After The Party


The soft light of early morning gradually filled in the scene as Mitchell emerged from sleep. He looked to his left and saw his wife Diane propped up on one elbow, gazing at him.

She moved closer and kissed him softly. She slid onto him and kissed him harder. Her hair fell onto his face. It’s fresh scent enveloped him.

“You were marvelous last night. Not even a whimper.”

She reached down and stroked his cock. Her nipples pressed against his chest.

“Really, darling, the thing was enormous. I don’t believe that I could have taken it inside me. But you did, like it was the most natural thing ever. I’m impressed.”

She slid lower and kissed his nipple. Her hand moved from his shaft to his balls.

She took his nipple between her teeth. She tugged at it, pulling, stretching it uncomfortably before releasing it.

The prior evening’s events came back to him with disturbing clarity. The dinner party that ended so disastrously; the taunting, teasing banter in the hotel room afterwards; Diane’s sensual striptease, and her use of a truly gruesome strapon phallus in his ass.

He had whimpered, of course. And he had writhed. And he had pleaded for her to stop, but his face was pressed so deep into the thick, soft coverlet that no sound escaped.

He shuddered as he recalled how she had forced the obscene device between his butt-cheeks, pressing it tightly against his puckered sphincter. She thrust the horrid thing inside him in one swift stroke.

Now she was gently kneading his balls as she slid her tongue down his belly. She took his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She squeezed his balls harder.

“Now for something special darling.”

She moved so that she was between his legs.

She spread them wide and lowered her lips to his scrotum. Licking and sucking at his balls, she watched his manhood grow. Her saliva soaked his pubic hair, matting it against his sac. It ran down between his legs and pooled on the sheets.

She moved her head lower until her full, soft haramidere escort lips brushed against the strawberry pink ring of his anus. She puckered her lips and pressed them firmly against the fleshy opening to his ass. She held them there, before she pushed her tongue forward and snaked it inside him.

Mitchell moaned softly as his wife’s tongue probed and swirled where just last night the evil plastic thing strapped to her groin had been.

He relaxed his sphincter muscles, enjoying the sensation of her tongue moving inside him. He felt the familiar pressure of a climax growing in his balls. He closed his eyes and waited for his cock to erupt.

Suddenly there were voices in the room. Somebody grabbed his wrists. He climaxed. spurting jizz onto his belly and chest.

A woman stood on either side of the bed. One was asian, with close-cropped hair. She wore dungarees and a rough, stained work shirt, as if she had just completed a shift at the mill. Her shirt was partially open, revealing large round breasts. She gripped him firmly by the wrist.

The other woman was Diane’s younger sister. Her hair was buzz cut on one side, and coarsely chopped on the other. She wore a leather corset that pinched her waist and lifted her breasts high on her chest. Thigh-high leather boots and fishnet stockings completed her menacing look. She held him by his other wrist while she stroked a long pink phallus strapped to her hips.

In the meantime, Diane produced a set of handcuffs and clamped one side around his scrotum. She ratcheted it tight, trapping his balls above the steel ring. The Asian woman took the other cuff and pulled it toward his wrist.

Mitchell howled in agony. The Asian woman glared at him, then pulled his arm forward and snapped the cuff onto his wrist. She released his arm and he lowered it toward his groin, relieving some of the strain on his balls.

Diane lifted his legs up and pushed them toward his belly. The Asian woman ikitelli escort stripped the leather belt from her work pants and fastened it behind his knees. His anus, degradingly exposed, still glistened with Diane’s saliva.

“Took one for the team, eh sis?”

Diane’s sister twisted Mitchell’s arm until he cried out in pain.

“Got ‘im good and wet. He’s ready for you all. Who’s first?”

The Asian woman slipped out of her dungarees, exposing her sleek, muscular legs. Mitchell was horrified to see that she, too, had a large phallus strapped to her groin. There was something different about this one. It was smaller than the one that Diane’s sister sported, and looked, somehow, more anatomically accurate. And it was wrapped in a bright orange condom. The effect was quite dreadful, and Mitchell shuddered to think about how she meant to use it on him. The woman bent over him, opening her shirt and smothering his face with her breasts. Her skin was silky and smooth. Despite his humiliating predicament, he felt a stirring in his cock.

Diane’s sister moved onto the bed, aiming her strapon at the puckered entrance to his ass. She pressed the phallus against his helpless flesh. With a twitch of her hips it was inside him, breaching the portal to his rectum. Like her sister, she buried it to the hilt in one long stroke.

At the same moment, the Asian woman yanked Mitchell’s arm upward. The cuffs bit into the soft flesh of his scrotum as it pulled his balls up and away from his crotch. The flesh stretched and strained, but held. He tried to scream, but the combined pain from the huge imitation phallus stretching his rectum, and the inhuman treatment of his ball-sac had torn his breath out of his lungs, leaving his mouth moving in silent agony.

He now knew what Diane must have felt the first time that he had used her asshole for his sexual pleasure. Their lovemaking that day had started out as sweetly tender as ever, but had turned surprisingly rough istanbul escort when she resisted his repeated attempts to gain access to her delightfully tight ass. He persisted and was finally able to coerce her to allow him entrance. As he forced his manhood into her puckered, resistant anus she had a sudden change of heart and pleaded with him to stop.

His response was to press on with grim determination, stroking deep into her tortured rectum. When he pulled his cock out of her butt it glistened with a thick coating of rectal mucus. When she pleaded with him to stop, it fell on deaf ears and he thrust his swollen tool harder and deeper inside her.

He finished by pulling out and pumping thick gobs of semen onto her backside. He slapped her rump and headed for the shower.

Now his face was buried in the soft fleshy confines of the Asian woman’s cleavage. Waves of pain catapulted through him as Diane’s sister continued to ravage his anus with her strapon penis. He struggled to remain conscious. The round, scented orbs pressing against his face were like a fleshy balm in a universe of pain.

He was amazed by the unexpected sensation of his penis stiffening. Diane and her sister noticed it too.

“Looks like you’re having quite an effect on him Miko.”

The Asian woman raised up and looked over her shoulder. Mitchell’s scrotum, still trapped in the cold steel cuffs, had turned an evil shade of crimson. His staff continued growing as the three women watched.

Miko climbed up onto him, straddling his chest. Diane grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head, pushing it toward Miko’s crotch.

Diane’s sister halted her furious pumping and grabbed Mitchell’s stiff manhood. She dry-stroked his cock as Miko grasped the phallus that swung between her legs and forced it into his mouth. Diane, still holding him by the hair, moved his head back and forth in a cruel pantomime of a blowjob.

Diane’s sister reached forward and unbuckled the leather harness that encircled Miko’s hips and crotch. With a theatrical flourish she pulled the straps free. The penis, though, remained lodged in Mitchell’s wet mouth. His eyes widened as he realized that what had appeared to be a phallic simulacrum thrusting in and out of his throat was, in fact, Miko’s very large, very hard, and very own cock.

“Oh my, Mitchie. You’ve come all over yourself!”

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