AliciaHi Alicia is 21 years old and curvy in all the right places she loves being a country girl.She loves being a innocent tease for the older guys as she wears tight low tops to show cleavage and tight black leggings to show cameltoe and her peachy cute ass. She loves when guys that are old enough to be her dad or Grandpa notice her with their eyes and their gestures. On a sunny Monday afternoon you could win a trip to go on a cruise for a 2 weeks everything is paid. Once Alicia heard the news about the contest by a nearby poster as she was walking by she knew from then she was going to win that trip nothing will get in her way as she was walking by the docks where the boat was staying until the cruise a member of the crew ship name Lenny had his eyes on Alicia as she was walking by and he smiled and escort eskişehir waved to her and she smiled back. Lenny is a older gentleman with a beard like a true fisherman look and he told the crew mates this’ hey didn’t you guys see that babe walking by this boat earlier? I hope to god that she wins so we can spend entire 2 weeks enjoying every inch of her as he smiled. To win this contest you need to enter your name and at random by the ship captain or crew you will go on the cruise so it was a day or two days before the deadline she quickly entered her name and the guy beside the ballot box is name Jimmy and he told her’ hey Alicia you look like you know what your doing while fishing and knows how to have a good time”. She just smiled and thanks for noticing I would do anything eskişehir escort to win this contest as she wet her lips and kept on walking. The day is finally here that they announce the winner for the cruise and as the crew ship member Lenny pulls a ballot and he saw the name and had the biggest smile that you ever seen his eyes looked like they were shooting out his head and the ballot just about to be read he shouted’ the winner of the cruise is … Nicole congratulations I hope you enjoy yourself. As Alicia was very hoping she was the winner she was very disappointed and she ran as fast as she could to the docks and she shouted’ hey you dumb sailors you are nothing but Jerk’s” Lenny was nearby and he thought he has heard that voice before so he rushed out and he saw Alicia and he walked eskişehir escort bayan slowly to her and he was licking his lips and he told her’ hey what’s the matter you didn’t win the contest but I have good news Nicole is out of town so you still have a chance of winning liked you said before you will do anything to win this trip”? She replied with a smirk and she bend over and told him ” hey how would you like to motorboat these tits in the storage room?” he said you will have to do better then that so she could tell he was hard so without answer she started to rub and deep throat the head and all in and swallowed every inch and another crew member caught on what was happening so he was running to them and he went behind Alicia picked her up and fucked her doggy style and he told Lenny” hey bud I think we have found our winner with a giant smile. As the 2 weeks gone to fast Alicia came back and she noticed she was acting strange and had morning sickness often then she noticed she had a baby bump as she was rubbing her tummy she knew what she was doing.

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