After the Academy

Alicia Williams

I’m standing alone in the middle of the room. It’s late, the curtains are shut and there are no sounds from the street. I’m still wearing the clothes I wore to work; a blue satin blouse, black knee-length skirt, stockings, garters and high heels. My hair is gathered in a clip at the back of my head, off my neck. You enter the room quietly. You stand so close to me that your words send a shiver of warm air across my neck “Get down on your knees.”

My heart pounds as I obey. “Open your blouse.”

The soft material catches on my rough lace bra as I slowly release each button. You reach down over my shoulder to caress my breasts, then snap your fingers to open the front of the bra. Cool air rushes across my chest making my nipples stand at attention, begging to be touched. Your next words make my heart beat between my legs “Put your hands behind your back.”

I hear the whisper of cold steel as you cuff my wrists together. “Close your eyes.”

The seconds tick by. I hear you leave the room and then return. Something cold and wet touches my lips and my tongue darts out to identify it. Ice. The frozen cube slides down my throat, melting against my burning skin. The water rolls down my chest, dripping off of my tight nipples and pooling in my belly button before dropping to the floor. You run the ice in circles around my nipples: first the left, then the right. My lips part as my breathing becomes laboured.

Your fingers catch the collar of my open blouse and tug gently. The material shivers down my spine, catching at my bound wrists. You press your fingers into my skin and drag them down my body, pulling the flimsy bra away as I arch my back in pleasure. More time passes. I can’t hear you, but I know you’re close. I jump as something soft touches my shoulder and travels up my kastamonu escort neck and down towards my chest. I can’t tell what it is, but I smile in anticipation as it traces the delicate skin in the valley of my breasts.

You draw it back up to slide over my cheek and I catch a hint of fragrance. It’s a carnation, one of the dozen you gave me yesterday. The fragile petals draw circles around my nipple, teasing but not quite touching. I move slightly, silently begging you to touch me.

The flower continues to tease sensitive skin on my body, ignoring the obvious places to touch. Suddenly, your lips close around my nipple. Your tongue snakes around it, drawing it deep into your mouth. I gasp as you exhale and then gently suck the aching tip. The carnation drops to the floor as your hand reaches up to cup my other breast, gently massaging and pulling. You suck harder; drawing gasps and sighs from my lips. My body arches towards you, asking for more contact. Then you’re gone. Your footsteps leave the room; I’m alone again, shivering, struggling for breath. Your hand closes around my upper arm, helping me to my feet. “Spread your legs.”

My feet slide apart as you guide me to the wall and lean me against it, hands still bound and breasts thrust forwards. Your lips touch my cheek. Dozens of kisses rain down on my face, moving closer but never touching my mouth. I bite my lip in frustration. I can feel your breath on my mouth; your lips almost touching mine. The faintest brush, and then they’re gone. I moan softly.

I feel your hands on my thighs. They slide down my skirt to my knees, then back up, pulling the hemline up over my hips to rest at my waist. Fully dressed, and fully exposed except for sheer black panties that do little to hide. Pressing kayseri escort your body against mine, you hold my chin in your hand as you gently nibble along my jaw.

My head tilts back and my mouth opens as you run your other hand slowly up the inside of one thigh and down the other without touching my most sensitive place. Hearing my moans of frustration, you repeat the movement again and again, still grazing my face with teasing kisses. I shift my legs wider, hoping that you’ll touch me again, praying that you’ll drag your fingers through my wetness. Instead, you step away from me and leave the room again. When you come back, you take my arm and gently lead me away from the wall. “Kneel.”

I drop to my knees again wondering what further torture you have in store for me. You step close to me as I hear the sound of a zipper being undone. Something soft and firm touches my lips. Slowly, I reach out my tongue to guess what it is. A drop of salty fluid confirms my wish. Groaning, I open my mouth to taste you, but before I’ve had a chance to, you pull away.

My shoulders slump in disappointment. I feel the velvety head between my lips again and I happily take what you offer me, sucking and licking the hard organ until you pull back again. I cry out in frustration. “Open your mouth.”

Smiling, I open my lips so you can slide your cock into my throat. Sighing as I feel the entire length enter my mouth, I close my lips and begin to suck gently while teasing with my tongue. “Don’t move.” I relax my mouth as you slowly move back and forth, using my mouth for pleasure but taking care not to cause me any discomfort. I moan and hum against you, feeling myself grow wet with anticipation. You pull out of my mouth. “What do you want?”

Finally! “Please kıbrıs escort touch me, let me touch you.”

I can almost hear you smiling. Throwing your arm around my waist, you pull me against you and kiss me gently. My body melts against yours as I sigh into your mouth. You unsnap the handcuffs and pull my disheveled blouse and bra from my body. Enveloping me in your big arms, you gently stroke my cheek with one finger and kiss me tenderly. My arms slide around your neck as I arch my body against yours. I feel you unfasten my skirt and let it fall to the floor along with my soaking wet panties.

Walking backwards, you fall on to the couch with me straddling your lap. My hands trace patterns on your chest as our kiss deepens. Tangling your fingers in my hair, you pull me towards you, your hard cock finding its place between my legs. You groan as you enter my dripping body. I cry out as my flesh burns, stretching around you. Your arm slides around my back, pressing my chest into you. Your lips touch my neck as I rock back and forth on top of you. Your hands slide all over my body, my back and breasts and legs tingle as you explore me.

I dig my nails into your shoulders as waves of intense pleasure shock my body. You match my rhythm with hard thrusts into me. You tug my hair to move my head and kiss me roughly. Your tongue brushes past my lips as you grab my hips, pinning me in place. You lean back and thrust your hips quickly, filling me over and over again. I struggle to move with you, crying out at the intense feelings rushing through my body. You bury your face in the crook of my neck and grip my hips tightly as you thrust one final, savage time into my body, moaning even as you’re pulling me with you against the back of the couch.

I gasp for breath as you gently stroke the skin on my back and kiss me so softly I might be imagining it. You hold me close to your shaking body and press your lips into my neck once more. I close my eyes and rest my head on your shoulder, my hand sliding down to tangle my fingers in yours. Our breathing slows together as we drift off to sleep…

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