Afternoon Delight


It’d been a long week at work. A client hadn’t been happy with the services the PR firm had provided recently and was throwing a temper tantrum like a 2-year-old who didn’t get the candy they wanted. Maggie breathed a sigh of relief as a fresh breeze brushed through her hair. She was off the clock now and needed time to relax and destress after the chaos from the office. It was a late Saturday evening and the park was not nearly as busy as she’d thought it would be. She loved this park, with its old trees and rolling hills. It was the perfect place to wind down and just enjoy some peace.

She’d decided to go for a leisurely stroll through the woods this afternoon just to clear her mind. Luckily, there were benches set along the trail for those who needed a rest or just wanted to enjoy the scenery. When her legs had started burning, she took advantage of one of these benches. Maggie stretched out her legs, letting her muscles stretch and relax. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the fresh breeze and the quiet songs of the birds. Her body was still tense and she could think of only one way to truly relax. Maggie quickly glanced up and down the treed trail, listening closely for the sound of footsteps. Hearing nothing, she took a deep breath and slowly trailed her hand over her breasts. Her breath caught as her nipples hardened with her touch.

She slid her hand lower, brushing over her flat stomach and resting between her legs. She pressed gently and moaned at the pressure. Her legs fell open as she rubbed her cunt, arching and moaning quietly. Her breath quickened as she felt herself getting wet. Maggie glanced around, making sure she was alone. Then she slipped her hand into her leggings, sliding a finger pendik escort into her wet pussy. Her head fell back as her finger explored, occasionally sliding across her clit. Maggie spread her legs wider, sliding a finger in and out slowly. Her other hand slid down to her breast and started playing with her hardened nipple.

She arched her hips, pushing her finger deeper, her thumb gliding over her clit. A moan escaped her throat and she bit her lip. She could feel herself getting close, the ache building deep in her. She rubbed her clit harder, swallowing back a moan…when she heard a twig snap. Her eyes flew open and she looked around to find a man standing in the brush a few feet away. She gasped when she saw him stroking himself through his running shorts. Her eyes widened as she took in the size of his cock sitting in his hands. Maggie licked her lips as she imagined what it would be like to take him into her mouth. Somewhere in her mind, she thought she should probably be wary of a man watching her pleasure herself in a park. But frankly, she didn’t care. It had been a while since she’d had a cock in her and she was craving one now.

Her eyes slowly slid up to meet his piercing blue gaze. She kept eye contact and began to slide her finger in and out of her pussy, watching as his eyes grew wider and he returned to stroking his cock. She arched and moaned, just imagining what it would feel like to have his cock buried inside her. She let her head fall back and immersed herself in the fantasy. She imagined this stranger kissing her tits and pushing his way into her. Maggie felt herself get wetter as she thought about him pounding into her.

Suddenly, she felt silivri escort lips kissing along her neck. She moaned at the contact and fingered herself faster. A strong grip took hold of her wrist and pulled her hand out of her pants. She felt as a warm mouth enclosed the fingers she’d used to pleasure herself and a soft tongue swirled around them, licking and sucking them clean. Maggie didn’t want to open her eyes, afraid it would break the moment. She lost herself to the touch of this random man as he fondled her tits. His rough hands pulled her tits free of her sports bra and his calloused fingers tweaked her nipples. She clawed at muscled arms as shocks of pleasure ran through her body.

Maggie felt the stranger move between her legs, his cock straining against the barrier of her leggings as he grinded against her. His head dropped to her chest and he sucked a nipple into his warm mouth. His tongue played with it, circling it and flicking over it while his hips continued to thrust against her. Maggie moaned and pressed herself against the length of his cock. Her leggings were soaked from her pussy. She wanted his cock in her now. Maggie heard the man chuckle softly as he pulled away from her nipple. She felt his body move away from hers for a moment and she almost wept at the loss. But then she felt hands running up the insides of her thighs. She moaned and let her legs fall apart. The hands massaged as they moved upward until they reached her pussy where two thumbs pressed in, eliciting another moan from Maggie.

Suddenly, she felt her leggings being ripped open at the crotch. The cool breeze tickling her slightly before she felt lips kissing her pussy.

“Fuck!” şirinevler escort She reached down, gripping his hair and grinding against his face. He took initiative and plunged is tongue into her, moaning as her juices hit his tongue. Maggie arches, reveling in the feel of his tongue on her. The stranger fucks her with his tongue, burying his face in her. She can feel herself getting close and apparently the stranger knows she’s on the edge.

He quickly gets up, pulls his hard cock out of his shorts, and slams into Maggie’s pussy.

“Oh God!” Maggie wraps her legs around him. He grabs her tits, squeezing and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. She grabs his head and pushes him into her tits. The stranger moaned, pushing his cock deeper into her cunt. Maggie finally released his head and he gripped her hips as he began thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. She arched her hips with his thrusts, allowing him to go deeper. She loved the feeling of him deep inside her. His breathing was getting more ragged and his thrusts faster. Maggie gripped his shoulders as she felt her orgasm on the edge. The stranger pounded faster, working the orgasm from her. She clawed his back as she started to cum. In the midst of her orgasm, she felt the stranger’s cock pulsing in her as he spilled his cum in her pussy.

He leaned over her, panting and slowly slid his cock out of her. But Maggie wasn’t finished with his cock yet. As soon as he pulled out, she dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock clean. She loved tasting the mixture of her juices and his cum. The stranger moaned, gripping the back of her head and began pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. Maggie swirled her tongue around him, making sure to get every bit of it clean. She finally pulled off, stood up and put her tits back in her sports bra. She gave the stranger a kiss and walked away. As she continued on down the trail, she didn’t look back. The stranger’s cum was slowly dripping down her thigh as she carried on. And she could only hope that they would meet again for another romp in the park.

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