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Subject: Alaskan Huskies, Chapter 14 Disclaimer: This is an Adam’s Gay Reader pulp story (233) written by Michael Scott. There is no copyright on it, so I wanted to share it with others before it gets lost forever. This story includes sex between adult males. If this is unappealing or illegal in your location, please do not read this story. *** Please help me in supporting Nifty so we can continue to have this great resource of stories to enjoy for a long time to cum! 😉 -DurtyRiter ********* Chapter 14: Arctic Climax Hugh decided to take matters into his own hands, so to speak–and into his mouth and ass, too, if possible! “Let’s fuck, men,” he suggested brazenly, setting the example by seizing Koodloo’s incredibly sensuous brown body and throwing him down on the sealskin. He put his lips on Koodloo’s lips and began kissing and sucking and tongue-fucking him; to his delight, Koodloo hungrily sucked him back, thrusting his own tongue into Hugh’s mouth and rolling it eagerly over the welder’s tongue. His sleek body writhed hotly under Hugh’s as he ran his hands wildly all over the white man’s greased, slippery body, stroking and wiping the excess oil from his legs, ass cheeks, and back with clawing, clinging hands. 145 Hugh didn’t waste any more time, but threw Koodloo roughly down on his back, knelt in front of him, and pushed the boy’s legs high up and back into the air so that is asshole was fully exposed and accessible. In the flame from the pot he could see the tiny slit of Koodloo’s asshole and his crack covered with curly brown hair. Hugh’s prick was throbbing hotly with desire as he dipped his fingers into the warm oil and spread the slippery stuff over Koodloo’s asshole. The minute Hugh touched the Eskimo stud’s hole, Koodloo writhed and moaned with pleasure, throwing his own legs higher in the air, holding them back tightly with his arms, and throwing his thighs wide apart. After Hugh had thoroughly greased the kid’s asshole, he pressed the head of his dick against it and could feel it slipping easily inside as Koodloo, grunting in welcome, put his hands down to his buttocks and spread his hole even wider for Hugh’s huge cock. Hugh pushed in firmly, his long, hard fuck tool plunging deep into the guy’s anus. Koodloo was groaning–both in ecstasy and pain–but he kept his legs spread and his asshole raised, kaynarca escort begging for Hugh’s hot meat. Finally, Hugh was all the may in; and, panting for breath, sweating so that the oil dripped from every part of his body, he began to fuck that incredibly hot, tight, responsive ass in front of his highly appreciative audience of young Innuit studs. The sight of Koodloo being screwed so thoroughly by the handsome, well-hung white-skinned stranger aroused everybody else in the room to fever pitch. Hugh’s asshole was licked by a wet, warm tongue. Fingers grasped and kneaded his swollen balls, tickling the root of his dick as it slammed in and out of Koodloo’s wildly excited hole. Men pinched his nipples, licked his body all over, rubbed their own hot, stiff pricks against his oily flesh. And all the while, of course, Hugh continued to thrust his hot, searing man-hood hard into Koodloo, each thrust more savage than the one before it. Koodloo had stopped crying out in pain; he now exulted in the intense sensual stimulation of having his asshole raped by the well-hung stranger. Hugh fucked the boy until he couldn’t take it any longer. Banging his groin against Koodloo’s hard-muscled, squirming buttocks, he came-�spurting all of his come deep into the Eskimo stud’s innermost being, pouring what felt like a full quart of warm, fresh “penis milk” into the guy’s asshole. The only problem, Hugh soon discovered, was that–having demonstrated his sexual prowess with Koodloo–he was expected to satisfy all of Koodloo’s horny buddies as well! Before the night was over, Hugh had sex with all of them, in one combination or another–fucking, sucking, and rimming in a frenzy of erotic abandon that left him limp and exhausted when he was finally allowed to drift off into a much-needed sleep. When he woke up, Stewart was in bed next to him, also naked, snoring blissfully away, his cock semi-erect, one brawny arm flung possessively around his friend’s torso, hugging Hugh tightly to him. Hugh kissed his buddy awake, tousling his hair and playfully squeezing and stroking his cock. By the time both men were fully hard and ready for action, they were interrupted by Koodloo, who served them “breakfast in bed”–a quivering mass of raw red flesh in his cupped hands. Stewart only laughed when Koodloo took his cock, which was quite hard, orhanlı escort and plunged it into the bloody mass! The Innuit fucked the meat with the fierce intensity one would expect a guy to reserve for a hotly desired male lover; and when he came, he took pains to ensure that every drop of his salty jism, was absorbed into the jellylike flesh. Then Koodloo reached for a knife and cut the meat into bite-sized chunks. As the Eskimos’ guest, Stewart was the first to be offered a piece. “It’s raw, freshly killed seal liver,” the geologist explained nonchalantly. “Flavored with jism like this, it’s considered a great delicacy, like caviar would be hack home. You’d better choke down a piece, man, or he’ll be mortally offended. It’s also supposed to be an aphrodisiac,” Stewart added maliciously, grinning demonically as he chewed on the chunk of raw liver, smacking his blood-smeared lips repeatedly to show his appreciation while he devoured it. Hugh somehow managed to gulp down his own slice of liver and semen without becoming nauseated, washing it down with a generous slug of undiluted whisky. Koodloo ate the raw flesh avidly-�and then demonstrated its effectiveness as an aphrodisiac by throwing his legs into the air and urging both naked men to “Fuck me! Fuck me! Stick your harpoons up my ass!” They took turns fucking the horny little bastard, then pushed him out of the room and began to get sexually re-acquainted with each other on the soft sealskin rug. “God, I’ve missed you, you horny motherfucker.” Hugh moaned, as he began to thrust his cock in and out of Stewart’s mouth, fucking it as though it were an asshole. He thrust up and down eagerly, jamming his meat all the way in, pressing as hard as possible into his friend’s throat. Stewart took it all, every bit, slurping and sucking on Hugh’s cock, not content to let one inch of it escape his hot, hungry mouth. He ran his hand down into Hugh’s crack, found the opening of his asshole, and stuck his finger in, his finger slipped easily into the welder’s shit opening, and Hugh went insane with pleasure, aware that he was going to come any moment and trying desperately to hold the flood tide of his sperm back. But it was too late! Stewart’s hot-sucking mouth was suddenly filled with an ocean of come. Even though he swallowed as fast as he could, Hugh was coming too tepeören escort hard, too much, for him to comfortably accommodate. He began to gag, but kept his mouth working on Hugh’s blasting prick, letting the jism he couldn’t swallow run down out of his mouth. Hugh unloaded until finally he sank back on the bed exhausted; Stewart then spat out a mouthful of come onto his own hand and began jerking himself off, covering his dick with the sperm that Hugh had just shot into his mouth, lubricating it thoroughly with the slimy white syrup. Wildly aroused by the sight of his buddy jerking off with the help of his own jism, Hugh opened his mouth and plunged it down around the head of Stewart’s big, hard erection. The geologist was jerking madly on his meat, beating it so violently that Hugh thought he would pull it apart; Stewart’s fist almost bruised Hugh’s lips when he closed them around the head of the cock and began to suck it, licking the open, drooling piss slit with his tongue. The strong, salty taste of Stewart’s jism on his tongue made Hugh’s cock start throbbing with raw horniness all over again! “Oh, Christ, man! I’m going to shoot! Stewart yelled. Hugh opened his mouth wider and held it over Stewart’s throbbing erection as Stewart shot into his open mouth–the thick spurts of fuck cream hitting the hack of Hugh’s throat and then slowly dripping down out of his mouth onto Stewart’s wildly pulsating cock, which Hugh licked clean with his tongue. “Jesus, what a way to start the day!” Stewart gasped. “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world,” Hugh told him, hugging him tight. “You’re sexier than all of those hot little Eskimo boys put together!” Kissing Stewart hard on the mouth, Hugh reached for the whale oil and began to rub some of it between his own buttocks, greasing up his asshole, finger-fucking himself lightly to get himself good and hot for Stewart’s cock. “Why don’t you drill into me, buddy,” he told the geologist eagerly. “I’ll let you know if you strike oil in my ass! Go ahead and fuck me, Stewart,” the welder gasped as he straddled the other man’s hips and started to sit on his dick, shoving it up into his hungry asshole inch by thick, unyielding inch. “Oh, fuck me, man! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!” Hugh was still repeating the same words an hour later, as he and his buddy balled their brains out in the cold, clear Arctic dawn. The End ********* Check out my story: “The Man with the Jeep” in the Camping section And these other transcribed tales: “The Battlefield” in the Historical section “My Favorite Freshman” in the College section

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