All the Devils are Here Pt. 03


So in case you missed it, this is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that first I suggest you do so, AND the first two parts of this story (Especially if you missed the last part over the Easter weekend) as it will make everything here make more sense.

As such the characters in this story are extensions of those created by Spector_Dugan and and this is an unofficial follow-up un-endorsed by Spector_Dugan himself, so if you don’t like this story and feel it ruins the original then it’s all my fault.

Also I would like to thank Spector for his superb assistance and support in making this story possible. All active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional most of them know what they are getting into.

This story however does feature male bisexual sex in small parts so if that’s not your thing and you do not wish to go any further I completely understand.

For everyone who enjoyed part 1 and 2 and are eager for part 3, welcome back and let’s get into it.

Part 3 The Hunt for Red-Hot Loner

I had no idea how long I had been standing there watching Troy and his two lovers. They were now lying back on the bed with the three of them sharing kisses as they stroked each other’s bodies. I had to get it together. The longer I stood about the more likely Kate could come across a bad sort again and I wanted to find Kate …no …I NEEDED to find Kate, especially now that I realised what an asshole I’d been, how Jesse and Tara had set us up and just what a bastard Jesse had been with her back then. I had no choice but to try and correct every mistake I had made, and every mistake I’d blamed Kate for.

I moved down the corridor wondering which door to look at next, but then I noticed this room had an interesting new wrinkle on the door …it had a brass plate on the door. As I looked at the later doors I could see that they all shared this feature, each one with a few words that presumably gave a flavour of what awaited a guest on the other side. The brass plate I was looking at now contained a title that was bewildering to say the least.


Why not hang around for a while?

The Trapeze Room? What in the wild word of sports was that? Well, there was only one way to find out.

I walked in and sure enough the draped entrance section was here for the voyeurs, not that there seemed to be many voyeurs, most people seemed to be active participants rather than watchers …with the exception of myself, however this time I decided to forgo hiding in the shadows and walked right on in.

The word trapeze seemed to have a loose fit here as there were trapeze’s that were large enough for people to sit on and swing together whilst naked but there were also straps and ribbons hanging from the ceiling that people could attach themselves to and suspend themselves in the air for only one purpose, the receiving of oral sex. This is where I found Nikki.

The frizzy-haired wonder was naked and suspended off the ground from ribbons, her thighs wrapped around a cute but very naked woman with short, spiky, ice-blonde hair who was completely in the zone as she orally pleasured my girlfriend. Nikki’s breathing was ever-quickening and her eyes were closed as her head was back. Her stomach muscles contracting involuntarily as her arms started to shake. She was close now. Her face was contorting and her chest had started to redden. Whoever this woman was with the short blonde hair she certainly had a talented tongue as she tipped Nikki over the edge, her eyes going wide as they fixed on me, she looked down at the blonde then at me as if she was worried about my reaction. Then a voice appeared, a voice that seemed to guide my thoughts and movements, this voice echoed in my brain a message for Nikki.

“Let her know it’s okay”

I smiled and winked at my gorgeous coffee-ice-cream looking beauty and blew her a kiss, letting her know I was okay with this. She could cum with who she wanted and I would not be acting like a jealous lunatic. After the blown kiss I could see Nikki relax and surrender herself to her orgasm, letting the pleasure waves wash over her as the naked blonde licked and sucked Nikki over the edge.

“OH FUCK! …OH MY GOD!” Nikki shouted through clenched teeth as she tensed, her thighs locking the blonde in position. I walked over to have a chat, starting with the blonde girl.

“Thank you for taking care of my girlfriend,” I stated, the blonde grinned back, Nikki’s juices all over her chin.

“She’s amazing,” the blonde remarked. In truth, before now, I hadn’t truly noticed. I’d been so caught up in my ex it hadn’t really registered just how awesome Nikki was. I watched as this lithe beauty disentangled herself from the ribbons and threw her arms round me.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend EVER!” Nikki chimed as she hugged me. I hugged her back fiercely, so she wouldn’t see the guilty expression esmer gaziantep escort on my face. I wasn’t the best boyfriend now, just like I wasn’t the best husband last time. Right now I felt as though I was tangled up in ribbons of my own, but my ribbons were my own moral conundrum.

“I just want you to have a good time. I knew you would,” I countered, giving her a kiss as she pulled at my clothes.

“You should stay here and play with us. I was going to make Kim cum now, but we could work her over together,” suggested Nikki. I was tempted, I was very, VERY tempted. Kim was beautiful with her short, icy blonde hair and stunning blue eyes that were cold and warm at the same time. Kim was wriggling and winding herself up into the ribbons, her legs wide open revealing a mousey trimmed bush and an already dripping wet pussy. I looked at that slit that looked so tasty, so inviting, so delicious and stepped forward, just to have a taste. It looked so appetising and there would be no harm in that would there?

“Find Kate!”

The voice came back again like the Devil breathing his wisdom into me. I stepped back from the welcoming sight of a fresh twat to taste and remembered the job in hand.

“I’ll take a rain-check now as I’m just exploring the house,” I said to Nikki with a rueful nod. “But you should definitely get stuck in, after all, you can’t leave a girl waiting.”

“No, you cannot,” Kim replied, wiggling her hips invitingly for Nikki.

“What are you like?” Nikki replied as she buried her face between Kim’s thighs.

“OOOOOOH!” Kim sighed as she savoured Nikki’s expert tongue, the joy of her cunt meeting Nikki’s naughty mouth showing all over Kim’s face, meanwhile I walked about the room fully dressed still, feeling like a spy among a throng of naked bodies whose mouths were a conduit for the earthly delights within the room. I recalled from my last visit here how when you were in a room like this, it felt like the room itself was breathing, you could hear the moans and groans and sighs and you felt your own breath adapting to that as you walked along.

On one set of ribbons a guy was attached and he had a woman underneath sucking him off as he draped one muscled leg over her shoulder, she had her hands on his buttocks, pushing the large cock inside her mouth. On another set of ribbons a woman with long red wavy hair was suspended with her head lolling about as though she was experiencing ecstasy not known to any other human. Between her legs a woman was licking her pussy who was about my height with long wavy brown hair, from behind she looked amazing, it could only be my Kate, but what really shocked me is between her legs another woman was kneeling down eating her. The three of them moving like some kind of sexual waterfall with the joy flowing downwards, all three of them moaning into each other’s pussies as their tongues danced to try and bring the next person off with the red-head at the top whimpering her pleasure up to the ceiling.

I walked over to say …something. I had hoped the voice would kick in, I went next to the tall brunette and looked in her eyes and they darted over and stared at me.

They were Green, she had a nose piercing, and a large birthmark on the top of her earlobe.

Not my Kate.

I looked around the room but although there were beautiful people as far as the eye could see none of them were Kate, until my eyes caught a familiar face. A man with bushy hair and a good physique. It was Mason. Mason was the surfer-dude that had fucked Kate last time we were here. He had slipped his cock inside her and she had enjoyed the pleasure that his girth provided. Now Mason was here standing with a dumpy brunette with shoulder-length straight hair with both of them standing in front of a black guy hanging from the straps, they were both running their tongues on his tool that was curved like a banana, all the while Mason was stroking himself and fingering the brunette’s honeypot. Mason really didn’t care where he got his pleasure from.

I left the room, blowing Nikki another kiss before I left and headed further down the corridor to the next room. This room also had a title.


(How well do you know your partner?)

I turned the handle and walked inside to be immediately met with a barrage of sound, not of sex, but of laughter. I moved forward through the area that was all drapes and shadows but this time I hung back from going fully in the room. I imagined that most rooms had these hiding areas built-in.

It felt as though my fear was pulling me along as I stepped forward and peaked through. The entire room was soft furnishings and there were seven people sitting down against the cushions and bean bags. One couple, a man and a woman, I didn’t recognise, but the other five I did. Giggling raucously was the bride, Mary, still in her dress with her hair tied back, although she kept having to pull up her strapless gaziantep esmer escort upper half to stop her bra from being exposed, on one side of her was her groom, Joseph and on the other side was Chester. The remaining couple were Brian and Vanessa. As I looked at Brian a vision came back from three years prior of Mason and Brian on the deck, both naked and both sucking on each other’s cocks. They were slurping on them as they jerked each other, their hips moving their meat into the other person’s mouths as they gripped each other’s asses to push the hot treat further inside.

As the vision relented I felt my cock twitch in interest. “Now that’s something worth thinking about for later,” I whispered to myself.

“So I guess I know my brother jerks off now.” Mary laughed.

“How does it know?” Chester asked. For a minute I wondered what they were talking about till I noticed some kind of game on a raised dais in the middle of the room. There was an outline for where someone could put their hand and it was flashing red. There were also three sets of cards. Green, amber and red. Vanessa was holding a green card and Brian was holding a bong that he passed to Joseph.

“The hand of truth never lies.” Vanessa smirked. “Time for a forfeit.

Everyone “Oohed” at the prospect of a forfeit. Vanessa rotated the card to reveal what the forfeit was.

“Give the person to your left a shoulder massage.” Vanessa read out-loud, only to be met with groans from the rest of the room.

“These forfeits are so lame.” The woman from the other couple stated whilst leaning forward to take another hit from the bong, gurgling up the heady mix before passing it on to her beau. She was mid-thirties with a mousy blonde bob and looked like a suburban mom with a cardigan, blouse and plain skirt.

“Jan’s right.” The man said before hitting himself with the funky concoction. He was around the same age and was wearing a shirt and pants mix. No visible outfit. Then I noticed a sticker on both outfits, I moved as far as I could in the shadows without risking detection and could see what the labels said.

“I’m a serial killer. I look just like everyone else.”

That made sense. That would be the kind of couple that would hang around with Brian and Vanessa.

“We should move to the amber ones.” The man continued.

“Yes! Thank you, Dave.” Jan remarked.

“YAY!” Everyone cheered.

“Is everyone sure? There’s no going back to green after this.” Vanessa chimed up.

“Amber! Amber! Amber!” The bride chanted. After a while everyone in there except Vanessa was chanting it.

“Okay, then.” Vanessa replied, before placing the green card back and picking up an Amber card. There was little doubt these cards were stacked and I wondered just how far they went. I’d seen enough at that point and was just about to leave when Vanessa spoke and I felt her words pull me back into the room like a magnet.

“Kiss someone who is not your significant other. Tongues. 30 seconds.”

I stared as Chester looked at the luscious Vanessa, the homely Jan and then behind at his sister.

“Ew, gross.” she snickered before taking another hit of the bong.

“Why don’t you do me, sweetie?” Vanessa asked. “I won’t bite. It’s tongues only, remember?”

Chester looked around as if he were the cat that got the cream and scooted in front of Vanessa. Brian removed his phone and said “thirty seconds” although the way he was holding his phone I wasn’t sure if he was monitoring his timer or filming his wife.

Vanessa and Chester leaned in to kiss and Vanessa let her tongue roll out instantly, grabbing the young man’s hands and putting them on her breasts. Behind them the bride and groom let their mouths hang open in shock and awe as Vanessa returned the favour by stroking Chester’s cock beneath his pants as their mouths explored each other, eyes closed, lost in the moment. You can tell with how Mary and Joseph were fidgeting they were getting excited already as they watched Chester get hard whilst he fondled Vanessa’s enhanced boobs, the young man moving forward to allow Vanessa to get a better grip, which she did by unfastening his belt and sticking her hand under the waistband. Jan and Dave openly started massaging themselves while watching this and Mary and Joseph seemed to be torn on which direction to look until buff-Harry Potter spoke up.

“Time.” Brian said with a smile. Chester leaned back and lipped his lips, his pants showing the start of an impressive bulge.

“How was it?” The groom asked while adjusting himself.

“Kin awesome.” Chester replied with a grin. Vanessa ran a finger across her lips while Brian watched in concealed delight. The younglings may not have known these two but I did. I knew all their games now.

“My turn.” Vanessa remarked as she daintily picked up a card and handed it to Brian. As she placed her hand on the silhouette Brian read the card.

“When you masturbate, gaziantep esmer escort bayan do you only think about your partner?” He asked before staring at his betrothed.

“No.” She replied looking at the group. The bride seemed very taken by such a naughty answer. The light went green. Brian went to put the question back. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, lover. My turn with that question. Hand on there.”

She snatched the card out of his hand and read the question again. Brian placed his hand on the outline and thought about the question for a minute then replied “Yes.”

The hand went red and buzzed. All six of the remaining players laughed at Brian for exposing his secrets in such a way. I knew better. All of this was an act to seduce the three newcomers. They would have wanted them as soon as they saw them at the party earlier and their pretence at losing would tie them together. I wanted to step in and stop it all …but more than that, I wanted to see how far this would go.

“Kiss with tongues and slow dance (hands action) not your partner, 30 seconds.” Vanessa read out.

“Not you?” Brian asked. Their fake playing was admirable but I saw through it. Brian then stopped over to the bride and said. “May I have this dance.”

The bride stood up and walked over to Brian with assorted “WOO’s” from everyone else in the room as Vanessa readied her timer. I couldn’t stop this now if I wanted to …and the truth was I really didn’t want to. As she moved closer to Brian the space around them seemed to sharpen as though they were a full colour silhouette.

“30 seconds.” said Vanessa as Brian held the bride and leaned in for the kiss. The bride wrapped her arms around Brian’s neck as she let her tongue play in his mouth, until his hands gripped her ass and pulled her tight against him. I could tell by her shocked look that she just realised he was rock-hard down there. For a minute she looked like she’d pull back but instead moved to the side and began to rub the front of Brian’s jeans with her right hand. Brian brought his left hand onto the bride’s tit as the occupants watched while stroking themselves, even the groom and the brother-in-law were rubbing themselves through their clothes. I could see the bride now gripping Brian’s cock through the material as Mary and Brian tongue wrestled above. It felt like way more than 30 seconds when Vanessa said “time.”

“Whoa, sis!” said Chester.

“Was that okay?” asked the groom.

“Oh, sure. After all, it was only a kiss, right?” The bride asked, innocently, knowing full well it was more than that. They looked to Dave who took an amber card and read it to Jan.

“Is your partner the best sex you ever had?” Dave asked. Jan looked at him and smiled sweetly. To me it was such a pantomime but the three newcomers were suitably shocked.

“Yes.” She replied. The light went red and Jan put her head down in mock defeat. “Well this is awkward. What’s my forfeit?”

“Masturbate over underwear. 30 seconds.” Dave replied, smiling. If these were amber cards I’d hate to think what the red’s would be like. Jan then shocked everyone be standing-up and removing her skirt. Chester and Joseph looked longingly at Jan, in fact they were so taken by her shapely legs they didn’t notice Mary licking her lips as Jan sat back down against the cushions.

“Wait a minute. Sorry, I forgot to mention. It states person of the same sex.” Dave concluded.

“Goddamit!” Jan replied before looking over at Mary and smiling her way. “Mary, dear. Can you help a girl out?”

Mary’s eyes went wide and she looked to her husband who just nodded towards Jan in a “just get over there way”. God, men were so predictable. Mary knelt down on Jan’s left and lightly pressed against her vulva.

“You’re gonna have to press harder than that, honey. Work me hard enough so that I cum on your fingers, okay?” Jan asked. Mary nodded and started to press circles into Jan’s mound and clit.

“Oooh, that’s it, Mary. Here let me help you.” And with that Jan put her own hand over Mary’s and they looked into each other’s eyes whilst getting Jan off, Jan’s other hand rubbing her breast underneath her clothing, Mary staring as she massaged her tit and held Mary’s hand in place at the same time. We were all so caught up in the spectacle of what we were seeing that none of us realised the timer wasn’t going till Mary turned her head to Dave.

“30 seconds, Dave.” She ordered whilst locking eyes with Jan.

“30 seconds.” Dave muttered and Mary went to work. Jan moaned immediately from the delicate pressure, and Mary looked down to see Jan’s panties start to moisten. I could tell Mary was enjoying it as her backside began to quiver and her breath became way heavier as she watched Jan squirm under her touch, her lip quivering before she bit her bottom lip. Jan then gripped Mary’s hand, moved it up to the top of her panties and slid it down inside.

“HOLY FUCK, that’s a good girl.” Jan stated as she kept her hand over Mary’s pressing it into herself.

“OH, OH MY!” exclaimed Mary as she continued to bring Jan off, Mary’s fingers pressing against Jan’s wetness, moving her fingers against her bean, her hand moving through Jan’s trimmed hair. Both lads were now openly pulling on their cocks beneath their trousers as Vanessa now had Brian’s cock out and he openly was sliding his fingers underneath her see-through underwear.

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