Aftershocks Ch. 06: Moves


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


Wednesday, November 11, 1992

9:30 a.m., Palm Springs, CA


Eduardo Guerrero was furious. Consequently, the principal morning crew at La Familia Authentic Mexican Restaurant, were unhappily trying to avoid any contact with him, or each other, beyond what was minimally necessary to get the breakfasts out to the customers. Manuel, used to handling the cooking alone, resented the boss’s surly periodic interference. Gwen, already overworked since Luz had been pulled from table waiting to handling the front end when Mariana quit, was further miffed because today, like yesterday and Monday, Luz was absent entirely.

In his office, writing down last minute changes to his weekly produce order, Eduardo snapped the lead point from his pencil from pressing too hard, then cursed, “¿Qué mierde!” Continuing his dark thoughts, he wondered what had gone wrong after his wonderfully successful fuck session with Alice. Had her live-in boyfriend come home from work and figured out he had been cuckolded in his own bed? Surely the little puta would not have voluntarily told him anything!

Eduardo shook his head as he reached in his desk for a replacement pencil. He still could not get over his surprise, when he got home from work last night only to discover that Mari had cleaned out her closets and, somehow, spirited away her entire bedroom furniture set. Not only that, she took all her jewelry and three thousand dollars cash from the safe. Exasperated with himself for not changing the combination after she moved out last Thursday, he exclaimed, “¡Maldita perra! ¡Lo lamentarás!”

Struggling to concentrate on the business at hand, Eduardo found himself still questioning why Alice had not come in for her scheduled shift yesterday afternoon. Maybe Chet beat her up, or something. If she did not show today, he would telephone her and learn more. He rubbed his cock through his suit pants and thought, “Or, maybe I’ll just pop in on her again tomorrow morning…”

Then, aloud to the empty room, Eduardo asked, “¿Y dónde está Luz?” It was true that he had pretty much worn her out Sunday night when he promoted her, but he had given her eighteen hundred dollars for her new job and two days off to spend it. Why had she not shown for work this morning? It was neither right nor fair. Picking up the phone, he called Luz’ apartment for the third time in thirty minutes. It rang off the hook unanswered.

At the Desert Terrace Arms, Luz Guerrero ignored the insistent telephone while she shut and locked her apartment door. She well enough guessed who was trying to call and she did not care. Her feet seemed hardly to touch the ground as she raced excitedly to her car. Her grandfather, her secret lover, the almost certain reason for her almost certain pregnancy, was likely eastbound on The Ten at this very moment and she had things to do before he arrived.

Uncharacteristically grinding the gears, Luz backed from her parking slot, then raced from the lot with barely a glance for cross traffic. Luckily there was none, nor was any policeman nearby to waylay her. Ten minutes later she was parked again and hurrying back to the Copper Iguana boutique where she had spent so much time and money on Monday. Pleased to see her returning customer, the proprietor, a chic tall blonde woman in a flowing silver-and-turquoise geometrically-patterned caftan, called out, as the doorbell tinkled, “Hi! Nice to see you again!”

Luz smiled and replied breathily, “Hi, yourself, May! I forgot a couple things the other day…” As the two women met mid-store, she added, “I meant to look for sexy underwear. Do you have a selection, or do you only have street clothes and accessories?”

The storekeeper read a certain desperation in Luz’ eyes, but discreetly did not react to it. Calmly, she answered, “I carry of full line of very nice, very sexy, very dainty things that I think you will like. Some are cut so as to hardly even be there, some are frilly and lacy, and some are so sheer they would make a spider blush! Come take a look.”

At a display counter along the back wall, near the dressing rooms, the woman, pointing to various panty, bikini and thong styles, observed, “Of course, an important consideration is how much do you want to show off?” She openly admired Luz’ opulent figure. “For instance, while your pedal-pushers really hug your curves, their bright tomato-red color works hard for you to hide any tell-tale lines. If they were white, like your T-shirt… well, you know what I’m saying.”

Luz smiled and said, “Yes, I know. Panty lines are okay. I mean, it’s silly to pretend about those things, isn’t it?” She looked at the cleavage displayed in her deep V-neckline and added, “I haven’t been able to hide these for a long time and I don’t see anything wrong with styles that announce I’m a girl, do you?”

“I agree a hundred percent,” replied May with a wink. “While you browse here, I want to get something else that I’m bursa escort sure you will love. Be right back!”

Luz was a little overwhelmed by the selection until she remembered these were not really for her. They would be worn for her abuelo, Señor Bill. She closed her eyes and imagined Yayo looking at her barely covered coño; rubbing it through its veil; whisking away the barrier; triumphantly ravishing her. Swallowing hard, she cleared her throat and opened her eyes.

Viewing the array again through her new prism, Luz quickly picked three panties she was sure Carter would love. One pair were onyx-black and so delicate that they virtually disappeared against her olive-toned skin when she put her hand behind their thin sheer spun-rayon material. Another pair were all buttercream lace and netting with a solid silk pouch crotch. The third were scarlet satin with a full seat, but high cut to the waistband at the hips.

When the proprietor returned, Luz held out the lingerie and said, “These are pretty. I’m going to put on the black ones right now. I’ll bring their tags up to you in a minute, if that’s alright?”

“Yes, of course,” came the immediate reply. “But, here, take this with you too. See if it doesn’t look smart with that outfit!” May promptly exchanged a golden pink gauzy folded square for the cream and crimson underwears then left to begin ringing up the purchases.

Moments later, as Luz walked to the counter, the shopkeeper dramatically dropped her jaw and stared. The teen’s long dark locks, with their beautician-added sun-streaked curls, were perfectly wrapped in the flowing chiffon gossamer scarf the woman had handed her. Its multivarious sunrise-and-saffron threads glittered with small sewn-in gold and silver metal chips.

“My goodness! Don’t you look like you belong in Hollywood!” Though the taller older woman’s flattery was obvious, her sincere tone removed all offense.

Luz blushed, then grinned broadly and said, “Thank you, May! You might not believe this, but only a couple of months ago, I was actually thinking about taking lessons and trying to be an actress.” She laughed. “That won’t happen now, but at least I can look the part! I’ll take the scarf, too.”

While she rang in the scarf and the onyx panties to complete the transaction, May laughed lightly and answered, “I believe it. And who can say what will happen in the future, anyway? Go get ’em, honey! Take no prisoners!”

Buoyed further by the boutique owner’s enthusiastic support, and filled with renewed confidence, Luz bounced along the sidewalk. Behind the Yugo’s wheel, she extracted from her purse the worn cotton panties she had worn into the store and tucked them in a small empty paper sack May had thoughtfully included with the new purchases. Fresh this morning, the old underwear’s gusset was damp to the touch. She squeezed her excited moist cunt tight against itself, then moved the yellow hatchback away from the curb and headed for the Casa Cody Hotel.

Forty miles west, Dr. William Carter was glad to put the Inland Empire behind him. Traffic on The Ten had thinned considerably at San Bernardino and was now reduced to a smooth moderate flow. As he accelerated past a Winnebago, which, like Sisyphus in ancient days, was laboring with its tow-barred late-model Toyota Corolla up the grade out from Redlands, he flipped up his sun visor and noticeably relaxed. Beside him, and in the backseat, his youthful harem beat their boredom by dozing.

Carter glanced at Periwinkle Halstead, peacefully lounged against the passenger door. Her taut safety harness divided and accentuated her thirty-seven-inch C-cup bust. Then, looking through the rear view mirror at Patricia Dempsey, he saw she was slouched similarly, but with her knees spread and her left leg extended into the footwell behind the driver’s seat. Their quietude was a stark contrast to their animated antics fourteen hours earlier.

Carter recalled how he had been sitting in his home office, working on a monograph he hoped to present at a future American Psychological Association conference, when the co-eds snuck up on him. Eighteen-year-old Peri opened their attack with hot breath and five soft words in his left ear. His neck prickled again as he remembered her insistently whispering, “Uncle Bill, we need you.”

On his right side, nineteen-year-old Trish pulled his pen from his hand and echoed, “Yeah, Dr. C., we need you. Right NOW!” Then, together, the girls stood him from his desk and marched him up the short hallway past the second bedroom. Surrendering to superior forces, he did not fight, but he was surprised at the corridor’s end to be propelled toward the main house rather than the master bedroom. When they reached the breakfast nook, he saw on the cleared pecan table three thick fluffy folded beach towels.

“We’ve been talking, Uncle Bill,” began Peri.

“…and thinking about how this Mariana person,” continued Trish.

“You mean my daughter,” Carter interrupted, to correct the disrespectful bursa escort reference.

“…Yes, your daughter, sorry,” amended Trish before going on. “And soon to be our housekeeper and mother-figure…”

“… and probable wet blanket,” inserted Peri. “I mean, we’re tickled that you found her and we will love having her here and we’re sure she’s a nice woman, but…”

“… but we’re afraid we’ll be less carefree,” Trish chimed in. “You know, Dr. C.? Inhibited?”

Peri picked up the ball and ran with it. “For instance, what if we want to swim naked? Or fuck you silly in the living room, or on the patio, or wherever? We won’t be able to do that if Mariana is around all the time, right?”

Carter had begun to get nervous about where the conversation was headed and how to shut it down before things were said that could not be easily unsaid. The teens pressed themselves against him, front and back, surrounding him with their warm soft pulchritude. Tightening his lips and furrowing his brow, he momentarily lost his thought thread amid sweet enveloping scents. Before he could reconstruct it, Trish flattened her forty-three-inch double-D chest against his lats as much as was physically possible, then reached around his waist.

“So, we’re totally cool with the lifestyle changes,” Trish breathed, as she worked on Carter’s belt buckle. “But, we ARE going to swim naked. AND fuck you silly. In the living room, or on the patio, or wherever… TONIGHT, before Mariana’s here to stop us!”

While Trish was pantsing him, Peri pulled Carter’s paisley silk tie loose and unbuttoned his white Van Heusen dress shirt. “I can’t believe you’ve been home for two hours, had your after-work whiskey, eaten dinner, and are still all dressed to go to the office,” she purred under his chin. “I guess it’s something that you at least took off your blazer!” Her dimples, as usual, had drilled into her cheeks as she laughed and commanded him, “C’mon, now, shuck your T-shirt, shorts and socks… we’re goin’ skinny-dippin’!”

Without waiting for their sixty-six-year-old lover to obey, the teens shed their own clothes and flitted through the glass slider like fairies searching for Queen Mab. Stunned by their speed and beauty, Carter watched through the nook’s big window as they pranced across the patio and dove through darkness into the lit pool. He took a deliberate deep breath, then slowly exhaled as their pale nubile forms sliced the still water. Behind his boxers, his cock wallowed fat against his walnuts and complained that it could not see.

Carter shifted his attention to the thermometer visible through the window. Though it read sixty-five degrees, he also saw, beyond it, that the fence plantings indicated the evening was breezy. Thinking it was likely too chilly for him to get wet, he opted to merely ogle his cavorting companions. With his underwear still on, he padded stocking-footed outside with the towels.

As Carter pulled up a chair and sat beneath the umbrella at the round wrought-iron glass-topped patio table, Trish and Peri splashed madly to the poolside nearest him and yelled together, “Hey!”

“Don’t be a party-pooper, Uncle Bill,” Peri chided. “C’mon in, the water’s warm.”

“Yeah, Dr. C.,” added Trish. “And we are too! Come play with us!”

Carter just shook his head and answered, “No, there’s a nip in the air. I’m just going to sit and watch.”

Peri put her head close to Trish’s for a moment, then sculled back toward the pool’s shallow end. The redheaded mop-top followed her friend in an easy-going breaststroke. Carter smiled at the ripples Peri’s boobs and Trish’s butt produced as they swam away. His cock found sufficient strength to lift its head through his fly, but too late to enjoy its own view.

On arrival, Trish picked up a volleyball, which was floating by the wall at the three-foot marker, and tossed it toward Peri. It bounced short, but skidded on the surface until it was close enough to be grabbed. With the disturbed water lapping their hips, the girls moved to stand about ten feet apart and began playing catch. Backlit by electric tiki-torches spaced among the palm trees, their golden-pale silhouettes jiggled and jounced as they batted the bouncing ball above the sparkling blue wavelets.

The game only lasted about five minutes, but in that time Carter’s dick stretched itself to its full seven-and-a-half inches as engorging blood petrified its formerly flaccid fatness. Stepping up the stairs and out from the swimming pool, the naked naiads skipped shivering along the tiled apron to the table. While they grabbed towels to cover their dripping goosebumped flesh, Peri chattered, “M-m-maybe you were r-r-right, Uncle Bill. The water was great when we were in it, but standing only waist deep was not so good.”

“Yeah, Dr. C, ” added Trish as she briskly rubbed the soft absorptive cloth over her chest and stomach. “You were smart to stay out.” Then, spying his exposed pillar, she nudged Peri and said, “But look what bursa eskort else is out, P.”

“Oh, my Trish,” Peri cooed. “We had more than one spectator!” Reaching from between her towel’s folds, she clasped her bunched left fingers on Carter’s plump glans, wiggled it and suggested, “Let’s take our friend inside where it can be warm!” Pulling back her hand, without releasing her captive, she naturally encouraged its owner to stand from his chair.

Trish opened the glass slider and turned on the gas log fire in the living room while Peri let go Carter’s waving wand and led him by his hand into the house. Standing between the coffee table and the fireplace, Peri dropped to her knees and, at the same time, dropped Carter’s shorts around his socks. She tipped back her head, gave him a mock stern look and announced, “Since you obviously can’t be trusted to follow simple instructions, we’ll just have to take charge!” Then she lowered her face and took his cock’s velvet marshmallow top into her mouth.

Trish, too, knelt on the gold Berber carpet and nipped Carter’s ass, once on each cheek. “There!” She exclaimed. Picking up Peri’s playful tone, she warned him, “If you don’t want to be punished some more, you need to behave.” Then she scooted close behind his hams, spread his glutes and reamed her tongue into his hairy rosebud.

Carter’s prick jumped in Peri’s mouth when Trish stabbed his sphincter. As thrilling chills raced along his spinal cord, he cupped Peri’s head with his left hand and reached behind to lace his right fingers in Trish’s short copper curls. Neither teen had any intention to move away. In fact, they redoubled their titillation.

While Trish augered his anus, she rapidly rubbed her hands up and down Carter’s quads from his thigh creases to his knees. At the same time, Peri, without decreasing her attention to her lollipop, graded her palms over his ribs, under his undershirt, up to his armpits and back to his waist. The girls moaned their own delight as he danced for them. He felt like his whole tingling body had been transformed into a single, five-foot ten-inch erection and was about to blow his head off.

Sensing his extreme tension, Peri stopped edging Carter, popped his plum from her pursed lips with a final noisy kiss and lightly patted his quaking pot. “Don’t be hasty, Uncle Bill,” she admonished lovingly. Quickly rising, she stepped around the coffee table, climbed on her knees onto the big damask couch and said, over her bare shoulder, “We’re hot and bothered like only you can fix!”

Trish, too, stood. In a jiffy she had joined Peri, hip-to-hip on the sofa’s central cushion, and also gazed meaningfully back at Carter. Draping her right arm over her girlfriend’s back, she tenderly squeezed Peri’s proud right tit and supportively declared, “Yeah, Dr. C. We’re horny! You have to fuck us silly, remember? Come on, we know you can!”

Carter’s steaming pressure immediately reduced below critical as his head cleared and his chest quit heaving. His boiler, however, was undiminished, while his rock-hard ram bounced below his belly like a springboard. He stared lustily at the teens’ naked haunches erotically shadowed in the fire’s flickering light. As they verbally challenged him, they wiggled their bottoms; wet streaks glistened high and inside on their thighs.

Carter kicked away his fallen shorts and stepped up behind his waiting honeys. Delivering a sharp slap simultaneously to each one’s bare butt, he growled, “You wanton things never seem to think about the expectations you put on an old man.”

Peri laughed and retorted, “That’s right!”

Trish tittered, “And you never disappoint!”

Carter slipped his left hand edgewise between Trish’s legs and slid it within her pussy’s pearly lips. At the same time, he guided his girder forward until its nose nudged Peri’s tufted thatch and her welcoming folds wrapped its shaft. Each girl pressed herself against him and squirmed. Pulling back, then pushing in, he double parked as they mewled their thanks.

Carter stroked smoothly, steadily, deeply as Peri’s hungry cunt gripped and released his driving bone with synchronized contractions. Meanwhile, in Trish’s tunnel, his tickling stretched fingers snugly worked against her sucking counterpoint. He heard and felt their increasing excitement. His own unfulfilled need began reasserting itself.

Inspired by their rapidly growing inner fires, Trish and Peri clutched the couch’s dark cherrywood frame with their outer hands and coiled their inner arms tightly around each other’s swaying waists. Turning their faces inward, they passionately kissed. Tongue-to-tongue, they wallowed their cheeks and mauled mouths as they squeaked through their chewing lips. Their hormones raged and their nerves screamed.

Rocking his knees, Carter relentlessly pumped his paired nymphs. With his free right hand he cruised his divided, but closed, first two fingers up Trish’s spine to her nape and then down Peri’s backbone to her coccyx. Repeating the circuit, his hard knuckles, bumping over their arching vertebrae, sent electric shocks racing from their heads to their heels. Their shoulders rippled, their toes curled and, like a sudden squall, they came a tandem torrent for him.

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