All in the Family Pt. 03


Please read Parts 1 & 2 before this one. Hope you enjoy it.


After fucking his stepmom on Friday morning, Bobby Edwards spent the rest of the afternoon playing on his Xbox. Julia, his step mom, had left the house shortly after noon to shop. He knew this because she had left him a note on the kitchen counter top.

At 4:30 pm Bobby heard her car pull into the garage. Being a dutiful stepson and a gentleman, he went to meet her to help unload the car. Julia returned home with some groceries and other packages. Bobby helped her get them in the house.

“I bought steak for grilling out by the pool” she told him. “Is that all right with you?”

“Mmmmn. I love a good steak” Bobby told her. “I’ll grill and you can make some salad. Deal?”

“Deal” she agreed.

“What time?”

“7” she said with a wink and turned and walked away to her room.

At 4:30 Bobby started to clean up the gas grill and get the outdoor dining area ready for his meal with Julia. He got the steaks out of the fridge and put them in a marinade the way his Dad had taught him to do.

It was a hot afternoon. The sun wouldn’t set for many hours. Without hesitation, Bobby whipped off his t shirt and dove into the pool wearing his wrangler cut off jean shorts. Bobby was like a fish in water. He swam from one side of the pool to the other, then just let the water bathe over him with its coolness. The cool water was soothing.

While Bobby was relaxing in the pool. The gate that led from the driveway to the pool opened and shut. It was Lorrie Tatum.

Lorrie had been frustrated ever since Bobby had sent her a text with a picture of a big fat cock. Lorrie liked what she saw. Could this be Bobby’s cock. She wondered if it was or was it a picture of some cock, he got off a porn website. She had waited on Bobby to make another move. She was frustrated when he did not.

Lorrie had waited on him to call. She knew Bobby liked what he saw, and she wanted to see if the picture was real, but she knew Bobby’s shyness might be a problem.

Lorrie was no longer a naïve school girl. Her days as a demure cheerleader waiting on some football star to ask her on a date were over. Lorrie was now a mature woman and she knew what she wanted. She wanted to know if the handsome, shy, Bobby Edwards had a big dick, and if he did, she wanted it.

Lorrie decided if Bobby would not make the first move, she would. She remembered where his Dad’s house was from back in high school. She drove over to his house one evening to see him. She rang the doorbell.

Julia heard the doorbell but was in the shower getting ready to join Bobby for the evening meal at the grill by the pool.

“Bobby, can you get the door?” she called out.

“Wonder who that could be?” she thought and continued to shampoo her hair.

Lorrie rang the bell again. No answer. She decided to try the door, but it was locked. Frustrated, she walked back down the driveway. She glimpsed a gate, which must lead to the back yard. Curiosity made her decide to check the back yard, just in case Bobby was there. Her curiosity was rewarded. When Lorrie stepped into the secluded backyard pool area, she found Bobby treading water in the pool.

Bobby first became aware of her presence when he heard the sound of her high heels on the pavement around the pool. He turned, expecting to see Julia, and was shocked to see that it was Lorrie Tatum.

Lorrie stood at the edge of the pool, gazing down on Bobby’s wet physique. She wore a short low-cut sun dress that exposed her beautiful long shapely legs and amplified her amazing cleavage.

“Why haven’t you called me, Bobby. You’re not very polite.” she told him.

“Sorry, Lorrie. I’ve been so busy.”

“Well, you don’t look too busy right now. You mind if I join you in the pool?” she asked.

What could he say, Bobby thought? “Not at all. I mean, please do.”

“Thanks Bobby. That’s so sweet of you to invite me.”

Bobby’s eyes bugged out when Lorrie grabbed the hem of her sundress and lifted it over her head. She was totally naked underneath. No bra and no panties, just the golden tanned skin of a goddess. Her crotch was devoid of hair except a small landing strip above. Bobby guessed her breasts to be about 34 C size, but he was no expert by any means. Her tiny waist tapered into hips flared just enough to be sexy.

Lorrie waded into the pool and swam over to Bobby. When she was close, she took his head in her hands and kissed him on the mouth like they had been lovers forever. Bobby responded in kind, kissing her back.

“I’ve been wondering about something.” she said.

“What’s that.”

“Is your dick really as big as the picture you sent me?”

“It’s big enough for me, I suppose.”

“Well, big enough for you is one thing. Big enough for me is another.” Lorrie said.

Lorrie’s hand went to Bobby’s cock which had begun to swell inside his jean cutoffs. She knew instantly that Bobby was not guilty of false advertising. poker oyna The cock she found was substantial.

“Mmmmmn. That’s nice. I like a man with a big cock. It’s not a prerequisite, but it’s a bonus.”

Julia had put on her red string bikini and was ready to jump in the pool for a relaxing swim to cool off before dinner. Just as she was about to step out of the house to go to the pool, she saw Bobby in the pool with a young woman.

Julia was shocked to see Bobby with a woman. It was a first. Bobby had never invited a girl to their home in all the time Julia had lived with George and Bobby. What shocked her more was that Bobby and the young woman were kissing. Julia stopped in her tracks and watched the pair.

Lorrie lured Bobby to the shallow edge of the pool without breaking the kiss they were sharing. She unbuttoned Bobby’s jean cutoffs and pushed them to his knees. His stiff shaft sprang free and Lorrie grasped it with both hands. Lorrie guessed she had about eight inches of hard cock in her hands and she liked the girth of it. She knew that a cock like this one would feel like heaven buried in her hot little snatch.

Bobby was powerless to resist. Lorrie’s hand wrapped around his cock made it swell to extremely uncomfortable proportions. He felt like his cock might explode like an overblown balloon.

“Your cock is so big, Bobby, and so hard. I think you need to get some help with it.” Lorrie said. “Let me help you.” Lorrie descended to her knees. The water was shallow, and her head and neck and Bobbie’s cock remained above it.

Lorrie began to tease the fat meaty cock by brushing it with her lips, planting soft kisses up and down the shaft. She explored its fat length with tiny tongue trails. She made the hard phallus stand up like a begging puppy dog.

Soon Lorrie enveloped the bulbous mushroom helmet of Bobby’s throbbing cock with her tender sweet lips. Bobby’s eyes rolled back in his head as his cock disappeared into Lorrie’s mouth like a serpent down into a den.

“Your cock feels so good in my mouth, Bobby. I can feel every vein.”

Julia could not believe what she was seeing. The young woman in the pool with Bobby was sucking his cock. She had never witnessed anyone engaging in sex before. Her eyes were glued to the sight of the lovely young woman bobbing her head back and forth on her overly endowed stepson.

As Julia watched, she found herself becoming aroused by the eroticism of the moment. She overheard Bobby say “Lorrie, that feels so good. Lick my balls a little, please?”

Lorrie did as Bobby requested. She let her tongue dance and tease over Bobby’s heavy scrotum while her soft delicate hands stroked him. Lorrie’s mouth returned to place her sensuous lips around the head and let her hands hold both of Bobby’s tight ass cheeks firmly, pulling him to her warm wet mouth. Bobby was gently pushing himself into Lorrie’s mouth, not wanting to hurt her or cause her to gag, his need for her was so great.

Julia felt strangely excited to watch the young lovers, and oddly jealous. Why would she have feelings of jealousy towards this young woman she did not even know?

Lorrie lifted her mouth off Bobby’s cock and placed her lips on his own. She made love to his mouth with her tongue for a few minutes, then led him out of the pool by the hand over to the chaise. Lorrie lay down with her legs splayed lewdly.

“Would you like a taste, Bobby?” she asked.

“You bet I would!” he told her. Bobby put his head between her legs and let his tongue begin to explore the delights of Lorrie’s pretty little pussy. Julia mind flashed back to the tongue-lashing Bobby had given her own pussy just yesterday. She had creamed all over Bobby’s face, so intense was the experience. She had hoped for a repeat performance this evening in her quest to become pregnant by her stepson. Apparently the once shy virginal young man was coming out of his shell.

Bobby licked Lorrie’s pink cunt like a starving man. One hand reached for her breast’s to caress and tease them, the other he used to insert a middle finger into her moist slit as he tweaked her clit. Lorrie started to emit little squeals of delight which quickly turned into moans of ecstasy. Within a few moments she was writhing in orgasmic contractions and cumming all over Bobby’s face

Julia watched Bobby go down on the girl and was overwhelmed by the depth of her jealousy. Julia had been Bobby’s first. Had she thought he would never be with any other woman? Of course not, but not this soon, not while Julia and Bobby were trying to make a baby. And certainly not right before her own eyes.

Julia watched as Bobby came up for air from the young woman’s vagina and lined his cock up at the entrance. Bobby thrust himself into her, meeting no resistance, the way made easy by Lorrie’s wet moist juices.

In no time Bobby was thrusting into her with abandonment, in and out, balls deep on the down stroke, leaving only the thick head inside on the outstroke. He was caught up in the lust canlı poker oyna he could not contain.

Lorrie was squealing with delight. The magnificent hot cock that had her stretched to the limit was making her pussy feel like heaven was approaching, and it wasn’t long before she felt the explosion of orgasm rip through her body

As Julia watched, she became excited by what she saw. Her pussy began to moisten and throb. She could not stop herself when her hand reached into her red bikini bottoms to massage the growing desire that was inspired by watching her stepson with another woman. Julia watched as her stepson slid that beautiful big cock in and out of the young woman, flesh slapping flesh in a frenzy of lust.

Bobby and Lorrie were so caught up in the moment of lust and desire, they had no idea they had an audience. Bobby was giving Lorrie the pounding she wanted from that big eight-inch dick. Lorrie was lifting her ass up to match every stroke.

Julia knew that soon Bobby might fill the young woman up with a hot load of sperm, seed that should have been reserved for her. She felt a pang of hatred gnaw at her heart. Only a few hours ago she had thought of Bobby as her own private stud. To see him with a young woman of his own age shocked her, and at the same time, stimulated her.

What happened next shocked not only Bobby and Lorrie, but Julia as well. Julia did something that surprised herself, and she didn’t even know why she did it. She only knew that seeing Bobby fucking the younger woman was making her mad. She knew she had to stop this.

Julia stepped out onto the patio and shouted, “What in the hell is going on here?”

It was as if cold water had been thrown on the two young lovers. Bobby quickly disengaged himself from Lorrie and turned to face Julia, his erection pointing straight at her like a compass needle. Lorrie scrambled to cover herself with a nearby pool towel. Both of them had faces as red as a beet.

“Bobby, what are you doing having sex with this young lady out here by the pool?” Julia demanded. “What if the neighbors saw you?”

“I’m sorry, Julia. It just happened. I wasn’t using my head.” Bobby said.

“Oh, you were using your head, just not the one on your shoulders. For God’s sake, Bobby, put your pants back on before someone calls the cops on you for being an exhibitionist.” His erection had started to flag. It was still a struggle to slip the wet denims on and stuff his semi deflated cock inside.

“As for you, young lady, excuse me what is your name? I don’t think I have ever met you before.”

” Hi, I’m Lorrie Tatum. Bobby and I went to school together. We were just catching up on things.” Lorrie had the pool towel wrapped securely around her. She stepped forward to offer Julia her hand. Julia ignored the outstretched hand.

“Get your dress and go in the house to put it on. Bobby and I will be inside in a moment. I need to have a word with him.”

Lorrie did as she was told. Lorrie was embarrassed, but it wasn’t the first time she had been caught in a similar situation. She grabbed her dress from where she had dropped it by the pool and went inside to put it on. Lorrie had no wish to further confront Bobby’s stepmom. After dressing, she let herself out the front door, got in her car and departed.

Although they had been interrupted, the encounter was anything but fruitless for Lorrie. She had two wonderful orgasms that evening. One when Bobby was plowing her cunt with his magic tongue, and another when he was shoving that beautiful cock inside her. Lorrie smiled when she thought how wonderfully Bobby’s cock filled her to perfection. She knew she would see Bobby again.

Julia stood before Bobby with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face.

“Bobby, that was all wrong, on many levels. For one thing, you weren’t even using a condom.”

“You and I don’t use a condom when we do it.”

“Bobby, you and I are trying to conceive a baby. Would you like your little girlfriend to get pregnant, too? I don’t think so.” Julia scolded him.

“Also, what if she has an STD? You could get an STD from her. You could then give an STD to me, and endanger our baby, too.”

“Yes, your absolutely right. I did not think about it like that. I’m sorry, Julia.”

” You know this pool is not exactly completely privacy screened. Mr. Johnson probably heard you two going at it, and when he did, he probably watched through the hedge where its thin.”

“It’s just that Lorrie came at me with no warning. I was so horny, and she just was all over me. I didn’t know what was going on until it was on.”

“I think you’ll learn that some girls like to be pursued and play hard to get. Some are in the middle. Some girls are like men, they like to be the aggressor. Evidently, Lorrie is an aggressive type.”

Julia was suddenly very conscious of the fact that she was giving her stepson a lecture about sex while she stood before him in the skimpiest of string bikinis. Bobby’s eyes were taking internet casino it all in, too. She noticed that the front of his shorts was swelling up.

Bobby’s hormones were raging, his balls were so full of unvented semen that he had almost spent on Lorrie. The sight of his beautiful stepmom, who was even more attractive than the alluring Lorrie, left him with a painful desire.

“Julia, maybe we should…”

Julia cut him off cold. “Are you kidding me? I know what you are thinking, Hell no.”

“But I’m in pain. I think I might have blue balls. I’ve heard guys say that can cause serious damage.”

” I think you’ve had enough for one day, young man. You get in the house and take a scalding hot shower.”

“But you are trying to get pregnant. I think we should try now.” Bobby pleaded.

“No way, Bobby. I understand your need to release, but I’m just not in the right space at this time. I think we should forget about dinner tonight. Fix yourself a sandwich.” she said. Julia turned and walked into the house. Bobby couldn’t help but watch her incredibly sexy ass as she walked away. The string bikini barely cover any part of her. Bobby wished he had her ass in his hands.

Julia and Bobby barely spoke for the next several days. Their relationship regressed to the time before they had intimate relations. They were merely polite to one another.

Julia had this unexplainable odd feeling like Bobby had cheated on her. The sight of him screwing that young brunette was forever burned into her mind. She knew such a reaction was completely ludicrous.

The only reason she and Bobby had ever had sex in the first place was for him to provide the viable sperm which his father seemed unable to do. Their union had merely been a means to an end. Yet, she had undeniably felt jealousy when she caught Bobby with that little tramp.

Julia knew it was probably more Lorrie’s fault than Bobby’s. After all, up until a couple weeks ago, Bobby had been a virgin. He had never even seen a real live naked woman. It was Julia who had taken his virginity. She had given him oral sex for the first time and allowed him to ravish her nude female body.

Maybe she just felt protective of him. After all, she was his stepmom. But she also felt betrayed in a way. Bobby had been chosen to impregnate her by her husband.

She had bestowed the 2nd greatest gift a woman could give a man upon him. She had relieved him of his virginity. She felt like they now shared a bond. How could he have allowed himself to be seduced so easily by another temptress?

Julia’s feelings were getting complicated. It worried her. She could easily be pregnant already. How would she and George and Bobby handle the situation after the mission had been accomplished?

For Bobby the situation was more simplified. He wanted to bury his cock in some warm wet pussy. The encounters with his stepmom and Lorrie had only whetted his appetite for more. Before then he could satisfy himself with porn and masturbation but not anymore.

Images on a screen no longer excited him. He needed to touch a woman’s naked body, to drink in her nakedness with his eyes. He needed to smell her sex and feel her hands on him. Porn no longer interested him.

After the evening with Lorrie and the confrontation with Julia, Bobby was sorely tempted to relieve himself in the shower. His balls had swollen to gargantuan size. They were full of overripe cum. He resisted the temptation and turned on the cold water in the shower Julia commanded him to take. It took a lot of will power not to jerk himself off.

He felt like he had somehow wronged Julia by succumbing to the charms of Lorrie. Julia had been so kind to him. He was embarrassed to be caught by her with Lorrie. He was not sorry it had happened. He was sorry he got caught.

So, after about a week of this distance between Julia and Bobby, she and he were sitting at the breakfast table finishing their coffee and newspaper in silence. Julia broke the silence with some news to share with Bobby.

“I’m not pregnant,” she told him.

“I’m sorry, Julia.”

“It’s not really a surprise. We only made two attempts. Sometimes it takes months, even years,” she said.

“I told your father before I told you. He said we should keep trying.”

“Yeah, I guess we should. I’d hate to disappoint Dad. I know how much he wants this for you. We can try again, if you want to,” Bobby said.

“I’m not sure, Bobby. Maybe you should be with someone else? I’m sorry I made such a fuss that day I saw you and that girl by the pool. It was really none of my business.”

“No, you were right. I should have been saving myself to help you and Dad. I was wrong.”

“Still, I can’t get over the sight of you two having sex. I’ve never seen anyone having sex except in a movie before. I was very disturbed by it,” she said.

“Lorrie’s a very aggressive girl. She was very popular in school. I don’t know why she came at me the way she did.”

‘ I know why,” Julia smirked. “She’s after you because of the size of your… you know.”

“Don’t let me get in the way of your life with girls your own age. You’re a man now, not a virgin. You should be with someone you can share your life with.”

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