with a brat in detention.

‘Okayyy, how about a book?’ I suggested, already fed up and trying not to give back the same tone of voice.

‘Didn’t bring one, and plus I read a lot at home. Guess I’ll just stare into thin air for an hour. Fun,’ she said, again with that sarcastic, ‘get me out of here’ tone. It was very tempting to just send her off and tell the principal that all went well. I tried to ignore her attitude and focus on my tasks.

‘Okay, whatever you like Vanessa,’ I said, looking down to my papers and starting my marking. There were a few moments of silence as I worked through my markings until I heard her push her chair back and rest one of her feet Maltepe Escort on the legs of the desk. Again, she sighed hard, and shifted and turned in her seat.

‘I don’t know why I would get detention for running in the halls. I was promoting physical activity,’ she said aloud. I nearly laughed, and hypothetically speaking, she wasn’t entirely wrong I suppose. But as a teacher, I obviously couldn’t agree with her on that.

‘Why were you running in the first place?’ I asked, looking at her under my reading glasses. She looked up and made brief eye contact with me before she spoke.

‘Well you know, so I could make it to class on time,’ she said smirking, almost shrugging her shoulders, as if I should have already known the answer. She slouched back down over the desk and began playing around with the pencil again, twirling it between her fingers.

‘Well… maybe that’s the issue in the first place, you were running late. My advice, just be more cautious of your time in the future,’ I said, looking back down to my papers and marking in between conversation. She lifted her elbow up and rested it on the desk, placing her chin in her palm. She slightly rolled her eyes and looked towards the window.

‘I don’t know, I’m 18 and in my final year. Shouldn’t I know between right and wrong? I think this was a little over the top,’ she said, still spinning the pencil between her fingers.

‘Sorry Vanessa, it’s a rule that needs to be followed,’ I once again looked down to my papers, finding where I last left off and continued. She was making sounds with her tongue, clicking it against the sides and roof of her mouth, creating loud popping sounds. The noise was rather distracting, and suddenly it stopped before she spoke.

‘So do you think any teachers ever sleep with each other?’ she asked aloud, and I stopped doing my marking, feeling my brows furrow in confusion. I tilted my head to the side before I looked up to her.

‘Um… no, Vanessa. That’s not-‘

‘What about any of the teachers with the students?’ she cut me off, looking at me from across the room. I was speechless and had no idea how to answer these questions. I didn’t think so, but it is true that you really never know what happens. But why would she even think to ask such random, and bizarre things?

‘Again, no, Vanessa. But that’s not an appropriate question,’ I said, rather uncomfortable and very confused. She seemed amused and fascinated by the topic, smirking and having a look of wanting to let out a laugh. She once again tucked in her chair, crossing her legs underneath the desk.

‘My friends and I thought Mr. Roberts and Ms. Thompson were fooling around. I think they’ve made it pretty obvious,’ she blurted with a smirk, completely shameless and speaking without hesitation. I hope I hid my expression because I truly forgot about those two, and they did have an interest for each other. All the staff pretty much knew they were flirty, and possibly doing things after hours and things like that… I wasn’t entirely sure, but it wasn’t completely made up.

‘Vanessa, why don’t you organize your binder and-‘

‘What do you think about it, Miss. Gilmore?,’ she asked. I honestly didn’t think she knew my name, but I was stuck on how to respond and really tried to move beyond it. I shifted in my seat, desperately trying to distract her from this conversation, trying to think of other things to say.

‘It’s not true,’ I said quickly and looked down to my papers to once again hide my reaction. ‘Again, why don’t you organize your binder, look over other notes, something to keep you busy,’ I said, shocked at her talk and behaviour. I may have shook my head in the moment but she stayed still in her chair, still peering over at me from across the room. Her stare was distracting and it made me look up.

‘What is it, Vanessa?’ I asked, fed up and tired of her attitude and outrageous topics of conversation. But she was just sitting and smirking, her blue eyes burning right through me. She opened her jaw to speak.

‘Have you ever done anything with a student, Miss. Gilmore?’ she asked, and I instantly scoffed. Who did she think she was? What kind of kid would behave like this towards one of their teachers?

‘Vanessa, absolutely not. Now enough of these inappropriate ques-‘

‘Have you ever thought about it?’ she asked, again, cutting me off. I never did think of it! Do I just send her back down to the office and have her suspended, expelled? The way Vanessa was looking at me was questionable and made me shift in my seat. She was making me rather nervous as her blue eyes bore into mine from feet and feet away. For an instant her attractive looks came over me, and I instantly shook my head in hopes this would stop. I really didn’t know how to shut her up off this topic. Before I could argue with her once again, she rose from the desk and walked towards the door and closed it tightly. She turned back around with a deep look in her eyes.

My Maltepe Escort Bayan heart started to pound as she sat in a desk closer to the front desk now. The door being closed gave the environment around us a too close for comfort kind of feel, and my mind started to race crazily.

‘Can… can you open the door again, please Vanessa?’ I asked, my voice a little shaky from my pounding heart. She looked at me mysteriously, her pitch blue eyes looking straight through me. I looked away, hoping she would stop whatever she was doing, whatever game she was playing.

‘I’ve been told my tongue feels pretty good. Is that something you’d be interested in finding out, Miss. Gilmore?’ she asked, and continued to look right through me. I was shocked, stunned, looking at her in disbelief with wide eyes and a mouth that couldn’t function.

‘Vanessa…’ I said breathlessly. I had to look away each time, because her blue eyes felt like they were starting to create a spell on me. She smiled, running her tongue along her lip piercing. Watching her do so sent shivers down my spine.

‘I’d gladly show you how a tongue should feel like. And you’re pretty hot, so why not?’ she said, raising her shoulders as she once again licked over her mouth piercing.

It felt way too hot in this room. I tugged at my shirt and cleared my throat with force, feeling my face blush by the second. My heart was pounding in my chest and I kept swallowing due to my mouth becoming so dry. I was completely speechless and had no idea how to form sentences anymore as she stood up from the chair, tucking it in the desk. I gripped reality once again as she walked over to me.

‘Enough Vanessa, sit back down before I give you work to do,’ I said with a rather unsteady voice once again, trying to get over the shock from her words. I’ve never been in this situation before, and had no idea how to react or what to do. She stood behind me and comfortably positioned herself behind the chair, holding onto the sides of it. She let out a small breath, and her voice came closer to my ear.

‘I’ll do some work for you,’ she said, placing her hand on my neck and moving all my hair to one shoulder. I was panting heavily as I felt her bend down closer, close enough to feel her breath upon my neck. The feeling gave me goosebumps, and I shivered. I closed my eyes as if this was some crazy dream that I needed to wake up from. But it was as real as it was as Vanessa leaned her head down and pressed her lips against my now open neck.

I gasped at the contact, desperately wanting to move my head away but the feeling of her lips on my neck was almost too nice to turn away. I don’t know how long she was kissing my neck for until I spoke, but when I suddenly realized what was happening, she was still kissing my neck and rubbing my chest gently. I stiffened in my seat, stunned that things had already gotten this far.

‘Vanessa, this is bad- this is crazy,’ I instinctively turned my head away, but she latched her lips to the other side of my neck and continued to caress my chest and sides. I was trying to resist, but her kissing and touching was almost irresistible. I found myself squirming and turning in my seat, becoming more and more aware of my arousal. She was already turning me on, and we haven’t even kissed. The absurdity was almost so much that it brought me to a true state of disbelief.

‘Please – Vanessa, this… this is insane,’ I stood up from my chair, turning to face her. But she was steady with herself and we were face to face. She was smiling gently, and placed a hand to my face, pulling me in. Our lips crashed and I practically melted at the feel of her soft lips on mine. She seemed so experienced for an 18 year old. I quickly and guiltily started to wonder how her tongue would feel like. I pulled back from the kiss, automatically holding her face and looking into her eyes, our foreheads touching.

‘This is dangerous,’ I whispered to her, out of breath and my heart pounding. She kept grinning and her eyes looked fearless.

‘Oh well,’ she whispered back, smiling once again, pulling me back in. I closed my eyes as her kiss took over my entire being. My mind was racing as I quickly realized I was making out with a student, who was also 16 years younger than me. Her touching took over my mind and my knees were growing weak as she started to play with my nipples over my shirt, and it wasn’t long until she pulled my shirt over my head, undid my bra in one quick move and was lapping away at my breasts with her tongue. I bit my mouth hard, squirming my upper body.

‘Oh my God-‘ I gasped, looking down at her lick away at my nipples. I got a good view of her eyes, and they had drops of green in them too. She was smiling cutely at me as she worked her tongue on my chest, and I truly started finding it harder and harder to back away from her. She was making me melt right before her.

‘How am I doing on my work so far?’ she asked, winking at me and licking across Escort Maltepe my chest. I let out a long breath, shaking my head in disbelief. All of a sudden she placed her hand inside my pants and started rubbing me through my panties. I couldn’t help but let out a low moan as her fingers worked gently against me. I had no words as she placed me back to my chair, reaching for my pants and pulling them down my legs. I felt guilty as all hell as I was thoroughly starting to enjoy this, and it struck me in this very moment how far it was getting.

‘Vanessa- please- this can’t happen,’ I pleaded, reaching for her. But my pants hit the ground and she reached for my panties next. She placed herself on her knees in between my legs. A look of seriousness came across her face, and she reached up to my face and stroked my cheek gently with her knuckles.

‘I know I’m a bad student, but I wouldn’t do this if I thought we were going to get caught. I wouldn’t do that to you… trust me Miss. Gilmore,’ she spoke gently, and instantly I started to trust those eyes and that voice, when just moments ago I was willing to send her home and get her out of my sight. She kissed my inner thighs sweetly, leaving behind paths of saliva against my skin.

‘Besides, I was just about to get to the good part,’ she said, winking up at me once again. Her previous words ‘I’ve been told my tongue feels pretty good’ kept ringing in my mind and suddenly the curiosity was driving me crazy. I became more curious as the seconds passed, she was so tempting. How on earth did she do this to me?

She inched closer and closer to my slit, making my back arch. I was gripping the handles of the chair as her breath hovered over my pussy now, sending unbelievable sensations throughout my body. Her lips were just about to touch me until I spoke once again, terrified of someone walking in, terrified of getting us both in trouble.

‘Vanessa-‘ I whispered down to her, reaching for her head. The fear in my eyes must have been obvious as she reached back up and touched my neck softly.

‘Trust me,’ she whispered back. I groaned as she took her thumb and licked it until it was glistening with saliva, and she placed it directly over my clit. The contact caused me to jerk and move uncontrollably in my seat, and she began to flick her wet thumb over my clit repeatedly. I was breathless once again and swallowed hard as she slowly removed her thumb, licking her lips and looking at me with intensity.

‘Trust me…’ she repeated, whispering with a raspy voice, and all I could give was a slow and hesitant half nod before she slipped her tongue in between my slit and ran it up and down. I practically cried out; her tongue was smooth as silk and freshly wet with saliva. It was only seconds in and I already agree 100 percent that she is simply amazing with her tongue.

She was moaning gently as she moved her tongue up and swirled her thick tongue over my clit. My legs were already shaking and my vision was starting to blur from the intense feelings she was giving my body. She placed the tip of her tongue to my clit now and traced it so gently. Where did she learn this, I thought to myself over and over. I couldn’t keep my feelings to myself anymore, and started to give out louder moans.

‘Oh- shit- Vanessa, so- so good,’ I mumbled to her, trying my best to make sense as she flattened her tongue over my clit and licked every angle of my clit with her warm and even tongue.

‘Doesn’t that feel good?’ she asked, looking up at me with a smile as she continued with her wet tongue, flicking it gently over my clit. My orgasm was quickly approaching and I had to brace myself, wondering how the hell am I not going to break this chair and keep quiet at the same time. I tried hard not to crumble into thousands of pieces as my orgasm peeked.

‘Yes- like that- Ohhh Goddd!’ I tried to speak in whispers as my orgasm took over and made me jerk and whimper in the chair. A white flash flew over me and it was unknown how many minutes had passed until I saw her face once again, still bent down in between my legs and looking at me with a smile. I caught a breath, speechless, my heart pounding in my ribcage.

‘Your pussy is so pretty, and tastes fucking amazing,’ she said with a sparkle in her eye. I threw my head back, still trying to piece this all together, and still trying to recover from the powerful orgasm she gave me.

‘Vanessa- oh my God- I…’

I was thrown off as she came back up to my face, kissing my cheek then down to my neck. She rose her hand and placed it to my hole, circling it with her middle finger as her index finger held my fold open. I found myself moaning once again as she slowly teased my hole with her finger.

‘I’m going to make you spray everywhere…’ she whispered deep in my ear, and before I could question, she slammed her middle and index finger deep inside of me. I cried out into her neck, holding onto her shoulders tightly as I sunk down in the chair. She pressed her upper body against me for support, thrusting her hand repeatedly towards me.

I was moaning into her skin, kissing and sucking on her neck to keep my moans at a reasonable level. Her fingers felt amazing deep inside of me and she placed her forehead against mine where we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

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