Alison’s Adventure


Alison was nervous as she pulled into the parking lot. She had never been inside an “adult toy” store before, and although she knew that there was nothing to be scared about, her stomach still did a little flip when she got out of her car and headed to the door.

It was summer, after her senior year of high school, and she was hornier than she’d ever been in her life. She could spend hours locked in her room masturbating; she was getting tired of her hands, though, so she was visiting the store to see what she could find.

The heat in the parking lot was sweltering. The temperature was in the high nineties and had been for weeks, one of the hottest summers on record in her city. Because of the heat she was wearing only a small blue tank top and a short white miniskirt. She wore no bra or panties, not so much because of the heat but because it turned her on, and she loved the way the boys all stared at the dark triangle of sweat between her small breasts, at her protruding nipples.

Inside the store, the air conditioning was running on high and the cool air swept over her like a wave. She felt goose bumps raise on her flesh, and her nipples strained harder against the fabric of her shirt.

“Hey, sweetheart,” said the man behind the counter to her right, and she started a bit. “Need to see some ID.” Wordlessly she dug through her purse and handed the man her driver’s license. His eyes glanced over it and he smiled.

“Wow, just turned eighteen, huh?” he said. Alison nodded sheepishly and blushed. The cashier handed back her license. “Enjoy the store.” He winked at her and walked away. Quietly she walked further into the building, eyes wide with amazement.

She wandered from rack to rack, scanning over the DVD covers, toys and novelties, enthralled by all the nudity. She had seen porn before, of course, but not a lot, and she was unaccustomed to it all, but she loved it. Finally she made it over to the corner stocked with vibrators and dildos, and her heart raced. Some of them were so big! She couldn’t imagine that half of them could fit inside anybody. Alison could feel her pussy start to get wet as she surveyed the products. She resolved to select one quickly and get out of the store, so she could put it to good use.

As she narrowed down her possibilities, she became aware that someone was watching her. She turned her head back to her left and her breath caught in her throat. Standing behind one of the racks was a man, staring at her. He was ruggedly handsome, over six feet tall, well built, with short, scruffy hair and a few days’ growth of beard. He smiled and Alison gasped a little and turned back to the wall of toys.

She couldn’t focus on anything in front of her. After a few seconds she turned back to look at him again, and he was still watching her. This time she smiled back, and raised an eyebrow suggestively. She couldn’t believe herself, but she kept smiling as the man walked around the rack and came towards her.

He came up to her and stopped, looking down at her. She figured he was maybe a foot taller than her, with broad shoulders, well-muscled but not like a weightlifter; urfa escort it was functional muscle, from a lifetime of hard work. His slightly musky smell filled her nostrils and lit a fire in her groin. She swept a few strands of blonde hair out of her eyes and looked up at him, smiling impishly.

They stood so that the cashier couldn’t see them, and she reached over and gently stroked the bulge in the man’s pants. In turn he reached out and tweaked one of her nipples through her thin shirt, causing a sharp intake of breath. Alison gripped him more firmly, but he shook his head gently and backed away. His eyes shot toward the hallway that led to the video booths, across the store. She nodded that she understood, and he walked over and disappeared into the dark hall. Alison waited till the clerk wasn’t watching and followed as if in a trance.

All the booths were empty except for the one at the end, where she found her man. The door was slightly ajar and she entered, closing it behind herself. He was leaning up against the wall, hands behind his head, feet casually crossed. She walked up to him and ran her hands over his chest, then down his stomach and finally she dropped to her knees, roughly taking hold of his prick through his pants.

Alison wasn’t a virgin; she’d had a boyfriend during school and they had fucked a few times before he dumped her. He hadn’t seemed too keen on sex but he’d loved it when she sucked his cock, and she loved to do it, swallowing him whenever there was nobody around. She thought she had been pretty good at it, able to take his whole cock down her throat, but she saw now that it was only because he had had a small one. As she pulled this man’s dick from his pants her eyes widened and she gasped. She reckoned he was at least eight inches, and it was as big around as her wrist. Eagerly she slipped her mouth over the head and swirled her tongue around.

The man reached down and stroked her hair as she slid her throat down his shaft. She struggled to take it all in but she was determined, and finally her nose was pressed into his short black curls. His masculine scent drove her wild, and she could feel her pussy dripping onto the floor of the booth. Slowly she slid back up his cock, and then back down, finding it easier as her throat relaxed.

She kept on that way for a few minutes, varying the speed, tongue working hard. After a bit she stopped and stood, staring the man in the eye and licking her lips. He reached down and grabbed her ass, and pushed her back against the wall. He slid his hands down her thighs and lifted her up, raising her crotch level with his, and he thrust his hips forward. His rigid cock pushed into her cunt and he slammed it home, up to the hilt, driving her breath from her. Alison draped her arms over his shoulders and shuddered.

As the man began to fuck her, slowly at first, she briefly considered how crazy the whole thing was; she hadn’t gone into the store expecting to have sex, especially with someone she hadn’t even exchanged any words with, but here she was. With every thrust, though, the thoughts were pushed uşak escort out of her mind, and she ignored her concerns and simply enjoyed the experience.

Her legs were hung over his arms while he held her up by the ass and slammed his cock into her. Alison started to match his movements as she felt an orgasm approaching, pushing her hips back against him. He leaned in and nibbled lightly on her ear, and pushed her over the edge. Her ankles locked behind his back and she squeezed herself tight against him as she came.

She was still coming when he lifted her away from the wall, turned and sat her on the small stool in the corner of the booth, his cock still planted firmly within her. He started up his rhythm again, this time reaching down and rubbing her clit with one hand; with the other he lifted her shirt over her tits and began to squeeze and pinch. Alison writhed and squirmed on the stool, still shuddering from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

After a few minutes of this the man pulled his cock out, and placed the tip against Alison’s asshole. Alison bit her lip and looked up at him, her eyes doubtful.

“I’ve never –” she said, and was cut off when the man pressed harder, and she felt it penetrate slightly.

“There’s a first time,” he said, then he pushed again and the whole head popped inside, “for everything.” Alison grimaced as he slid further and further into her virgin ass. At first it burned, and she wasn’t sure she could take it. She relaxed more with every thrust, as he went deeper and deeper, and soon she could feel another orgasm coming.

The man started pounding her faster and faster, slamming into her with a vengeance, and her body was wracked with spasms of pleasure. Her pussy was soaked and she could feel her juices sliding down around her asshole, lubricating him, and pooling underneath her on the stool. He was still rubbing her clit furiously, when suddenly he twisted his hand and stuffed two fingers into her.

Alison went “oh,” and her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave against the shore, washing away every bit of reality and replacing it with pleasure that burned inside her like the heart of a star. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her limbs went limp. Distantly she heard the man grunt once, and she felt jet after hot jet of his spunk shooting into her.

For a few minutes they both stayed that way, as their orgasms subdued and they came back to reality. Both their bodies were covered in sweat, and they were breathing heavily. Alison realized that despite her orgasm, which was definitely the strongest she’d ever had, her appetite was not satiated, and she only wanted more. She flexed her muscles and squeezed his cock with her ass, pleased to find that it was still hard as steel inside her. She began to thrust her hips again and the man grinned at her. He picked her up off the stool and lifted her off his cock, then laid down on the floor.

Alison sank to her knees next to him and took his cock in her mouth, eagerly cleaning their mixed juices off of it. After a few minutes, when she was sure he’d stay hard, she straddled van escort him and slid her pussy down his rod. She started squirming and grinding, twisting her hips in slow, small circles. She flexed and squeezed her pussy muscles, milking his cock in rippling waves for a few moments.

Suddenly he gasped and a slightly concerned look crossed his face. Alison felt his cock spasm once, and before she could be disappointed she lifted off his cock and sprawled over him, dipping her head down and swallowing him to the hilt. He moaned louder and his whole body twitched as he shot the rest of his second orgasm down her throat. She sucked every drop out, and none escaped past her soft pink lips.

Without taking her mouth off his cock she looked at his face, and he half-mumbled, “One more.” Grinning around the shaft, she plunged back down, swirling and caressing with her tongue, one hand fondling his balls, the other playing with her clit.

After a few minutes he lifted her head off his cock and had her lay down on her stomach, with her ankles crossed. She slipped a hand underneath herself and pressed her fingers against her clit, slowly thrusting her hips, fucking herself. The man climbed over her and presently she could feel the tip of his cock pressing against her again.

He used his dick to spread some of her juices over her asshole, and then he shoved himself all the way into her in one push. Alison yelped but eagerly accepted him into her, lifting her hips to meet him, fingers still working on her clit.

His hips thrust wildly, pulling out to the ring of the head and slamming all the way back in on every stroke. Her fingers rubbed furiously and she stretched her legs, squeezing all her muscles as tight as she could. She felt her third orgasm like an oncoming train and it hit her just as hard, like an explosion that consumed her whole body. She could feel her pussy squirt, soaking her hand and the inside of her thighs. The man lay on top of her and his breathing was hot and urgent in her ear.

As Alison’s orgasm began to subside she felt the man tense up, and when he buried his cock one final time she reached further back between her legs and grabbed his balls, squeezing and pulling. He groaned and she could feel him come again, shooting a few last ropes of his seed deep into her. Finally his body loosened up and he rolled off of her, his cock slipping from her ass with a loud plop! noise.

They lay there for a minute catching their breath, then they both seemed to realize where they were at the same time, and they stood and reassembled their clothing. He left first, and then she followed a few minutes later, very conscious of his semen running down the inside of her leg. She didn’t mind, though, and in fact it turned her on a bit. Rather than leave the store right away, which she thought might look suspicious, she browsed around for a few more minutes. She looked up once and saw the clerk looking at her, something in his eyes saying he knew what she’d been doing, and he winked at her again.

Alison decided that she would still buy a toy for herself, and she selected a large, fancy-looking thing that came with “everything a girl needs,” according to the box. As she took it up to the counter a very large black man entered the store and as she looked him over and he looked back she felt her pussy start to get wet again. She smiled devilishly and reconsidered buying the toy.

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