After the Party

Big Tits

It had not been a very good day for me. It was Saturday night, and I spent the evening working my job as a DJ for a party. The food at the party wasn’t that good, the parents wanted one kind of music, the kids wanted the other, and they were very vocal about it. The party was a graduation party, so I had to sit through unfunny speeches by people who thought they were funny, a group prayer by the family minister, and a one hour slide show. I’m sure for the party guests it wasn’t so bad, but slide shows of people you’ve never met is just boring. Actually, I have yet to see a slide show that didn’t bore me.

So, as if the boredom of the evening wasn’t bad enough, I also had to get yelled at because I announced that it was the last song without consulting the friend of the woman who booked me for the party. She was trying to a hold of the person who owned the ballroom to let them stay for another hour, but no one told me, and with the attitude that they gave me, I just packed up and left after the last song. Sure, they could have paid me $100 for that one hour, but I still would have turned them down just because of their attitude.

I got home at roughly eleven that night, and pissed. I was trying to think of some way to release some stress when Monica called me. Monica was this cute Hispanic chica who lived near by. She and I were friends and fuck buddies. She called to bitch and moan about how her date stood her up. I told her about my really shitty evening, and she invited me over.

Now, something that I should tell you about is Monica. We tried dating, but it didn’t work out between us, so we remained friends with benefits. We’re both extremely kinky, and she actually gets turned on when I get upset, unlike my past girlfriends altyazılı porno who hated it.

When I got to her place she was dressed in some lingerie. Seeing her in that always gets me hard, and tonight was no exception. I walked in and locked the door. We chatted, briefly, while drinking wine coolers (she didn’t care for the taste of beer) when I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back and we laid on the couch, her on top of me, her undoing my shirt.

Every so often she would stop kissing me to say something to keep me angry. “You know, maybe you should have told them if it was okay to tell them it was the last song. I know that it was near the end of the party, and that you were only booked for four hours, but still, I think they were right.”

This continued for about twenty minutes. I was just in my jeans, but they were undone and my boxers were exposed. She was still in the lingerie, but her left breast was hanging out for me to see (not that I haven’t seen it before). She stood up, and said, “Well, thanks for coming over, but I need to get to bed.”

I saw this coming a mile away. Like me she’s a night owl, especially on Saturday nights. I stood up and pretended to beg for sex. It wasn’t uncommon for us to suddenly role play without telling the other what was going on. We had pretty much gotten to the point where we could almost read each other’s mind.

She walked to the bedroom, laid down and said, “Thank you for coming over. But I think I need to get to church in the morning.”

“Like hell.” I said letting my pants drop the to floor and joining her on the bed.

“I’m sorry.” She said, “But I really need to sleep.”

I kissed her again, she returned amatör porno my kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I started to undo her top. She slapped my hand away. I reached back up again to undo the top. She slapped it away again.

“I’m not playing.” She said. Had this really been true, she would have said ‘frog’, which is our little code word for ‘I’m not playing’.

I got to the end of the bed, grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her down the bed some. I reached for her panties and pulled them off.

“No, don’t do it!” she shouted in protest as I did it.

I spread her legs and got between them. I lost my boxers before I removed her panties. She said, “Good night.” and started to roll over. I stopped her, rolled her back onto her back and put her ankles over my shoulders.

“No, I’m warning you. Don’t you fucking dare…”

I pushed my dick into her.

She moaned.

I started to slowly hump her. She pulled my face close to her, as if she was going to kiss me. Before I knew it, she slapped me across the face hard. I spat in her face, and increased my tempo as I fucked her. I also took her hands into mine and held them in place on the bed, holding her down.

She smiled briefly as I did this. Next paid day I’ll have to get a pair of handcuffs, we’ve been talking about getting a pair for times like this.

While I was holding her down, she started to shout insult after insult at me. Some were a bit racist (she being Hispanic, me being white, when we did this, we both used racial insults, but they were just hollow, adding to the mood).

“I think I need to shut you up for awhile.” I said as I pulled out of her. I pulled her out of the bed and anal porno I pulled her by the hair to the love seat that was in her bedroom. The only reason why she had it there was for sex. I sat down on the couch and I had her get onto her knees. She willingly complied, but with a show of resistance. I forced her to suck on my cock while I controlled her head movements with my hand on her hair.

It felt great, feeling my my dick in her warm mouth. I pulled her up, off my dick, and kissed her lips, releasing her hair. “That felt great.” I said between kisses.

She kissed back, then she grabbed by wrists, smiled at me with that wicked smile, and impaled herself onto me again. “We’re not finished yet.” she said as she started to ride me.

She placed her hand on my throat and began to choke me.

I put her hands on her ass and rub it while she moved up and down on me.

She released my neck and fed me her nipple, “Suck on it.” she ordered.

I put my teeth around it and bit down on it.

She slapped me and said, “I told you to suck on it.”

I complied, though it was tempting to bit on it again. Getting her pissed at me is another huge turn on for me. Once when we were dating she was yelling at me for something one morning after spending the night, we were both still naked, and I jacked off while she yelled at me, we both like it, and now it’s become a weird fetish for the both of us.

As I sucked on it, I felt her cumming, and shortly there after, I felt some of her cum run down my dick and over my balls. That feeling sent me over the edge, and I came inside of her instantly.

I looked at the clock, it was almost 3 am. I didn’t realize that we’d been going at it for that long. It didn’t seem like it, but I was now in a better mood, and so was she. We both stood up and I walked her to the bed with my arms around her.

That morning I woke up to the feeling of her giving me a blow job. It’s at times like this that I can’t remember why we broke up in the first place…

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