Alice and the Looking Glass Ch. 18


Willow tightened the straps holding Jack of Hearts wrists to the pegging horse till the flesh turned first bright crimson then the palest shade of blue. Normally the recipient would be expected to react vocally in some way but the insertion of a pair of her freshly soiled panties before the usual ball gag completely silenced any lamentations from being more than a slightly annoying murmur.

“Some fucking Prince you are you dirty fairy!”

Jack got off on this kind of verbal abuse and to be honest Willow found the expression of her true feelings towards her soon to be husband quite cathartic.

“Good job your subjects cant see you now with your asshole begging for dildo and your cock in a nice tight chastity cage.”

Willow gripped Jacks already tight scrotum in her hand and squeezed till his rectum almost turned inside out. Taking the open opportunity she pushed the rubber hose a good ten inches into the depths before squeezing the bottle of soapy water hard enough to ensure a thorough cleanse. Willow was very proud of her collection of strap on attachments and the mere thought of them being tarnished by this whale’s foulness was too much to bare.

“let’s leave that to percolate for a few minutes shall we?”

The plug pushed into Jacks orifice quite easily ensuring a good tight seal. Willow sat on the stool immediately in front of Jacks very red and swollen face and calmly started to manipulate her heavily ringed clitoris.

“You do know your dirty cock is never getting near this honey pot again don’t you? I would rather be fucked by the grimiest tramp in the sewers than by you.”

Jack was obviously in some discomfort as his penis tried to swell in its confining cage with nowhere to go.


Willow waited for the guard whom she had particularly requested be posted by the dungeon door to approach close enough for Jack to clearly see his naked erect cock.

“Now Jack this is a cock to be proud of. Much bigger than your little twig and so thick and heavily veined.”

In order to make her point even planer Willow stroked the guards ample manhood with the fingers of one hand whilst fondling his twin gems of plenty with the other palm.

“Jacky boy want a good stiff cock in his asshole does he?”

Willow had no difficulty making the words sound disdainful in the extreme. She had no intention of allowing Jack to feel any real pleasure this evening except the twisted form he got from being ridiculed and cuckolded.

“Mister Guard has a very thick long curved cock. I bet your ass would scream mercy as it got properly rammed. Balls feel full up too. Want a nice bowel full of guard cream?”

Jack had started salivating to such a degree that the drool was dripping from the bottom half of the ball gag like a badly adjusted facet.

“Maybe we should open the box for Mister Guard and let him take a spin of the wheel?”

This was Willows favorite part of the game and she felt the giddy rush of adrenalin as she slowly undid the latches that held the top of the large wooden box in place. Gesturing the Guard to take hold of the far two handles they lifted the lid clear and placed it leaned against the dungeon wall. The guard gasped either from pleasure or horror but to be honest Willow really didn’t care. Certainly it was an interesting sight exposed to his eyes and would have made many a cock soft in a second but Willows firm grip around the base of his penis ensured a continuing erection.

“Let me introduce you to my oldest friend and ex-partner Imogen. Excuse the rudeness of her not saying hello but I had her vocal chords removed. Saves on unnecessary chitter chatter.”

The Guards eyes were traveling over the exhibit with a mixture of unfathomable desire and disgust. Imogen lay on a four spoked rimless wheel, her arms and legs seemingly trabzon escort merging with the supports in an unholy metamorphosis. Her labia lips were laced open by use of rings strategically placed on her inner thighs and her lips equally spread through the clever use of nasal and chin rings.

“I had to amputate her legs below the knee to get the box to shut.”

Willow liked giving the tour, especially when she knew Imogen was eager to be penetrated. The longer she spoke the more the bitch had to wait.

“I can highly recommend her cunt and her ass they both have been properly scoured then rifled. Both right hand threads.”

Willow was quite happy to feel the Guards cock pulse in her hand at the mention of rifling.

“She gives very good head, especially since I opened the nasal passages a little. Hardly gags at all.”

Oh yes the guards sausage was throbbing nicely now.

“So if you would like to spin the wheel we will see which of the holes gets first thrust.”

The Guard spun the wheel, not really as hard as Willow would have liked and rather predictably it stopped with Imogen’s asshole and cunt perfectly aligned for penetration. The Guard thrust into the flared labia with perfect precision before proceeding to pump with all the focus he could muster.

“No, no, NO!”

Even in the throes of rutting Willows voice stopped the Guard stone cold.

“You assholes really don’t understand the rules do you. The only one who gets to fuck around here is ME.”

The Guards scream was actually louder than either Willow, Imogen or Jack Expected. Certainly Willows strap on dildo was thick and long and yes she hadn’t bothered to use any form of lubrication, but even so they all expected a Palace Guard to take unexpected anal penetration with a certain amount of decorum.

“You fucking wimp.”

Willow had the guards love handles spiked with her stick on metal talons and was using them as purchase to get a good piston action going. Imogen for her part was moaning as much as a de-voice boxed whore could manage as the Guards goodly sized wanger stroked her rifled interior. Jack, poor Jack was weeping and ejaculating at the same time watching the scene of perfect cuckold heaven unravel before his eyes. Even in the tight confines of the steel chastity device his scrotum managed to pump watery semen along his double folded flaccid penis and to fall stickily onto the floor below.

It was about this time that the motley crew, meaning Hatter and his entourage of deviant companions as opposed to the rock band of the same name reached the outskirts of Heartsville. The confusion over the name was explained by a rather crude line drawn through the sign ‘Heartingdon’ in red paint with ‘Heartsville’ crudely scrawled below.

“Now remember everyone, when we get to the Raj Emporium leave all the talking to me. You girls pay no attention to the owner whatsoever, in fact you had better put cotton wool buds in your ears.”

Alice looked to Celia and Doreen for some form of explanation, but obviously Hatters words were as much a mystery to them as to her.

“That smells like Curry.”

Celia managed to form the few words between the high pitched screams coming from her mouth. Alice of course remembered the pungent odor from her culinary machinations as an awful cook and far worse paying customer.

“Smells like a mix of piss and diarrhea to me.”

Neither Pete nor Dan had any knowledge of cuisine outside the dairy aisle, certainly nothing from the sub continent.

“Just stop talking all of you. The proprietor gets very touchy about racist comments.”

Alice considered throwing Hatter a question but decided now was not the time to argue especially as having to release Celia’s clitoris from between her teeth tunceli escort wasn’t on her immediate agenda having only just recently thrown her to the floor to start a feeding frenzy. Hatter just grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off like a terrier from a bleeding rat.

“No fucking time Alice, people to see and Jacks to peg don’t you know! Celia’s cunt will be in exactly the same spot in an hour or so and wipe your mouth, a red mustache doesn’t suit you.”

The Raj Emporium was both quaint and at the same time commercialism personified. The bay windows were made up of small pains of leaden glass, each one however bearing an advertisement for some wondrous hokum cure all. The shop, according to the publicity, could improve anything from penile dysfunction to all out rampant cunt rot with but the small outlay of a few coins.

This place looks decidedly bogus to me.”

The others stared at Doreen with awe. Not only had she managed a coherent, well semi coherent sentence but actually chose to speak. Normally her remarks were stunted and either on the nature and size of bodily functions or whether her orifices would indeed stretch to the size of the appendage being thrust in her general direction. Hatter gave her a hug and from his pocket drew a large and disgustingly fluffy ball gag.

“Best be wearing this Doreen. Don’t worry if is there is the slightest chance of cock you can take it off.”

Doreen shrugged melancholic-ally and opened her mouth wide. To the unknowing bystander this might have appeared as willingness but had much to do with the way Pete was pushing all four fingers of his unlubricated left hand up her anal canal.

Leopold Nicholas the Eleventh was in all respects enigmatic, indeed if He had been imagined in an illustrated popular comic book His clothes might have easily been decorated with endless eroteme. Appearing from nowhere and without any obvious connections to His surroundings He stuck out like the matted fur of a pet play butt plug. His demeanor like His dress was precise and acutely formal but with a cloak that never entirely disclosed the exact nature of His origin or purpose beyond the pun-ish amusing and ironically sarcastic narrative He painted on both the canvas surrounding Him and His own eccentric and pointless existence.

“My dear Hatter how very decent of you to drop by and say hello.”

The accent was clipped but the words dribbled from His mouth like honey and Alice gushed like a fountain at Fontainebleau.

“I presume these are Doreen and Celia whom have accompanied you. Looking quite beautiful and desirable as Arthurian maidens.”

Celia was dumbstruck, busy imagining Leopold fucking her ass and reciting Shakespeare till she screamed. Doreen for her part was trying to bite through the ball gag like a mouse worrying an incredibly tasty piece of cheese.

“And Pete and Dan, late stalwarts of the Dairy Industry prior to the Queens unfortunate incapacity. Welcome, welcome all.”

Dan swallowed hard, saddened that it was very unlikely he would ever get the chance to lick precum from Leopold’s regal mushroom head. Pete simply allowed his anal sphincter to open in hopeful penetrative submission.

“An absolute joy Leopold as always. Where is the delightful Eritha this wonderful day?”

Hatter had of course doffed His topper and bowed in a most dignified fashion unfortunately resulting in a number of items falling from His top pocket including a magic bullet that immediately began vibrating around at his feet in a frenzied fashion.

“Do introduce Me to this other young Lady. Would I be terribly impertinent to suggest she is the deliciously infamous and historically renowned Alice?”

Hatter grimaced. Leopold had that certain edge in His voice that suggested things were about zonguldak escort to get out of hand. Notwithstanding the need to keep in Elevens good books was imperative.

“My dear Alice allow Me to present Leopold Nicholas the Eleventh.”

Leopold boldly took Alice’s offered right hand and pressed His lips to it generously. Their eyes met and Hatter waited for the certain explosion.

“Dearest Alice it is indeed a fortuitous moment for Me to meet the object of such rumor and intrigue. How pleasant to recognize you are indeed being as beautiful and desirous as all have reported.”

Hatter could smell the moisture welling between Alice’s labia lips and her nipples were making a strong effort to pierce through her brassiere and blouse.

“That’s all well and good but I really need to talk to you Leopold.”

The Eleventh ignored Hatter completely and started to kiss the tips of Alice’s index and middle finger whilst holding her eyes in His mesmerizing stare.

“It is said in the East that the first and second fingers of the right hand represent the legs. By kissing the tips I am in actuality kissing your toes.”

Alice’s eyes had reached the size of saucers and her mouth was as open as a Parisian whore fella-ting an elephant. Eleven moved His lips to her distal joints.

“Feel how My lips devour your ankles in utter passion.”

Hatter realized that any interference was pointless and starting to fall under the recitation spell Himself began rubbing His own erection through His Harris Tweed Trousers. Alice was trembling, not unlike a fruit jelly just released from its mold and as Elevens lips moved again she let out little whimpering noises like a kitten being lapped by its mothers tongue.

“Kissing your proximal joints is as wondrous as caressing your knees. Allow Me to spread them wide.”

As Alice’s whimpers turned to meows Hatters hand slipped under His waistband to grip the pulsating swollen shaft.

“My tongue is unerringly drawn between them to slide upwards to invading the waiting moist depths.”


Alice came in an avalanche of fluid not seen since the great flood disaster of O’Hare’s Irish Tea Rooms in Chapter Six.

“You’re such a flirt Leopold.”

The voice carried from the back of the Emporium with enough force to break the spell leaving all except Eleven looking slightly embarrassed although sated.

“I don’t flirt you know, it is just the way I am.”

“I know dear I was just pulling your leg. You really do need to stop stealing lines from moving pictures though!”

Eleven looked unnecessarily hurt at the mere suggestion of plagiarism.

“I might have thought of it first you know!”

Eritha Cusrube-Cula was astoundingly beautiful. Tall, elegant and with an amazingly luscious bust line she lit the room with joy as she pushed the ever available wheeled bucket into the room with her mop handle. She gently move Alice till she was propped up against a handy counter and began to sterilize the sodden floor with a good strong bleach solution.

“Close your mouth and take your hand out of your trousers please Hatter. Makes it difficult to do clean up if the rest of you continue dripping excreta onto the floor.”

Eleven gave Eritha a big peck on her cheek and helped as best He could. Whilst not the most practical of partners He was occasionally adept at the odd menial task.

“Hatter bought these charming people to visit dearest. Was just saying an old fashioned hello to Alice when she sprung a leak.”

“Its quite alright Alice I totally understand. Eleven has quite the way of extracting liquid from almost any opening.”

The aside was accompanied by the largest stage wink Alice had seen since a Christmas Pantomime production of Aladdin at the London palladium in Eighty-five.

“Very nice to meet you Eritha I am sure.’

Alice even managed a very wobbly curtsey as she spoke.

“No need to curtsey to me my dear I am just the queen of mud.”

Both Eleven and Eritha laughed hugely at this remark but of course as with all in jokes no one else understood.

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