All We Knew – A Prequel


All Characters in this Story are above the age of consent and at least eighteen years old. If sex occurs it is consensual and each is a willing participant. This story exists in a world which I imagine, it may or may not be recognisable to you. Finally I use British English, or English as we call it. If arse not ass and Mum not Mom irritates you, don’t read this story, likewise don’t bother posting anonymous comments about it, I am well aware of your opinions on my spelling, thank you and enjoy.


Six Months Previously

Kevin Carpenter slammed his bedroom door shut and stormed along the landing too his little sister’s bedroom. Much as he loved Jane, and he did love her, she had messed around with him too many times now. He didn’t bother to knock barging straight into her bedroom. His sister lay on her bed with a set of headphones on. She lay on her stomach and her legs were waving around in the air, her denim jeans looked as if they had been sprayed onto her tight bottom and lithe legs. Her toes wiggled in her pretty pink socks and she sang quietly to the music. She heard the commotion and looked up from the text book on the bed in front of her. Her glasses had slipped slightly down her nose and she used the index finger of her left hand to push them up again, removing her headphones with one continuing action.

Smiling she pushed herself up from the bed, her thin jumper not hiding the slight swell of her small breasts. A huge smile died on her face as she saw the look on her brothers face, she tucked her brown hair behind her ears and looked at Kevin earnestly.

“Hi Kev, you okay, what’s up bro?”

Kevin, slightly distracted by his sisters sheer beauty stalled, before his rage let rip.

“You’ve done it again Jane, haven’t you, you’ve just come into my room helped yourself to my CD’s and tossed some you’ve listened to onto my dresser, I don’t mind you borrowing stuff, but why the hell don’t you ever put it back tidily. Is it too much to ask for you to return things properly?”

he paced up and down,

“You can’t treat my things like this, if you borrow it put it back properly, don’t just dump it and expect me to sort it out, I don’t need all this aggro with you, okay, I have enough problems of my own already, just try thinking for a change,”

Even as he said it he realised what a jerk he was being and he wished he could just shut up. His sister’s face was crumpling under his verbal assault. He was big and loud and stompy and totally out of control with himself. Jane began to cry and her hands pulled her glasses off as she wept uncontrollably.

“Shit, sorry, sorry, really sorry, please don’t cry, I hate it when you cry, please Jane I’m so sorry.”

Kevin whooshed her up in his arms and held her to his chest, feeling her tears wet his shirt. He gently held her, swaying slightly and shushing her, whilst his hand gently caressed her hair.

“So, so, sorry Kevin,” she gulped, ” I didn’t know that it meant that much to you, I would have been more careful had I known.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry, shhh, it’s just me being anal. So sorry Janey, please forgive me, please,” tears began to course down Kevin’s cheeks and he gulped in a big lungful of air, his heart shattered as he gently kissed her forehead several times.

Jane suddenly stiffened at the kisses and she pulled herself free of his grasp. She sat back moving off his lap and onto the bed and looked at her brother quizzically, astonished at his sudden affection, something that she had found missing for some time. He hardly ever touched her now, whereas when they were younger, well until about a year ago, he would hug her or muss her hair or push her gently.

“Why did you do that, why did you kiss me?” Her lips trembled and she sat back on her knees, gazing at her brother, who towered over her.

Kevin, still sniffing and sobbing, hunched his shoulders, and mumbled, “I don’t know, I guess I see Mum do it and it helps you stop crying, so I thought I would do it because it might… er it …er you know, er it might help.” He ground to a halt, chest heaving and face reddening. ” I didn’t mean anything by it. I thought it would help.”

“Nothing more, nothing you want to tell me, like why you get so freaky about some old CD’s or why you keep looking at me sort of sideways so I don’t know that you are! or why you are always seem on edge round me, stuff like that.” She tried to look in his eyes, by turning her head up towards his.

“No, no there’s nothing like that. I don’t perv on you if that’s what you think!” he angrily said. he looked away from her and tried not to give himself away.

“OK well let me tell you something Kevin Carpenter,”

she rose up on the bed, slipped off and took a step towards him. This had to come out she thought, I can’t do this anymore whatever the outcome. He needed to know how she felt. She really needed him to know what was buzzing round her head, whatever the outcome she couldn’t cover it up anymore.

“Despite the fact poker oyna that I can’t stand the music I borrow from you, I do it so I can be in your room, near you, my adorable big brother. Seeing you, smelling your smell and wanting to touch you and wanting you to touch me because for the last two years… I’VE BEEN COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!” the last part was screamed out at about 180 decibels, so even Kevin couldn’t miss it. She flushed and balled her hands into tiny tight fists, awaiting the humiliation that she assumed was coming.

“Bloody hell Janey, I wish I had known. I couldn’t understand why you were borrowing them, I knew you hated my music, but I didn’t say no because it was a chance for me to see you, up close and in my room, I was so knocked out by your presence I would’ve lent you anything, you only had to ask. Why! because I’ve been in love with you for years now and I was frightened by my thoughts and desires, sorry.” He shambled backwards away from her, heading to the door.

“Oh no you don’t Bro, you stay right there, you and me need to talk.”

Jane stepped round Kevin and stood by the door reaching back she took the edge and steered the door shut behind her, stepping back further as she covered the door with her body.

“OK you leave over my battered body. Now talk to me you lummox!”

Kevin walked to Jane’s bed and sat down. He looked at the floor and tears began to spatter the carpet.

“I am so sorry Janey,” he said, “I am so, so sorry, I have been hiding myself from you for so long now, I found myself madly in love with you and I really didn’t want to lose you. I hid it to protect what we have as brother and sister, you know our family love, I can’t begin to imagine life without you. I would rather hide my real, true love for you than not have you in my life,” the tears now fell like a waterfall. and his big body shook with fear and longing.

Jane felt the tears welling up inside her and she walked across the room sitting at Kevin’s feet and reached up to hug her brother to her. Tears fell from her eyes joining Kevin’s on her carpet. They sat like this for five or six minutes, sobbing together. Jane crouched under her brother, heads side to side, tears falling as they sobbed at the realisation that they were truly in love with each other.

Jane wiped the back of her hand across her eyes and sniffed back more tears,

“Hell Kev, we’d better stop this now before we drown, or mum thinks I’ve peed myself.”

Kevin half sniggered, half cried and reached around to hug his sister tighter. Almost effortlessly he lifted her onto his lap and held her to his body, feeling her small frame meld to his.

“I love you Janey, not just as a sister and I am so ashamed of myself.”

“Kevin you big, old softy, I love you too and not as a sister! you have nothing to be ashamed of believe me,”

Kevin laughed and hugged her tighter, slightly swaying.

“You do, really, like as two people in love and even though I’m your brother?”

“Especially because you’re my brother. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with, well except maybe a rich millionaire film star stud, otherwise you’ll do.”

Kevin laughed again, the tears stopping and he reached around to find her box of tissues, inadvertently touching Jane’s denim clad rear.

“Oh God, sorry, sorry,” he said reddening again.

Jane smiled, “Kev, I love you, you can touch my bottom if you want too, do you want too?”

“You will never know how much I want to touch you. You are so beautiful, but I do need to blow my nose and wipe my eyes, I must look pretty manky, not your average cool boyfriend,”

“Kev, you look gorgeous and I love you so much too.” Jane stood to allow Kevin to find the tissues and clean himself up. Then she sat back on his lap, took his tissue and wiped her eyes.

“So Mr Big Brother, what do we do now?” she gazed into his eyes and smiled. “Wanna take me to bed now or do we date a bit and I let you get more frisky each time?”

Kevin smiled, “I would love to bed you now, but I think we should wait, see how things pan out. I love you too much to take the most precious thing you have before you are totally sure that’s what you want to do, so no arguments over that, sex is off the list FTB.”


“For the time being, but we can kiss and stuff if you like, I have had a fantasy over that for ages, the touch of your lips the feel of your to…”

Kevin got no further before Jane’s lips covered his and her mouth opened to him. Tongues gently probed each other and they clung frantically together. Jane’s hand moving up to pull Kevin’s head to hers. After a while they relaxed into each other, breaking and remaking the kiss. Jane’s other arm and hand tried to make their way across Kevin’s back, but it was too broad, she began to make small circles around the area she could stretch too. Kevin meanwhile had completely encircled Jane’s back and his fingertips almost ran around her sides.

Gradually the siblings moved canlı poker oyna apart but leaned in to peck at each others lips.

“Wow, some kisser,” said Jane proudly, eyeing her big brother’s stupid grin.

“Like you said,” he mumbled, “No women has ever kissed me like that!”

“Did you say women, do you think I’m that grown up? really, not girl or teeny or little sister.”

“No, that was a proper adult kiss, wowee, why the hell do you not have a stream of guys waiting outside our door?”

“Because Einstein you’re the first one to give me more than a quick kiss before I have to fend them off for trying to grope me,” she said, adding “Why didn’t you try to touch my boobs?”

“Because Genius, I didn’t want to do anything to stop what was going on from going on.” He looked at her quizzically, “Or do you want me to touch your boobs?”

“Of course I do, but not straight off, a girl’s got to at least pretend she’s going to protect her modesty.” She smiled and held his hand.

“Well that’s what I thought, so I kinda played it cool. Although I have to say, you are truly amazing, you’ve grown up so much this past year.”

“Oh so you’ve been peeking at me have you? trying to see my boobs, taking a look at me naked, or just in my knickers perhaps, although you’ve never tried to get in the bathroom when I’m there, or come into my room without knocking, why?”

“Because I love you so much, as I said I’d rather have you as my little sister who drives me bananas than not have you there at all, I get to see you in your Bikinis anyway in summer, so that’s what I settle for.” he smiled at Jane and kissed her gently.

“You are so good, how do you manage it, I’ve been sneaking peeks at you for ages, I’ve even seem your thingy, not hard admittedly but I’ve seen it.”

“You naughty girl, you’ve been perving over me and I have been absolutely totally good about not trying to see you undressed, you rat, you rotten rat, I could have seen you naked hundreds of times, but I didn’t I sat on my hands.”

Jane laughed and stood up, “Well we can certainly fix that for you,” With that she pranced round the bedroom pulling off her clothes and flinging them in all directions, jumping on the bed, she shed her bra and knickers, bouncing up and down, her small breasts gently bobbling and swaying.

” Bloody hell you’re more beautiful than I ever imagined, wow you’re perfect, stand still I want to look at you properly.”

“Only if you do the same, ” she said.

Kevin shrugged his clothes off and stood looking at her, as her bounces slowly ceased.

“Oh My God, Kevin you are so fit,” she stared in open wonder at her big brother, looking him up and down, openly admiring his physique. Watching his semi hard prick begin to stiffen and rise.

Jumping off the bed she walked slowly round him, as his gaze traveled up and down her body. Her nipples hardening and moisture beginning to form between her pussy lips.

“This is a big mistake Bro, because I am itching to jump on you and feel that rather nice groinal attachment inside my body, how about you?”

“Uhh,Huhh, yep okay, message received, I’m going to get dressed now, but if you want to stay bare arse naked, I will not be complaining, right?”

“Think I’ll just step into my clothes before we launch ourselves head first onto that bed and each other, sorry but you make me very moist and horny and I think you’re right about taking our time, sorry bro.”

“Please do not use the words moist and horny as my pea sized brain is now going into overdrive, with thoughts involving your pussy and my tongue amongst other body parts,”

“Please leave the room Bro as my brain is now processing this information and the forecast is not good,”

Kevin, dressed and backed away from Jane’s naked body and found the door handle. Then as he tried to exit the room before opening the door, he bumped his head as the door swung open. Jane gasped and stepped forward, but Kevin held his hand out, palm up towards her.

“Okay, I’m okay, everything’s okay, fine, no damage, nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, move along please.”

He slipped out the door and ran to his room shutting the door, fell on his bed and rolled around laughing, his little sister felt the same way that he did.

Jane sat back on her bed, wondering what had happened just now. Kevin loved her, he really loved her. she brought her hands up to her face, no way, no way. This must be a dream. Then she heard the back door slam,

“Hi kids, I’m home,” shouted their mother, hauling bags onto the kitchen table.

She tidied her bed cover and slipped her clothes on, found her slippers, pulled them on and ran to the stairs.

“Hi Mum,” she shouted from the top and swinging round banged hard on Kevin’s door with the flat of her hand, “Mums home Dorky.”

“Yeah, heard that Sis, just finishing some work for tomorrow, be down soon.” Kevin shouted.

The door quietly opened and Kevin’s head appeared and kissed Jane’s lips, internet casino then he disappeared and the door shut silently.

Jane giggled and touched her lips, this was fun.

She bounded down the stairs, along the hallway into the kitchen.

Mary Carpenter was unloading the shopping she had picked up on the way home from work.

“Hi Mum, need some help.”

“Yes please Jane, put the kettle on and we’ll have a cup of tea, I’ll finish this up and we can go into the lounge, have you had a good day?”

“It was a bit busy, but on the whole a very good day.”

“Are you okay dear, you look awfully flushed, and it looks like you’ve been crying?”

“Mum I’m fine, honestly, I’ve never felt better.”

Has Kevin upset you?” her mother asked,

“No he hasn’t, he’s been in his room all afternoon, I did knock to tell him your back, but he said he was busy.”

Mary Carpenter sighed and put her empty shopping bag back on the table, she turned to Jane and smiled wanly,

“There’s something wrong with him Jane, he’s been a bit distant for some time now, I think there’s a girl he’s keen on but he obviously isn’t having much success at letting her know, or she’s not willing to play,” she said.

“Your brother is a very tender boy, despite his size and he’s easily hurt, do watch out for him dear, even if he is older, he’s not very good at letting his emotions out, except in anger, he just blows up at the slightest thing.”

“Mum, don’t worry, I’ll have a word with him and try to find out what’s eating him, he’s working hard for his course, so I guess he’s also a little wound up over that too. Don’t worry I’ll pop up to him after we’ve had a cup of tea, I’ll take him one up and use it as an excuse to go in.”

Mother and daughter finished tidying away and took their tea into the lounge, where Jane and Mary ran over the outlines of their day. Jane skirting around the incident with her brother earlier.

Half and hour later she knocked on Kevin’s door and walked in, holding out a steaming mug of tea. He was sat on his bed and a huge grin lit up his face as she walked in.

“Hi Kev, Mum says to bring you tea, so here I am, you okay?” She swung his door shut with her foot, put the tea on his desk and slipped onto his lap. they threw their arms round each other, hugging together.

“Hi Janey,” he said, grinning sheepishly, “You okay, I can’t stop grinning, can’t believe my beautiful sister feels the same way about me, you do don’t you?” his face became earnest and he searched her face for confirmation.

“Of course I do Kevin, you idiot,” she kissed his cheek. she looked into his eyes and frowned,

“Look Mum knows something’s been troubling you and thinks it might be girl trouble, I said I’d bring you some tea up and talk to you,” she grinned at him, “Now you’re making me do it too,” she laughed.

“Oh God, if Mum knows she’ll start asking questions, especially if I come down grinning like a loon,” he frowned, “What are we going to do, what can I say?” he looked at Jane and his face carried the cares of the world.

“How about you tell her we talked and you found out it is about a girl but I won’t say who, then I can come down and look happy and tell Mum you have given me a few tips on how to talk to this mystery girl and I’m going to ask her out next week,”

“Okay Kev, but that means you have to either get upset because she blows you out, or go on a date, and then come home and tell Mum and probably Dad how it went.”

“Oh, okay, how about you go tell Mum that you talked to me and I’m going to phone her later on my mobile and talk to her.” he thought for a moment, “Then I can say I spoke to her and she’s going to consider a date, but not just yet as she’s also got stacks of work to do, and I’m happy about that!”

“Are you happy with that Kev, because I would use that kind of tactic to put off someone I didn’t want to go out with,” Jane frowned up at her brother.

“Exactly, but I’m a guy and I won’t realise because at least she didn’t just laugh in my face.”

“Hmm Mum would know what the “girl” meant, but wouldn’t want to wipe the smile off your face and crush you,” Jane smiled again, “Perfect clever brother, you really can be devious when you want too, can’t you?”

“Oh big time when it means I can have you, gorgeous sister.” he ran his hand under her chin and turned her face gently to him and leaned down to kiss her tenderly, his tongue prising her opening lips apart.

“mmmm, our only problem then would be Mum and Dad, Mum will be shocked but she’ll eventually adjust,” said Jane breaking the kiss to speak.

“Which leaves Dad!” said Kevin, “Who will kill me, quite rightly, to protect his lovely innocent little girl, which you are by the way.” Kevin pulled Jane even tighter too him.

“Now that we have this in the open between us, we will have to be even more careful,” he said, “Dad will go ballistic, I suspect he might actually try to get physical. He has a very short fuse and I can’t see him stopping to consider checking how we feel, before kicking off.”

“If we talk to him rationally as two adults, he might come down and listen to us,” said Jane, not even believing herself for one second that he would.

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