We could not believe our luck at being upgraded to 1st class for the flight! Especially since it was such a long, overnight flight to Prague. We were excited about landing and exploring the romantic, historic Eastern European city, but not anxious for the flight over. We held hands walking towards the plane, our thumbs each caressing the other’s skin. I wore a button-down shirt and some comfortable slacks, while you were dressed in a light blouse and skirt that showed off a nice portion of your lovely, smooth legs. We were greeted by a very attractive flight attendant, who helped you on board with a broad smile and a twinkle in her eye. I followed you on to the plane and she led us up to 1st class. We had seats in the last row of the section and we secured our carry-ons overhead.

You asked to sit in the window seat so you could watch the amber hue of the sunset we would encounter when the plane would take off, and I obliged. I guided you in as I placed my hand on your shoulder and then slowly caressed down your back, feeling the soft, luxurious material of your blouse. You smiled back at me as you sat down. The brilliance of your smile never ceased to amaze me, no matter how many times I saw it. I sat down next to you and you put your hand on my knee, your fingers lazily running back and forth. Your nails felt wonderful through the fabric.

As we got situated and comfortable, the attendant asked if we would like something to drink. We figured we would take advantage of our fortuitous good luck and asked for some wine. She came back promptly with two glasses, handing them gently to us.

“Cheers”, I said!

“To first class!” you replied, as we clinked glasses. We slowly drank as the rest of our compartment filled. There was so much more space to relax and unwind compared to the seats we originally purchased. No little children up here either! We finally went down the runway and started the ascent, as we both caught the red light of the lingering sun dropping over the horizon. You get a little nervous during take-offs, so you clasped my hand through the slow climb into the deep blue sky. I watched your reaction as your eyes fluttered a bit, and you unconsciously bit your lip and fidgeted in your seat. Your chest rose as you took a deep breath in. My thumb stroked the top of your hand so you knew I was present and there for you. I then reached my other hand across and gently caressed your cheek, and when you caught my eyes, you knew everything would be ok. I could feel the tension slowly slip away from your face and body.

We were now a few hours and several glasses of wine into our flight and still giddy with the novelty of first-class. We played with our expansive seats, leaning them back and giggling like school children. We stretched our legs in the ample legroom provided, like lazy cats caught in a ray of sunshine. The attendant seemed to know this was our first time as we continued to revel in our experience. She kept the wine flowing!

You rose to go to the bathroom, and as you did I furtively squeezed your deliciously rounded ass cheeks and gave a rize escort quick spank. As soon as you passed me, you quickly pushed your derriere into my face and put your hand on the back of my head, pulling me into you. At that moment the attractive attendant walked by and a rosy hue covered your blushing cheeks. You let out a little embarrassed giggle of being caught in the act. The attendant gave a sly smile. I secretly wanted to put that same hue onto your sumptuous ass from a few good spanks.

You came back and this time you crossed me while facing in my direction, and as you passed, you slowed your speed and allowed your breasts to brush my face. You then looked me directly in the eyes and licked your lips. This time my hand slid up your inner thigh and pressed firmly against your mound, pressing through your silk panties. I could feel the dampness, and this got me excited. I could feel all of my energy flow to my nether regions. It seemed as if everyone else was getting sleepy with the onset of a dark sky above the clouds, while we were revving on all cylinders.

As you sat back down, we started kissing. Your soft lips moved over mine like a paint brush to canvas, creating a work of sensual art. You are such a good kisser. I knew when we kissed the very first time, the sex between us would be amazing. Our tongues started probing deeper into each others mouths and my hand reached up to caress your face, when we heard the passenger in front of us rustle in his seat. We suddenly realized how much in public we actually were. It was both a scare and a turn-on at the same time!. We broke our kiss momentarily, long enough to notice the attendant offering us a blanket, with a knowing glance! We graciously accepted and quickly pulled it over ourselves, snuggling beneath its warmth and cover.

We resumed kissing and it was more passionate than ever. Our tongues swirled together, exploring each other’s mouths. My hand caressed your cheek, then gently moved to the back of your head, pulling you into me. My other hand was rubbing the soft skin of your inner thigh. We both turned toward each other to give us better access, and the bigger seats made this easier to do. Our excitement and arousal was going off the charts, as we frantically started touching each other everywhere. Your deft fingers were squeezing my hardening shaft through my slacks. Your other hand was unbuttoning my shirt first, then my pants. I reached under your blouse and cupped your supple breasts, feeling your nipple harden under my soft touch. I gave it a squeeze and heard a slight gasp escape your lips. I bit your neck and nibbled your earlobe in response to your audible pleasure. You arched your graceful neck and pulled me closer to you.

My fingers were now soaked in your juices, just from rubbing the outside of your panties. I pulled the fabric up against you so it slipped into the outer folds, and you almost squealed in delight. My other hand moved down and squeezed your ass cheek. The spanking would have to wait until another time, due to current location and circumstances. sakarya escort My fingers found the crack of your ass and rubbed your little rosebud. I put some of your juices on my fingers, and pushed against it, with just the tip starting to slide in. You bit my shoulder in pleasure.

Your head then submerged under the blanket and you slithered to the floor like a snake after its prey. You pulled my pants and underwear down, freeing my already hard cock from captivity. I slid the blanket up over my head so I could watch you do your magic. It was dark, but I could still see the passion in your eyes as you took in my turgid cock in all it’s erect glory. You pushed it against my stomach and licked from the top of my balls, all the way up the shaft. leaving a trail of saliva in it’s wake. Your tongue felt so wonderful as it took its agonizingly slow ascent up my member. My dick was so hard it was twitching. I already had pre-come at the head, ready to spout like an exploding oil well. When you got to the top you swirled your tongue around the head of my penis as if you were licking your favorite ice cream cone.

One of your hands was grasping the base of my shaft while the other was pinching my nipple. You then took the head, glistening with your saliva, in between your lips and sucked-hard. I almost came right there. My hands clenched and my toes curled to prevent me from coming in your mouth right then and there! You then pulled your lips off it with and audible “pop” and gazed at it hungrily. After a moment, you went back down on it with gusto! Your lips dove deeper down my shaft and your tongue swirled all over me. Your cock-sucking prowess was in full form this late evening. You were blowing me with abandon-the pleasure you took in providing me with such exquisite arousal was completely evident with the insatiable look in your eyes. You cupped and massaged my balls and sucked each one into your mouth. You took as much of my dick as you could deep down your throat, with your lips almost touching the base. You looked up into my eyes, seeing my utter pleasure as my head rolled back and I moaned as quietly as I could. My hands gently grasped your head as you pleasured me like no other woman ever has.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled you up to your seat and I got down on my knees-time to return the favor! I went under cover of the blanket and eyed my prize-your succulent, dripping pussy. I pushed one of your legs over the armrest and spread both of them as wide as possible. I usually like to explore and tease you with my deft tongue, but this time I dove in with passionate abandon. I ripped your panties off and just went to town! I licked your outer folds to taste your sweet nectar, up and down from your clit to asshole. My hands were pushing your legs back as far as possible to get maximum access to your intimate treasure. I then slid my tongue in between your lips as your fingers ran through my hair. I looked up at you as you bit your lower lip, trying to suppress your growing arousal. I slowly inserted my deep tongue inside your samsun escort moist depths, savoring your essence. I licked upward until my tongue swirled around your engorged clitoris. I looked into your eyes as I lightly flicked my tongue over it, and you gasped out loud. You suddenly realized how much noise you were making and covered your mouth with your hand.

That didn’t stop my assault on your clit. I pulled the hood back and sucked it between my lips, rolling my tongue over it. I felt your legs clench my head in a vise-like grip. I was licking and sucking with feverish abandon. I put your swollen clit between my lips and made vibrating noises giving you a sensory overload. I could feel your warm juices gushing into my mouth, your body spasming rhythmically. You arched your back and let out a gasp of air and squeezed my head with your hands. My mouth, lips and goatee were covered with your juices.

I rose up to my seat and you quickly straddled me, facing the front. You fingers grasped my raging hard-on and guided me in to your anxiously awaiting pussy. As you sucked me in to your moist depths, we had to do everything we could to not scream out in pleasure. My hands grasped your hips and pulled you down onto me. Our movements started off slow at first, then gained speed like a boulder rolling downhill. I impaled you on my cock, thrusting deep inside you. The cream of your pussy was coating my cock, leaving it’s milky residue all over my pubic bone. It looked so sexy, knowing how turned on your body is to me! My hands pulled you back into me as I bit your shoulder. I then held your hips still as I start lifted off the seat, pistoning my penis into you. Our hips met and smacked together, most of the sound muted by blanket covering us. I grasped your neck with one hand and squeezed, constricting your airflow. I licked and bit your neck and earlobe as I felt you reach between us and place your hand on my thrusting hips. Your head swiveled towards me as we engaged in a passionate kiss.

You lifted yourself off my cock and turned around, facing me. You plunged back down on my shaft, your swollen lips enveloping me. I felt your heaving breasts crush against my chest. I pulled your blouse over your shoulders so I could feel your skin on mine and the exquisite friction it created. We were both moaning under our breath as quietly as we could, both nervous and excited by what might happen if we woke someone from their sleep. Our tongues danced in unison in a deep, prolonged kiss. My fingers squeezed your sumptuous ass cheeks as your hand reaches down between us and squeezes the base of my cock. I lubricated my fingers with our combined juices and rubbed your asshole. You then reached back and squeezed my balls as my thighs and your ass bounced off each other. The blanket slipped off your shoulders and fell to the floor, but we are too connected to each other to care anymore. I felt a final vise-like squeeze of your pussy, and I could hold back no longer. I pumped load after load of cum deep inside you as you bit my shoulder, suppressing a primal scream. I looked over your shoulder to the front of the cabin and I saw our sexy flight attendant, staring at us with a look of wild abandon and her fingers furtively move beneath her skirt, between her legs. She caught my eye and her head tossed back, a look of total ecstasy washed over her face, as we all come together…

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