Airport Pickup, Please


I land after a ten hour flight and am exhausted. When I see you, however, all my senses come alive again: I see your beautiful eyes, hear your voice say my name, am kissed just like on that night on the street, taste your deliciousness, and smell your cologne and leather jacket. It all feels surreal. As we stand at the baggage claim, you nibble at my neck oh so subtly, just enough to make every hair on my body stand at attention. Your beautiful fingers lightly touch my throat and caress my lips; I am all yours indeed.

You open up the trunk of the car, and as we’re standing there the wind lifts my short skirt up so that you get a full view underneath. No underwear! You are ready to do it right then and there! On the drive I am playing with the hair on your arm and putting my fingers in your mouth, which you gladly take in and suck hard. The bulge in your jeans is unmistakable. We decide to go to one of the beautiful parks in the city. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day, and the park is crowded with people. We find a secluded hideaway in a thicket, spread out a blanket you’ve brought, and finally can take each other in completely. The moment has arrived! But looking at each other doesn’t last more than a few seconds; the attraction between us is magnetic and out of our control. Suddenly we are kissing: passionately, delicately, tongues swirling. Que rico! I could do this for hours. I break away every now and again to take in your endless eyes, erenköy escort and go back for more kisses and more tongue.

You move down to my neck, and I am writhing with pleasure. I can almost come from you kissing my neck…the front, the back, on my shoulders. I’m electrified. As you sense my rising excitement your rod gets even harder, pounding, pounding. I reach toward your crotch with my hand, rubbing through your jeans to feel your mound. You can’t help but reach out for my nipples, which are visibly hard and sticking out through my sheer blouse. I love the way you caress the curve of my breasts so tenderly. I want every second to go slowly, but I also can’t wait to see what else this beautiful man has in store for me. I’ve heard it’s around 19 cm long!

I unzip your jeans and pull them off of you; on the way back up I kiss your legs while my hand is getting to know your crotch. Your balls smell delicious, like they’ve been waiting for me for hours. I cup them in my palm, and as I do so you stroke my hair, which I love. Then I gently, slowly start licking your dick like a lollipop….you can’t keep your eyes off of my big lips loving your most prized possession. I alternate between licking, kissing, blowing softly, and taking the whole thing into my mouth. The blowing drives you crazy, and you beg me not to stop. But I do – because I love teasing you! I take breaks, coming up to kiss you, drink some göztepe escort wine, stroke your hair, etc. By the 3rd or 4th peak you’re begging me to come inside of me. But no…first you have to get me ready!

Just thinking about you going down on me makes me feel like I’m going to faint. It’s been so long since someone licked me who LOVES this territory! I know you love the taste and the textures and I can’t stand the anticipation of your tongue on my clit You untie my skirt and kiss my stomach in your gentle way, and in no time you’re digging in to my soft, wet pussy. You lick me inside my vagina, on my clit, around my clit, plus on the inside of my legs, not forgetting that my nipples also need some attention so they don’t get jealous! Your tongue swirling around my vagina is beyond what I can bear. I ask you, “should I come now? Or wait?” You tell me to come now AND later. But having been teased by me, you give me some of my own medicine – some licking, some blowing, some waiting with nothing happening – and I’m going crazy because I want you so much. The thought of your huge cock filling me up completely makes me so so wet. I have never been this engorged before! I’ve never been licked this way before. Are you spelling the alphabet? What ARE you doing down there? You’ve got your fingers in me by now, fucking me fucking me, sometimes hard and sometimes slowly, especially when you pull them out slowly and then plunge kadıköy escort them back in hard. You seem to be everywhere down there. It’s as if all my electrical circuits are shorting at once! I’m out of my mind – can’t control it – and after you bring me to the umpteenth peak, I fly ever the edge. My vagina throbs as I come and you can feel it with the 3 fingers that are inside of me, along with my wetness. Now I’m ready for you.

You force apart my legs with your knees (well, it doesn’t take much persuasion actually, but I do like being forced…) and start to rub my clit with your dick, using my juices to lubricate. I reach for you, and we kiss and kiss and kiss. Then finally you enter me slowly, first just a third of the way, in and out, in and out…then two thirds…and then you’re all of the way in and it feels so so good! Up until now it’s been slow – you’re in no rush and know you can keep your erection for a long time. After a long time of thrusting, our hips moving in unison, you turn me over and enter me doggy style. Now you’re touching parts of me you haven’t been introduced to before – you love my warm, wet pussy surrounding your rock-hard cock. You reach around and touch my clit and then, only then, do we both come, screaming, groaning, crying. Thankfully there’s a lot of noise in the park as it’s near a busy street, and no one notices that we’ve shot ourselves into a different universe.

Afterwards, I lie down and you lie on top of me, still inside of me. We feel each other pulsing inside still, and can’t speak. We drift off, and when we awake we’re surprised to see that it’s started to rain every place in the park except our little nest, covered as it is with branches and bushes.

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