Aftershocks Ch. 07: Consummation

August Ames

Wednesday, November 11, 1992

9:30 p.m., Los Angeles, CA


Dr. William Carter eased his bedroom’s door shut from the hall side. Its spring bolt’s soft snick as it latched through the brass strike plate was accompanied by muted giggles from behind the door’s painted solid wood panels. Quietly, he repeated to the room’s unseen young occupants, “Good night, then.” Pivoting, he proceeded directly to the nearby spare bedroom where he had left Mariana Guerrero to unpack her two suitcases.

Through the open door, Carter silently watched his thirty-eight-year-old daughter standing at the four-poster double-bed with her back to him and her bags opened on the chenille bedspread. Beside the luggage, in neat small stacks, lay the clothing articles she had already extracted. To her right, near the bed’s footboard and not so neatly arranged, were the Gloria Vanderbilt bluejeans and yoked western-styled embroidered denim shirt she had been wearing all day. Tossed loosely on top were her full-cut white cotton panties and white underwired size 35D Cacique balconette bra.

Bent at the waist and engrossed in her task, Mari removed two brand-new nylon packages from the largest bag, then pushed it up by its equally empty smaller brother. Turning to her left to begin putting her things away in the chest of drawers, she glimpsed her admirer. More pleased than startled, she dropped the hosiery, completed her turn and stepped toward him. Her tissue-thin cocoa-and-honey satin nightie swirled around her broad hips as she breathily exclaimed, “Oh, Papá! Thank you again, so much!”

Closing quickly, Mariana hugged Carter and kissed him fully, warmly and unhurriedly. He wrapped his arms about her and enjoyed her unchecked enthusiasm. By the time she let him up for air, his cock was fighting to find room to expand in his chinos. Spreading his feet, he pulled her even tighter to his body and growled, “I was going to ask how my baby was doing, but I guess I don’t need to, now.”

Mari said nothing, but only hung her chin over her father’s shoulder, shut her eyes, and melted blissfully into his hard chest. As they held together, he lightly rubbed her bare back behind the ribbon ties securing her sheer lace bodice and, more firmly, massaged her swaying bottom through the baby-doll’s skirting. She mewled and further cinched him in until his building boner imposed itself on her scarcely protected pussy. After a ten-second eternity, he asked softly, “And what about my other baby? Do you still think we are pregnant?”

Mariana kissed Carter’s neck and buzzed, “It is too early for proof, but I am certain of it. I knew with Luz, and I know it now. Yes, I am having your son. Or, pues, maybe I will give you another daughter.” Suddenly she laughed at the incongruity. “We are making my own sister or brother! And one for Luz, too!”

Pulling out from the hug, Mari placed Carter’s hands to her breasts and squeezed them against her. Her large mocha areolae and mature nipples swelled through the nightie’s sheer lace cups and burned into his palms. Near tears, she pleaded, “Oh, Papá! I need you so much! Make love to me. Here. NOW!”

Carter stepped into the room, steering Mariana backward by her boobs, until her calves bumped the bedstead’s box spring and mattress. Unbalanced by the impact, she half-fell and half-laid herself on the piled clothes she had yet to put away. Destroying her work, she dragged the carefully folded array from under her butt as she scooted across the wild roses pattern on the ribbed cotton coverlet. Simultaneously spreading her thighs and reaching up her arms, while curling her knees to her chest, she signaled her desperation.

The sleepwear’s wide milk-chocolate lace hem pushed its thin shiny caramel-colored satin skirt down Mari’s smooth cafe-au-lait skin to gather like ribbon fudge across her rippling tummy. Instantly hungry, Carter licked his lips as he stared at the dark pink wet winking crevice within and below her heavy curly muff. It seemed he could not get his chinos off fast enough, then suddenly they, and his boxers, were on the floor pooled around his Topsiders. Kicking his feet free, he clambered onto the bed between his daughter’s waving antsy naked legs.

The black thatch, redolent with intoxicating sex-scent, tickled his nostrils as Carter burrowed into it. Dividing the hiding thick soft pussy-lips with his tongue, he slid slowly to heaven’s gate, then back up to the channel’s alerted sentry. Mariana whimpered her delight, scratched his ears and bucked her hips. As her bottom bounced from the mattress, he slipped in his hands under her and mightily seized its meaty globes.

With her cunt filleted against Carter’s feasting mouth, Mari arched her back, bridged her neck and cried through clenched teeth, “¡Ya voy, Papá! ¡Quiéreme! ¡Que me jodan! ¡Nunca PARES! ¡Oh DIOS, por FAVOR!”

Even if Carter’s ears were not not blocked by his daughter’s squeezing hands, and his hearing was therefore perfect, görükle escort his Spanish was too weak to understand her words. There was no doubt, however, about their context, or her happy excitement. Rearing up from his crouched hunch, he hauled her toward his groin as he walked forward on his knees with his spear at the ready. Their collision was perfect; his penetration, devastating.

Mariana shrieked anew as she felt the strong thick cock slam against her cervix. Carter pushed her pelvis away while he retreated nearly to to his fallout point, then yanked her in again and smashed his nuts on her airborne butt. Maximally re-seated once more, he stirred himself within her. As he ground against her pubic bone, she tossed her head and frantically clutched her heaving tits.

No longer even slightly protected by her baby-doll’s sheer lace bodice, Mari’s great breasts torpedoed her gut with heat-seeking missiles as her sharp fingernails tore at their aching nipples. Crunching her abs, she came again and wept for joy. Despite her abundant slick lubrication, she clamped her coño powerfully onto the cock pounding inside her. Its every reverberating throb heightened her crisis.

In the week that had passed since Carter left Mariana gasping in her Cathedral City bedroom, he had forgotten what a tight active fuck she was. Now, with her vagina vise-locked on his rigid dick and squeezing it to beat the band, he was again amazed. His overwrought rocks were anxious for relief and his short fast breaths were making him light-headed. Surrendering to his fate he plunged once more to his limit and let go any self-control he had left.

Mari met Carter’s ultimate thrust with her own last-ditch effort. Jamming her splayed twat to his joint’s base, she locked her ankles and spurred her heels into his hams. All the while she rasped hoarsely, “¡Más! ¡Más! ¡Dame todo de ti!”

Again, Carter had no inkling what Mariana was saying, but it mattered not at all. He was beyond cognition. His streaming seed was unstoppable if that was what she wanted. She had already rubbed the genie’s lamp and now, with her first wish being granted, it was too late for her to change her mind.

Down the halls, around the corner and behind three other walls, Mari’s twenty-year-old daughter sat on Carter’s king-size bed with his two co-ed housemates. Periwinkle Halstead had suggested they make the night a pajama party, but so far it had been a girly gab-fest with no pajamas mentioned. At the moment, they sat cross-legged, facing each other in a rough triangle and wearing only their bras and panties. Suddenly Trish Dempsey, a nineteen-year-old sophomore from Aberdeen, Washington, cocked her head, looked thoughtfully toward Carter’s walk-in closet, then asked, “Hey, did you guys hear that? A shout or something?”

Peri, a year younger than her copper-haired friend, but wiser in so many ways for so many different reasons, made a dismissive face and shook her head as she said, “Probably just the wind, Trish. It’s Santa Anas season, you know.”

Luz’s dark eyes sparkled as she suggested, “Maybe that was Mamá, laughing? You know, Senor Bill said he was going to say goodnight to her. Maybe he told her a joke, or surprised her with something?”

Peri shot Trish a meaningful look on the sly and poked her ribs while she downplayed what she guessed was actually happening by saying, “Yes, if it wasn’t the wind, it was probably Uncle Bill surprising your mom with a housewarming gift.” Then, changing the subject, she looked directly at Luz’ virtually transparent black panties and said “Those are way sexier than my old white cotton hipsters. Where did you get them?”

Not even Luz’ deep olive complexion could hide her blush when she heard Peri’s brazen comment and question. Sensing a quagmire, she coughed to buy time to collect her wits, then lightly answered, “The Copper Iguana. In Palm Springs. It’s a little shop, but it has many nice things.” Hoping to distract the younger girl from her underpants, she volunteered, “The scarf, the ‘P.S. I Love You’ T-shirt and the pants I wore today, all came from there.”

“That whole outfit is super cute,” Peri replied with a crocodile smile as she gazed through the onyx gauze at the chili-shaped shadow behind it. Moving in for the kill, she reached out her right index finger and traced the serrano’s outline while neutrally observing, “You shaved your pubes… but, it’s a little crooked.” Without guile in her voice or facial expression, she added, “Trish and I have special haircuts. Would you like to see them?”

Luz sucked in her tummy at Peri’s touch. Her pulse quickened. As if she were a small imperiled animal, she fleetingly considered a flight or fight response. Her heavy bust lifted dramatically in her white-lace 35DD bra’s underwired cups as she inhaled, regained her composure and silently exclaimed, “¡No! ¡No eres una pequeña chinchilla asustada. ¡Sé valiente!”

Bravely showing confidence eskort bayan to Yayo’s young girlfriends, Luz sat as still as a stone while she considered her dilemma. How could she possibly explain her pelos púbicos when she, herself, did not know when, or why, she had shaved them away? She remembered noticing they were gone last Tuesday, but that also was the day she gave her virginity to Yayo and, she was sure, he gave her his bebé in return. It was no wonder her mind had blurred a detail like a chili design on her mons.

“So much has happened since then. It is foolish to worry about comparing coños,” Luz chided herself. “Is this really much different than discussing periodos menstruales with Gwen, or Tracy?” Having made up her mind, she silently self-coached, “But, be cautious! Say nothing about making love to Yayo, or of submitting to Eduardo!”

Before Luz could act on her decision, Trish smoothly trailed her left hand along Luz’ spine to the nape. Gently interweaving her fingers with Luz’ long dark locks, she said softly, “Love the sun-streaks.”

Almost at the same time, impatient for a reply, Peri encouraged emphatically, “C’mon, Luz! We’ll show you ours, if you show us yours!”

“Yeah,” supported Trish. “I bet you won’t believe ’em, even after you’ve seen ’em!”

“Okay,” agreed Luz, abandoning her reluctance to share an intimate moment with the teens.

“Yay!” Peri exclaimed. “But, before we do anything else, I’m getting out of this bra!” Bending her arms back, she popped her strap’s clasp and shimmied her breasts free from their C-cups as she huffed, “Whew, what a relief! I’ve been in that harness since eight this morning!”

Trish immediately pulled her hand from Luz’ neck and followed suit. “Me, too!” As her huge jugs tumbled from her black underwired plunge bra, she rubbed their tender undersides and remarked, “My babies have been begging to get loose for a bit since we left Riverside.”

Luz had always correctly thought that she was, herself, well-endowed, but her jaw dropped when she saw Trish’s magnificent milky-white melons in their entirety. As the redheaded teen massaged their supporting masses, the big bright pink targets on their tops swelled up and her indented pips stood like cotton candy Jelly Bellies. Meanwhile, on her left, as if she was plumping pillows, Peri lifted, then let go, her creamy tits. Her caramel-color silver-dollar areolae blossomed as her boobs bounced.

As Luz looked on slack-mouthed, Peri laughed, “Hey! No spectators! Players, only! Unload your knockers, Luz!” Helpfully, Trish leaned left in her half-lotus pose and unhooked Luz’s broad back-strap before any protest could be mounted. As the great black-eyed olive orbs hove into full view, Peri cried, “Atta Girl!” It was unclear who she was praising, or for what.

Quickly reaching behind herself, Luz grabbed a handy pillow and bonked the nineteen-year-old mop-top for her impetuous act. Trish defensively clutched the soft battering ram, pulled it away and returned fire. On its way to its intended target, the downy club caught Peri a glancing blow. Suddenly, like cats in a tied sack, the three girls were rolling, laughing, and fighting for the pillow’s control.

The battle was over soon enough as Peri and Trish ganged up on the outsider. In moments, Luz was pinned among the rumpled bedding with Peri sitting astride her knees and Trish crouched above her face holding down her helplessly outstretched arms. All three panted from their exertion. Between gasps, Peri scolded Luz in a joking tone, “It didn’t have to be this way… remember, you started it… now let’s see what else you were bashful about!”

Quick as a wink, but careful not to damage the delicate sheer rayon, Peri yanked Luz’s onyx panties to her knees. Then, scooting backward, she pulled them off completely and slid back to her original position before her victim could react and escape. Already aware that Carter had hypnotized and screwed Luz – not only last week, but also over Labor Day, when they first met – Peri was not at all surprised to discover his artistic handiwork. Emitting a low whistle, she said, “That is so cute, Luz!”

Continuing, Peri amended sheepishly, “And, I’m sorry I even thought you had done a sloppy job. I can see now how your patch is intentionally crooked, to make it look like a long thin chili pepper.” She clapped her hands and happily complimented, “That’s, like, perfect for a waitress in a Mexican restaurant! Does your boyfriend like it? You’re not like, a virgin or anything, are you?”

Luz’ eyes widened at the direct, very personal, questions. Without thinking, she stammered, “Y-yes, uhm, no…, uhh, well, s-sort of…”

Trish threw her head back in disbelief while Peri scrunched her freckled nose and interrupted, “Wait a sec! Which question are you answering ‘yes’ and which ‘no’ and what do you mean ‘sort of’ anyway? Let’s do them one at a time, okay?”

Luz’ heart altıparmak escort sank. She could only hope The Inquisition would be satisfied with the official story she had concocted to cover herself and protect Yayo. Her dark mountains rose as she took a deep breath and then said, “It’s complicated and you surprised me. That’s why it sounded funny.”

In a torrent, Luz went on, “I have a boyfriend, Humberto. Until last week I was a virgin, then we, you know, did it… without planning… in the back of his car. I don’t know if he actually saw my coño… he was pretty fast. Anyway, he called me Monday and said he was in San Diego in the Marines. I don’t know what to think. I may even be pregnant!” With every sentence, her emotions built until, with her last anguished confession, she shook her head and wept.

Peri deeply regretted tapping into the unexpected wellspring. Immediately giving up the game, she lay down along Luz’ right side, tenderly dabbed her thumb on the tears rolling down Luz’ cheeks, and said, “I’m so sorry, Luz! I was messing with you and didn’t realize… It was all supposed to be a fun party game. You know, like Truth or Dare?”

When Trish saw Luz’s trimmed cunt hair, her mind flashed back two months to when Carter had created her very own ‘Freddy Fox’ bush sculpture. She also recalled that Peri had advertised it as ‘something only Uncle Bill could do’ for her. She looked again at the twisty pointing to the Latina’s twat. Adding two plus two, she instantly knew, notwithstanding whether the Humberto story was true or false, that Dr. C. had surely fucked his granddaughter and left his mark.

Copying Peri, Trish lay on Luz’ left side and draped her top arm lightly across the dark girl’s naked midriff. Her fingers naturally splayed over the quaking rounded belly like vanilla icing on a cinnamon Bundt cake. She kissed the near-side cheek sweetly, then soothed, “Yeah… Your mom’s Dr. C.’s daughter and we, like, love him forever, so, naturally we love her, and you, too. We’re more than just friends, Luz.”

Peri snuggled closer and burbled concurrence into Luz’ right ear, “That’s true. We love Uncle Bill and we love you. We’re like special sisters… You know?” Unhurriedly, and nearly unconsciously, she extended her right arm and stroked from Trish’s left shoulder point to her wrist, then laid her hand over Trish’s hand over Luz’s stomach.

The quiet words and soft hands were warm weights on Luz’s brain and body. Suddenly she felt surrounded by stereo love such as she had never experienced. An only child in a dysfunctional household, Mariana’s mother-love was all she had known until Yayo woke her passion and gave her new life. Reflexively curling up her arms, she cuddled the already embraced teens closer still and thought, “Mis hermanas … ¡Bien!”

Aware that both her new sisters were her grandfather’s live-in lovers, Luz was amazed that she truly felt no jealousy or threat. “Yayo is wise, generous, and has so much to give,” she thought. Dismissing any notion that Carter could not be shared, she closed her eyes and smiled in darkness as she simultaneously rubbed Peri’s and Trish’s ribs while a familiar low heat escalated within her.

With the game changing rapidly, Peri looked across Luz’s spreading turned-up lips at Trish while she lifted her right hand and scuba-signaled a new plan. Then, scooting downward within Luz’ loose hold, she boldly captured the recumbent tween’s right breast in her hand and latched onto its thick black rubbery nipple. Only seconds slower, Trish did the same to the mounded left tit. Luz sighed audibly, buried her hands in the younger girls’ hair and pressed their faces more firmly to her flesh.

As Peri plucked, and Trish teased, her responsive aching berries, Luz’ banked internal fire became an unignorable presence. Rolling her shoulders and sniffing short sharp gasps through her nose, she moaned gutturally. The suckling teens rode her rising and falling chest like dinghies on a swelling sea. Each felt their own inner turbulence build.

Inspired by the active positive response, Peri slid her flexed hand from Luz’ boob, across her belly and onto her mons. As her fingers left the smooth hairless plain and brushed over stubbly regrowth into the curly matted chili pepper, electric alerts raced up her arm and throughout her body. Her pussy percolated its own increasing anticipation the nearer she got to Luz’ love nest. When her extended middle finger tip broke from the scraggly furline and touched the anxiously awaiting clit, both girls shuddered.

Trish, too, was driven by her moment. Moving diagonally north, she crowded Peri with her shoulder as she switched targets and kissed Luz’ moist mimping mouth. Luz, returning the favor with surprising ardor, bumbled her tongue past Trish’s lips and grazed her teeth. Incandescent flares flashed alarms to all receptors.

Pushed from her perch, Peri proceeded to pinker pastures. She scurried from under Luz’ arm and re-situated, centered between her legs, at the bed’s foot. Spreading these with her hands as she moved, she snaked forward. Luz, squirming in dreamy delight beneath Trish’s mobile mouth, raked her heels upward and bent her knees wide. Her wet quivering cunny offered its eager invitation.

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