She woke up to the sound of a sharp knock at the door. With eyes half closed and auburn locks mussed by slumber, the sleepy teenager slowly came to her senses and dragged herself out of bed. A second impatient, yet equally intimidating, knock reverberated loudly as she trudged across the diameter of her shamefully small student apartment.

Opening the door a slit to peek outside, she saw her landlord standing there with a smug, yellowed grin plastered to his unbecoming face. She didn’t bother greeting him, just left the door ajar as she turned around and lethargically scuffled back to bed.

Flopping forward on the bed, she picked up her phone. It was slightly past 9AM, Sunday morning. She skimmed her notifications and messages, but determining there was nothing interesting that needed her immediate attention, dropped the device and rolled over on her side to face Steve, the landlord, who had invited himself in. She was wearing nothing but an over-sized white T-shirt that hiked up just high enough to reveal the perky underside of her round bottom.

Steve began undressing. It was their routine. Every Sunday morning, when most people were either sleeping in or getting ready for church, she got fucked by an awful man twice her age. How had she ended up in this mess? She had been stupid. Everybody in the building knew the landlord was a creep. There were ten dorms in the building and girls occupied eight of them, all of them attractive and lacking the trust funds necessary to afford better housing. The two rooms occupied by guys were merely just for show, and they weren’t even cute. They were geeks that none of the girls wanted anything to do with. Steve would have it no other way. He was a disgusting hound.

No one had proof, but most the girls suspected Steve was snooping through their stuff while they were in class. Sometimes, items seemed to shift with no explanation, and there were rumors about lingerie mysteriously disappearing for a day or two before magically reappearing again.

Considering this, she never should have agreed to hold drugs for her friend. It was a foregone conclusion that Steve would find it. When he confronted her, she felt entrapped and extremely stupid. He threatened to throw her out, and though she tried arguing that he had no right to go into her room, he countered with some bullshit about finding it during a “routine inspection” of the plumbing. The repercussions were clear. If his story stuck, she knew she could be expelled from school and end up on the street. It certainly did not help that she was also two months behind on her rent.

They haggled for two days before reaching an agreement. In the end, Steve would forget about the narcotics and forgive her late rent in exchange for her consenting to have sex with him every Sunday morning when he came around. They had even shaken hands on it, effectively signing her soul away to the devil. The bargain had no out-clause, and the first Sunday it was consecrated marked a turning point in her life.

The memory was rather gruesome to think about. She had kept her eyes closed as her body was defiled, and Steve’s nasty cock rooted its way into her tight cunt. Afterwards, he complained she was really stiff and a lousy fuck. It took a few weeks before her body started responding better to the unwanted intrusion, and Steve became more satisfied with her performance.

Her clothes from the night before lay on a chair by the bed; a tight tube top and yoga pants. Steve dropped his stained gray T-shirt and baggy jeans on top of her clothes. She was 110 pounds soaking wet and he was well over double that in weight. Even his clothes dwarfed hers. He kicked off his shoes and socks and peeled off his underwear, tossing the sweaty rag on top of her bra and panties. Had he even bothered to shower? She watched his flaccid cock dangling like a deflated balloon. It was five inches long, but she knew from experience it would gain several inches as it became aroused. It would also get substantially thicker, more so than any other cock she had ever seen. A thick cock for a thick guy she thought ruefully as she rolled over to make space for him in bed. The bedsprings creaked as he settled onto the twin mattress.

He insisted they start by making out. She was still reluctant kissing him, though it had become easier over time. Kissing was such a loving, intimate act, that it had felt horrifying and extra wrong to share with such a bad man. Not only was he more than twice her size, he was also more than twice her age. She was only 19 and he was 46. She was less aware of the age difference while they fucked but tongue wrestling and caressing him always made her conscious of how old he was compared to her.

She had read somewhere that the maximum acceptable age difference without being creepy was half your age plus seven. Or for a younger girl, your age minus seven, times two. That meant he shouldn’t be with a woman under 30 and her ideal man was Ataşehir Escort under 24. He was almost twice that.

As usual, he took his time unhurriedly French kissing and caressing her. He paid a lot of attention to her large, sensitive breasts. In this sense, he was identical to every man she had let past first base. He fondled her firm tits through her T-shirt until his hands slipped under the fabric to feel her smooth skin. After enough teasing, her nipples hardened as he played with them. His large hands and chubby fingers were surprisingly delicate and tender to the touch.

Eventually, leaving her lips raw and his saliva coating her inner cheeks, he finished making out with her, kissing down her pretty, young face and neck. She guessed it had been about 20 minutes. As his lips and tongue trail down her body, she shivered and exhaled deeply. He always went down on her before actually fucking. She did not enjoy it, but it helped ease her in for his girthy cock. Over months of conditioning, her body had grown accustomed to his presence. Her pussy now recognized when he stopped by for his Sunday treats, and her pussy was usually hot and wet by the time he ate her out. Sometimes he would flip around so they could 69 and she would suck his cock, but most of the time she was on her back with her thighs clasped to his shoulders while he slobbered away. The long bouts with his head buried between her legs usually made her tingly, sending unwanted thrills throughout her whole body. She squeezed her breasts and bit her bottom lip to stifle a whine.

He hunched over her body when she stopped squirming from the oral stimulation. They had been doing this for eight months now and they both knew what was next. His fat, sweaty belly hung down and bore into her taut stomach. He often had problems finding her slit, so she groped between them and took hold of his throbbing cock, guiding it to the right spot. Her pussy was tight, but pliant. Their eyes locked as he eased forward, careful not to hurt her as he gently injected his manhood inside her. A tight pussy for a tight body. Steve’s knobby mushroom head was dense and big, and the supple cunt muscles inside her flexed around the wide flare. Inch by inch he penetrated the budding teen. He froze balls deep inside her and flashed a smile at her. She furrowed her brow; conscious he could probably see and feel that she was turned on.

He insisted on not using protection. That particular argument had been even more heated than their first. She had been adamant about condoms and he had refused. In the end, the shouting ended when Steve had opened her closet and started stuffing her suitcase with clothes. He was going to have her thrown out at that very moment. She relented, but very reluctantly. The first time they fucked she pleaded for him to pull out when he came, and he refused. She lied, saying she was worried about getting pregnant. He only laughed at her. He knew she was on the pill so he could come inside her as much as he wanted. She really hated him for going through all her stuff and finding her pills and grudgingly yielded.

The truth was she had never had sex bareback with anyone before. She always insisted that all the boys she was with use condoms. She wasn’t saving herself, but she and her two best friends agreed it was nice to save something extra for “Mr. Right” and be able to do it natural for the first time on the wedding night.

Steve had made her break her word. It galled her how good cock felt without a condom. Her friends could never imagine. Instead of the rubbery artificial feeling, it was a warm, soft, silky feeling of his smooth cock-skin inside her velvet interior. It felt like her pussy was made for this and the tighter she gripped his steel cock with the soaked walls leading to her womb, the better it felt. She could tell her squeezing affected Steve just as much as her. She despised and had difficulty accepting that she was sharing sensations with a middle-aged fat slob that she had never had with anyone else.

She was the hot, popular girl in school. Steve tripped over himself with suppressed eagerness when she had asked for a room. She knew she was probably a popular masturbation fantasy for a whole bunch of guys in school and she could basically get any guy she wanted. Now, it made it feel even weirder she lay there exhausted after they were done fucking, when she was full of his sperm, and their collective juices oozed out on her pussy, she felt she was connected to him in an intimate way she had never been connected to any other guy before.

Steve was insatiable. He wasn’t close to finished. He wanted her to turn around so he could take her doggy style. It was more heated now and he fucked her to no abandon. He was somewhat restrained lying down, but on his haunches, he could pivot his large body with more ease. One second his large hands were glued onto her youthful bubble ass, then they were ranging up the small of her back, Kadıköy Escort pushing up her T-shirt so she could wriggle out of it, and throwing it on the chair on top of his pants. Now they were both naked like animals in heat. His large hands groped her swinging boobs and she groaned when he pulled her back and impaled her with his crotch. More fucking, they were both lost in desire. He dug his hand into her thick mane of long, auburn hair, twisting it around in a good grip and pulling hard to move her head back. She arched back and winced in pleasure and pain. They had been doing this a lot and he had learned how to push her buttons. Hair pulling, clit manipulation, and nipple twisting, at the right moment, was something that really got her going. He had become uncanny good at reading her signs. She moaned in approval and began thrusting her firm ass back hard against his crotch. They ignored the bed as it creaked, and the springs crunched. Neither cared about the noise anymore.

They disengaged and rolled over once he noticed her starting to tire. Steve lay down on his back and she straddled his cock. She loved cowgirl and was so aroused and horny that she took to her favorite position immediately. She rode him hard, gyrating her hips while he pawed her breasts and thumbed her clit. Both were sweaty, panting and trying desperately to get off.

Her eyes glazed over as she came hard bucking her hips as Steve pumped and plunged into her raw pussy. His fingers gripped heavy on her hips, pressing her down so her clit rubbed hard against his pubis mound while she trembled and whimpered. There had been a big change in their agreement about three months after they had started fucking, when something primal had clicked in her and she began to cum on a regular basis. Having gradually accepted her situation and grown used to Steve’s large body, it was still a shock the moment she had been rocked into her first orgasm. They had both cum at the same time. When he realized what had happened, he had goaded her, and mercilessly rubbed her clit so she came again feeling completely ashamed and embarrassed. It became his mission to make her come as much as possible, and in the weeks that followed he managed to do just that. She felt disgraced that he could make her come and he teased her for it. Usually she gave in while riding him. That’s how he had guessed her favorite position and was anticipating her orgasm.

She collapsed forward and melted onto his chest, out of breath as he cradled her in his arms. He knew she needed a pause after an orgasm and liked thinking of all the love hormones being released in her young, malleable brain. She had trouble thinking with her body pulsing and was too weak to turn away as he kissed her cheeks and pouty mouth. Eventually she slid off him and he twisted to the side so she could lie down on her stomach on the bed with her thighs together. He hunched over as she pushed up her perky ass and arced her back before shamelessly reaching behind and parting her ass cheeks, so her pussy lips split open. He grunted with satisfaction. If cowgirl was her favorite, this was his. She had read somewhere it was called speed bump when a girl was stretched out flat on her stomach and the guy was lying on top with his cock in her pussy.

She was soaked and his cock slipped in easily. He lay down over her, his heavy body pressing her down and his thick thighs blocking hers. His sweaty chin was next to hers as he began pumping forcefully into her. He put his calves over hers for leverage. It was scalding hot to be sandwiched between his sweaty body and the mattress, but she was overcome with lust. His cock went deep inside her and his thick knob rubbed forcefully over her g-spot with every thrust. Her limbs were limp, and it felt like he was rearranging her insides, fucking her senseless.

Steve lay flat on his stomach on her back. He was so fat and flabby his loose skin hung down her sides. It was so hot she was sweat profusely and she felt molded into the soft tissue of his body as they entwined, and he interlocked their fingers. His fully imbedded cock contracted and stuffed itself deep in her belly. It was gross and exciting at the same time.

There was no finesse now. He fucked her hard and fast and the bed shook and groaned under his assault. His sweaty cheek was against hers, and he was grunting and gasping as his plump ass moved up and down squashing her. He knew she could take his weight and made no efforts to ease up on her petite body. Her mouth gaped open, as deep grunts escaped her. She was grateful he never lasted long in this position.

Steve began drooling as he got close. It was one of his tells. She never understood if it was on purpose because it turned him on or if it was unconscious but either way it always seemed to fall on her. It felt humiliating and hot at the same time. She was a ragdoll, barely aware of anything but the pleasure surrounding her. Spit oozed from his Ümraniye Escort mouth onto her chin and she twisted her head a bit so it wouldn’t get into her nose.

His hands remained interlocked on her fingers for leverage. His body began trembling and she felt the hair on the back of her neck warning her. Just as he had become familiar with her fuck-habits, she became familiar with his and knew how to read the signs.

She arched her back and pushed up her ass as his heavy buttocks reamed forward repeatedly. She felt the head of his prick slice through her like butter and hit her cervix. A while back one of her friends had gotten hold of a really long and thick dildo. There had been a lot of giggling about it, but also covert curiosity as it was passed around among her friends. When it was her turn with it, she measured how far up inside her she could take it. She had later secretly measured Steve’s cock by counting how many fingers she could place over each other along the shaft and knob. His cock was more or less precisely as long as she could stuff the dildo inside her and that galled her. She regretted measuring her pussy and his cock as every time he pushed balls deep inside her since then, she had in the back of her mind a mental image they perfect fit together.

He went stiff, before letting out an almost animal like groan and she felt his thick shaft swell deep inside her and his twitch as it delivered a thick strand of cum deep inside her.

She gripped his hands tightly and surrendered to his assault beneath his heavy ass, as the jerking cock released a torrent of jizz down her pipes. He snorted repeatedly, sounding like a walrus, unloading rope after rope of sperm inside her quivering pussy. He was drooling even more than normal, and his cheek became slick against her cheek. His body flexing against hers. She felt spit ooze into her gasping mouth. Her eyes widened. She felt too full to accept so much cum. She tried to push away an irrational thought about where his cum was going since they were such a great perfect fit. Her pussy was on autopilot and gushed, milking tightly around his girth and clamping down in response to every strong twitch. She did not want to admit but keeping him inside made her feel better than the emptiness when he would eventually pull out.

She shuddered, grasping his hands so hard her knuckles were white. Sometimes she came again as he filled her up with sperm. She couldn’t help but feel an intimate bond during a simultaneous orgasm. Steve did not say anything, but she knew he shared the sentiment. She fought the feelings welling up in her, bewildered she could have them for someone like Steve. What was even worse was that no guy other him had made her come more than once during sex. He had an advantage of not having to use a condom but deep down she feared the complete truth why he could make her come so much was more complicated.

Sweat trickled down their flushed skin and the only sound in the room was their panting breathing. He released her hands and rolled off her. She gasped as his semi-hard cock pulled out of her pussy with an obscene wet sound. She didn’t want to move, but with an effort twisted around on her side, her disheveled hair clinging to her glistening sweat and spit coated face.

They lay next to each other, dripping sweat onto the soaked sheets. His hand pawed her boob and squeezed it. She was too tired to object, plus she could tell he had no fire left so it was harmless.

She wiped her slick chin off on a pillowcase. How much of the sticky drool had gone into her mouth? At least it wasn’t as bad as the tart cum residue that would collect in the back of her throat after a blowjob. Most guys she sucked off liked to unload in her mouth, a few had not even had the decency of warning her when they exploded their seed down her throat. Steve was different, he would pull back after the first jet of sticky cum at the back of her mouth, take a firm hold of her hair, and plaster her face like frosting on a wedding cake. Her eyelashes would flutter and close as he painted her with messy ropes that would drip or get clunked in her hair. He really loved watching the teens features coated in his baby batter. Afterwards, he kept her in bed for a long while making out and letting the sperm trickle and dry on her flawless skin. In this sense he was also different from all other guys. He liked French kissing with her after a blow job. She twisted over more on her back, so he got access to both boobs. Soon his hand had both her nipples stiff as pebbles.

Eventually he huffed out of bed and tottered nakedly to her bathroom. He did not bother closing the door and she listened to the powerful stream of his piss entering the toilet followed by a flush. Rummaged through her kitchenette, he opened the refrigerator for something to drink. He found a big gallon of iced tea and proceeded to drink straight from the bottle.

He came back picked through the pile of clothes on the chair. She observed his pale, fat body. Hairy and saggy. He was so unattractive her mind had trouble compensating on the act they’d just committed. That they had just fucked, and she lay satisfied with his sperm baking in her quivering pussy.

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