Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 12: Epilogue


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Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains no sex. If you are looking for smut, please read another story.


“Did either of you wear your watch?” Beatrice and Eunice held up their wrists showing they were bare. Kelli nodded in approval, then led the twins to an airport style locker bank. “Put your purses in any empty locker, drop in a quarter, and take the key. Then go through the green door at the end of the hall. In that room, there are five other girls. Wait with them until we come get you. Okay?”

The twins nodded in understanding and followed the instructions they were given. When they entered the room they saw five girls sitting in folding metal chairs with two empty ones. The room was painted in four colors one on each wall, the floor and ceiling were painted to match the wall adjoining them. One was bright green, one a medium blue, one was pink and the last was so neural it was hard to determine if it was tan, cream, beige, off white, eggshell, or ecru.

The twins walked to the empty seats looking at the other girls who watched them as they sat down. stared at her. One girl, a curvaceous brunette said “Hi I’m Mary.”

Beatrice smiled and responded “Beatrice, and my sister Eunice.”

“April,” said the fair skinned blond.

“Sue-Ellen,” said a beautiful mocha skinned black girl.

“Jessie,” said the short haired brunette preppie.

“Mera” said the aristocratic looking Hindu woman.

The twins sat down, and the girls were all looking around but not talking. niğde escort The longer they were kept waiting, the more nervous they became. Every few minutes one girl would start to say something but would change her mind after the first syllable left her lips.

After some time passed, the door opened and two girls walked in carrying candles and wearing long brown robes and hoods. The robes had various symbols on them. Most were unknown to the group of girls, but the few that were known were sexual in nature.

A voice Beatrice recognized as Kelli intoned “Today, these neophytes have decided to see if they are worthy of the sojourn to the next step and becoming a proselyte of The Sisterhood.”

The second girl continued “The neophytes shall have to pass the test. This will prove their worthiness to sojourn on to proselyte and eventually becoming an initiate of the sisterhood.”

“Once a proselyte,” Kelli carried on, “They shall take an oath of fealty to The Sisterhood, and they will continually be evaluated by The Sisterhood. If one is found unworthy she will be cast out. Never to return.”

“After proving oneself worthy of becoming an initiate of The Sisterhood, the proselyte shall be invested into The Sisterhood, and be made aware of all the rewards and the responsibilities of an initiate of The Sisterhood.”

“If any feels they are not up to the tasks before them, leave now and know that no less will be thought of you.” Kelli said in a monotone.

“If you stay, all you see and hear is secret from those not in The Sisterhood.” The other girl said.

The two girls paused and waited to see if any of the neophytes wanted to leave. When no one got up, Kelli shouted, startling the girls “Worthy sisters, we have seven females who wish to be tested. Is the testing hall ready?”

“Worthy Neophyte Mistress,” came a reply ordu escort from outside the room, “The testing hall is prepared. Once the neophytes are prepared, you may lead them in.”

Kelli and the other girl handed each neophyte a blindfold, and told them to put them on. The girls did so, and then one by one the girls were lined up and were made to hold hands of the person in front and behind them.

Once all the girls were in a line, Kelli continued the ceremony “Do not delay or falter. If any loses their way, they will be dismissed as will those behind them. We are walking now.”

Kelli led the girls off at a slow pace. She led them around the house into and out of many different rooms. The neophytes were worried about tripping and falling. But they managed to keep up. The girls were led into a large room with several people in it. Even with the blindfolds, the girls could tell the room was extremely well lit. The girls were led up three steps onto a platform. They were told to let go of each other’s hands which they did reluctantly. Each girl was positioned in a line facing the lights.

A new voice rose above the crowd which quieted down as soon as she started to speak, “Neophytes you may remove your blindfolds.” The blindfolds were removed and they were blinded by the lights in the room. It was a small auditorium and there were seats for the audience, but the lights were behind the audience shining in the neophytes’ eyes. So they had no idea how many eyes were on them. The voice continued “behind you are seven stations. Each one has a bean bag chair, and a small box behind the chair. When I call out your name, and number take your seat. Neophyte Mary one, Neophyte Mera two, Neophyte Sue-Ellen three, Neophyte Eustace Four, Neophyte Jessie five, Neophyte Beatrice six, and Neophyte April seven.”

The girls settled into their osmaniye escort seats, and the voice continued “Worthy Game Master, please instruct the Neophytes in the proceedings.”

“I shall do so, Worthy Head Mistress.” came yet another voice. “Neophytes, you are going to play a game called DareRing. This game is similar to truth or dare. Instead of making up your own questions and dares, each player, in turn will select a random card and do as instructed. There are seven rounds, and each round gets more challenging. There will be a ten minute break between rounds.

Once a round starts, you must play it to completion. If any neophyte decides they do not want to continue to the next round, she must tell Rebekah,” a tall shapely girl in a brown miniskirt and bra walks onto the stage, “She will get you your clothes, and lead you out of the house. Rebekah will also keep your drinks full and provide any and all accouterments as needed.”

The girls looked at each other in uncertainty. “If anyone wants to leave, stand up now. This is your last chance prior to starting the game. One last item. There are no winners or losers in this game. All that matters is your attitude, and completing all seven rounds. Player one starts the game and you may ask Rebekah for a beverage.”

Each girl asked for some kind of alcohol to bolster their courage. Once the girls had their drinks, Rebekah gave Mary a white tureen with the male and female symbols on it repeated over and over interlocked in all kinds of ways. With a flourish Rebekah removed the lid of the tureen and said “Let the game begin!”

There were cheers and catcalls from the audience, and the twins looked out at the audience knowing that not all the voices were female. They knew that somewhere in the audience were their parents, Aunt Tiffi, Aunt Vee, Aunt May, and Aunt Christina. The six of them had ever missed an initiation.

****THE END****

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