Alice 3


Alice 3Alice part three.On the way home from the office I was feeling good about what Stephen had said about me being the top female engineer, then it struck me, I was the only female engineer. I popped in the bank and paid in the cheque from Santex, with so much going on I had forgotten all about it. I did some shopping and got a few bottles of wine, also another pack of KY, dad had used a few on me this week. I changed from my suit to a mini skirt and strappy three-inch shoes. I set the table for three, and prepared dinner. Five thirty, dad came home.‘Hi sweetie, Carol here yet’?‘Hi dad, not yet, she said about six’Dad, went off to shower and change. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang, I was excited as I opened it, Carol dropped her bag then we grabbed each other and got into a very passionate kiss.‘Oh Alice I have missed you so much, you look fantastic, and what a great body you have’‘I have missed you too, I have been dying to see you again. I will show you my body later, you will be amazed what has been done to me’We were holding each other close and talking, almost touching our lips together, I gazed into her eyes‘I am in love with you Carol’‘Oh Alice, I am in love with you as well, very much so’Once again our lips met and tongues fought each other.‘Any chance I could be introduced or are you staying joined at the mouth’ dad interrupted.Although we broke the kiss, we stayed holding each other close.‘Sorry dad, this is Carol, Carol this is my dad Greg’Carol released her right hand and held it out under my left arm‘Pleased to meet you Greg’ as they shook hands‘Nice to meet you Carol. Is there a chance I can borrow Alice to serve the dinner’?I giggled. I notice that since my voice has changed I giggled like a girl.‘Sorry dad, we missed each other a lot’I went and served the meal. We talked during the meal. Dad asked Carol why she liked me in girly clothes.‘Alice looks so much better as a girl than she ever did as a boy, and I finish up with her as my best friend’‘You are very pretty Carol, I can see why Alice has fallen for you’Carol and I cleared up after we had eaten, dad went in the lounge.‘Come on Carol’I led her to my bedroom ‘He thinks you are a real girl’ I saidI began undressing, my bra was last. Carol had been watching and muttering time after time.‘Oh my god…oh my god, your tits, they are so real, your tiny waist, your lovely hips and such a beautiful bottom, oh Carol, I am so jealous, you look terrific and you even sound like a girl’‘I even turn myself on when I look in the mirror, I love my new body’She came close and felt around my breasts, then kissed and sucked the nipples, my dick became instantly hard. I was trying to undress her while her mouth was glued to my tits. ‘I want you Carol, really bad’She stood in front of me in her underwear and stockings‘Alice do you want to fuck me first’‘I don’t mind as long as we are joined together’‘Can I fuck you? I want to get into your lovely body’‘On my back’?‘Yes, I want to look at your face’I lay back, handed her a tube of KY, she prepared us both and aimed her dick at my ass. I watched her expression as she entered me, she had a half smile and look of sheer bliss as she got deeper.‘I love you ever so much Carol’‘Oh Alice, I am in heaven, I am with you again’As she was fucking me she played with my tits‘I wish I had a pair like these’ she whisperedShe fucked me for about ten minutes, I had been using my bottom to grip her, I felt her dick expand, then the throbbing as she cum in me. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, as her dick softened and dropped out, I wiped us both clean. She rolled over onto her back.‘Take me Alice’She lifted her legs, I used the last of that tube of KY getting ready for her. I pushed my dick into her, and gently eased in until my thighs were on her legs, then fucked her slowly watching her face, I loved everything about her, I was ecstatic making love to her. My dick travelling in and out of her, she was gripping and releasing in time with me, eventually I couldn’t hold back, I stopped when I was fully in, my dick shot its load, I just wished I could have made a baby in her, it would tie us permanently together.We lay back, she lifted on one elbow and gently stroked my body.‘Tell me everything Alice, how did this all happen’I started where I went to work dressed for the first time, how nervous I was, what I discovered, right through to when dad ****d me thinking I was my mum, the operation, how I felt sorry for my dad and let him fuck me as mum. The shopping with Janet, and the fucking I gave her. When dad had fucked me, and mum came on the phone, then how I let dad fuck me as his daughter afterwards.‘I have told you everything, I hope you still love me’‘Of course I love you, never doubt it, I will always love you Alice, I feel we were meant for each other. Shit, that was some story, my one is tame compared to that, you know I saw another tgurl, well, we have had a few fuck sessions, two nights in a motel and a few in the back of her car. I still have to creep out from home to dress. I found a disused barn in the country, which I use to get dressed, I have a mirror in there so I can do my makeup and check myself over, a bit messy but it beats changing in the back of my car’‘I have been getting worried, I now like getting fucked, I love the feel of a dick inside me, I don’t want to be gay’ I frowned‘Do you ever look at men and fancy them’?‘No, I don’t even think of them like that, they are hairy and not at all feminine, I still look at girls though, but after fucking Janet, I found I prefer your bottom to her pussy’‘Did you fancy your dad’?‘No, I let him use me because I hated seeing him miserable, I did enjoy him fucking me, I sort of got used to it’ ‘Well it seems you are not gay, but maybe a bit bi’ ‘What about us then? I fancied you the very first time I saw you in the restaurant’‘You thought I was a girl’‘How about you then? You knew I was a boy’‘I first saw you through the window with the sexy underwear on, a sort of transvestite, I just had to talk to you because I was the same’‘I am so glad you did, I can’t imagine life without you now’‘Fuck me Alice, I want to be joined to you again’I turned her on her side, lifted her right leg and put my right leg between hers, I eased my dick into her lovely bottom, and fucked her hard, I was in the one I love again. It took at least fifteen minutes of frantic fucking before I dumped another load into her.‘That was sooo good, you really are a great lover, now I want you on top of me’She lay on her back, I knelt astride, I guided her hard dick in me as I lowered down. I rode her as if I was on a horse, my tits were jiggling about and my soft dick was slapping her stomach. I looked down at her pretty face smiling back at meShe whispered ‘I love you’I pursed my lips and blew her a kiss. I was gripping her dick and using my inner muscles as she had taught me, she was fondling my titties and trying to thrust up in me so I raised myself a little, we got into a rhythm moving together.‘I’m going to cum’ she gaspedI sat down hard and felt the jerking of her dick as it unloaded in me. I got some tissue, as I leaned forward and kissed her, her softening dick slid out, still in the unbroken kiss, I put my hand behind me and wiped us both. I lay on top of her, our tongues still entangled in a loving kiss.We broke apart, I rolled off and lay on my back beside her, we held hands gazing at the ceiling. ‘Have you told your parents about me’? I asked‘Have I ?, I talk about you a lot, my mum and dad keep asking me if I think of anything else, I call you my girlfriend’‘So they think I am a real girl then’?‘Of course, my parents are both pleased that I am so called normal’‘Just suppose, you got dressed, and we drove to your house, you stayed in the car while I went and introduced myself to your parents. I could explain that until I met you I was lesbian, but I fell in love with you. This weekend I dressed you up as a girl and I was over the moon with you, I had a boyfriend and girlfriend all rolled in one and wanted us to get engaged, you were happy about it because it was what I wanted, then I called you in to meet them’‘I will have to think about it, I like the idea though’‘It would give you an excuse to dress up and say you are practicing for me’‘I wish I could do it full time like you, and go to work as well’‘You’ll never know until you try it’ We stayed talking for ages, Carol started playing with my tits and got me horny again, so we both fucked each other again and fell asleep cuddled up together.The doorbell woke me, I looked at the clock, five to nine, bloody hell that must be mum. I nudged Carol, ‘Quick, my mum’s here’We dived in the shower, douched, washed and dried each other, back to the bedroom and got dressed, matching underwear, stockings, 3inch strappies and a summer flowery dress. Carol was in similar clothes. We did our hair and make up.‘Alice, your mum’s here’ dad called up‘Two minutes’ I shouted backI was nervous, I was going to see my mum as a girl, Carol gave my hand squeeze‘Go for it darling’ she said quietly.I went down with Carol following and into the lounge.‘Oh my god, is that really you Alan’?‘No mum, I am Alice now’A little boy ran up‘You look like my mummy are you my mummy too’?‘No Gary, she is your big sister Alice, and who is the other young lady’‘Sorry mum, this is Carol my girlfriend’ I turned to Carol, ‘my mum Elizabeth’mum went to Carol and kissed her cheek,‘Pleased to meet you Carol, Alice certainly picked a pretty one, please call me Liz’ Mum turned to me and hugged me tight, she was kissing my cheeks, she pulled back to look at me, tears streaming down her face,‘Oh Alice, I am so happy, I always wanted a daughter, I can’t believe how much you look like me when I was younger’Carol was playing with Gary on the floor,‘Can I take Gary in the kitchen and do some drawing, and I could make tea or coffee if anyone wants it’‘That’s a good idea’ dad said ‘who wants tea and who wants coffee’‘Coffee’‘Coffee please’‘that’s three coffees in here and you can get what you want Carol, and thanks, it would be nice if you can keep Gary occupied for a while’Mum sat down. Carol came in with the drinks.‘Alice I would like you stay as well. Greg I want to explain why I left. You remember when I phoned you because my car had broken down, when I was on my way back from my aunt Suzy’?Dad nodded‘Well, I was just about to phone the RAC like you told me, when a car pulled up, two men got out and offered to help, one grabbed and held me, the other got my hands behind me and taped them together, then taped my eyes and my mouth. Oh Greg, they ****d me, they were taking it in turn, I tried to fight back, honestly, but they were too strong’Tears were flowing down mum’s cheeks. Dad went to put his arm around her but she put up her hand to stop him.‘Please let me finish. I remember it like it was yesterday. They left me on the back seat, I remembered you kept a small tool kit in the glove compartment. I somehow was able to feel my way out the rear door and into the front, I had to lay on my front on the passenger seat, with my hands still tied behind me, I eventually got the compartment open and found the toolkit. I had trouble finding the knife and I cut my wrist as I cut through the tape. Once I had my hands free, I pulled off the other tapes, I searched around and found my mobile phone and then phoned the RAC. I could only give them a rough description of where I was. While I waited for them, I cleaned myself up as best as I could. The RAC man came and found the battery connection loose, he fixed it, and he gave me a plaster for my wrist. I drove to a motorway service station and booked in a Travelodge. I phoned you and said I was ok, but the car wouldn’t be ready until the next day, you did offer to come and get me, but I insisted on staying to wait for my car. I took a shower and was in there over an hour trying to clean myself, I felt so dirty. I cried myself to sleep. I made sure you would have left for work when I got home. I threw all the clothes I was wearing into a black sack, then once dressed I put it in the boot of my car. When you got home from work, I told you I had cut myself when I looked under the bonnet, and said I was tired and went to bed. Three weeks later I started morning sickness, I got a pregnancy test kit and it showed positive. You could not make babies anymore, I felt awful, I could not stay at home, I know I would have to tell you what had happened, so, I phoned aunt Suzy and told her, she said to go down to her. That is when I left. I named the baby Gary, it was the nearest I could get to your name, on the birth certificate I named you as the father’.‘Oh Liz I wish you had told me, I thought you had found someone else’ dad was crying and so was I. Mum carried on ‘I did think of putting Gary up for adoption, but I just could not do that, after all he was my son. I missed you so very much. I got a job in a shop, aunt Suzy looked after the baby, he is three years and four months old now, About a year ago, aunt Suzy became ill, she died last month, she had left her house and everything to me. I have not been out or seen anyone for the last year, just shopping for food. I have not had sex since I left you. I was so lonely down there, I thought if I told you everything, you might understand’Dad grabbed mum and flung his arms around her.‘Oh my darling Liz, I love you so much, I have missed you terribly, I wish you had told me, I would have understood’He was kissing her all over her tearstained face, they were both crying. I sat with tears running down my face. I could hear laughter from Carol and Gary coming from the kitchen. I wondered if mum had stayed, would I be Alice now. I would not have met Carol, my life would have been so different.‘You are here now, I want you to stay, I want Gary to have a mummy and daddy, and mostly I want our life to be together again’‘Do you forgive me Greg’?‘There is nothing to forgive, I am still in love with you’‘Can I come back Greg’?‘I wouldn’t have it any other way, I want you home again’They kissed, Mum turned to me, ‘Alice, my lovely daughter, you have to tell me how this came about’I told her how I missed her, and dressing in her clothes to be near to her, then about Santex, then my company having me changed to a girl.‘Mum, I love being Alice now’‘Do you mean you have real implants’?‘Yes mum, they look great’Dad said‘Come Liz, I want to show you something’ He led her to the office room, he brought up the picture of mum and me in that dress‘Alice on the left and you on the right’‘Amazing, bakırköy escort we look exactly the same, it must have been hard for you when you saw her everyday, and you were still in love with me, how did you keep your hands off her’Dad and I went crimson, I was standing behind, mum looked at dad incredulously‘You didn’t did you? your own son? I can’t believe it’ ‘Mum?, it was my fault, I was dressed in your clothes’‘Liz, I saw you when it happened, it was you I ****d not Alice’‘You ****d her’?‘I couldn’t help it, I was angry and frustrated when I saw you, later I realised what I had done, I broke down, Alice forgave me, she understood how much I wanted you’‘Did you **** her again’?I butted in‘No mum, from then on I felt ever so sorry for him, he missed you so much, I let him have me, but he always called me Liz and I called him Greg when we did it, it was always you he made love to, not me. Then you phoned, he had only just had me, we were together on the bed when you called, just after that call, I gave myself to him again as Alice his daughter, it was our first time’‘Please Liz, try to understand, I wanted you so badly, it was only ever you I made love to, except of course the last time with Alice’‘Greg darling, you made love to me all those times and I never knew’‘If you want me still, I promise to make up for it’‘Alice, can you and Carol look after Gary for a while, I think your dad and I have some business to attend to’ She grabbed dad’s hand and led him upstairs. I went in the kitchen, Carol and Gary were on the floor playing and laughing.‘My dad and mum are making up for lost time, they asked if we could look after Gary for a while’‘No problem, he is a smashing little k**, we get on great together’We took Gary down to the shops, bought a couple of toys, then over the park. We had a MacDonald’s, then made our way home. We had been out hours, Mum and dad were in the lounge cuddling on the couch. Mum looked a bit worn out and had a little tell tale look about her eyes. Gary piped up as he ran to mum‘Mummy, please can we stay here, I love being with Alice and auntie Carol’‘Of course we will dear, this will be our home now’dad picked him up and kissed his cheek‘Hi Gary, I am your daddy now, I hope we can be friends’‘I’m glad you love mummy, she has been so sad’‘I love you too little one’‘You are a nice daddy, you have made mummy happy’‘Carol and I will get dinner sorted out for later, you can get to know each other, you must have lots to talk about’ I said.We held hands as we left, as soon as we reached the kitchen we hugged and kissed.‘I want you Alice’‘We haven’t much time’ I saidWe ran up to my room, both taking our panties off, I handed her the KY‘You first Carol’I got on all fours on the bed, in no time at all she was in me. Fucking me like a jackrabbit for around ten minutes before she cum.We changed places, I slid in her easily, I only lasted a little longer than Carol before I filled her pert bottom.We got our makeup on then freshened up, panties on, then went to prepare dinner. Mum, dad and Gary were not about. ‘Dinner’ I called‘Be right there’ dad’s voice came down.It was so nice, us all sitting at the table, it felt like a whole family at last. Carol and I insisted on washing up afterwards. Carol went upstairs with mum to help wash and get Gary ready for bed. Dad patted me on my bottom as I was uncorking the wine.‘You take after your old man’‘Why’s that dad’?‘You hammered poor Carol non stop for half an hour earlier, your mum and me were getting the bedroom next to yours ready for young Gary, we could hear the bed moving’ I giggledLater, when Gary was asleep, we sat in the lounge talking and sipping wine. Carol told them about her work in the office and her flexi time hours, dad was interested with the type of work she did.‘If you ever need a job, I could put a good word in for you at our local office, they need people like you’‘Oh thank you Greg’‘No problem. By the way, you are welcome here whenever you want, you don’t need to ask, I am sure Alice would be pleased’Mum asked me how her clothes fitted me.‘Before I had the surgery, I found the tops fitted perfectly when I padded the bra, and the skirts were a little tight on the waist, but the length was just right, but now, the waists are just slightly loose’‘We will have to have a sort out, as I haven’t been going out for the past four years, I haven’t had any new clothes, maybe I could borrow some now and again’‘Mum, they are yours anyway’‘No, they are yours, I lost claim to them when I left’.We carried on for a while, dad yawned and stretched‘Ready to go up Liz’?‘Will I get any sleep’Dad grinned‘Maybe later’Mum went up. Carol turned to me‘Fancy sharing a shower’?‘Sounds good to me. Goodnight dad, be gentle with mum’Carol and I showered etc, that got us both horny, we wore a baby doll nightie each, hers was pink, mine was white. We fucked each other twice, then too worn out we lay together and drifted off to sleep.I was the first up, I douched, washed and brushed my hair, made up my face, and with a pleated mini skirt and tee shirt, I went down and put the coffee percolator on. Mum was next‘Good morning Alice, you look good’‘Hi mum, you look nice too’We sat and sipped coffee, Carol came in, she looked so pretty‘Good morning Liz, ahh coffee’Dad came in carrying Gary‘Morning everyone, could someone get a coffee for me, I have a lively handful here’We sat chatting for a while, Mum and dad decided to go shopping, Carol and I looked after Gary. In the afternoon we played crazy golf. Had a meal in a pub restaurant, then went bowling. We got to bed about eleven. Carol and I had two good fuck sessions, then as we lay together she asked me to see her parents about her dressing.‘I love wearing the lovely clothes and being a girl all the time’‘How about going there tomorrow, will they be home’?‘Yes, they are always in on Sundays’‘Ok, after breakfast we get you all dolled up, and I will drive you there’Next morning after the morning snack, we went back up to my room, and went through mum’s wardrobe as none of my dresses would fit Carol around the waist, she is the same size I was before surgery. We picked a nice knee length dress, bolero jacket, tan stockings and black ankle strap shoes, with pale blue matching nylon underwear. After her make up and hair she was complete, I whispered in her ear‘I want to fuck you’She grinned‘If you can get my parents to accept me, you can have me’‘Right now you have to phone them and tell them that I have something I need to tell them and I am on my way over’Carol made the call, ‘They are expecting you, in a couple of hours’I drove over to Oxford, I pulled up two houses away‘Now when I ring your mobile, you must come immediately’ I went and rang the bell, an attractive and pretty fortyish blonde opened the door, I could see immediately that she was carols mum’‘Hello, I am Alice’‘Oh, I am very pleased to meet you, my name is June, please come in’she led me to the lounge, a fairly handsome man stood as I entered‘This is Bernie my husband, Bernie this is Alice’‘I am so pleased to meet you Alice, and may I say, Harold has an excellent taste, please sit down’June asked ‘May I take your jacket’?I removed my bolero and handed it to her ‘I have come to tell you something which is very important both to me and to Harold, as you know we are seeing each other, in fact we are both madly in love, but there is a problem’Bernie butted in‘He hasn’t got you pregnant has he’?‘Bernie for goodness sake let the young lady tell you’‘I am sorry Alice, please go on’ June said‘No, I am not pregnant, what I was going to say was, I have been a lesbian until I met Harold, it definitely was love at first sight, a big turning point for me, I actually fell in love with a man. Of course sex is an important part of a couple, and ours was very good, but one evening I got him to dress as a girl, our sex life went out the roof, he loved it and I loved it, I finished up with a boyfriend and a girlfriend, we are a perfect couple. We now go out together shopping, as girls. Even you must admit, Harold is very pretty, but as a girl she is a knockout. Harold would like to be Carol, but could you accept your son to dress as a girl’?‘Harold had a difficult time at school, he was always picked on because of his feminine looks, we have always said he would make a better looking girl than a boy, but we were worried if he ever turned gay, but after meeting you, I am glad that he has found such an attractive girl, it shows he has an impeccable taste. As for him dressing as a female, I suppose if it means you both want it, I think I could accept it. What do you think June’?‘Well Bernie, you know I have always wanted a girl, I would be happy about it’I rang carols mobile‘Come to me darling’A minute later, we heard the front door open and shut, then Carol blushing brightly, entered the lounge ‘Hi mum, Hi dad’‘Wow, I can hardly believe my eyes, you look astounding’ Bernie said‘Oh darling, you are so pretty’ June said rushing to Carol, and throwing her arms around her and kissing her cheek ‘At last I have the daughter I have always wanted, you look great’ ‘Mum, dad, this is how I want to be, Alice persuaded me to dress up, and being with her as a girl is heaven. I would like to stay as a girl from now on, but only if you can accept it that way’‘It seems important to you, I will not object, how about you June’?‘You know how I feel Bernie, I love the idea’I went to Carol and kissed her lips‘I love you Carol, now you owe me’We both burst out laughing, For the next hour, we talked about Carol, how she would adjust in her new life, her work, even us as a pair. ‘I am so happy that she has you, I can tell you are both very much in love, you have my blessing’ Bernie said‘Come Carol, lets make a drink for them’ June said taking her hand I told Bernie how my mum and dad thought carol was a girl and accepted her, knowing my lesbian past. Carol came in put the drinks down and sat beside me, June followed and sat in the other armchair. Carols skirt had ridden up a little and was showing a bit of leg. As we sat chatting, I noticed Bernie admiring us, I could see he fancied both of us, his crotch showed the outline of his hard dick, he looked uncomfortable and he constantly kept moving in his chair. When we started saying our goodbyes, June kissed us both on the cheek, Bernie lingered just a little longer and hugged us as he kissed our cheeks.As I was driving back Carol was ecstatic‘Alice, how can I thank you, I can dress up and be a girl at home now, and not creep off to hotels to dress’‘By letting me fuck your brains out when I get you home. Your mum and dad were easily persuaded, I think you may have to keep your dad at arms length now and then, I could see he fancied you’‘You really think so’?‘He had a hard on most of the morning’‘That was because of you’‘And you, he checked out you and your legs quite a few times’We arrived back, the house was quiet, so I led Carol up to my room, as we passed dad’s room we could hear the sounds of them shagging.I shut the door and hugged Carol tight, our lips opened and our tongues joined, while we were kissing, I lifted her dress and pulled down her panties, she then did the same to me, I lowered her onto the bed, lifted her dress and used the KY, she opened her legs wide, I slid my hard dick into her waiting bottom, while I fucked her I looked at her smiling face, I loved her so much it hurt. I realised that I had not pulled the bed away from the wall, and light tap..tap it was making, was a sure giveaway we were fucking.‘I hear your home then’ my dad shouted through the closed door, then I heard mum laughing as they went away.I held my dick still as I cum inside my Carol, her face lit up as she felt it spew forth deep in her.‘That was wonderful Alice, I always feel so complete when you have made love to me. Can I undress you for my turn’She unzipped my dress, and helped me out of it, unfastened my bra and spent some time caressing and kissing my titties, it was sending tingles up my spine‘I love your beautiful breasts’ she whisperedI lay back on the bed, I lubricated and stroked her stiff dick, then handed her the tube to get my bottom slick for her to enter. She held me by my narrow waist to pull herself into me, I was pushing back in time with her movements like a well oiled machine. Our bodies were now well tuned for each other, some time elapsed before she thrust hard and shot her cum into my bowels.In the afterglow of our lovemaking we lay in each other’s arms‘Alice, I want to be with you always, I never want to lose you’‘I will never leave you Carol. How would you feel if we got engaged’?‘That’s a great idea, we could get matching rings’‘We will go shopping next weekend, and check out the jewellers’We kissed lovingly. Once dressed, we sorted out some clothes and underwear that Carol could take home for her new role, and packed it carefully in an old suitcase. We carried the case down to the hall, and went for a drink. In the kitchen mum and dad were at the table‘There is still coffee in the perc’, you probably need a drink now’ dad said grinning‘Dad? Please’‘Well you were a long time, you must be thirsty’We sat together opposite my parents with our drinks‘Two pretty attractive girls, no one could ever tell that one of you is not, you two look so happy together’ mum said wistfully‘We are mum, in fact we would like to get engaged’‘Oh, that’s wonderful news, maybe Carol can have a baby girl, if I can’t have a daughter, at least I would have a chance of a granddaughter’ ‘We wont be having babies yet mum, at least I hope not’‘Well don’t leave it too long’‘I have to get going, is it ok for me to come next week’?‘We would love to have you here, you don’t have to ask, you could even move in if you wanted to, there is plenty of room’ dad said‘Thank you’ she kissed dad and mum on their cheeks.I walked to the door we got into a deep kiss‘I will miss you Carol’‘Me too Alice, I will see you next Friday’‘Just a sec’ I said wiping the smudged lipstick from her face ‘and be careful in those shoes’‘Don’t worry, I an old pair of trainers in the car’I followed her out to her car and helped her with her case‘Goodbye darling’ I waved as she leftGary was playing on the floor when I got back, he looked up at me‘Where is auntie Carol’ ‘You will see her next week Gary’‘Oh, I wanted her to play with me’I played with him, got him drawing, tried some puzzles, after all he is my brother.The next day I was at work at eight thirty, after a few preliminary checks, I sorted out the problems, beşiktaş escort I was finished by lunchtime. I went home, dad was at work, mum in the kitchen ‘Hello favourite daughter’ she hugged me ‘I would love to see your breasts Alice, please can I look’‘Mum, I feel embarrassed’‘Please, I will even show you mine’‘Well ok, I have to change anyway’I went to my room, mum followed me, she took her top off and removed her bra, they were lovely, still firm rounded globes. I removed my skirt and jacket, undid my blouse, I went red as I undid my bra‘They are beautiful Alice’‘Only like yours mum, thirty six ‘C’’‘And your waist looks so tiny, you have such a lovely figure’I only had my panties and stockings on‘You still have a nice figure mum, very much like mine’‘I think my bottom is a bit big’ she removed her skirt ‘take your panties off, we can compare ourselves in the mirror’ she dropped her pantiesHer pussy was shaved smooth, I must have been beetroot red as I removed mine, I was completely hairless‘You look beautiful’‘Just like you mum’We stood by the mirror turning this way and that, and although she was thirty-nine, there was no sign of her losing her shape,‘Tell me, are your nipples sensitive, mine are, your dad only has to tweak them and I get really horny’ She reached to touch my nipples I backed away and fell on my back on the bed‘Don’t mum’‘I only want to touch them silly’she leaned over to touch me and I moved to avoid her, she jumped astride me, and started feeling my titties‘They feel and look so real’My dick sprung to attention, mum was cooing, as she leaned back, my dick went straight up her pussy‘Oh my god Alice, your dick is in me’As she went to lift herself, I held her hips‘Please mum, just a few seconds’She lowered herself, I was fully inside her now, so warm, this is where I came from twenty two years ago. I reached out and felt her titties, similar shape and size of mine.‘Don’t please Alice’She rocked back and forward, I started fucking up in her, we were playing with each other’s tits. ‘I am going to cum’ she screechedI felt her pussy spasm and grip, as my dick began to spurt into her‘NO Alice, don’t cum in me’‘I’m sorry mum, I just did, I couldn’t help it’‘Oh, god, I am still fertile’As she raised off me, our mixed cum trickled onto my dick‘We should never have done that’ she sobbed‘I’m sorry mum, it was an accident, you played with my tits, and they are sensitive too’She went into the en suite bathroom and had a shower. Mum got dressed and went out, I had my usual douche and shower, then dressed.‘Mum’? I said as I entered the kitchen ‘I am sorry, but the chances of you getting pregnant are pretty slim’‘I hope I am not, I could have a big problem telling your dad’I kissed her cheek, ‘Love you mum, it’s so nice you are back home’ I said trying to change the subject‘I love you too Alice, even more so now you are my daughter’I phoned Carol about eight pm. She had gone to work dressed, and explained to her boss that she wanted to be treated as a girl, he had told her that he was willing to accept her, but it was only for a month, then he would revue her contract. We both said how much we missed each other’The rest of the day was normal, we had dinner, I helped mum clear up. I turned in around ten.Tuesday, my work was fairly straightforward. I went to the clinic where I had the surgery, I saw the doctor, he asked me how I was, I told him perfect, I loved my new body, but wanted to know the cost for carrying out the same procedure again. ‘That was easy’ he told me, as he had only just billed my company for my operation, it would be £4,700.00 including VAT. I thanked him and left. I had the money Santex had given me. I knew Carol would want to have it done, and I would have £300.00 over for the engagement rings, I couldn’t wait to tell her this evening. I kissed mum on the cheek when I got home‘You have to keep that dick of yours in your panties when you are near me from now on’We both had a good laugh at that, I helped her in the kitchen, it felt like we were sisters, we still looked alike, we got on well together. Dad now gave me a cuddle and kissed my cheek now I was his daughter, instead of the high five when I was his son. After dinner was finished and cleared up.Carol phoned, she was a bit worried at what I had said about her dad the way he looked at her.‘I secretly watched him, he certainly looks at me differently now. I really don’t know what to do, you see, my gran is a bit ill, and mum is going to stay with her Wednesday and Thursday, it means two nights with just me and dad here’‘Why are you worried, do you think he wants to fuck you’?‘I am pretty sure he does’‘Why not let him’‘I am not sure how to approach him’I told her about what I did, wear sexy clothes, lay on a romantic candle lit dinner with wine, and tell him it was just this once and was a special evening for him’.‘Suppose he doesn’t do anything’‘Then just act normal, but if my feelings are right, you will get a good fucking’ I giggled ‘Now, for something serious, have you got any holidays due to you’‘Yes, about three weeks, why’?‘Can you take next week off’‘I think so’‘Let me know tomorrow’‘Ok, love you lots’‘Love you too, byee’.The next day, I had a few problems and by the time I got home dinner was ready.‘Hi mum’ I kissed her cheek‘Hello darling, Carol has called a few times, she said she would call later’‘Hi dad’ he gave me a hug as I kissed himWe had dinner, cleared up. I realised it was Wednesday and Carol was going to seduce her dad, shit, I hope nothing has gone wrong. I played on the computer until ten, then went to bed.My mobile rang just after midnight, I sleepily found it‘Hello’‘Oh Alice, he has just gone to sleep’She was whispering, I had to hold the phone tight to my ear‘I am off next week on holiday. I did what you told me about doing a romantic dinner, it worked too well, he has fucked me, four times so far, he lasts for ages, I will tell you Friday, oops I think he’s waki…no daddy, not again I need some rest, ooohh’The phone must have fallen on the bed, I could hear the rhythmic movement, then a lot of rustling‘Please be gentle daddy, ooohh’Then the regular movement started again, it went on for half an hour before it went irregular and thump.. thump to a stop‘Please let me rest now, I have to go to work in a few hours’I heard Bernie’s voice‘Only if you let me fuck you again when I get home’‘No it was only supposed to be this evening, just the once’‘Ok then, turn over, I will fuck you all night long then’‘Please no daddy, I am sore’‘Your choice’‘Do you promise just one more evening’‘Yes, I promise, just once more, I have watched you walking around the house, I was getting really horny, you are so lovely, I needed to fuck you, now that I have, I just love fucking you’‘Ok, you can have me when you get home, but if you break your promise, I will tell mum’‘That’s fair, this coming evening will be the last time, goodnight my sexy little daughter’Five minutes later, I could hear soft regular breathing, I knew that sound, it was Carol.I drifted back to sleep.Thursday evening Carol did not phone.Friday, my day was uneventful, I got home at four, kissed hello to mum, I played with Gary for a while, then did my usual in the shower. I dressed in sexy clothes. At last Carol turned up.‘You look worn out’ I said as we kissed in the hall‘I should bloody think so, dad fucked me silly last night, he promised it would be the last time. He certainly give me something to remember. On Wednesday you know I did the romantic dinner thing, and he fucked me half the night. Well, I found out this morning that I needn’t have bothered with the romantic dinner thing, he said he intended to fuck me anyway, and the bastard has been on Viagra. Last night it seemed he had a permanent hard on, he didn’t finish with me until three am this morning’‘I am sorry Carol, I should never have talked you into it’‘It’s not your fault, he told me he would have fucked me anyway, I am sorry Alice I am too sore to let you make love to me, at the moment’‘I understand darling, I heard him fucking you, your phone was still on after you spoke to me, and I heard him blackmail you to have you again last night. Don’t worry about being sore, I understand, I will kiss it better later’ we both laughed ‘Now about next week, I want you to stay with me, I have a little surprise for you’‘I like surprises as long as they don’t have a dick attached’We cackled like two hens.‘Oh, hello Carol’ mum said poking her head around the kitchen door ‘I heard laughing, I thought I would check it out’‘Auntie Carol..Auntie Carol’ Gary ran to her and cuddled her legs, Carol picked him up and gave him a kiss‘Hello Gary, have you missed me’?She played with him on the floor. I was giving mum a hand at the sink‘She will make a really good mother’ mum nudged me and winked‘Yes she loves k**s, but we won’t have any for a while’‘Well don’t leave it too long’Dad came home‘Wow, a houseful of beautiful angels, I must have taken the wrong turning and finished up in heaven’ He was grinning as he kissed us all on the cheek After dinner, and cleared up, Carol collected her case and we went up to my room and had a good kissing and cuddling session, we undressed each other. Carol wanted to give me a blowjob as her bum was off limits.‘Would you like to sixty-nine or would you like to fuck me’? I suggested‘That would make a change, lets do it’We lay top and tail, as I started to kiss her cock, I felt her warm mouth on mine. I tried to get her dick into my throat, after the fourth attempt, I managed to get her all in, my nose was on her balls, she also took all of my dick, we sucked and slurped for some time before I began to lose it. She realised I was going to cum, and held me in her throat as I unloaded, then she licked my dick clean. I was caressing her balls as I swallowed her, it took some time before I felt her dick swell, I got her into my throat, I felt the underside of her dick throbbing as she cum. I sucked and licked her clean.‘I hope I don’t put on weight with what you just filled me with’ I cackledI turned around, as we kissed, I could taste the sticky slightly salty flavour of my cum.‘I want to be with you forever, I could never love anyone as deeply as I do you’ she breathed.‘Carol darling, I feel the same toward you. I only wish we could make a baby’‘Mmm, that would be nice, which one of us should get pregnant’?‘I think you should, as you were the first to be a girl’‘But you have real titties and a fabulous figure’‘You will soon’‘What do you mean’?‘You are booked in for the same surgery that I have had, on Monday morning nine am’‘Oh Alice, that’s fantastic news, but how can I pay for it’?‘I am paying from the bonus I got, and I have enough left over for our engagement rings, it is my engagement present to us’‘I don’t know what to say, I am so happy’Carol cried, her tears flowed down her face, she was kissing me and getting my face wet with them. We did not make love, we just cuddled together and went to sleep.Next morning I extricated myself from a deep sleeping Carol, sorted myself in the en suite, dressed with a knee length cotton flowered dress, make up and hair completed I went down to the kitchen. Dad was there‘Hi babe, you look good this morning’He kissed my cheek and patted my bottom‘Fancy a quickie before anyone gets up’?‘No dad, all that happened between us is over now, you have mum and I have Carol’‘You were a bloody good fuck though’ he said quietly and grinning‘Thanks dad, I will take that as a compliment’We sat and had coffee, he asked me how I was getting on being a girl at work. I told him that people were nicer to me and I seemed to get more respect’‘You always looked a bit effeminate and had a sexy sort of way about you as a boy, but now you have blossomed into a beautiful sexy girl so very much like your mum’‘I always thought she was attractive and sexy, I suppose I wanted to be like her’‘Sometimes I look round and mistake who I am looking at, even the way you walk is like her’Mum came in with Gary trotting behind‘Alice can we play please’‘No Gary, you have breakfast first, then you can play’ mum said ‘Hi sweetie’ she kissed my cheek ‘no Carol’?‘She is having a lay in’‘You should take it easy on her, probably kept her up half the night’ mum smiledThirty minutes later Carol emerged‘Hi everyone, any chance of a coffee, I am gasping’‘Aunty Carol, aunty Carol’ Gary rushed to her, she picked him up cuddled and kissed him‘How is my favourite nephew today’?‘Can we play, pleease’ Carol drank her drink, then took him in the lounge‘That girl will make a really good mum some day’ dad remarked‘Some day dad’About an hour later, mum retrieved Gary. Carol and me set off to the big shopping centre. We scanned all the jewellers’ windows. We stopped for a snack at a bistro café. ‘I liked that one with the patterned gold ring and the imitation diamond’ Carol said‘Yes, it seemed good value for the price, but it looks expensive, Shall we see if they have two’?‘Oh Alice, yes please’We returned to the shop and asked for two of the rings, after a bit of hunting the assistant found two identical rings that we wanted, they altered them to fit us, after paying, Carol turned to me‘Alice darling, when shall we do it, you know, get engaged’?‘How about Wednesday, the day after you come home from your op’‘Can we make it the day I come home, sort of celebrate my new body’‘Ok lover it will be Tuesday then’‘I am so excited I could burst’Later after dinner and a family chat, Carol and I turned in at ten.‘I want you to fuck me Alice, as long as you are gentle, I am still a little tender’When we had got ready, we fucked each other slowly twice, and curled up to sleep well after midnight’We both woke up around the same time, douched and showered together, Carol kept playing with my tits‘Please stop Carol, it turns me on, they are very sensitive’‘I love them, I can hardly wait for my own’ she said, and carried on kneading and pulling on my nipples. I bent her over the end of the bath on her knees in the water, using shower gel for lubricant I shoved my dick in her she squealed as I fucked her. After leaving my cum in her, we dried off and got made up and dressed. Once we finished a snack for breakfast, Carol played with Gary in the lounge, mum pottered about in the kitchen, dad was doing a few DIY jobs, I vacuumed around the house, everything seemed so normal, once again it felt great being a girl.Carol and I, had a good fuck a few times that evening, I turned the light off at eleven.I nudged Carol awake at seven‘Big day today darling’ beylikdüzü escort We got ready, I took Carol to the clinic at eight thirty, once she had gone into the op room, I left for work. Got home about four, mum was in the lounge with Gary.‘Where is Carol’?‘She will be back tomorrow night, I ran her to the station this morning’‘Nothing serious I hope’‘No, just routine stuff’I felt so alone that night, I drifted off to sleep fairly late.Fairly straightforward work, I got home at four, changed, I told mum I was picking up Carol, I got to the clinic at five thirty, but had to wait an hour, before Carol emerged‘I have seen them Alice, they are so lovely, just like yours, and my tiny waist, it’s amazing’ she said in a squeaky voiceWe both giggled, we kissed in the reception, the girl behind the desk looked shocked, Carol and I turned and smiled at her, she leaned toward us and said‘Both your lipsticks are smudged’ she grinnedDinner was in the oven. We ate and cleared up and joined mum and dad in the lounge, they were watching a soap on the TV. ‘Everything ok Carol’ Mum asked‘Yes thanks Liz’ with her squeak‘Mum, Dad, we have an important announcement to make’‘Oh goodie, you are pregnant Carol’ mum said excitedly‘No mum, Carol and I are getting engaged’Dad rushed out and came back with a bottle of champagne and glassesI produced the rings, I held one in each hand, they were both the same size. Carol picked my left hand, she took the ring‘Kneel’ I whispered as I picked up her left hand and held out my let to her‘With this ring I betroth you Carol’‘With this ring I betroth you Alice’ with her squeakWe slipped our rings on each other, the champagne cork popped, Carol and I kissed deeply still on our knees.‘I love you darling Alice’‘I love you darling Carol’‘That was so sweet’ mum said with tearful eyesWe drank our glasses and the refills‘I wish you both all the happiness in the world’ dad said croakily‘me too’ mum blubbered‘We are off to bed, we have to celebrate and make up for lost time’ I saidDad and mum grinned at us as we left. We stripped off, ‘You look fantastic’ I said as I saw her beautiful body ‘what is your measurements’?‘The same as yours, thirty six, twenty four, thirty six, we can even wear each others clothes’We fondled each other’s bodies in the shower, neither of us could keep our hands off each other ‘Alice, I can never thank you enough, I am truly a girl now’ she said in her five year old voiceWe put on frilly nighties, we fucked each other time after time that night.The next three days were fairly, uneventful at work, I had a few problems on Friday and didn’t get home until six. Carol and I had been shagging regular in the evenings. During each day, Carol was helping mum and playing with Gary. On Saturday, Carol and I went to the shopping centre, we strolled around the shops, our high heels clicking as we walked. Whilst having a snack at the bistro, ‘Alice, it feels so natural being a girl now, I have looked at our reflection on some shop windows, we do look like two attractive girls enjoying ourselves’‘I feel the same, we do look good together, I am so glad we are an item now’ I said holding up my hand and flashing the ring.‘I would like to buy us something nice to wear, let’s shop’ We went in various shops trying on skirts and dresses, Carol bought us some matching underwear, a dress each, mini skirt and blouse, all identical. We found no one at home when we arrived, so we hung up our clothes, as dad had taken all his belongings out when mum had left, Carol had his side of the wardrobe. I heard them come home, dad called up‘Alice, Carol’?‘Yes dad’‘You girls get yourselves ready, I have booked us all a table for eight o clock at Lake View restaurant, we leave at seven thirty’‘Oh great dad’Mum knocked and came in‘What are you girls wearing’We showed her the matching dresses‘I used to have one like that, could I borrow it Alice’‘Of course mum, all those at that end are yours’She found the dress and left.We dived in the bathroom together, douched and showered, we decided to wear the clothes we got today and were ready downstairs dead on time. Dad drove us all. When we were shown our table, dad said‘You three look like triplets, all blondes and dressed the same’Gary had a special chair between mum and dad, I sat beside him, Carol by mum. We placed our orders, dad ordered the wine for us three girls. The lights were dimmed as we were on the deserts, another bottle of wine arrived. The DJ started the music with some slow tunes. Dad asked Carol for a dance while mum was seeing to Gary, they danced two songs, then he asked me, I felt a bit nervous, I had never danced as a girl before with a man. ‘Don’t worry little one, I will hold you tight, all you have to do is follow my movements’As he held me I could feel his hard dick against me. I started getting turned on, I thought, ‘that he dick has fucked me a few times’. By the second dance, I was following dad perfectly. He led me back, then asked mum. I turned to Carol‘You gave my dad a hard on, he was already stiff when we started dancing’‘I know, he told me he was holding me tight so I could follow his movements, I felt his dick grow’‘Dirty old sod, that’s exactly what he said to me’ we both giggled in our girly voices.Dad danced several dances with mum, Carol and I looked after Gary, while sipping the wine. He brought mum back and went to the toilet.‘You girls have got my husband all horny, I felt his hard dick against me’‘We have both said that we felt it too mum’‘That dick is mine, so don’t go getting ideas’ We were still laughing when dad came back. The music turned to rock and pop, Carol looked at me‘Yes, let’s do it’ I saidWe did our thing on the dance floor, I found it odd dancing in high heels, but soon got used to it, mum joined us, she showed she was good too, in fact I began to copy some of her moves. After we had been on the floor for half an hour, we sat down at our table.‘You three really looked good together out there’ dad remarkedAfter a couple more tunes the tempo slowed down, dad once again picked Carol first, then me, then mum. As they danced‘He is still hard’ Carol said‘I know, poor mum is in for a good fucking later’‘So am I, I hope’‘You can bet your cotton socks on it’Gary was fast asleep as we left. Once in the car‘Thanks for the evening dad, we have had a great time’‘That’s ok, I am pleased to have made three sexy girls happy’‘I bet you would like to’ I said a bit tipsy The car erupted with our laughing and woke Gary up.Carol and I, made passionate love well into the early hours, before we collapsed in each other’s arms.Sunday morning, everyone had a lie in, it was nearly midday before we were all up. Carol and I spent the afternoon washing and cleaning our cars. Dad and mum took Gary over the park. We had our evening meal then chatted in the lounge, as Carol was going from here straight to work, we had an early night. A couple of good fucks each, then curled up to sleep together.We set off early for work, I phoned Carol at six, she told me that her mum was going to her grandma’s Wednesday and getting back Thursday, and was worried her dad would try it on, I told her that she only had to threaten him by telling her mum and she should be ok. Tuesday when I got home, mum dropped a bombshell‘I have missed my period, so I got a pregnancy test kit, oh Alice, it was positive, what are we going to do’? tears were flowing down her cheeks I held her tight, she was sobbing uncontrollably‘Oh mum, I am so sorry, I will break the news to dad’‘We have to do it together, it’s a much my fault as it is yours’Dad arrived, I told him to go in the lounge. I took mums hand and led her in, she was still crying.‘What’s up’ dad said standing up‘Sit down dad, it’s important.’ I was shaking like a leaf ‘Mum is pregnant’‘What? Who?’ he jumped up‘It was an accident Greg’ mum blubbered.‘Dad, it was my fault, it was an accident’‘You and your own mother, you had better explain’‘It started when mum wanted to see my breasts, I was shy, so mum said she would show me hers if I showed her mine, then she wanted to compare our figures using the wardrobe mirror, we finished up naked. Mum tried to feel my breasts, but I moved away and fell on the bed, she tried again, I was moving about to avoid her, she kneeled across me, and was feeling them and as they are sensitive my dick got hard’‘Greg’ mum butted in ‘I was trying to get a better feel of them and moved back, I had sat on Alice’s dick, it went right up inside me’‘Dad, I began feeling mums tits, I asked her to stay still, but she started riding me, when she shouted for at me to pull out, it was too late, I had already cum in her’‘I am so sorry Greg, you know what I am like when my tits are played with’‘Have you ever done it again’‘No dad we haven’t, that was the only time’‘I don’t know what to say, I am not sure whether I am angry or hurt, maybe you should have a termination, inbreeding can be a problem for the baby’‘Greg, I couldn’t, supposing the baby was normal, I would never forgive myself’‘bloody hell, I just realised I am going to be a grandfather’‘Will you accept him’‘I will have to, I don’t want to lose you again’Dad went to mum and hugged her‘I love you Liz, it sounds weird that my daughter fucked my wife’Mum looked at him with tearful smile‘We didn’t really fuck Greg, anyway my husband fucked my son’The tension eased off as we all started laughing. Mum and dad went in the kitchen for dinner. I had to phone Carol and tell her. I phoned her from the hall.‘Hi Carol, I have some bad news, I have got my mum pregnant, it was an accident’ I went on and told her the story‘My god. How have your parents taken it’‘I think they have accepted the problem’‘I hope so, I love them like my own. I am very jealous though’‘Jealous’?‘Yes, you are going to be a mummy’‘You can share him with me’‘It’s not the same as having one of your own’‘Are you getting broody’? We both giggled at that remark.‘Alice? I’m getting worried about my dad again, he keeps telling me how pretty I am, and he has asked me if he can have me on Wednesday night, I told him I would tell mum if he tried, he promised he would not take Viagra again, and be gentle with me’‘Do you want him to’?‘Not really, I was worried what you would think, I only want you’‘Look Carol, when we make love, it is real love, not just a fuck, your dad wants to fuck you, there is a lot of difference, at least it is family and not anyone, As long as it doesn’t affect us, like it did last week’‘You don’t mind then’?‘If it was with anyone else, I would be upset about it, but I am ok if it is only with your dad’‘I will phone you on Wednesday, if I don’t phone by seven then you will know that I have let him have me’‘Ok I will understand’We said our goodbyes.I went for my dinner, mum and dad had finished and was cleaning up Gary.‘Have you told Carol’? dad asked‘Yes, I explained how it happened’‘How did she take it’?‘She is very jealous because I am going to be a mummy’‘Poor girl, I can see she really loves k**s’ mum said ‘mind you, it means I will be Grandma, I am going to give birth to my daughters c***d’Work went well the rest of the week. Carol did not phone on Wednesday, she told me Thursday evening that her dad was true to his word, he was gentle with her, he loved her new body and kept playing with her breasts, she agreed it did arouse her, and it was a good fuck. We both looked forward to meeting up on Friday.Carol made it in time for dinner, as soon as the family had settled down, Carol and I went up and fucked each other silly. We lay together holding hands.‘Alice? it looks like my mum is going to my gran’s every Wednesday to Thursday, It’s obvious my dad will want me every week, but you have to wait for me each weekend before you get fucked. Why don’t you get your dad to fuck you on a Wednesday evening? that way, we can think of each other while it is happening’‘I don’t think my mum would approve’‘Would you like me to ask him’?‘No, don’t be silly, my dad thinks you are real girl, and dads do not fuck their girls’‘I could tell him that you haven’t been fucked since he did it, and you told me that it would be nice now and then’‘I don’t know, it would be tricky’We kissed and cuddled up then went to sleep.It was a good weekend, Saturday morning Carol and I walked around the shopping centre. In the afternoon we took Gary to the park. Sunday the whole family played crazy golf then went bowling. Carol and I fucked each other each night.Monday, we went off to where we were working. I got home about five, kissed mum and Gary hello. ‘Your dad and I want a little talk with you later’‘I hope it isn’t serious mum’‘No, just a chat’I got showered and changed, then went for dinner, said hello to dad and pecked him on the cheek. I helped mum clear up after dinner. Helped get Gary sorted and put to bed. Then in the lounge.‘Carol and I have had a little talk’ dad saidI went crimson, I knew what she had discussed with him‘She told me that you and her have normal satisfying sexual relationship, but sometimes you missed being Liz for me before the real Liz came back’‘yes dad’‘I enjoyed those times too, well I have discussed this with your mother and we have come to an agreement, but only if you are willing’‘Yes dad’ I was still bright red‘We have agreed that I will spend every Wednesday evening with you in your bed, but afterwards I will go back and sleep with your mum. How do you feel about that’?‘I’d like that dad, but what about you mum’?‘It would be a relief to have a night off, your dad is a bit demanding, as you may remember’‘I remember it well mum’‘As my pregnancy advances it will eventually be too uncomfortable for me to have sex, so when that happens you could step in and help me out’‘Yes mum’‘Well it is your fault that I am like this, so it’s only fair that you help out’Dad patted my bottom‘I will look forward to Wednesday Liz’ he grinnedI went to bed and lay there thinking about my very odd life.Tuesday and Wednesdays work went well, I was home at five, gave mum a peck and Gary a hug‘Well young lady, tonight’s the night’‘Aw mum, leave it out’ ‘I bet your dad doesn’t later’‘What’?‘Leave it out, I reckon it will be in most of the time’ mum laughed‘Mum, you are embarrassing me’‘Sorry Alice, go and get ready’I douched showered, put on sexy underwear, mini skirt and a low cut blouse, make up and hair done, I felt like I was on a first date. I could hear dad was home as I went down for dinner. I was blushing bright red as I sat down, I tried to avoid looking at dad.‘You look absolutely fabulous this evening Alice, is it for something special’?‘Greg, stop teasing her’I only picked at my dinner, I had butterflies. Dad went upstairs to get ready for me, I went to help mum clear up‘Not tonight Alice, you run along and prepare yourself for dad, he won’t be long, come to think of it, he will be long’ mum laughed at her own jokecontinued in Alice part four.

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