Alex’s Awakening


I remember that day as if it was yesterday. My mother Susan had came home drunk and crying. She had been out to a pub, drinking with her friend Anne to celebrate her birthday, when Anne had received a disturbing phone call, telling her that her mother had been taken seriously ill and had been rushed to hospital.

It was most probably the drink, but the unexpected illness to Anne’s Mother had hit Susan hard, by the time she got home she was inconsolable, and went to wake Alex from his sleep so she didn’t have to be alone while she waited on her friend to call her with the news on how her mother was.

Alex was Susans only son and her only family, his father had never been around, so for the last 19 years, it had just been the two of them, he was her entire life, and she was his. Alex groaned as Susan shook him awake, she placed her hand on his firm body, feeling the young muscles on his torso, Alex rolled over as he wakened, in the dim light from the hallway susan could just make out the tent in his boxers, his obviously erect cock pushing against the loose fabric of his shorts. Her gaze fixed on his erect cock, for just a brief second her mind wandered, wondering what her son looked like naked, his erect cock standing proud from his body.

Susan often wondered whether or not her son was a virgin, or even gay. he had not had a lot of girlfriends in his teen years, and sometimes she wondered if he would ever find true happiness.

Alex sat up and rubbed his eyes, slowly awakening from his sleep, he looked at his mother and followed her gaze towards his cock, embarrassed he felt the blood rush to his face. Alex pulled the duvet over his body, covering his erect cock, with his cock now hidden from her view, Susan snapped back to reality from her dream, she told him about Anne’s mother and asked him to sit with her till she called.

Alex agreed and said he’d get up in a minute. Susan smiled at him and leaned forward to give him a peck on the cheek. but in her drunken state she fell forward. Her hand fell onto his naked chest feeling the hardness of his youthful muscles.

Susan sat there for a moment, her hand lingering on his muscular chest, alex coughed breaking the tension, “I’ll wait for you in the living room” susan drawled, her speech slurred by the alcohol. She swiveled around on his bed and went to stand up, but as she swiveled her hand slid down his body, pushing down the duvet uncovering his body, as she moved her fingers dragged down his body and onto his boxers, until she slowly, lightly grazed the head of his cock and slid her fingers along the length of his shaft.

Alex groaned loudly as his mother’s fingers ran along his cock. His cock twitching violently as they slowly slid down his shaft until they left his cock and were on his legs. Susan stood up and staggered to the door and went to the living room, as she left the room and walked along the hallway she ran her fingertips over her nipples, remembering the brief feeling of her sons cock against her fingers as she walked. Her pussy was soaked, she was amazed at how wet she was, she definitely needed to get fucked soon, it had been so long.

Alex got up from his bed, dressed only in his boxers, he pulled his dressing gown from the hangar and slipped it on, tying it tightly around his waist, he slipped his hand between the folds and slipped his hand into his boxers and adjusted his erection in an attempt to make it less obvious.

Alex always woke up with a raging hardon, no matter if he slept for eight minutes or eight hours. He had been enjoying a particularly erotic dream, in his dream his girlfriend Gwen had been sucking on his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around it as her head bobbed up and down, a slight growl in her throat as she feverishly attempted to bring him to orgasm, desperate to taste the saltiness of his cum in her mouth.

In his dream Alex was only moments from orgasm when he had been awoken by his tearful mother, asking him to keep company until her friend called.

Alex walked into the living room behind his mother, watching her ass moving enticingly beneath her obscenely tight skirt. Alex’s hardon jumped as he thought about her ass naked, his mind flashed back to the previous summer when he had come home unexpectedly and seen his mother lying in bed naked.

From where he was stood he could see her sitting up in bed her large firm breasts moving in waves against her arm as she ran her fingers over her clit.

Susan’s eyes were closed and her breath raspy as she rubbed herself to orgasm, one hand between her legs the other pulling hard on her nipple.

Alex had taken his cock out and jerked off watching her cum, before he felt himself begin to orgasm and pushed his cock back inside his trousers and cumming all over his boxers, when he had finished he quickly went to güvenilir bahis the front door and made a noise to pretend he had just arrived home.

Alex’s hardon twitched as he walked behind his mother, and it showed no signs of abating any time soon, he ached for the release of orgasm, and considered for a moment quickly going to the toilet to relieve himself, but the Sobs of his mother coming from the living room meant that he would not have that option at this time.

His mother was now sitting in her usual chair by the window, she was bent over, leaning forward with her hands on her back. Alex walked behind her chair and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Is your back bothering you again?” he asked. “I could give you a quick backrub if you want”.

Susan sat up slightly, she nodded her head and replied “that would be good, it’s more the top of my back which is sore, between my shoulder blades”.

Alex placed his hands on her back and began to gently rub, his thumbs working into the knotted muscles along the length of her spine between her shoulder blades, Susan groaned loudly as her sons thumbs pushed hard into her back.

“How’s that?” asked Alex.

“Divine” she replied, “you really should do this for a job, I’d gladly pay to be worked on like this more often.”

“My pleasure” replied Alex.

After a few moments Alex moved his hands onto her shoulders and began to rub her neck and shoulders, trying to release the tension in them, Susan groaned loudly again, not a groan of relief, but more of a sexual groan, a groan of arousal. Alex touching her neck was turning her on, and her thinking about his large erection wasn’t helping either.

Susan had always had a sensitive neck, on a few occasions she had achieved orgasm just from being kissed on the the neck. And now the combination of her drunken state and the thought of her sons erect cock combined with his delicate touching she found herself becoming more and more aroused.

It had been a few months since she had last been with a man, and she would give anything right now to be fucked long and hard.

Alex noticed her breathing changing, becoming almost ragged, and listened intently as she groaned lightly every time he touched her neck.

Alex moved his hand onto her shoulders, his fingers running along her collarbone, his thumbs gently touching her neck. He rocked his hands forwards and backwards over her shoulders, tracing a small circular route with his thumbs on her neck. For Susan this was exquisite torture, she felt a small orgasm begin to build, she didn’t give any consideration to the fact that it was her son who was doing this to her, at that moment all she cared about was the gentle touch on her neck that was bringing her to orgasm. Susan shuddered gently as she came, the delicious wave of orgasm sweeping over her for a few brief seconds. After a few seconds and without warning Susan slumped back in her chair, just as Alex’s hands were moving forwards, the opposite movements caused his hands to slip down her body and come to rest on her breasts, his hands gently cupping them.

Alex froze waiting to be admonished for touching her even though it was accidental, but Susan was lying with her head on the back of the chair looking up at him and smiling, in truth she hadn’t realised where his hands where, “I love you”, she whispered as she brought her hands up and placed them on his forearms, Alex could not believe this, here he was with his hands holding her breasts and she was telling him she loved him, not shouting at him as he expected.

Alex, gently squeezed his hands, tightening his grip, he dragged his thumbs down, flicking them hard across her erect nipples. Now the location of his hands registered in Susan’s brain, before she could protest Alex moved quickly, he pinched her nipples between his finger and thumb, gently rolling them, as he squeezed her breasts tightly.

Susan was still lying with her head on the back of the chair looking up at him, Alex leaned over and kissed her, his mouth open, he gently slipped his tongue across her lips, in her drunken and aroused post orgasmic state Susan found herself responding, her mouth gently opening and accepting his tongue into it. They were kissing passionately now, nothing else in the world mattering except the two of them and the moment they were sharing.

Alex slipped his hands from her breasts and began to unbutton her shirt. He quickly pulled it open and gazed upon the tops of her breasts, bulging from her bra. Alex slipped his hands into her bra cups and gently lifted her breasts free. He gazed at her erect nipples, they were large, the size of oranges, their colour a gentle shade of pink almost indiscernible from the colour of her skin. Once again he ran his thumbs over her erect bullet hard nipples, this time without türkçe bahis clothing between his fingers and her skin.

Susan groaned into his mouth as she felt bolts of electricity shoot from her nipples to her pussy. Alex moved from behind the chair, and knelt in front of her, positioning himself between her legs. His knees against her knees, he leant forward and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue across it.

That was enough for susan, she wanted his cock in her and she would let him fuck her, no matter that he was her son, at this moment she needed to be fucked.

Susan placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth onto her nipple, desperately trying to get him to suck harder. Her other hand moved between them and slipped down his torso and into his boxers, seeking out his hard cock, her fingers wrapping themselves tightly about his shaft, she gripped it tightly, then relaxed her grip and again gripped it tightly, feeling it’s hardness in her grip. Alex pushed forward with his hips, almost fucking her hand in his desperation at getting to her.

He slid his hands down onto her thighs and dragged her skirt upward, Susan lifted her hips allowing him to slide her skirt around her waist, her thighs opened as she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her pussy.

Alex ran his hand down the front of her panties feeling the wetness of her pussy through them. This middle finger pushed hard against the material, gently parting the lips of her pussy inside her pants.

Alex roughly pulled her panties to one side and slipped his fingers into her, feeling the heat and moistness of her pussy against his skin.

Susan groaned loudly and desperately pushed her pelvis down onto his hand attempting to push his fingers deeper into her.

Alex however had other ideas, he slowly withdrew his fingers and brought them up to his mouth and licked her juices from them, savouring the musky sweetness.

Susan decided to take charge, she pushed him from in front of her and onto the floor, Alex now lying on his back, she moved between his legs and lowered her head to his cock, gently she extended her tongue and flicked it across the engorged head, tasting the salty pre-cum which coated it. Now it was Alex’s turn to feel desperation, he thrust his hips upwards attempting to slide his cock between her lips, but Susan was ready for him, she pulled her head to the side and smiled at him, “not yet” she whispered, and began slowly to slide her fingers along his shaft.

Again she lowered her head to his cock, this time placing the tip of her tongue against the bottom of his shaft and slowly dragged her tongue along it towards the head, all the time maintaining eye contact with Alex. Eventually she reached the head of his cock and in one quick move she sank her mouth over it, pushing her head down till her mouth engulfed the 7 inch length of his cock, her nose pressing against his pelvis.

She closed her lips tightly around him and sucked as she lifted her head until his cock slipped from her mouth.

Alex gasped loudly as again she repeated the slow descent and quick withdrawal of his cock, giving him the best blow job of his life so far.

She teased him like this for a few minutes before she was ready for the next stage, she let his cock go from her mouth and smiled as it sprung down and slapped against his body.

Susan stood up over him and pulled her shirt off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, she then reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor, she was proud that her breast bounced a little, but didn’t sag too far, they may have been 36D and she was 39, but still her breasts retained a lot of the firmness of her youth.

Now she reached behind and unzipped her skirt, it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and in a dramatic move she kicked it up and across the room. Now for her moment, she slowly turned around and bent over, her legs open wide, she looked at him between her legs and reached round, she placed her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly dragged them down her body, over her tight muscular ass, till he could see the mound of her pussy between her legs.

She stood up again and turned round, continuing to slide her panties down till they fell to the ground, she now stood before him, naked except for a pair of stiletto heels and a smile.

Alex wrapped his fingers around his cock and began to jack himself off over the sight of the beautiful naked woman in front of him. Susan dropped to her knees and straddled his body, her hot pussy inches from his cock, Alex tried to move down and get his cock into her, but Susan still hadn’t finished teasing him just yet, she moved back and lowered her mouth to her son’s firm stomach gently kissing it, now her intentions became güvenilir bahis siteleri clear to Alex, her breasts were either side of his cock, she took his hands and placed them on her tits, now she took his cock, and placed it in her cleavage, alex squeezed her tits together and began to thrust his hips, fucking her tits.

Susan looked down and watched the fat head of her sons cock appearing and disappearing into her cleavage, she lowered her head further and stuck out her tongue, as her son thrust forwards, the head of his cock slipped between her lips, she sucked greedily on it before he withdrew it from her mouth with a loud pop, her saliva lubricated her cleavage and his cock slid easily between her plump breasts.

Alex began to thrust harder and harder trying to get more of him into her mouth.

Susan looked up and moved forwards, her sons cock slipped free from her tits and again slapped against his stomach. Alex groaned with disappointment, but it didn’t last long Susan continued her journey up his body until her pussy was level with his cock, she reached between them and grasped it in her fingers, she pulled it upwards and placed the bulbous head between the lips of her pussy, running the head along the length of her pussy till it was on her clit.

She swirled it around, using his cock like she used the dildo in her bedroom, using it to pleasure herself at his expense. Alex lifted his hips trying to get his cock into her, but as he moved upwards so did susan, she looked at him and laughed, “when I say” she said.

Alex placed his hands on her hips helping her rock her pussy backwards and forwards over the head of his cock, pleasuring herself on him.

Susan felt her orgasm building, this one was going to be a good one, She looked her son in the eye, “ready?” she asked, Alex nodded eagerly, susan grinned and pulled his cock down towards her pussy. She placed the head just inside her and gently sank down, feeling every exquisite inch of his cock as it slid inside her with ease.

slowly, slowly she sank down till she felt her hips on his, now she rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit against his pelvic bone. Suddenly her orgasm began, she pulled his hands onto her tits and worked his fingers over her nipples, until Alex began to pull on her nipples, she slumped forwards her tits swinging into his face as she came.

Alex felt her pussy grip tightly onto his cock, he pulled his hips back before slamming his cock back into her hard, the slap of their bodies hitting together filling his ears, Susan screamed loudly, pushing back to meet his thrusts as he fucked her almost brutally as she came.

His hips were a blur as his cock pistoned into her, Susan’s’ head was swimming, her orgasm easily the best she had ever had. Now as it reached it peak she felt herself go weak and she collapsed onto him, her breath sharp and ragged. Alex slowed his thrusts, feeling her pussy relax its grip on his cock.

Now it was his turn, Alex rolled susan off him onto her back and positioned himself between her legs, he grasped his cock in his fist and placed it against Susan’s pussy. Gently he pushed his hips forward watching his cock slide gently into her. He fell forward and lifted Susan’s legs up onto his hips, opening her legs wider and feeling his cock slide deeper into her.

Susan pulled herself upwards onto him and he fucked her with long deep strokes, Susan slid her hand between them and placed her fingertips onto her clit, rubbing it in gentle circles, her fingertips occasionally rubbing against her sons shaft as it slid in and out of her pussy.

Alex went wild, now he was coming, he began to plunge his cock harder and faster into her, susan relaxed her grip with her thighs, and rubbed at her clit faster cuming herself for the third time as her son fucked her.

Alex was going faster and faster, his cock making slurping noises as his mothers orgasming pussy grasped onto his shaft as he fucked her, finally with an animal roar, Alex pulled out from her pussy and grasped his cock in his hand, just as the first rope of cum erupted from the end, shooting upwards and landing on his mother’s cheek, the end of it on her lip.

susan used her finger to scoop it up and into her mouth, the second jet of cum erupted with as much force as the first, this time landing between her breasts, forming a pearlescent pool shining in the dim light of the one lamp in the room. The third and fourth jets landed on her stomach, Alex pointed the head of his cock at her pussy and groaned loudly as the last forceful jet landed on her engorged clit, standing proud of her pussy lips.

Alex slumped forwards and forced his semi hard cock into her pussy, fucking her gently till his now flaccid cock slipped out of her, Alex bent down and kissed her, his stomach on hers the cum lying across her coating both of them. Susan smiled and kissed him passionately, her fingers wrapping themselves around his cock as she worked him back to hardness, “I love you”, she whispered, as she pulled his hard cock back into her eager pussy.

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