Alex to April – Chapter Two


Alex to April – Chapter TwoAlex to April RECAPAlex has just been caught by his Momma & sister dressed in lingerie and blowing a black boy from school…“Now that’s how a sissy should look” exclaimed Alex’s Momma – turning to the black boy she said, “I think you better go now, I want to have a serious talk with my new daughter April”.CHAPTER TWO“I knew it” Emma said – “I knew he was a secret sissy, entertaining his boyfriends, and look at those sexy panties Momma – where did he get those, they’re not mine”.“No Emma” Momma replied, “They’re mine and by the looks of them they are ruined with April’s little cock drooling into them”.“Is that what you are, a sissy?” asked his Momma although looking at his face covered in cum and his little cock erect in her panties she already knew the answer.“I like wearing pretty panties Momma and sometimes even stockings but it’s the first time I ever did anything with a boy” he replied – hoping to himself it would be the last time – “and he’s not my boyfriend” Alex told Emma. “I didn’t say boyfriend – I said BOIfriend, that’s what sissies have when they are sucking off other boys ““That’s enough Emma, leave April alone – this has to be our secret, it would break your Daddy’s heart if he knew his youngest son was a sissy and his brothers would want him to give them blowjobs every day, you know how horny they are – do you understand” – “But Momma” Emma started he only a cock sucking sissy”“Yes” said her Momma “but he’s our cock sucking sissy and we have to look after him – from now on his name will be April when he’s with us, and Emma…. We are going karabağlar escort to have lots of fun with her”Emma & April looked at their Momma in amazement had they heard her right, not only were they going to keep it a secret but they were going to play with her.Three thing made Alex / April’s heart skip a beat 1. His new name April. 2. The thought that his brothers would want blowjobs if they knew about him & 3. What did Momma mean by “fun with him”?“Now clean that spunk off your face” instructed Momma and as Alex went to get a washcloth she said “No April, sc**** it off with your fingers and lick them clean you need to get used to the taste of cum” “But Momma” said April my face is covered in warm spunk “it’ll take ages” – “well ask your sister if she will help” suggested her Momma – “No way” said Emma “look at you” April looked in the mirror – “oh dear” she thought “I did realise how bad it was”.“That doesn’t taste so bad” consider April as she sucked the cooling spunk off her fingers and in a short time she had most of it cleared away.“Now go into to my bathroom – take a shower, use the pink lotion beside the shower head, cover yourself from the neck down including your armpits and make sure to pay special attention to that silly little cock, those peanuts calling themselves balls and your asshole – when you’re finished, all rinsed off and dry, come back to me in the bedroom – I’ll be inspecting you”.When he had gone, Emma turned to her Momma to see what she was up to. “You and I are going to keep April’s secret for the moment – she wants karabağlar escort bayan to be a sissy slut, she just doesn’t know it yet and we are going to help her” Emma’s Momma explained – “and while we’re helping her we’re going to have lots of fun – what don’t you like doing to Sam? – Emma thought for minute “Well he’s always asking me to rim his ass but I won’t do it” – Momma looked at her and said “April is going to learn to love rimming ass and she’ll do it for you”.Meanwhile in the bath Alex/April was in the shower using the creams and lotions Momma had spoken about – and as she rubbed them into her skin the then stood under the shower the few hairs she had started to fall off until from the neck down there was none. Getting out of the shower she took a big fluffy towel, dried herself off and went back to the bedroom where Momma and Emma were waiting. With all her hair gone her cock looked even smaller – “that’s not a cock at all” laughed Emma “that’s just a little clitty on a sissy”. Momma walked around the boi/gurl and then said “kneel up on that towel – Spread you cheeks” April did as told and reaching behind her she spread the cheeks of her ass – “Good” said Momma “all clean and fresh there, make sure you keep it that way”.“From now on, to me and to Emma and anybody else we say you are going to be known as April – do you understand” “Yes Momma” April replied – “you will do whatever we tell you, we won’t tell you Daddy and brothers that you’re a sissy slut who’s hot for cock” – “but Momma” April protested “I am not a sissy slut” escort karabağlar –“Don’t answer back, you are a sissy slut you just don’t know how big a one you are yet” Momma told her.“Okay Momma, I’ll do what you and Emma tell me” – “good now let’s see you dressed up in some more pretty underwear” Emma & her Momma tried out various panties on April and finally settle for a little red thong, the string split her ass cheeks showing off her generous bubble butt and the front cradled her little balls.“They look pretty on April” Emma said “and you can just pull the string to one side to get to her asshole”.Then Momma found a garter belt and some pretty stockings, as April didn’t have any tits there was no need for a bra. “Oh, April you look very pretty, I am sure when were’re finished you’ll have no trouble getting boys”.“Now remind me tomorrow to see about getting you a butt plug to start training your asshole to take cock and we may need a cock cage to lock that little clitty up.“Momma” said Emma, “this has got me very horny and wet – look” and Emma pulled down her shorts pulled her own thong to one side to display her wet, shaven pussy & asshole – “Oh, baby” exclaimed Momma “I am sure April can help you – you lie down on the bed”.“April” Momma said “help you sister” – “Get licking sissy boi” instructed Emma and over the next hour April when from being a novice cunt lapper to an expert, learning all the skills necessary to bring her sister to several orgasms. Following instruction from both Emma and Momma he leant how to rim around the lips of her pussy, when to be gently and when to put on the pressure, how to please her clitoris and most important of all how to swallow all the juices she produced. At the end of the session Emma told Momma “That’s the best pussy licking I’ve had in a long time Momma, you’ll have to try her”“I will baby, I will but no tonight ……” replied Momma

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