Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 02

Public Sex

Retirement to a sleepy Suffolk village was more than one would expect.

Reference the introduction to Part 1.


I bumped into Alice again a few evenings after. She was in the pub talking to Jim at the bar.

As I entered, both of them looked up, and Alice welcomed me with a, ” What will you have to drink?”

“Thanks,” I replied gratefully, “I’ll have a pint of bitter.”

Jim pulled the pint while Alice smiled broadly, and said, in too loud a voice, “Well here we have two men who can certainly put a smile on a womans’ face.”

At that moment Rachel appeared at the end of the bar, and raised her eyebrows at me, without the others seeing. She looked gorgeous, and the feeling of her body was still in my mind.

Then from the other end of the bar came a voice.

“Jim, can I borrow your car to go to the cash & carry, mine’s playing up?”

Jim produced his car keys, but said, “Lora, come and meet Mike. It’s his garden Rachel worked on the other day.”

So this was Rachel’s mum, and she was an older version of her daughter, just as delicious, and just as tempting.

“Hello Mike,” said Lora, shaking my hand, “I must say, you made quite an impression on her, she’s spoken a lot about you.”

“I’m flattered, she’s a credit to you.”

Lora smiled, and taking Jim’s car keys left to go shopping.

“Mmmmm, you made an impression there, Mike,” said Alice, and added, more quietly, “You could get lucky there.”

“That’s my sister you’re talking about,” interrupted Jim, adding, “But yes, she needs a man.”

Alice chuckled, and below the level of the bar, squeezed my thigh.

Having popped in for a pint, the one pint became two, and then became three.

By eight o’clock I was ready to get off home. Jim and Alice were flirting constantly, and I wasn’t going to feel like a spare part.

As I left the pub, Jim’s 4×4 pulled into the car park with Lora at the wheel. It was stacked out with cartons and packets from the cash & carry, and as Lora got out I felt I ought to offer to help carry the goods indoors.

“Thank you, yes, I’d appreciate that,” Lora said gratefully. And so we both set about carrying everything up to her flat, via the fire escape.

When we had got everything upstairs, I made to leave, but Lora insisted I should have a coffee, remarking that I probably needed something to sober me up.

“Bloody cheek,” I retorted, suitably indignant. “I’m not drunk, but I’m not going to refuse the offer from a lady with such a smile. Oh dear, that sounds so cheesy, doesn’t it?”

“It Casibom does, but I’m always open to compliments. Rachel did say how charming you were, she’s a good judge.”

I muttered something about mother and daughter ‘lookalikes’ and then the coffee was made.

Lora wandered around the kitchen with me perched on a stool watching her. she knew I was perving a bit I’m sure, but I got the impression she enjoyed that.

“Rachel tells me you used to have holidays here, that’s why you moved here. I love it too. After my divorce Jim offered me this place, which suits us while Rachel’s at uni. I don’t suppose she’ll hang around when she graduates, she’s got a lot of potential.”

“Oh I can see that,” I replied, “She knows her own mind.”

Lora looked serious for a second. “Too much so sometimes. You be careful, she likes the ‘father figure.’ Hmmmmmm…I’m not sure I’d trust you two together.”

“I’ll try to behave,” I said guiltily.

Lora gave the impression that she wanted to get on, so I made my excuses and stood up to go.

“I hope we can chat some more in the pub one night, I’d like to hear more about your life.”

“I’d love to Lora, and I’ll remain sober next time,” I added as I made my way out.

The rest of the week passed by without any incident, except that I saw Alice in Betty’s cafe, and she asked if I wanted to have lunch at hers on Saturday. She was having a few friends over, and the weather forecast was good so it might be fun, and I could meet some more people from the village.

I accepted without hesitation, and when Saturday came I duly presented myself with a bottle of sauvignon.

There were ten guests in all, Jim was one of them, and a variety of village folk, mostly of my vintage, including Lady Carstairs, a lady of distinction locally, but one of aristocratic beauty.

Lunch was on the terrace, in the sun, just a simple cold meat and salad, but copious quantities of wine.

Strangely Lady Carstairs attached herself to me, and when she found out that I had friends in Scandinavia she positively delighted in telling me about her links with Sweden and Finland.

Jim showed his amusement when he caught me alone later, by saying, “You watch out, you might be Lord of the Manor if she gets hold of you.”

Alice was sarcastic too, as she noticed the attraction. Whispering she said, “Her Ladyship is a tigress in bed you know,” and gave a wink.

“Please call me Fiona,” Lady Carstairs said, “If we’re going to be friends, and I hope we are, we need to be less formal.”

“That’s super,” I said, sounding absolutely stupid. She burst out laughing, and squeezed my thigh Casibom Giriş under the table.

After lunch everyone wandered around the garden in twos and threes, admiring the view along the coast, or talking about Alice’s wonderful garden.

Somehow Fiona and I found ourselves in a tiny arbor at the side of the house. There was a wonderful perfume wafting from the honeysuckle, and whether it was the wine or just the idyllic weather, Fiona suddenly stopped, turned, and kissed me.

I was taken aback, but as her lips pulled away from mine, and my slightly startled look met hers, I pulled her close again, and kissed her a second time.

Fiona spoke first. “I’m sorry Mike, that was a bit impulsive of me, forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive Fiona, please don’t fret.”

She went on, “Rupert, Lord Carstairs, has not been good to me lately, I’m afraid I just needed that.”

“I won’t pry, but please don’t beat yourself up about it. Look, if you want a shoulder to cry on, I’m here.”

Fiona clung to me once more. “Just say no if you don’t want to, but Rupert is away abroad next week, would you come and visit me?”

Holding her close I wasn’t going to refuse.

“Of course I’ll visit, text me once he’s gone, and we’ll fix something.”

As we went back to the others, we exchanged mobile numbers. Alice raised her eyebrows when she saw us appear together, but she said nothing, at least, not until later.

By late afternoon everybody had started to leave. It was going to be a lovely summers’ evening. Eventually only Jim and I were left, and both of us started to clear away the dishes and wash up. It didn’t take long. Jim had phoned his pub manager to say he’d be late, and Alice offered us a very enticing malt whisky before we departed.

“So when is Fiona going to seduce you?”

The question came out of the blue.

Stuttering I replied, “Oh…oh…I might see her next week.”

Alice exploded with laughter. “Told you so, I knew she’d reel you in. My god, I hope you’re up to it.”

Even Jim was laughing now. “I’ve heard she’s insatiable, even more than Alice.”

Alice whacked Jim across the back of the head. “Watch it, just ‘cos you can’t last the pace. I need more than just one these days.”

Her words hung in the air for just a few seconds too long.

Jim looked at me and very deliberately said, “Sounds like a challenge to me.”

We both looked at Alice. “You reckon?” she said as she stood up. “Come on then.”

Almost like school kids we all hurried upstairs. Before we’d even got to Alice’s bedroom, Jim and I were half undressed. As we stood in the doorway removing our trousers, Alice was slipping her dress down, and unclasping her bra. As she lay back onto the bed she shimmied her panties down and off.

Jim knelt on the edge of the bed and leaned over, taking a nipple in his mouth. Alice reached out and took my limp cock between her fingers, squeezing it until it started to harden.

“Who’s gonna fuck me first, you two pathetic old men.” The humour wasn’t lost on either of us, and Jim’s reply was equally contentious.

“Are you ready to be treated like a slut?”

“For god’s sake one of you fuck me, I can’t wait all night.”

I was hard now and I went straight between her thighs and pressed my cock between her pussy lips. She was so wet. I slid right inside all the way, and started to pound away at her.

Jim was watching at first, but then positioned his cock near Alice’s mouth so that she could suck him. Looking down at Alice sucking his cock spurred me on.

The first time Alice came, she shouted so many expletives that it almost shocked me.

“Oh fuck, fuck, god, oh fuck I’m cumming.”

Just as she had finished her orgasm, Jim replaced me, but turned Alice over on all fours. He slapped her ass as fucked her more slowly than me. Her pussy was dripping juices, and I could hear her gasping into the pillow as Jim’s cock moved in and out.

And then he made a bold move. He took his cock and pressed it towards her ass.

“Oh god no!” Alice sounded panicky, at first. Jim stopped for a moment, but then relaxing slightly, she said, “Go on then, but gently, please.”

And imperceptably Jim started to push.

“Oh, oh, oh yes, yes.”

And then Jim was all the way in.

“Gooooooodddddddddd,” Alice was now showing pleasure.

I watched fascinated. Alice was actually grunting. Jim was concentrating on his task. And then without warning Jim started to cum.

“Alice, Alice, I’m cumming.” Jim was gripping her ass, and I could see his whole lower body shake, as he pumped spunk into Alice’s ass.

He kept holding Alice’s hips, more to prevent himself slumping forward after his efforts. But as his cock slid out of Alice’s ass, there was a gush of semen oozing out, dribbling down between her pussy lips.

Alice groaned as I rolled her onto her side, and then onto her back. As I lifted her legs over my shoulders her eyes were half closed.

“Hope your wanting more,” I said, as my cock, lubricated with Jim’s spunk, entered her again.

“Oh fuck, Mike, make me cum again.”

I wasn’t about to deny her, and watched by Jim, I began to bring her off again. I managed to keep control until she started her sudden rush to orgasm. With me squirting inside her, she cried out in pleasure once again.

As we all slumped on the bed, Alice made the comment that we had added another experience to her CV.

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